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Oil Tanker Truck Simulator Pro 1.0
Oil tanker truck transporter is new version oftruck simulator games; get ready to drive oil tanker truck safelyone petrol station to next. Let’s see how you perform real truckdriver duty in Oil Tanker Transporter simulation game. Download oiltanker transporter a 3D real transport truck simulator game foreveryone who love to play truck simulation.Drive oil trailer truck from petrol depot and deliver oil cargoon different fuel stations in the open city full with traffic.Become road king with this 3D simulation game designed for wholoves real truck driving in open city map locations. Be carefulwith flammable gasoline material so avoid any collision and don’tdamage your oil tanker transporter vehicle. City petrol pumps arerunning out of fuel transport oil truck and fuel up the gasstations with your gasoline tanker trailer.Sit behind steering wheel of a transporter truck and drive theoil truck with precision and accuracy. Oil truck is heavy dutyvehicle with highly explosive and flammable fuel material. Play asoil transporter driver in this 3D simulator driving game andtransport fuel to the gas stations.OIL TANKER TRUCK FEATURES:• Real truck driving experience with oil tanker• Different camera angles• Smooth Steering, Hydraulic Brakes• Amazing 3D Graphics & green fields Environment
Frontline City Commando War 1.0
Your city is under the enemy attack. The enemytroops are prevailing everywhere. To protect your homeland and tobring the enemy to Justice, get ready to show expert assaultsniping skills in assassinating and taking revenge to the enemytroops.Game Play:You are bestowed with the modern weapons like sub machine gunand sniper shooting gun. You, being the hero of the nation, aredeployed on the roofs of the buildings with these high tech guns.You have to select an appropriate position to aim at the enemyhiding behind vehicles and bunkers. Lets hear the thunders ofgunshots and unleash the destruction of the enemy’s network. Letthe battle begin, start shooting enemy commandos. Kill them all,clear your city from the enemy troops and save your country fromthe brutal enemy attack.The beauty of the game is to aim at the enemy soldiers and killthem with one headshot if you are using the sniper shooter gun.While using machine gun, just unleash the fire. You have unlimitedsupply of ammunition so need not to stop firing at any time.Enjoy playing one of the best FPS game available on google play forfree. The game will involve you in it as it has the most accurategun shooting controls and true to life animations.FEATURES:First person shooting game.Keep eye on health use medical kit.A life time war fighting experience.Smooth onscreen touch controls.Best quality sound effects and sound track.
Army Bus Driver Hill Climb 1.1
Army bus driver is a new updated game of bussimulator 2015. Drive army bus on the hills and mountains roadsbecome best bus driver on Hill climb racing. A bus simulator whereyou start your duty as an army professional bus driver to pick anddrop military personnel, commandos, special forces to their desiredlocations. Learn heavy vehicle driving skills on hill climbinghighway route.Experience transport army soldier army officers on their duty areaor check points. Be the transporter to pick up and drop them tocheck points. Army bus simulator game is to transport militarysoldier. They might be carrying armory or heavy weapons with them.Be careful with your driving on dangerous road of high mountains.Feel the most adventurous and craziest bus driving simulator ishere with hill climb driving in the nature of hill side environmentfilled with mountains, water and rocks. Enjoy realistic bus physicsform different camera view, smooth handling and fast driving onbeautiful mountain in military bus driver 2015. Army bus driverduty is not easy job so prove you as a best driver.ARMY BUS SIMULATOR FEATURES:_ 10 thrilling missions_ Real-time Driving mechanics_ Smooth controls and Amazing Sound tracks
Football International Cup 16 1.5
Arrange your own matches against the countryteam which you want to play. Enjoy smoother and more realisticgraphics for both players and stadiums. Access to different modesconsists of world Cup mode and quick match. Graphics are realistic.Select your favorite from Variety of International teams (32countries). Take control of your team on the field during QuickMatch or International Cup. Strive every match to win and keep yourfans happy.You can choose your as well opponent team from following countriesteams.Algeria, Angola, Argentina, Austria, Bahrain, Brazil, Cameroon,China, Colombia, Denmark, Finland, Gabon, Germany, Greece,Honduras, Iran, Israel, Italy, Ivory Coast, Korea, Latvia, Mexico,Morocco, Peru, Portugal, Scotland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Togo,Ukraine, Uruguay, USA,How to Play:- Use Joystick to control the movement of player- Press ‘Shoot’ to kick the ball- Tap ’ Pass’ to pass the football to your fellow team member- Tap ‘ Sprint’ to move the player fast- Tap ‘ Tackle’ to snatch the football from opponents- Try to scoring a goal first to avoid pressure.Features:- Realistic 3D graphics with dynamic lighting and amazingenvironment of Football stadium- Real player movement- Real opponent team snatching and scoring goal effects- Superb Environment- Support for HD phone devices and tablets- Good quality sound effects- User friendly GUI and controls- Free Game Just Install and Enjoy..!Like us on Facebook at to getmore info about all our upcoming titles.
