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Metro ( Delhi & Mumbai) and Bus Tickets & Passes 6.1.0
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Ridlr is a public transport ticketing and commuting app that’s aptfor your daily intra-city travel needs. Get rid of queues andhassles of carrying change by buying your DMRC Airport line MetroTicket, Mumbai Metro (SKIIIP) tickets, BEST Mumbai bus tickets,NMMT AC bus tickets, MBMT bus tickets on select routes as well asrecharging your BEST pass, Mumbai metro smart card using the Ridlrapp. You can also get timetable for Metro, Local Trains, Monorail,BEST and NMMT buses in Mumbai. Stay informed about multiple modesof transport, with route display on the map. Plan your commute withtraffic updates and alerts about delays, cancellations, megablocks, etc. directly on your smart phone. App Highlights - GoCashless. No more queues : 1) DMRC - Single Journey MobileTicketing - Buy your Single Journey on the mobile. Just scan and go2) Reliance Mumbai Metro - Mobile ticketing and Smart Card Recharge- Buy your Single Journey, Return Journey, Trip Pass and StoredValue pass on the mobile. Just scan and go! - Recharge your MumbaiMetro smart card with a few simple steps on Ridlr app - Get MumbaiMetro train timetable, routes and map; even when you are offline 3)BEST Ticketing – BEST Bus Tickets and Pass Recharge - Book yourBEST bus tickets using Ridlr, and get rid of all hassles related tochange. Also reward your daily travel with rewards and cashback.Now available in all BEST Mumbai buses, AC or non AC. - Rechargeyour BEST bus pass using Ridlr, and get rid of the pain of standingin queues. Both, monthly mobile bus pass and daily pass available4) NMMT Bus Mobile Tickets - Get rid of the hassles of carryingchange! Now book your NMMT AC bus tickets (all routes) with Ridlrapp now - Get NMMT bus route maps and timings to check and planyour commute 5) MBMT Bus Mobile Tickets - Hop on to a MBMT bus nexttime, without needing to carry cash!. Book your tickets on selectroutes using Ridlr. - Also plan your daily travel using updatedMBMT bus route maps and timings on Ridlr 5) Other agencies comingsoon! Other Important App Features: 1) Mumbai Local Train Routesand Timetable - Get Local Train timetables across Western, Centralas well as Harbour line and routes to make commuting as easy aspossible - Get live updates of any incidents, delays orcancellations. Receive Mega block information so that you can planyour commute accordingly 2) Traffic Information - Check Real timetraffic status on Ridlr app and plan out the best route to reachyour destination by choosing from various alternatives provided bythe app - Get live updates about any accidents, incidents ortraffic jams in Mumbai 3) Parking Information - Find out the bestparking information for your city and save time and money We'd loveto hear from you and stay connected: • Like us on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Ridlr-1535944633304767/ • Follow us onTwitter: https://twitter.com/RidlrMUM • Questions / Comments /Suggestions? Email us at support@ridlr.in Do like, share, recommend& review this app. It will only help us serve you better.Supported Cities and Agencies: 1. Mumbai (BEST, TMT, NMMT, KDMT,MBMT, Local train( Western, Harbour, Trans Harbour Railway), DivaRoha Train, Mumbai Metro, Monorail) 2. Bangalore (BMTC, BangaloreMetro) 3. Delhi (DTC, Delhi Metro, Rapid Metro) 4. Kolkata (CSTC,CTC, WBSTC, Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation Limited, Eastern andSouth Eastern Railway) 5. Chennai (Southern Railways, MTC Bus) 6.Hyderabad (APSRTC, South Central Railway) 7. Chandigarh (CTU) 8.Jaipur (JCTSL) 9. Pune (PMPML, Local Train) 10. Ahmedabad (AMTS,Janmarg BRTS) 11. Bhopal (BRTS) 12. Bhubaneswar (BPTSL, Dream TeamSahara (DTS)) 13. Bhavnagar (VITCOS) 14. Indore (Indore BRTS, AtalIndore City Transport Services Limited (ICTSL)) 15. Bellary (NorthEastern Karnataka Road Transport Corporation) 16. Vijaywada(APSRTC) 17. Ludhiana (Ludhiana City Bus Services) 18. Vadodara(Vinayak City Bus) 19. Nagpur (NMPL under Nagpur MunicipalCorporation)
Sky Cabs -Radio Taxi Hyderabad
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Skycabs is a Radio Taxi service operating over 400 cabs throughoutthe twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. Together with havinga strong presence in the city, Skycabs has partnered with theairport to service customer 24X7. We operate strictly on a cash ncarry, point-to-point basis and charge as per the Governmentassigned taximeter rate. We accept all forms of Credit and Debitcards. Our Cabs are fitted with GPS devices have trackingfacilities enabled, and are available all over the city.
Vasai-Virar Mayor Marathon 1.0.0
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Welcome to exclusive mobile application for Vasai Virar Mayor'sMarathon 2013. The 3rd edition of the National level Vasai-VirarMayor's Marathon will be flagged of on October 27, 2013 and is onceagain expected to attract the cream of the country's long distancetalent, along with thousands of seniors, amateur participants fromMumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai as well as the other districts andstates in the country.Get answers to your various questions such asRace categories, Race day information, Venue information, ImageGalleries, Race Route Map and many more including how to registerfor the event.
Ridlr AFCS Operator 1.0.3
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This is the one app for you to get insights to the daily operationsof your bus fleet and ensure that you are on top of your business.With this one app, you will be able to see near real timeinformation about how much revenue is being generated, how yourconductors are doing and what your majors costs are on a dailybasis. On the web, you can even get more analytics for deeperinsights. Reports available in the base offering include • WeeklyCollections • Conductor Collections • Route Wise Collections •Route Wise EPKM • Bus Inspection Count • Breakdown alert • DieselAmount • and many more are coming