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150+ Card Games Solitaire Pack 5.13
If you like solitaire, you're going to love Solitaire Suite, the #1pack of 200 card games available for Android. With 200 differentgames, including popular classics such as Klondike, Spider,Freecell, Pyramid and many more, hours of enjoyment await youwithin this app. Enjoy playing all your favorite solitaire cardgames and discover new ones you've never seen before. The 200solitaire games are separated into two different sections. Thefirst section is unlocked and contains 90 solitaire card games. Thesecond section is locked and contains an additional 110 solitairecard games split up into 9 different packs. Stars are awarded forthe successful completion of games and the challenge is to collectenough stars to unlock the next pack of games. Features ofSolitaire Suite: - 200 different popular and original playing cardgames - Rules provided for each individual card game - Leaderboardsand Achievements - Customization of appearance with hd backgroundsand cards - Landscape and portrait orientation - SmoothFunctionality - Unlimited undo and redo - Optimized for tablets andphones
Math Puzzle Challenge 1.6.1
Math Puzzle Challenge is a free set of cross-figure logic puzzles(the numerical version of a crossword). It contains some of thehardest cross-figure puzzles in the world; this pack ofbrainteasers really gets you thinking.Clues are given to eachpuzzle and the player fills in blank spaces with numbers makingsure they meet the criteria of the clues. There are 7 differentsets of puzzles with 5 different levels of difficulty ranging fromBeginner puzzles designed to help ease players into the process ofcompleting the math puzzles and finishing with Grandmaster puzzleswhich are insanely difficult. The player has to achieve a certainnumber of puzzles before they can unlock later sets of puzzles.Eachpuzzle has clues, calculator, and lists of square, cubed and primeto assist the in the completion of the puzzles. The player alsostarts with a few hints and receives extra ones daily to help themon puzzles they are finding more challenging.In total there are 86math puzzles averaging about 200 hours game play. The earlierpuzzles take on average around 10-15 minutes each with the lastcouple difficulties of puzzles taking hours or even days for someplayers.List of puzzle difficulties and number of puzzles:-Beginner has 10 puzzles- Adept 1 has 12 puzzles- Adept 2 has 12puzzles- Expert 1 has 15 puzzles- Expert 2 has 15 puzzles- Masterhas 13 puzzles- Grandmaster has 9 puzzles
Math Hexagon Puzzles 1.3.1
Math Hexagon Puzzles is a free set of cross-figure logic puzzles(the numerical version of a crossword), using a hexagonal gridinstead of the usual crossword puzzle grid. Clues are given to eachpuzzle and the player fills in blank spaces with numbers makingsure they meet the criteria of the clues.There are 4 different setsof puzzles ranging from Easy puzzles, designed to help ease playersinto the process of completing the math puzzles, and finishing withVery Hard puzzles which require more time to think through andsolve. The player has to achieve a certain number of puzzles beforethey can unlock later sets of puzzles.Each puzzle has clues,calculator, list of square numbers, list of cubed numbers and alist of prime numbers to assist the player in completion of thepuzzles. The player also starts with 5 hints and receives extraones when a level is completed to help solve the puzzles which arecausing a challenge.This app follows the same concept as the MathPuzzle Challenge app, (also published by RikkiGames), except thatthe puzzles are more straightforward.What makes this set of puzzlesmore interesting is the challenge of working with a hexagonal gridinstead of the usual square grid. Clues go diagonally up,diagonally down and down instead of the usual across and down. Thismeans that a digit could be part of three different numbers. Thehexagonal crossword grids lend themselves to some interestingpatterns using reflective and rotational symmetry. The puzzle gridsare three different sizes. The lengths of the hexagonal grids usedfor this set of puzzles is 2, 3 and 4 allowing for 7, 19 and 37blank spaces or digits. There are a total of 60 puzzles with fourlevels of difficulty, Easy, Normal, Hard and Very HardList ofpuzzle difficulties and number of puzzles:- Easy has 14 puzzles-Normal has 22 puzzles- Hard has 12 puzzles- Very Hard has 12puzzlesMath Hexagonal Puzzles can also help improve your mathskills and knowledge of number properties. How do you know if anumber is divisible by 2, 3, 4 or 11? What are the only digits thata square number can end with? What is the largest number whosesquare is less than 1000? What are the possible values that thefirst digit of a 4 digit number have if it is 5 times a 3 digitnumber? What are the only digits which a prime number can end with?As you work through the puzzles, you may start to discover theanswers to these questions and other number properties, if you donot already know them.
