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Lab Test Reference Range (Free & Offline) 3.0.7
LABORATORY TEST REFERENCE FREE & OFFLINE ONCE INSTALLED ALLINFORMATIONS CAN BE VIEWED OFFLINE This app is designed to providegeneral informations on the commonly using (BLOOD AND OTHER BODYFLUIDS) test in the laboratory. It includes the normal ranges ofvarious test. It includes most of the aspects of the laboratory.Hematology, Biochemistry, Hormones,Enzymes, Iron Profile,Urinalysis, Fecal Tests, Body fluid Test, Microbiology test andother various tests. This is useful for the students as well as thelaboratory technician who works in the laboratory. This should notbe used as an aid for the diagnostic purpose. The reference rangeof a given tests varies among the region and the lab shouldestablish their own reference range using data from their ownequipments and methods. Hope this provides the comprehensiveinformations on the test usually performed in the laboratory. تمتصميم هذا التطبيق لتوفير معلومات عامة عن استخدام عادة (الدم وسوائلالجسم الأخرى) اختبار في المختبر. ويشمل النطاقات الطبيعية للاختبارالمختلفة. ويشمل معظم جوانب المختبر. أمراض الدم ، الكيمياء الحيوية ،الهرمونات ، الإنزيمات ، التشكيل الجانبي للحديد ، تحليل البول ،اختبارات البراز ، اختبار سوائل الجسم ، اختبار الأحياء الدقيقةوالاختبارات المختلفة الأخرى. این برنامه برای ارائه اطلاعات کلی درمورد استفاده های معمول( خون و دیگر مایعات بدن ) در آزمایشگاه طراحیشده است. که شامل محدوده های نرمال از تست های مختلف می باشد و به بخشهای مختلف آزایشگاهی هماتولوژی، بیوشیمی، هورمون ها، آنزیم ها،پروتئین آهن، آزمایش ادرار، آزمایش های مدفوع، آزمایش مایعات بدن،آزمایش های میکروبیولوژی و دیگر آزمایش ها اشاره كرده است. اين برنامهبرای دانش آموزان و همچنین تکنسین آزمایشگاهی که در آزمایشگاه کار میکند مفید است. محدوده مرجع تست های داده شده بین مناطق مختلف متفاوتاست و آزمایشگاه باید محدوده مرجع خود را با استفاده از داده ها وتجهیزات و روش های خود تعیین کند. इस ऐप को प्रयोगशाला में सामान्यरूप से उपयोग (रक्त और अन्य शरीर के फ्लूइड) परीक्षण पर सामान्यसूचनाएं प्रदान करने के लिए डिज़ाइन किया गया है। इसमें विभिन्नपरीक्षणों की सामान्य श्रेणियां शामिल हैं। इसमें प्रयोगशाला केअधिकांश पहलुओं को शामिल किया गया है| Esta aplicación está diseñadapara proporcionar información general sobre la prueba de uso común(SANGRE Y OTROS LÍQUIDOS CORPORALES) en el laboratorio. Incluye losrangos normales de varias pruebas. Incluye la mayoría de losaspectos del laboratorio. Hematología, bioquímica, hormonas,enzimas, perfil de hierro, análisis de orina, pruebas fecales,prueba de fluidos corporales, prueba de microbiología y otraspruebas diversas.
Bacteria Identification Made Easy | Free & Offline 2.3.0
This app is to provide the steps for the identification ofMedically Important Bacteria------------------------------------------------------------ ItContains further steps of differentiation from gram positive andGram Negative Bacteria------------------------------------------------------------ ItContains Informations on Medically Important Bacteria commonlyencountered in the Laboratory------------------------------------------------------------ ItContains informations on the Biochemical Tests Commonly performedfor the isolation of Bacteria.
Hindi Varnamala | English Letter Learning for Kids 1.0.1
This app contains free alphabet in English, Nepali andHindi,number, shape and color teaching tools that makes learningfun forchildren, from toddlers all the way to preschools andkindergarten.With just a matter of finger tap arrows the toddler,preschoolersand kindergartenerscan learn English, Nepali, and Hindialphabetsin a minute. The fun and interesting part of the app isthat it hasa inbuild piano. The app also teaches about the numbers,days ofthe week, months of the year and has a picture that thechildrenand choose their colors. The rhymes included in the app arevariousfamous with lyrics and some tunes. The app is waiting for agamefor first update. Features:- A colorful early education appthathelps children learn the English, Hindi and Nepali alphabetwhichincludes the two words for each alphabet. The alphabetsalsoinclude the phonetics for each alphabet which makes easyforchildren to learn letters, numbers, days and months.-Thealphabetsare in upper and lower case so that it would be helpfulforchildren to distinguish upper lower-case alphabets- Thechildrencan create their own music using the inbuild piano.-Theapplication with choose your own color is fun because thechildrenfill variety of color of their choice on various pictures.- Theapplication has given number of shapes that the childrenshouldlearn on preschool, kindergarten level. Note toParents:Whencreating this app, we wanted to build the bestexperience inlearning each and everything that the preschooler,toddler andkindergarten should learn. We appreciate your commentsand quiresregarding the app if there are any. Overall, the app istofacilitate children to learn basic education to their fullestandprovide best learning experience. We think you and your familywillenjoy this app!- Best wishes from Utsab Subedi and RishiKeshavAcharya.