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Block Force - Cops N Robbers 2.2.1
"Block Force" is the new online pixel fps game developed by JoyDoStudio,released by Riovox Company.We are committed to develop thebest online pixel shooting game on mobile.This time, we bring awhole new experience for you.Keep fighting to be the bestshooter.Features:1.Online Competitive & Optimize networkexperience: 1 server with 5 regions(GLOBAL, US, EU, ASIA, JP)2.Moreplayers fighting in one room: up to 20 players in the sameroom.3.Graphics: shock of visual effect with 3D pixel style.4.Soundeffect: professional sound effect design.3.Five mode: DeathMatch,Killing Competition, Stronghold, Explosion, Mutation.4.FriendSystem: add friends in game, fighting with buddies all around theworld!5.Skin Editor: create your own skins.6.Hat & Cape: equiphat or cape to your character.7.Growth System: keep fighting topromote your rank.8.Slots: Win all the items in game fromhere.9.Reward System: rich game rewards, give you a sustainedcombat power10.Reasonable in game store: provide more choice.
Cops N Robbers - FPS Mini Game 7.1.2
Cops N Robbers (FPS) is a pixel style multiplayer gun shooting gamedeveloped by JoyDo Entertainment. This is an awesome FPS game ofpocket edition. Equip your weapons, join the battle in this coolblock world. *** SINGLEPLAYER - STORY MODE *** You need to battlealone in this PVE mode. Pick up your gun and take enough ammo,start adventure now! *** MULTIPLAYER – WORLDWIDE *** 1. PVP Mode.2. Various game modes: Stronghold Mode & Team Death Match Mode& Killing Competition Mode & Peace Mode & Ghost Mode& Hide And Seek Mode. You can select your preferred mode tobattle with a team or fight alone. 3. Maps: 20 + interesting systemmaps and & endless custom maps created by players. 4. Chat ingame: You can chat with your team members or all players in theroom. *** Weapon System *** 1. There are 50+ system weaponsprovided with great voxel models & pixel textures! 2. You canalso design your dream weapon by yourself. *** Armor System *** 1.Awesome armor sets: Santa Claus Set, Tesla Set, Gingerbread Set,Candy Boy/Girl Set, Hawk Set, etc. Equip the whole Tesla Armor Setto activate special effects. 2. You can also customize your coolarmors, make you more competitive in battle field!. *** Skin System*** 1. There are kinds of skins provided. You can select yourinterested skin which makes you different with others. 2. Skin Editsystem: Design your personalized skin, you’ll look special in thebattlefield. *** Friends System *** Your friends, classmates,colleagues or anyone else around the world, if you want, addhim/her to your friends list. You can chat or battle together ingame! *** MORE *** Language localizations: English, Chinese,Japanese, Russian, French, German, Korean. *** Support &Feedback *** Mail: [email protected] Twitter: Facebook:
Cops N Robbers 2 2.2.2
Wait so long for the "Cops N Robbers (Jail Break 2)", the 2ndedition of "Cops N Robbers (Jail Break)" has been developed for oneyear, created by the famous developer of "Cops N Robbers (JailBreak)" and "Cops N Robbers (FPS)": "JoyDo Entertainment". Thistime we brought a whole new experience for every CNR fan. New hugeisland prison - "West Pacific Prison" is here, waiting for youradventure. New game settings, new props&craft system...Mostimportant of all, a new role - spy is added in "Cops N Robbers".***Features***# Huge map - "West Pacific Prison": indoor andoutdoor area, prison, forest, island, ships...# Role playing: Cop,Robber and Spy.# Props&Craft System: 40+ props (weapons,armors...), craft some props to help you get out of prison.# Newrole - Spy: hiding in robbers, secretly support for the cop. Inorder to retain the identity, the spy need to complete the tasksgiven by system. Robbers need to find out who is the spy by voting.# Multiplayer: Worldwide Multiplayer support, 5 regions available -EU, AU, US, ASIA, JP# Mobs: there are some mobs in the outdoorforest, you can collect some stuff from them.# Hunger value: Affectwalk speed & attack damage.# "Honor Rules": cheat &cheated, cooperation & betrayal.# Stable server & optimizednetwork.# Video Recording: support Kamcord videorecording.***Rules***# Besides robbers there is one cop and onespy.# The cop tells robbers what they should do: go to the messhall to eat, go to the showers, go to the library...# Robbers mustobey and do what the cop says, or be punished!# Robber's mission:Compliance & Betrayal (find the way to escape from prison thenall the robbers win)# Cop's mission: Manage all robbers & makesure that no one escapes from prison in the limited time!# Spy'smission: Complete the system tasks to retain the identity. Help thecop to monitor all robbers, meanwhile avoid the identity beingexposed.*** Support & Feedback *** Mail:[email protected]
Survival Games 1.4.3
"Survival Games" - the famous pixel survival game is coming toGoogleplay now! ***Features*** # Huge maps - "Survival Island","Death Maze": Mountain, Forest, Sea, Arena… # Epic 3d pixelgraphics. # Comfortable control & comfortable visual effects. #Worldwide Multiplayer support! # Props: food, bow, stone sword,wood sword… # "Survival Rules": Survival & Fight to the lastminute!!! ***Worldwide Multiplayer*** # 5 server regions setting:GLOBAL/EU/US/JP/ASIA, choose the nearby&best region to startgame. # Max players support: 16 players. # Round time setting:15-60 minutes. ***Rules*** 1. When game starting, sprint to thechest.You may get food or weapons there! 2. Search and attack:After start, you will keep fighting and find chest in the island(eat food & get weapons). 3. Hunger value: if your hunger valueis low, your attack power and hp recovery power will be low! 4. Ifat the last 5 minutes, there are still more than 2 persons, thesemen will be transferred to the Arena!That's the last battlefield!!!
Cops N Robbers 1.5.4
"Cops N Robbers (Jail Break Mode)" - the famous mini game is comingto Googleplay now! ***Features*** # Huge map - "West Prison","Pirate Ship": Cell, Showers, Mess Hall, Escape Maze, Library,Secret Passage, Roof. # High quality graphics: Light setting inscene & Pixel scene modeling & Character modeling… # Soundeffect: different place with different sound effect. # UI Setting:comfortable control & comfortable visual effects. #Multiplayer: Worldwide Multiplayer support! # Props: Labber, Valve,Sword, Bow, Sticks... # Rich&Funny Character animations. #"Honor Rules": cheat & cheated! ***Worldwide Multiplayer*** # 5server regions setting: GLOBAL/EU/US/JP/ASIA, choose thenearby&best region to start game. # Max players support: 8players.(1 cop & other all robbers) # Round time setting: 15-60minutes. # Chat system: chat with other players(you can chooseclose or open chat panel) ***How to play: rules*** # There's a cop& other all robbers. # Cop tell robbers what he should do: goto the mess hall to eat & go to the showers & go to thelibrary... # Robbers must obey and do what the cop says, or bepunished! # Robber's mission: Compliance & Betrayal(find theway to escape & win for every robber) # Cops's mission: Waitfor the limited time pass, then cop is the winner!