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Essay Writing guide - Essay and Thesis writing app 0.1
This is a best app for students who are looking any kind ofacademic help. Educational writing provides free resource center tohelp students to write essys, term papers, research papers andthesis. English Essays writing help is completely guide andresource center, English essay book app with over 6000+ essayswriting tips for students in multiple categories with morallessons. The categories of the essays are the following 1.Descriptive Essays 2. Discussion Essays 3. Experience Essays 4.Factual Essays 5. Imaginative Essays 6. Opinion Related Essays 7.Personal Topics 8. Society Essays 9. Story Telling Essays this is anew release in our new ESSAY WRITING GUIDE V2 ***NEW UPDATED2018*** 1. Argumentative Essay Example 2. High School Essay Example3. Junior School Essay Example / Primary School Essay / CompositionThis is Complete Guide of Essay Writing The first paragraph or soof an essay is usually the most important part of the whole essayto get "just right". Not only is it an opportunity to grab thereader's attention, but also a chance to set the agenda for therest of the essay in terms of tone and content. Strictly speaking,there is no single "right" way to begin an essay. An essay is,generally, a piece of writing that gives the author's own argument— but the definition is vague, overlapping with those of anarticle, a pamphlet, and a short story. Essays have traditionallybeen sub-classified as formal and informal. Just as it's possibleto write essays about countless subjects, so too is it possible tobegin an essay in countless ways. However, most good beginnings toessays share certain qualities which, if taken into account, cangreatly improve essay intros that may otherwise be lacking. ThisHow to Write an Essay This App will guide you the perfect way towrite an essay. Features How to Write: 1. argumentative essay 2.Expository essay 3. Reflective essay 4. Narrative essay 5.Persuasive essay 6. college essay 7. academic essay 8. essaywriting service 9. critical essay 10. summary essay 11. descriptiveessay 12. compare and contrast essay 13. cause and effect essay addon: essay example for each the essay type. also cover: how to writean essay example how to write an essay in English how to write anessay outline essay writing for kids essay writing topics how towrite an essay introduction types of essay writing essay examplesfor high school with BONUS GUIDE eBook inside!! 200+ ThesisExamples, Thesis Statement Examples, Thesis Outline TemplatesExamples, Thesis Proposal Templates, How to Write a ThesisStatement, 50 Research Paper Topic Ideas, Your Thesis Paper andDissertation, Thesis Examples 2018 has Been Completely Rebuilt.Give it a try - Thesis topics are arranged in different faculties,programs and courses. You choose and modify the topic suggestion tosuit what you are planning to research on. Writing Thesis is acollection of many Thesis / Dissertation Topics for studentsplanning to start their final certificate or degree projects whoare not yet decided on a topic for their dissertation. You canshare thesis, seminar or dissertation topics with our community andyou can search our online database for new and current researchtopics for your scientific papers. Our Writing Thesis app will helpyou to generate an essay statement. Once you input your essaytopic, opinion for and against the topic, the essay outline will begenerated to you. You can also edit or delete any generated thesisstatement outline. Writing Thesis offers you the ability to searchfor research papers and scientific publications online throughGoogle Scholar. To write thesis is always difficult for firsttimers or even some experience research but this app is focused tomake writing thesis easy and fun.
PTI Songs 1.0
This is an audio app for PTI song and anthemsfor all pakistani's who wants change in Pakistan. Play online PTIanthems and PTI songs you listen in PTI jelsa. These motivationalsongs are created by PTI lovers and PTI youth wing Tigers.Features- PTI anthems- PTI Songs- Online playing PTI songs- All Imran Khan jelsa songs- PTI pashtoo songs- PTI Panjabi Songs- PTI Urdu Songs
Fishing Ace Flying 1.2
Fish Flapper : This is Floppy Fish 2014 game for fish lovers. Wedeveloped this game for those people who like to play ad-activegame. It has more attractive graphics and new features like saveyour score and share your score with your friends. This is easy toplay fishing game for fish lovers, nice movement and its a realchallenging game. You can control fish by flap you finger anywhereon the game screen, our flapper fish smoothly fly between the wallsor columns. For further view download this free game and try tobeat scores of your friends.Features.- Attractive and excellentbackgrounds- You can save scores up to five high scores- You canshare your score on facebook or invite your friend to beat yourscore- Best free addict able game
Quran Tafseer MP4 Videos 1.0
