Robert Alvarez Apps

R0B3R7 the Robot 1.0
Control a robot to complete the puzzles and escape all 20 levels.Touch the arrow buttons on the lower part of the screen to move. Anoptional speed toggle button can be touched for slower but moreaccurate movement.You can run into green blocks to push them, andlater in the game you can also push enemies under certainconditions. There are three powerups you can collect: fire, ice,and air. The fire powerup melts any frozen enemies and destroys anyunfrozen enemies. The ice powerup freezes enemies so they are safeto push around. The air powerup allows you to push both blocks andenemies from a distance.
Hex Rotate - Quick Puzzle Game 1.1
Color the blue hexagons red in this new coolsimple puzzle brain game, using the special rotation hexagons tomove them around. Playing is easy and needs only one finger totouch the hexagons on the screen. Control the rotation hexagons bytapping on them. If you make a wrong move, touch the reset buttonto try again. Levels begin locked, but completing one level willunlock the next one. There is no timer in this puzzler, so take aslong as you need to solve each level.
Node Connect - Puzzle 1.0
The goal of this puzzle game is to move each node until the numberof connections to other nodes matches the number on the node. Tap anode to select it and then tap another grid square to move thenode. Complete each game faster and with less moves to improve yourscore. Each game is randomly generated but will always have atleast one correct solution.If you enjoy this game, please take timeto leave a review.
10 Shots 1.0
In this simplistic game, you obtain 10 turret shots to execute allof the wandering foes on the screen. If you don't accomplish alevel before firing all 10 turret shots, you can restart andattempt again. The game starts off easy, but later levels have morefoes, so you can only afford to miss a few chances orfewer.Controls are really simple. Just touch the screen to propel abullet in the direction of the contact.If you enjoy playing 10Shots, please rate and review.
Puzzle Chain Reaction 1.1
ObjectiveYour goal is to blow up all of the circles on the screen,but you only get a limited number of touches per level. Choose yourmoves carefully to complete all 20 levels.DetailsThe circles witharrows on them will fire projectiles in the direction of thearrows. When the projectiles collide with other circles, thosecircles explode as well, causing a chain reaction. The circle with9 squares in it will explode and affect any other circles directlynext to it including diagonally. The circle with a ring inside itwill target the nearest circle with a laser and make it explode.Ifyou enjoy this game, please take time to leave a review.
You Have One Box - Platformer 1.2
This game is a simple puzzle platformer where the goal is to drag abox around with your finger to help Bob escape each level. Both Boband the box must reach the exit in each level because you only haveone box. Watch out for dangerous sawblades in later levels thatwill hurt Bob and break the box.Controls for this game are simple,just one finger needed to move the box or tap any of the UI buttonson the screen.The game has 12 levels as it was originally made forLudum Dare 28, a 2-3 day game competition.If you enjoy You Have OneBox, please take time to rate/review.
Tower of Kanthor - Platformer 1.0
The evil Kanthor lives on top of the tower. Fight your way throughslimes, bats, skeletons, and mages to destroy him!Use the on screenbuttons to move and attack.If you like this platformer rpg game,please leave a review.
Laser Beam Escape 1.0
Escape from the laser chasing you by changing color to match theapproaching blocks. Stay ahead by hitting blocks of the same color,and avoid blocks of a different color.
Match 3 Platformer - Puzzle 1.3
In this puzzle game, you need to use your brain logic to matchblocks to remove them and unblock your path to the orbs that youneed to collect. Use the on-screen controls to move, and tap ondifferent types of blocks to change their color. Blue changes togreen, green changes to yellow, and yellow changes to blue. Connectand match more than two blocks in a row (up to five) to make themexplode into dots and remove them. Complete all levels and becomethe king of Match 3 Platformer.There are also three kinds ofblocks: normal, star, and timer. Normal blocks can be changed atany time. Star blocks can be changed only after picking up at leastone star orb. Timer blocks only change every few seconds and neverchange when clicked. A box also shows up in later levels that youcan push and jump on.If you become stuck in a level, there is arestart button on the right side of the screen. There is also amute button to mute all sounds.If you enjoy this free puzzle game,please leave me a rating/review.
Sokoban Robot 1.0
Sokoban Robot is a puzzle game that is a modified type of sokoban,a transport puzzle. The objective is the same, moving blocks intothe goal zones. What is different is how you control the player, arobot. You have 4 commands to give the robot, one for eachdirection, and also 2 functions. However, you're limited in spacefor your commands, so you have to be efficient.If you enjoy thisgame, please take time to leave a review.
