Rizbhatt Apps

Car Racing 1.0
Do you like fast cars and want to experience action packed racingunlike never before? Welcome to Car Racing Need for Speed, a gamethat allows you to feel the intensity and fun of racing right onyour mobile phone. All you have to do is to drive your car andreach the highest score possible, all while avoiding all the carsthat appear in front of you. The game allows you to accesscheckpoints from time to time, and you can easily change thedirection or slow down if there are multiple cars in front ofyou.There are no restrictions, and the faster you drive, the biggerthe score you will actually get. Don’t hesitate and test yourutmost limits as well as your ultimate reflexes in one of the mostimpressive, action packed games that you have ever experienced.Check out Car Racing and take your racing skills to the next level,immediately and with the best possible outcome!Features:•Experience fast, action packed racing• Get as further as possiblein order to get a high score• Avoid the other cars on the road•Improve your racing skills• Witness stunning graphics and a neverending game world
Super Boy World 1.0
Would you like to join the Super Boy World to start the excitingbest adventure in the jungle? GO. Help the boy find and rescuekidnapped animals. and you can guide The boy through the vividlycolored levels and worlds. On each level, there are many hiddencoins. You’ll want to avoid animals such as snails, field mice andturtles however. Run around 3 different worlds and several kind ofscenarios and gather as many coins as you can. Avoid enemies andtry to complete every level in time. How to play: 1. Tap Left /Right to move 2.Just tap the up to let the Boy jump.3.Collect Coinsas many as you can .4.Run to the end of the Super Boy World to passthe level.Game Features# Fun for all age groups!# Day and NightLevels# 3 worlds.# Different enemies to face.# Classic platformgame style. # Amazing HD High quality graphics
Go Ninja Go 1.0
This game is a fast and supper addictive game. It lead you enter afantastic world without the control by the gravity. Go ninja go isthe latest ninja game where you tap the screen and pass the ninjathrough all the obstacles and achieve the missions by gettingsufficient stars for survival strategy.Fight for friendship, peaceand glory! Prepare for the biggest ninja War in the history andbecome the Legend!Forward running is the only way to keep yourlife. It is an application created for this purpose. The spiritthat embedded inside the ninja could not stop him running over andover again.This is the best latest and fantastic jumping gameever.This game has more than 100 levels of challenges and it is funto play!. What are you waiting for? Download this game apps intoyour device today!. It's a REALLY FUN game to play for everyone!Themain features of this game: 3 level packs and 105 levels ofchallenges.Graphics clean and colorful. Smooth user interface.Great music and sound effects. Phone and Tablet support. Veryfunny. Play for all ages. It’s free and always will be.