Cargo Truck Driver hill climb 1.0
Extreme cargo truck driving challengebeginswith Cargo Truck driver hill drive 3D. Driving on hills,mountains,and steep paths is not an easy task. Drive transportertrucks andtransport cargo to the destination on hill areas.Show your skills as the trucker to drive heavy dutytransportertruck carrying cargo, farm tractors, cars, army tanksand othervehicles. Be careful on dangerous twists and turns anddelivercargo safely and timely. Drive through the mountains andhills withhigh speed become ultimate cargo Truck Driver.Your transport truck might be carrying relief cargo sodrivecarefully. Paths are difficult to drive on; you can handlethis jobwith your best truck driver skills. An objective basedtransporttruck game where you handle your big truck with trailer.Attach thetrailer with your heavy truck and drive through hills.Hill climbdriving with cargo transport is an awesome concept fortruckdriving games.Feel the most adventurous and craziest truck driving simulatorishere with hill climb driving in the nature of hill sideenvironmentfilled with mountains, water and rocks. Enjoy realistictruckphysics form different camera view, smooth handling and fastdrivingon beautiful mountain in cargo truck driver 2015.FEATURES:• Real Experience of Driving Cargo Truck• 10 Exciting Gameplay Missions• Smooth Steering, Hydraulic Brakes, Drifting & Lifting• Thrill of Driving on Hills, Mountains
Frontier Commando War Mission 1.0
A terrorist organization has invaded ourhomeland. They've killed and bombed citizens on dead route ofoverkill. To revenge of Epic Destruction of this war mission isassigned to our top sniper shooter Elite commando. Mission is tosave the glory by giving your blood. For the Justice and the newDawn of your homeland, get ready to show expert assault snipershooting skills and assassinate these outlaws in this Modern War.Your Major target is to defend town from their brutal attack.Fight like a frontier commando and think sharp. Shoot & explodethe barrel for mass damage. Explode their territory arsenal withcourage. Expect a terminator battle with them. You are the Warriorof your Nation; Let this conflict end into the dead.Use Telescope to aim at the enemy soldiers and kill them allwith one headshot if you are using the sniper shoot gun. Whileusing machine gun or short gun, just unleash the fire. You haveunlimited supply of ammunition so don’t stop firing.This Counter Strike Mission will be successful with the help ofyour military training and special force squad instruction. YourAssassin instinct is to put this War2Victory and meeting theDestination of Defense.★ Enjoy playing one of the best First Person army shooting gamesavailable on Google play for free. The war game will involve you init as it has the most accurate gun shooting controls and true tolife animations and war simulation.
Highway Traffic Race 3D 1.0
Highway Traffic Racer is new update ofCarTraffic racing games. Drive your best car through highwaytraffic,earn cash, buy new cars that are even better than the oneyou startwith. Have fun dodging cars and trucks while you speed upto thelimit. Choose your car and race in city and highway traffic!Highway Car Traffic Racing has lots of vehicles to purchaseforrace. You can purchase your vehicle with your hard earnedmoney.You can purchase nitrous and magnet power from store to earnmorecoins. You have different type of environment like city, suburbanddesert highway with endless game mode.Highway Traffic Racing is a milestone in the genre ofendlessarcade racing. You can use nitrous to beat everyone in thisamazingcar racing game. Fill up your nitro by speeding andovertakingother cars and then use it to reach max speed. Also, youcan getseveral cars to improve your performance.What are you waiting for? Download Highway TrafficRacingnow!FEATURES:- 5 amazing super cars to purchase.- Real life traffic- 3 environments (city, suburb, desert)- Moving and static obstacles- Great 3D graphics- Endless fun!
