Rightel Apps

My Rightel 0.0.1
This is test version with limited access.Thefinal version will be available soon.
MyRightel 13.1.0
Manage Your SIM Card by "My RighTel" App. My RighTel enables you tocomplete a wide range of affairs related to your SIM Cardincluding, but not limited to, purchasing internet packages, buyingRials and Exciting charges, getting aware of your RighTel SIMCard's details and description of your previous and present plansand packages, observing and paying your bills, checking coveragemaps, and finding RighTel stores, without having to contact theCustomer Service Center. Some features of MyRighTel include: •Package Report (My Packages): By selecting this option, a pageshowing active packages will be displayed. • Package Purchase: Inthis section, a multitude of offers are presented to subscribers,who are able to make the best choice according to their needs. •Current Services: By selecting Current Services, you can witnessthe status of your different services and activate/deactivate yourintended service. These services include Missed calls, Call report,Rinavaz Services, International Roaming, Teleconference, Callwaiting, Keeping a current call • Normal Direct Charge: The optionTop-Up active only for prepaid and data subscriptions. • Excitingcharge: Users of data and prepaid subscriptions are subject to anincremental charge up to 35% with regard to the manner by whichthey purchase their credit. • Payment of Bills: The option Paymentof Bills is active only for postpaid subscriptions. • Family andFriends: The service Family and Friends will enable you to add upto five on-net and two off-net mobile numbers to which you makeyour most frequent calls. From now on, you will have specialdiscounts on making voice calls to them. • Coverage Map: Byselecting the intended city, coverage map will be displayed. •RighTel Stores: By clicking on this icon, a list of active RighTelstores will be displayed, showing their addresses and businesshours and days. • My Payments: In this section, a chronologicallist of all your payments for buying RighTel services and productswill be shown. • Call detail record (CDR): On all RighTel SIMcards, you can receive in your inbox your PDF-format call detailrecords within your intended time interval. • Submitting a Problem:In case you ever encounter any problem, you can register it withoutthe need to call the RighTel Customer Service Center, whose expertswill appropriately resolve all registered problems as soon aspossible.
Rinavaz 2.4.0
The Rinavaz app is a complete collection of RighTel Rinavaz thathasbeen formally developed and implemented by RighTel Company.With thehelp of this app, you can access to full archive ofRighTel Rinavazand find your favorite song easily. One of this appfeatures is theability to search among different styles, playsongs and activatethem.You can also with using this app, give yourfavorite Rinavazgift to your friends.