This is a Quran Tafseer MP4 video playerbymost famous Alam -e- Din Dr Israr Ahmed. Complete Quran MP4PlayerYou can watch online streaming quran tafseer videos by drisrarahmed.Tafseer-e-quran is necessary for al muslims and humanbeingsif you want to change your life ramazan is the best month tostartunderstand quran from this app. beyan ul quran by dr israrahmed isthe series of dr israr ahmed videos.featuresComplete Quran tafseerQuran tafseer video formatquran tafseer mp4 videoonline videos streaming of beyan ul qurandownload this app and start learning quran by its meanings thisiscomplete set of tafseer -e- quranYou must give your feed back by rating and commentingthisappthanks
QUIZTICK - Free Recharge,gifts 1.2
QUIZTICK is Pakistan’s first trivia game to promote Education andKnowledge among the people of Pakistan. You can win real timeprizes and free gifts delivered to your doorstep. You can challengeyour friends by sharing score on social networks. Win free mobilerecharge, free cash prizes, free toys and much more... How ItWorks?- Download QUIZTICK quiz app and Signup.- Select any topic ofyour interest and start the Quiz game.- Earn Points for your rightanswers.- Redeem your points and request the prize of your choicefrom our gift store.- No Lucky Draw, No Prize limit, Earn as muchpoints as you can and redeem prizes.Topics:Choose any topic of yourinterest. There are 50 plus quiz topics and we are regularlyupgrading and updating more topics. Each topic has verity ofquestions to enhance your knowledge.Our Popular Quiz App Categoriesare:1. Islamic Quiz2. Islamic History Quiz3. Quraan Quiz4. HadeesQuiz5. Pakistan Culture Quiz6. About Pakistan Quiz7. Sports Quiz8.Logo Quiz9. Foods Quiz10. World Quiz11. Education Quiz12. AdmissionTest Quiz13. General Knowledge Quiz14. Celebrity Quiz15. MoviesQuiz16. Bollywood Movies Quiz17. Hollywood Movies Quiz18. PakistanHistory Quiz19. World History Quiz20. Genius Quiz21. ScienceQuiz22. Trivia App Quiz23. Quizup App Quiz24. Animal Quiz25. MusicQuiz26. Urdu Quiz27. Computer Scienc Quiz28. Kids Quiz29. DrivingTest Quiz30. Science Quiz31. Educational Game32. CSS Exam Quiz33.Admission Test Quiz34. Current Affairs Quiz35. English Quiz game36.Chemistry Quiz37. Physics Quiz38. Math Quiz39. Pakistan EducationQuiz Game40. Kids Education Quiz Game41. Quizes for Girls42. Quizesfor Boys43. Fashion Quiz game44. Country Capitals Quizes45. BrandsQuiz game46. Cricket Quiz Game47. Footbal Quiz Game48. Soocer QuizGame49. Kids Educational Games50. Real time prize Quiz appEnjoyQUIZTICK and dont forget to followus:www.facebook.com/quiztick/https://twitter.com/quiztick_pkwww.quiztick.pkFormore information contact us on info@quiztick.pk
Dissertation Help -Full Dissertation writing guide 1.0
WHO ARE WE? Dissertation-Help.co.uk was launched in May 2007 andsince then we have helped thousands of students with academicresearch help so they can excel in their educational careers.During these years we have identified and rectified all thetroubles and frustrations students had to go through in the processof academic research and writing. We know what you experience whenyour professors keep discarding your document or thesis on thebasis of… Inappropriate or Inadequate Data. Incomplete or LimitedResearch. Poor Writing Style. Inaccurate Formatting and Assemblage.What do we do? We have been offering our services to the studentswho need help with their research projects for over 4 years now aswe have the expertise for all kinds of problems a student can facein his document. From Research Proposals to Primary Research Designto Presentations, we have it all in our bag. Our professionalresearchers have the experience and the skills to do everythingyour document needs, be it a solitary Chapter or a CompleteDocument. People at Dissertatio-help.co.UK It took us 2 and halfyears to expand our solitary research consultation services into afull-fledged solution that includes: Primary Research Design HelpStatistical Analysis Help Editing and Marking Service PresentationHelp Research & Consultation Team In the 3 and half years wehave built a very strong professional network of researchers withmajors in various disciplines. You can directly interact with theconsultant once you have booked your order. Quality Assurance Onceyour document is completed, it is forwarded to the QualityAssurance department. Here your paper is checked and in case of anydiscrepancies the document is sent back to the consultant forcorrections.
Tafseer ALQuran 1.0
Quran Tafseer :Quran Tafseer is complete Quran Audio App from mostfamousAlim-e-Din Dr. Israr Ahmed and Shujauddin Sheikh. You canlistenverse by verse Tafseer of Quran. To understand Quran isnecessaryfor all Muslims and human beings. Tafseer -e- quran app isliveaudio streaming app you should connect to internetduringlistening. This is a Ramazan Gift to increase barakatoframazan.Features:Complete Quran tafseer by Dr. Israr AhmedComplete Quran tafseer audio by Shujauddin SheikhKhulasa e Quran verse by verseAudio QuranBeyan -ul- Quran in urduHoly Quran with tafseerQuran MP3 audio format
Fruit Catcher 1.11
Fruit CatchFruit catcher or Fruit catch is an interesting game forall ages adults and kids. In this great game fruit falling down andyou need to collect in basket. In each level you have differenttarget to collect different fruits. You have already enjoyed Fruitcutter game and i hope you also enjoy this game please leave youcomment for further improvement.FeaturesAttractive graphics foreach levelSave score in this fruit catcher gamefruit catcher is forfruit loversTwo play modes Adults or kids in this fruit collectinggameI hope you will enjoy this fruit game.
