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Perfect Piano
Perfect Piano is an intelligent pianosimulator design for Android phones and tablets. With in-builtgenuine piano timbre, this app can teach you how to play piano andamuse you at the same time![ Intelligent Keyboard ]• 88-key piano keyboard• Single-row mode; Double-row mode; Double players; Chordsmode• Multitouch screen support• Force touch• Keyboard width adjustment• Multiple in-built sound effect: Grand piano, Bright Piano, MusicBox, Pipe Organ, Rhodes, Synthesizer• MIDI and ACC audio recording• Metronome• Direct sharing of recording file or set as ringtone• OpenSL ES low latency audio support(beta)[ Learn to Play ]• Learn thousands of popular music scores• Three guidance patterns: falling note, waterfall, music sheet(stave)• Three play modes: auto play, semi-auto play, note pause• Left & right hand setup• A->B loop• Speed adjustment• Difficulty adjustment[ Multiplayer Connection & Competition ]• Play the piano with other players from all over the world• Make friends• Real-time on-line chatting• Weekly new song challenge ranking• Create guilds[ Support USB MIDI Keyboard ]• Support standard General MIDI protocol and allow the connectionof MIDI keyboard (such as YAMAHA P105, Roland F-120, Xkey, etc.)through USB interface• Perfectly control the piano, play, recording and competition viaexternal MIDI keyboard• Note: this function is only available for Android 3.1 or higherversion and supports USB Host with the connection of USB OTGlines.[ Support Timbre Plug-ins ]• Timbre plug-ins are free for downloading and installing, such asbass, electric guitar, wooden guitar, flute, saxophone, electronickeyboard, violin, chord, xylophone and harp.[ Piano Widget ]• A small piano widget for your home screen. You can play musicanytime without open App.If you have any question regarding the use of app, please contactus:• Email:• Facebook:'s rock and roll!
Perfect Piano for TV 1.3
This is the TV version of Perfect Piano.Within-built genuine piano timbre, this app can teach you how toplaypiano and amuse you at the same time!• Learn to play thousands of popular music sheet.• Support external USB MIDI keyboards.• Left & right hand setup• A->B loop• Speed adjustment• Multiple in-built sound effect: Grand piano, Bright Piano,MusicBox, Pipe Organ, Rhodes, Synthesizer• MIDI and ACC audio recordingIf you have any question regarding the use of app, pleasecontactus:• Email:• Facebook:'s rock and roll!
X Drum - 3D & AR 3.6
Play Mode: * 3D Drum kit A real 3D drum kit and a double keyboardina Garage and Club Stage scene. * AR Drum kit Project a real drumkitin your room with AR Technology. * Beat Pad Super easy tousebattery mode. Play piano keyboard and drum pad in one screen.*Learn to Play Learn to play drum kit follow flying notes.Features:- Over a hundred of drum loops in different genres. - 8studioquality drum sets and electronic beat sounds. - Dual rowpianokeyboard with 8 sound effect. - More sound bank downloadable.-Midi recording. - USB Midi support. - Full sample songsplaybackand updated every week. Play like a real drummer in notime!
Middle Earth Heroes 1.0.5
On the far edge of the continent, a dark force is awakening. DemonKing Hashim led various dark forces to wage war with mankind. In afew years, half of the mainland's civilization was swallowed bydarkness. Mage Michel successfully obtained the light stone afterpassing the trial of the gods, which has the effect of sealing thepower of darkness. Michel decomposed the light stone into 4amulets, and gave them to 4 young heroes respectively. The youngheroes gained different light powers and started the conquest ofHashim. - 4 hero class,12 change type a). Warrior: Melee classpossessing major physical attack, defense and stamina. Class can bechanged into Berserker, Knight and Swordsman. b). Archer: Classwith the furthest attack range. His precision marksmanship andagility make him a nightmare for his foes. Class can be changedinto Marksman, Ranger and Rogue. c). Mage :Ranged class with AoEdamage and destructive power. Class can be changed into Firewaker,Icedriver and Thunderwaker. d). Summoner: Controls phantom beastsin battle by signing spiritual pacts with them. Class can bechanged into Vampire, Deathmage and Beastmaster. - 300+ skills andability - Exclusive talent tree - 52 suits, 320 gears, freecombination. - RogueLike action game - Hundreds of well designedmonsters and boss