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Pure Pool 2.00
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Experience a living, breathing, bustling Pool Hall from theconvenience of your living room – all wrapped up in VooFoo Studiossignature jaw-dropping visuals! Pure Pool also builds a DNA profileas you play creating an AI interpretation of yourself, your friendsand your foes – which you can still play against, even when they’renot online.Whether you prefer to spend your time playing solo orweighing up against the competition, connect and prepare to beblown away by the next best thing to real life Pool.With 4 gamemodes from classic American 8 Ball Pool to Killer, 4 challengesfrom Perfect Potter to Royal Rumble and full live onlineMultiplayer, rack-up, hone your skills and compete against the bestin online tournaments and matches for a place in the GlobalLeaderboards.Play Pure Pool on NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV and Tabletdevices and enjoy true console-class graphics never seen before onany mobile device. The power of SHIELD allows Pure Pool to reallyshine with high resolution, realistic reflections and refractions,highly detailed pool table and surroundings and to top it all off,post processing effects like bloom and depth of field. All thesecombined make Pure Pool look stunning on SHIELD and provides youwith the ultimate pool experience. Pure Pool is compatible withNVIDIA SHIELD Android TV and SHIELD Tablet devicesReviews:AndroidPolice Gamers
Pure Chess
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Pure Chess now available on Tegra K1 powereddevicesPure Chess puts other games in checkmate! Are you a Grandmaster inthe making?"The prettiest Android game you'll ever play" - AndroidSPIN"Pure Chess truly brings chess back into the 21st century withstyle" - Android DissectedExperience one of the oldest known boardgames on the advancedtechnology of today. With ultra-realistic and unparalleledbeautiful visuals you can almost reach out and touch thepieces. Created under the watchful eye of a fully-fledgedGrandmaster; Pure Chess allows players to experience thetraditional game like never before, showcasing gorgeousenvironments and unbelievably stunning chess sets.Learn the basics through step-by-step tutorials or challengeyourself to tournaments, with full control of skill level dependingon how challenged you wish to be.  An art, a science, a socialengagement, a means for a challenge – whether you’re a beginner, anavid player or an ultimate Grandmaster, it’s time to experience oneof the oldest board games known to man, brought to life on themodern technology of today! You can now play Pure Chesscross-platform with your friends!Play Pure Chess on Tegra K1 and enjoy true console-class graphicsnever seen before on any mobile device. The power of Tegra K1allows Pure Chess to really shine with high resolution, realisticreflections and refractions, highly detailed chess sets andsurroundings and to top it all off, post processing effects likebloom and depth of field. All this combined makes Pure Chess lookstunning on Tegra K1 and provides you with the ultimate chess gameexperience.Pure Chess is a game that can be played by everyone, at anyage, but mastered by only a few. The question is... Are you aGrandmaster in the making? Your move!
Flyhunter Origins
Ripstone Ltd
Now Android TV compatible.Meet Zak - a bumbling alien spaceship Janitor and wannabe flyhunter. Zak is a “Zursk”- one of three alien species from Burgarol3. He works on board the fly hunter Crew’s legendary spaceship;‘The Frog’ but deep down he longs for an exciting adventure of hisown.Somewhere in Earth’s orbit while the heroic fly hunters are deepin cryo sleep, The Frog’s cargo of super-important insects from thelatest hunt is mysteriously jettisoned into Space, crash-landingback on planet Earth. It seems that clumsy Janitor Zak is the onlyone around to save the day.Can this accidental hero swap his tiny mop for an epic FlySwatter and take on the role of daring Fly hunter? It’s a goodthing Zak is used to cleaning up – because he is in a huge mess!Help this little dude complete his mission before “The Investors”find out their expensive bugs are missing!As featured on TegraZone, the Tegra 4 is the only way to play"Flyhunter Origins" at its peak visual quality on the mobileplatform as it uses visual items like Depth of Field, High DynamicRange Bloom and Dynamic Shadows.
Men's Room Mayhem 1.2
Ripstone Ltd
Fingers at the ready! Keep your nerve steady – it's sanitaryinsanity! **Now includes the frantic Blitz mode and two extralocations (Circus and Beach) previously only available as an in-apppurchase.**Take toilet gaming to a whole new level with thisfrantic line drawing game! Warning: contains punch in the facegameplay and some serious swiping action! In Men’s Room Mayhemyou’re hired as the janitor of your very own chaotic men’s room.You’re responsible for directing patrons, keeping everywheresparkling clean and steering patrons away from trouble! Get yourcustomers safely to the urinals and stalls in time – but hurry!Otherwise there’ll be a few nasty accidents for you to clean up!Avoid fights by strategically steering patrons past each other withpinpoint precision, but be careful, patrons pile up fast while thedrinks are flowing – so mind your pee’s and queues! And if yourcustomers have a run in, fists will be flying! Extra points arescored for maintaining proper men’s room etiquette (which you guyswill all know about, and you girls can learn the secrets to theunwritten rules) as well as for demonstrating good personalhygiene. Are you a washer or a walker? In either case, try toencourage patrons to wash their hands for higher scores! There are5 different locations for you to manage as you progress. Level-upto unlock them by completing specific in-game objectives. Butbeware! Levels become more difficult to navigate as each wave ofpatrons gets longer! Don’t forget – older and drunk patrons don’tmove as fast as some of the little squirts! So prepare yourself forboth slow and fast pee-ers! (peers) Can you control the stream andget your patrons in and out accident free? Or will you simply runout of time and finger flexibility – winding up with the ultimatejanitorial fail: a condemned men’s room! Download Men’s Room Mayhemtoday and become the master of bathroom etiquette and cleanliness.Find out what really goes on behind cubicle doors in the ultimateToilet gaming experience!