Rick Rodin Apps

Ebola Alerts 1.6
Rick Rodin
This app provides breaking news and regularupdates about the Ebola virus worldwide. Updates are prompt but notintrusive. Comprehensive information about outbreaks, latestscientific information, and anything else you need to be informedand stay healthy. Information is fed from Medline Plus, a serviceof the National Institute of Health.
DeNotator 3.8
Rick Rodin
Note taking, task list app that lets youenterand save notes or tasks, date and mark them complete, and sendthemvia email, twitter, etc.
Battle DotCom 1.7
Rick Rodin
It is hard to tell if a start-up company is healthy or not, andcompetition is fierce. With this Battleship variant game, sink yourcompetition in the fewest number of tries. Three start-up companieswill go bust, choose very well!
MTGroup38 4.84
Rick Rodin
This app provides information resources for Matt Talbot Group 38members, group affiliates, and anyone else who might be interestedin Matt Talbot retreats. Resources include easy access to the Group38 website, retreat calendar, retreat registration forms, drivingdirections to the retreat house, and other relevant links. Groupmembers should find this app very useful. Anyone else who might beinterested in learning more about Group 38 and its retreats arewelcome to use it and reach out to Group 38.
MyFace 1.2
Rick Rodin
Take out your frustrations with your IT experiences with thisstrangely addicting app. Tap the screen to hit as many IT guy'swith one shot as possible, lowest score wins. Thank you MarioZechner and Robert Green.
NOAA Alerts 3.8
Rick Rodin
NOAA Alerts is a simple, lightweight app that provides real timeupdates as special weather advisories are issued by the NationalWeather Service. Select your location from a menu, turn on polling,and wait for notifications. Notifications are clear butunobtrusive; this app does not text you or spam your email, uses nodistracting audible alarms, does not use any location services, anddoes not track your location or use your personal information. Allit does is provide you with clear, useful, authoritative, real-timeupdates about weather issues so that you and your family may remainsafe and informed at all times. NOAA Alerts would be a greataddition to anyone’s collection of weather tools and widgets.