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Vampirina Subway Runner 1.1.2
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This scary Vampirina game will test your nerves as your runthroughthe haunted forest while dodging ghosts, skeletons, fallingstones,nailed doors and many more creepy hurdles.You love adventuregames?Game graphics and amazing controls is what excites you?Thisawesome Little vampirina Game is what you need. Be a hero for adayand RACE through the cityVampirina Subway Runner is a simplefree2D game with relaxing music and addictive graphics. even asmallkid can play this simple run vee game. Tap buttons to moveandjump! Your goal is to overcome all difficulties. Run ondifferentworlds and several types of scenarios and collect as manycoins asyou can. Amazing Aventurier is a running game where youneed toavoid different obstacles. This is a classic fast paced runandjump platform vee game.To finish the platformer gameSuperVampirina will have to jump and run over many obstacles, hideandshriek, fight and shoot against chibi ninjas, cruelcrocs,hedgehogs, skeletons, leps, cats and many other monstersanddragons.There are many levels and you will graduate tohigherlevels as you get better with Vampirina Subway Runner. Weguaranteethat this vee run game will keep you busy for hours andhoursregardless if you are a casual or an expert player.FeaturesofVampirina Subway Runner:+ old school jump and run platform/obstacles runner+ addictive, thrilling and challengingadventurehit+ classic platformer for kids, children and adults+classicretro jumping adventur+ side-scroller gameplay with easygameconsole pad controls+ easy and free to play - hard tomasterThisVampirina game free will get under your skin fast and itwill staythere for a long time. We worked hard to create differentworlds,levels and characters that look and feel lovely! We welcomeallcomments and idea on how to improve our Vampirina SubwayRunnerAdventure games, so please feel free to contact us viaourdeveloper contact button and share your ideas.