City Car Racing game – stunt Car Racing Game 1.0
If you have a passion of fast car driving share fast citycardriving experience to a whole new and adventure level!Incrediblecar racing mode! Race the traffic! Be the king of citystreet carracing!● Real Car CompetitionLook like Real cars, realfast tracks,and real traffic racing with epic drift stunts citycars. Climb upand down the rosd!● Fantastic Cars & EasydriveBig revelationfor free lovely cars and the fast test drive!Easy controls and lotof great car selection● Various RacingModesInclude Career,Elimination Tournament, 1 Vs 1, Time Trial● CarUpgrades &Customize Upgrade for new cars turbo engine cars ,find the optimaltune for your car. Colorful paints and cool carselections.This 3Dcar racing game offers you a great, fun andchallenging gamingexperience that will help you to become theprince of the citystreets and the best driver on them. Thus are youreally excited toget behind the super wheel of some realistic carracing and raceagainst other racers, then you'll be very excited toplay stunt carracing game.User also using the following terms tofind this stuntcar racing game:- Car racing game- Free car racinggame- Stunt carracing game- Car Climb on Hills Racing game- ExtremeCar drivinggame- 3D car racing game- Crazy car racing game- Racingin car rushdriveDownload now this stunt free car racing game andenjoyadventure drive.
Ludo Cash – Popular Ludo game (New Ludo star game) 3.0
Ludo cash is a famous Ludo game also known as parches star game orLudo star game. It’s a classic board game in new look and functionsnow you can earn cash money with playing. Ludo cash is amulti-network and multi-player board game played between families,friends, boys, girls and kids. Ludo cash is a cross platformmultiuser game that supports all platforms including Desktop,Android, iOS and Windows mobile platform at same time. You can alsoplay Ludo cash in offline mode, where users can play with robots orComputer and with Local multiplayer. Ludo Cash board game features:- Real players ,Play with multiplayers - Play online and offlinewith friends and families - Chat with friends and can add newfriends - Share and make buddies worldwide - Challenge your friends- Earn real cash vouchers - Earn coins easily - Redeem your coinswith cash voucher Ludo cash is a real Ludo star cash game you canplayed between 2 to 4 players also you have the choice of playingthe Ludo game against the computer, against your friends, or evenagainst people from around the world. With its lot of features,Ludo cash Game brings you a really unique gaming experience. - it’sa free Ludo Game, - it’s Ludo Game 3D - Play Ludo Game earn Ludocash - You can play Ludo Game VS android (computer) - it’s Ludo 3DMultiplayer game - earn cash with this Ludo Game - earn real cashwith this Board game - Ludo cash is a real Ludo Race game - You canenjoy with this nice Dice game **Some other Localized name of thegame called in the world: Le Jeu de Dada or Petits Chevaux(France), Fia med knuff (Sweden), Parqués (Colombia),Mens-erger-je-niet (the Netherlands), Parchís or Parkase (Spain),Non t'arrabbiare (Italy), Griniaris (Greece). Some of ArabicParcheesi variants are : Barjis / Bargis (Palestine), Pachîs(Persia/Iran); Fei Xing Qi' (China); da' ngu'a ('Vietnam');Barjis(s) / Bargese (Syria), How To Play: - Signup with face bookor as a guest user with Ludo cash game - Select Your Playing Mode -Select playing with 2 or 4 players or private room - Set you bet -And start playing Ludo Cash is a really interesting family gamealso a kid’s game that was once played by lord and now it can beenjoyed by you and your friends and family. This Ludo cash gameplaymight seem simple at first, the Ludo game is massively enjoyableand challenging. You'll be playing this Ludo star cash game forhours and its fun for the whole family. Try to beat your opponentsand compete for the highest scores on the Ludo leader boards andearn you cash rewards. Earn Cash: - As much you earn coins you canearn cash by redeem coins in cash vouchers - You can utilize thesevouchers during your online purchase. SOME OF FAMOUS SEARCH TERMSUSED IN PLAY STORE: Ludo is board puzzle game Board game, Racegame, Dice game, Mind game Ludo ( लूडो ) games Classic Ludo BoardStars 2017 Classic Ludo Board Stars 2018 Ludo Classic Kings LudoCash game Ludo Star Game Real Ludo star game Best of luck to startwith Ludo Cash a King game it is a perfect time pass mobile game ofLudo board game. You already played Ludo in your childhood life,now play Ludo cash on your phone and tablet.