Chess Board Puzzles 2.1
Chess Board Puzzles is a free pack of 18different mathematical chess board puzzle challenges including someof the more popular chess board puzzles such as Queen Independence(8-Queen) and Knights Tour as well as some unique puzzles providinghours of entertainment.After completing each puzzle players are able to replay thepuzzle again and challenge themselves to improving on their besttime for that puzzle.Puzzles Included in Pack:- Bishop Flip- Bishop Swap- Checkers Swap- Knight Domination- Knight Flip- Knight Swap- Knight Tour- Knight Uncrossed- Neural Net- Pawn Domination- Pawn Flip- Queen Domination- Queen Flip- Queen Independence- Rook Flip- Solitaire Chess- Team Domination- Team Independence
com.rikkigames.monsterclicker 1.3.1
Tap your way to victory as you battle through an abundance ofmonsters and bosses within this fantasy game. Gain levels, earn newranks, unlock new skills and upgrade your items to help you take onthe mighty monsters that inhabit the world of Clicker Champions.EXPERIENCE FANTASTIC GAMEPLAY -Choose from 4 different classes(Warrior, Rogue, Mage and Cleric). -Slay your way through thecampaign mode and battle against hundreds of monsters. -Test yourstrength against wave after wave of enemies in the endless mode.-Unlock the Boss Lair and take on 25 different ultimate bosses.-Optimized for tablets and phones. BATTLE POWERFUL ENEMIES -Clickand use skills to deal damage or sit back and let your charactersauto attack do the hard work for you. -Fight a variety of differentfantasy style monsters including dragons, giants, zombies and manymore. UPGRADE YOU HEROES -Earn new ranks to get extra multipliersto boost your stats and unlock new skills to improve yourcharacter. -Unlock Achievements to gain additional bonuses for yourcharacters. OBTAIN WEAPONS AND ARMOR -Buy new weapons and armor ina shop using coins earned from kills. -Get drops from treasureschests. -Over 30 unique legendary weapons and armor to be obtained.Slash your way through this fantasy clicker game and advance tolater stages in the campaign mode to unlock the additional modes.However, be careful as this game is a kill or be killed style game.Should you die, all items and levels will be lost but don’t worry;your character will not forget everything he learned during hisendeavors as he will gain new ranks that will make him strongernext time round.
Sudoku Games and Solver 1.4.5
This app is based on the classic number puzzle game Sudoku. Itcontains puzzles which range from the easy beginner level to themore challenging master level. Play daily Sudoku puzzles, completethe pyramid challenges or solve one of millions of different randomSudoku puzzles. This logical and fun app contains the followingSudoku games and features: Games * Sudoku Pyramids: Six sets ofSudoku puzzles, with levels from basic to extreme. * Daily Sudoku:A daily game at each level allowing rewards to be earned. * RandomSudoku: A random game from millions of built in Sudoku puzzles. *Custom Sudoku: Allows any Sudoku puzzle to be entered and played. *Sudoku Solver: Solves a custom Sudoku puzzle. Features * Millionsof different Sudoku puzzles each with a unique reference. * Fivelevels of difficulty of Sudoku puzzle. * A timer to record the timetaken to complete a puzzle. * Achievements that can be completed toearn titles. * Leaderboards to compare progress with other players.* Portrait or landscape orientation for maximum comfort. * Choiceof different themes available for your pleasure. * Differentoptions to personalize the playing experience.
Heroes and Dragons – Hack and Slash RPG 1.2.4
An Epic Campaign From little spiders to enormous dragons,experience an epic campaign in this f2p fantasy fighting game.Adventure through fields, caves, mountains and volcanoes tocomplete quests and engage in combat with powerful bosses. 14Classes become one Instead of selecting a single class for yourcharacter to play through the whole game you can switch betweenclasses at the guild hall and play them all. As each classes statsgrow and they unlock new skills some of these stats and skills willbe shared with other classes. So as you gain strength and powerwith one class like a rogue or warrior, you also gain strength andpower on other classes such as the knight or mage. Whilst somestats and skills are shared, each class still has its own uniqueattributes that are suited for that class. Some classes will beproficient with certain types of weapons and armor and will gain alarger attack bonus from them than other classes. Classes level upindividually and gain their own upgrades. The grind to level upeach one will become easier as they will be more powerful with theextra stats the other classes offer to them. Level up all classesand eventually your character will become legendary. Grow morepowerful There are many ways to become more powerful and vanquishyour foes and levelling is only a part of this. Armor and weaponssuch as swords will help you grow even more powerful and earnglory. Use the blacksmith to help further improve your epic loot byupgrading pieces of gear to higher qualities such as sacred anddivine. Dragons and Loot Now where would be the fun in becoming allpowerful without having a great challenging foe to vanquish withyour new found powers and rewards to come from it. So put yourselfto the test and fight the mighty royal dragons where you will betested to see how much damage you can do in a given duration oftime. Take on the role of a medieval champion and take to the arenaor enter the dragon lair and fight like a true hero in this dungeoncrawler. Easy Controls Designed for phones and tablets with asimple tap to move and attack system that makes it easy to slay themany monsters that inhabit this world. These controls make iteasier to get immersed in the awesome combat experience within thisarpg. Features include: ● 14 different character classes to choosefrom ● 100+ different islands to explore in the campaign ● 100+different types of enemies to encounter ● 100+ different specialabilities for your character to use ● 100+ different weapons andarmor to gain and use ● Blacksmith for improving items ● Labyrinthto periodically search for chests ● Gold mine with NPCs that willmine resources for you ● The Tower with floors containing puzzlesand challenges ● Royal Dragons to defeat to gain dragon eggs tohatch for benefits ● Trophies that give benefits when obtained ●Leaderboards to compare progress with other players ● Online andoffline features ● HD graphics