City Bike Roof Jumping 2016 1.0
Play new arrival of Bike Racing Stunts intheroof jumping stunts Bike games. Have a CRAZY and WILD ride asyoujump over the roofs of this cool fantasy city. This game isallabout riding through the most outlandish courses. There aremassivejumps, mid air ramps, a variety of tracks, and extremestunts.Experience this thrilling adventure now. Jump from rooftoptorooftop as you bounce your sports Bike around thesemysteriousroads. Huge jumps, mid-air ramps and superb tracks areavailablefor crazy Bike stunts.Enjoy the thrill of steering your bike through lush cityheights.Crazy Bike Roof Jumping is challenging, roof climbing andstuntsracing games. Get ready to ride on Racing Bike in midtowncity whereyou have to climb your Moto on roof or stunts over thestreets. Jumpfrom given platform to other rooftop and park yourCrazy Moto ongiven area. You have different challenging level tojump and stuntsover parking cars, bus and trucks in this CITY BIKEJUMPINGSTUNTSExperience the thrilling adventure now. 9 challenging levelswillmake you crazy and addicted, so are you ready to do insaneBikestunts? Be careful during unique jumping and parking modes anddoall stunts with your crazy Bikes. Avoid all obstacles and getallPoints by accurate parking by using your simulation skills.FEATURES:_ Realistic physics and handling_ Clock is ticking so be as fast as possible_ 20 Challenging levels to test driving skills_ Driving experience on tough building roofs_ Smooth steering control with realistic physics_ Different camera angles that give you more control
Navy Borderline Combat 1.1
Get Ready for Navy Combat ! Enemy hasbeenspotted in borderline of seas. Upon received information OurBestNavy Seal Commando Shooter is up to helicopter combatshootermission. Be an assassin, inflict lethal strikes and use yourNavycommando shooting experience to encounter immense shootingtosurvive the battle on the ships.Russian mafia smuggling weapons through illegal freight onboatsand ships. Radio signals are jammed you are not able to callairstrike or backup, its do or die situation. Show your expertassaultsniping skills in the deep ocean in navy helicopter for thefinalair strike.Enemies in speedboats are making cover for their cargo shiparmoredwith trained shooter and mafia gunners. They will challengeyou inDead Hard situation. Aim at the enemies and take headshots.Use GunScope to aim at the enemy soldiers and kill them all.Unleash thefire using machine gun for taking the enemy down.Enjoy playing one of the best First Person army shootinggamesavailable on Google play for free. The war game will involveyou init as it has the most accurate gun shooting controls and truetolife animations and war simulation.Features:★ Modernguns with accuracy and different fire rate★ 4 hardcore shooting mission full of thrill and challenges★ Real time physics for boats and carrier in the ocean★ Amazing sounds/graphics with realistic shooting and blasts
Street Crime Simulator 3D 1.0
Introducing new release of open world gamesinthe streets of Miami City.Street Crime Simulator is action-adventure game. This openworldgame story evolves around the crime city and underworldmafia,killing and shooting with immersive 3D action and realsimulationof street fight.Street Crime simulator brings a great variety of ammunitionandweapons. Freely move in the open world attacks onordinarycitizens, hit or kill policemen, Steals different kindsofvehicles, Car theft and bike theft and become a supervillain.The modern crime simulator game offers vehicularpleasures.Street Crime Simulator has high performance cars andmotorbikes.Drive your way through the streets of Miami city. Cleartheinteresting criminal missions become the most feared gangsteronthe streets of crime city.STREET CRIME SIM GAME FEATURES:- Ride on motorbikes and fast sports cars- Intense First Person Shooting- Pick up goods, earn cash in different missions, steal carsandkill rival gangsters- Become a real old school Miami Gangster- Police wanted level, make a mess will come to clean it up
Sniper shooter 3d Basecamp 1.1
