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The only destination with over a million UK properties for sale orto rent, Rightmove is the only app you need to help you find yournext home. What you’ll love about the Rightmove app: - Createinstant alerts for your favourite searches and we’ll send youmatching properties as soon as they’re added. - Sync your browsingactivity easily across all your devices (when signing into, orcreating, your myRightmove account). - School catchment andperformance information for each property via the ‘School Checker’.- Big, beautiful photos, floorplans and more to help you really geta feel of each property. - View the sold price history of over 26million UK properties. About Rightmove: Covering properties fromall over England, Scotland and Wales, Rightmove has the largestnumber of UK properties for sale and to rent, as well as thelargest number of advertising estate agents. As well as coveringcirca 90% of all properties for sale, Rightmove can also help youwith your property research, with valuable information on previoussold prices and market information. If you’re looking to buy, sell,rent or let a property, find your happy with the Rightmove Androidapp! Love this app? We want to hear about it! If you love theRightmove app or have an idea of how we could make it even better,we’d love to hear about it! Simply tweet us @Rightmove to let usknow.