Best Snooker Game : Popular 8 Ball pool game 1.2
8 Ball snooker or pool is a very popular pool game you can playstand alone in practice mode or also with on line multi players.would you like to be master this multiplayer online version of theclassic 8 ball snooker game? Challenge opponents now from allacross the world. Get ready to hit some balls! Main objective of 8Ball Snooker game is to pocket your set of balls, and then the cueball to win the game. 8 Ball snooker game is also known as 8-ballor eight ball, Pool game and sometimes called solids and stripes,spots and stripes. Nice graphics and realistic physics makes 8 BallSnooker a blast! 8 Ball Snooker pool game is the biggest & bestmulti-player online Pool game! If you don't have big space in yourhouse for a pool table? Don’t worry, you can now play 8 BallSnooker game in your phone and it offers hours of entertainment andfun, Download it for free today. Play today in the cool pool hallagainst players around the glob in real-time as you compete intournaments, 1vs1 games and challenge your Facebook friends! Nowyou can slide your screen to aim the ball, drag down the power barto strike, with skills and concentration to dive into the pool ballgame, you can be the future billiards pool master in the worldtournament. ★★★★ 8 Ball Snooker Pool Game Features ★★★★ ❖ OnlineMulti-player Pool → challenge thousands of pool fans worldwide ❖Use Practice Mode to sharpen your skills ❖ Challenge a friend' fromFace book for a on line real-time multi player game ❖ Free coins,spin and win ❖ Fast-paced, competitive and fun - free for All! ❖Easy & Refreshing Interface and graphics ❖ Use coins to unlocknew cue and other cool items in the game store ❖ Out of credits?Earn Free Credits by watching Videos ❖ Chat with your opponents andfriends during playing ❖ Connect with facebook to invite/challengefriends and share the joy! ❖ Best Localized to English, French,German, Spanish, Italian, Canadian French and Mexican Spanish. ❖Full High Definition 3D graphics environments. ❖ Complete 3Dphysics at 30 FPS. ❖ Completely Free online multiplayer games ❖ ItsFree local network multiplayer games ❖ Practice: best tune yourgame by playing your self with no rules. ❖ Quick Play: To Play acustom match against your friend, family member or computeropponent. ❖ League: You can Participate in a league event over 7rounds where the Top points total wins. ❖ Tournament: check andtest your nerves in a 4 round knock-out tournament event. ❖ You canConfigure up to 3 player profiles to keep track of all yourstatistics. ❖ Each user profile contains comprehensive details andprogression history. ❖ Select your handi-cap level with 5 levels ofaiming and ball guide markups. ❖ Select your preferred best shotcamera through your player’s profile. ❖ Progress through the ranksfrom Rookie to Legend. ❖ Play against many different computeropponents spread over all difficulty levels. ❖ Fully customizabletables, choose from over many combinations of table finish effectsand amazing colors. ❖ Play snooker game on regulation 10ft and 12ftrectangular tables. ❖ you can Test your skills on thenon-regulation Casket, Clover, Hexagonal, L-Shaped and other Squaretables. ❖ Play 6 Red Ball Snooker, 10 Red Ball Snooker and 15 RedBall Snooker based on WPBAS rules. ❖ Play US 10 Ball and Black Ballsnooker based on WPA rules. ❖ Play World best Eight Ball Pool basedon WEPF rules. ❖ get Bonus 8ft snooker table for pool games. ❖Fully featured ball control system allowing all back spin, topspin, left spin (Left english), right spin (Right english) and manyswerve shots. ❖ Choose from various Top camera views including 3D,Top Cushion and Overhead views. ❖ 30+ game achievements to collectlocally. Download now this exciting 8 ball snooker pool game andenjoying!
Right WAStickerApp – Stickers for WhatsApp 1.0
NOTE: Stickers are enabled for WhatsApp Beta Testers only, willbeenabled soon for all. A new way to express yourself withstickers.Right WAStickers are here to express your reactions.Stickers helpyou share your feelings in a way that you can't alwaysexpress withwords. To add and use stickers: 1. Simply tap thestickers you likeand add it. 2. Open any chat or group in WhatsAppand tap emojiicon. 3. Tap sticker icon in the bottom. 4. Find andtap thesticker you want to send. New stickers will be added soon.(Ad-freeversion - Say goodbye to ads!) We're always excited to hearfromyou! If you have any feedback, questions, or concerns, pleasefeelfree to contact us. Disclaimer: This app is not affiliated withnorendorsed by WhatsApp Inc. WAStickerApps Keywords:WAStickerApps,WhatsApp Stickers, WhatsApp, Stickers, WAStickers,Stickers forWhatsApp, Sticker Apps