Become elite sniper shooter of army basecampinDark Mountain. Your mission is take aim for headshots to becomeaHeadhunter in this sniper shooting game 2015.Your job is to eliminate the terrorist in army basecamp.Holdyour gun, aim through your scope and pull the trigger to takeheadshot. Shoot down all the enemies around different locationbeforethey find you. As modern sniper shooter always you need acompletestrategy to destroy enemy base.Story:Your different missions like take shot of enemies standingontower kill the APC Machine gunner. Take shot of barrel todestroyenemy’s vehicles ammo trucks or Arsenal to clear thebasecamp area.Accomplish missions shoot to kill them all, becomethe top sniperkiller and have no mercy!Observe your enemy and make a plan to take your Headshot inthissniper shooting game. Zoom in or out for better vision and tosightyour target, read the instructions carefully and completeyourmissions. Complete the critical & difficult tasks by usingyoursniper gun to kill to clear army basecamp from dangerousterroristbecome sniper assassin.SNIPER SHOOTER 3D FEATURES:_ 9 thrilling sniper missions_ Stunning environments_ Unlock more breathtaking levels with hardcore action_ Long range elite sniper rifle with accurate controls._ Become sniper assassin_ Take aim and shoot for perfect killer shot
Gunship Army Sniper Shooter 1.2
Play as trained gunship army snipershootingscout patrolling of mountain base camp area. Invade towardsthelast army base camp kept guarded by the soldiers in occupiedareaand shoot them to take over mountain Army basecamp. Get readytoshow expert assault sniping skills in gunship counter shooter.Game PlayGame play is very easy, you are in helicopter with SubMachineGun, Sniper Shooting Gun and Assault Rifle, find theshootingenemies hiding in bunkers, sack bunkers, army trucks, tanksandshoot them up with your best companion. Enemy soldier got alertdueto your arrival and taking cover at Skippy places. Pullyourtrigger and embark on enemy soldiers upholding survival inthunderof gunshots. Have to knock down this counter attack withmodernsniper shooter skills to survive outrage of assaultenemy.Download and play one of the best FPS gunship battle snipershooterfrom play store for free and spend some quality time asGunshiphelicopter Commando like never before. Best 3D actionshooting gamewith stunning console quality graphics and accuratecontrols.Gunship Army Sniper Shooter FeaturesCombat Missions at Army Bases and camps.First person shooting game.Keep eye on health use medical kit.Enemy AI (Artificial Intelligence)Best weapons like Sniper, Assault Rifle and Machine Gun.Best quality sound effects and sound track.
Army Squad counter strike 3D 1.2
War has just begun as Enemy Terroristshaveattacked our Military Base near borderline and pass throughthesecurity deployed. They took control of base and hostile thewholebuilding. Its time to make Operation and get our area back! .PlayArmy Squad counter strike 3D is full action basedsimulationgame.Take Best Commandos team Squad along with you and attacktheaffected Base Area. Enemy soldiers are well trained and arewellequipped with modern weapons. You have to fight a final warwiththe international terrorism.Game play:The mission is to clear the army base from the terrorists.Theyare guarding the base camp holding all modern weapons.Thesituation is like do or die. You have to use your armysnipershooter skills to kill them all and achieve the target.As you are the most warfare expert commando, you can makethismission possible with good strategy and experience.Ammunitionprovided to you is unlimited and the guns you areequipped with areall latest and precise, you just have to use yourarmy commandoassassin skills while you have to save yourself fromthe enemyattack. Unleash the hail of bullets and shoot therebellions.Army counter strike Team 2015 Features:★ Real time physics for built and sniper Gun shots★ True to life animations and war simulation★ First Person games with most accurate controls★ Amazing sounds/graphics with realistic snipershootingexperience
Commando One Man Combat 1.1
Commando One Man Combat is FirstPersonShooting Game with full of Thrill and Strategy. Play as aBraveCommando of your Army whose aim is to fight for his countryand hasgorilla warfare tactics. Imagine yourself as if you are onthefrontline and you have to face clashes with enemies at everyturnand behind every building.You will be assigned with different missions. In each missionyouhave to kill enemies to survive for next mission. You havelimitedammunition so you have to pick bullet’s magazine and gunsdroppedby enemies. Go for head shot to quickly eliminate enemy.How to Play- Move the commando forward/backward/right/left by joystick.- Swipe or move the aiming point to enemy to kill.- Press Fire button to Fire on Enemy.- Press Zoom to take a close look at enemy.- Tap on icon to pick bullets, health kits and guns.- Kill enemies to accomplish mission.- Don’t forget to reload when reload sign appears onthescreen.Features:- Realistic 3D graphics with dynamic lighting and amazingkillingeffects.- User friendly GUI and controls.- Support for HD phone devices and tablets.- Advance Shooting Guns- Good quality sound effects.- Efficient weapon controls & movement.- Free Game Just Install and Enjoy..!
Army Commando Lone Survivor 1.0
You are last survivor commando of yourarmycounter strike squad, entered in the enemy army red’s adoor die mission. You are a special force commando, showyourspecialized skills to survive in an attack of terrorists.For shooting game lovers one of the best army commandolonesurvivor game is presented. This commando shooting game is adeadlymission based shooting game.Game play is very easy, move leftrightposition set your aim, find the shooting enemies hiding inbunkers,sack bunkers, army trucks, tanks and shoot them up withyour bestcompanion Sub Machine Gun, Sniper Shooting Gun. Anddemolish theenemy on their camps. Defend your frontline. As you arethe LoneSurvivor in this combat missionPlay and enjoy one of the best FPS brave army commandosshootinggame with Sniper Shooting Gun, Pistol, Assault Rifle,Shotgun.Awesome 3D action game with stunning console qualitygraphics andaccurate controls.★ LEVEL 1 ★Complete the mission 1. Target is to kill all enemies and cleartheinitial base area.★★LEVEL 2★★Complete the mission 2. Target is to kill all enemies and clearthearmory house area.★★★LEVEL 3 ★★★Complete the mission 3. Target is to kill all enemies and clearthewhole base.★★★ Game Features ★★★■ Combat Missions at Army Bases and camps.■ Enemy shooting waves in each mission.■ First person army commando lone survivor.■ Keep eye on health use medical kit.■ Kill Enemy-shooting soldiers to advance to next level.■ Best weapons like Pistol, Assault Rifle and Shotgun.
Crime City Sniper Killer 3D 1.0
Sniper kill game brings an action packedsnipershooting game in which you can use your sniping skill totakes todefeat the crime and save the city form these deadlycriminals. AIMand SHOOT! Get yourself a gun and KILL THEM ALL.Switch betweensniper gun, Assault Rifles to eliminate the enemiesto become theultimate sniper killer.The city is now in control of these criminals. They monitortheevery illegal activity in this crime city like illegal weapontradeand contract killing etc. Your mission is shoot to kill themall,become the top killer and have no mercy! Experience themagnificentphysics of the sniper shooting game.Become a modern sniper shooter and your job is to encounterthecriminals in discreet. Hold your gun, aim through your scopeandpull the trigger to kill.Kill all the enemies around different locations in thisThirdperson shooting game 2015 and experience the mostamazingaction.CRIME CITY SNIPER SHOOTER FEATURES:_ Real time physics for built and Gun shots_ True to life animations and crime simulator_ Third Person games with most accurate controls_ Amazing sounds/graphics with realistic shooting experience
Crazy Car Jumping Stunts 1.0
Play new arrival of Crazy Car roof jumpinginthe roof jumping car games. Drive your racing car around amidtowncity where highways roads are not necessary. Jump fromrooftop torooftop as you bounce your car around these mysteriousroads. Hugejumps, mid-air ramps and superb tracks are available forcrazystunts. You have to drive your 3D turbo stunt car carefullyandjump over zigzag ramps & also park on the roof.Crazy City Car Roof Jumping is challenging, roof climbingandstunt racing games. Get ready to drive your off-road racing carinmodern city where you have to climb your crazy car on rooforstunts over the streets. Jump from given platform to otherrooftopand park your bouncy car on given area. You havedifferentchallenging level to jump and stunts over parking cars,bus andtruck. Drive different super sport car in Crazy CarjumpingStunts.There are massive jumps, mid-air ramps, outlandish tracksandcrazy stunts! Experience the thrilling adventure now. 9challenginglevels will make you crazy and addicted, so are youready to doinsane car stunts? Be careful during unique jumping andparkingmodes and do all stunts with your crazy cars. Avoid allobstaclesand get all Points by accurate parking by using yoursimulationskills.FEATURES:_ Realistic physics and handling_ Clock is ticking so be as fast as possible_ 20 Challenging levels to test driving skills_ Driving experience on tough building roofs_ Smooth steering control with realistic physics_ Different camera angles that give you more control
Moto Traffic Racing 2016 1.0
Moto Traffic Racer is newest release ofmotoracing games. Enjoy the super sports motorcycle on highwayandbecome best highway rider. Have fun dodging cars and truckswhileyou speed up to the limit. Choose your bike and race in cityandhighway traffic!Moto Traffic Racing has lots of bikes to purchase for race.Youcan purchase your ride with your hard earned money. Youcanpurchase nitrous and magnet power from store to earn morecoins.You can use nitrous to beat everyone in this amazing bikeracinggame. You have different type of environment like city,suburb anddesert highway with endless game mode.Race the Traffic Moto includes the most awesome feature inthisbike game. Fill up your nitro by speeding and overtaking othercarsand then use it to reach max speed. Also, you can get severalbikesto improve your performance.What are you waiting for? Download Moto Traffic Racingnow!FEATURES:- 5 amazing bikes to purchase.- Real life traffic- 3 environments (city, suburb, desert)- Moving and static obstacles- Endless fun!