Spaceship Portal - Avoider 1.0
In this space themed avoider game, guide the spaceship into theportal to continue to the next level. Touch the screen, and thespaceship will move in that direction. Be sure to avoid theobstacles or you'll crash and have to restart the level.
Match Puzzle Defense 1.1
Play this match 3 and tower defense hybrid and see how many wavesof enemies you can outlast. Touch and drag the blocks to swap them,creating matches. When blocks are matched, a turret is created thatcan fire at the enemies that move close to them. Turrets also havetwo stages, and matching stage one turrets will create stage twoturrets for more damage to enemies. After each wave, you will get afree move that will let you swap any two blocks even if thoseblocks do not result in a match. Try to match as much as you canand see how long you can last.There are four turrets in the game.The yellow one is a standard shooting turret with a normal firerate. The green one is a turret that shoots more slowly but doesmore damage than the yellow turret. The blue one fires a bulletthat slows down the enemy that it hits. The red one can hitmultiple targets with lasers.
Blinkys Escape 1.0
In this unique puzzle platformer, help Blinky complete the puzzlesin each level and reach the exit door. Use the on screen buttons tocontrol Blinky, and tap the green blocks on the screen to removethem. Yellow blocks can be pushed by Blinky. Blue blocks can't bepushed but are still affected by gravity. Timer blocks explodeafter a set period of time, so be fast on the levels containingthose blocks. Watch out for the spike blocks because touching anyof them will kill Blinky and reset the level. Also don't get hit onthe head by any blocks as that will also reset the level. There are16 different levels that start off easy and increase in difficultyover time.
Push Smiley Ball - Fun Puzzle 1.0
In this physics puzzle game, your objective is to drag force arrowsusing the editor onto the screen to push and pull the smiley ballto the goal flag zone, while collecting coins needed to unlocklater levels. Gravity will always pull the ball down, so use thatto your advantage. You're limited in the number of arrows, so youhave to use them carefully, especially if you want to get all threecoins in a level. Also, try to keep the ball from dropping orfalling off the screen. You can quickly reset if any mistakes aremade.If you like this puzzler app, please rate and review.
Grid Avoider 1.0
Grid Avoider is a simple game where the goal is to tap to movewhile avoiding red arrows coming from every direction. The game isgrid-based and turn-based, but there is a timer so you have to actfast. Collect the bomb and range powerups to help you last evenlonger for a better score.
10 Second Tap 1.0
10 Second Tap is a quick and simple arcade game that tests yourspeedy reflexes in 4 different and unique minigames. Tap as fast asyou can to earn a higher score in each minigame. Your total score,called Tap Score, will be displayed in the menu.Just TapThis is themost simple of the minigames. Just tap anywhere on the screen asfast as you can.Tap the CircleTap on a circle that moves aroundeach time it is tapped.Tap on RedThere are many blue and redsquares that move across the screen. Tap on the red ones.Tap toCountQuickly tap on the numbers in order starting at 1.
Circlen 1.0
Circlen is a one-touch game of skill where the goal is to completeeach of the 40 levels by collecting as many stars as possible.Stars are used to unlock later levels, and there are 3 stars perlevels. Dodge various obstacles to collect the stars and thentravel through the exit portal.Your circle will start each levelspinning in a clockwise direction, and tapping on the screenchanges direction so you can move around. Fast reflexes are needed,especially if you want to collect all the stars in the laterlevels. Do you have the skill to beat all 40 levels and collect all120 stars?If you enjoy this game, please leave a rating or review.
Idle Monster Slayers - Clicker 1.6
In Idle Monster Slayers, you need to buildupyour units to collect gold that you can use to buy more units.Thisidle / incremental game has 8 unit types, upgrades for each,andachievements at certain intervals. Later in the game you'llstartcollecting soul orbs that give you a permanent gold boost whenyoureset. Gold is also generated offline so you don't need to keepthegame open while you wait.
Three Lane Jump 1.0
Three Lane Jump is a minimalist multitouch endless runner game.There are three runners that have to be tapped separately to avoidthe incoming blocks. Consider it like playing three endless runnergames at the same time. If any of the runners crashes into a block,the game is over, so you need to keep tapping on each runner. Tryto go for as long as you can to get a better time, which can alsobe shared to social media.
Idle Hero Attack - Clicker 1.0
In Idle Hero Attack - Clicker, you mustpowerup your heroes to fight monsters and collect gold. This idle/incremental / clicker game has 8 heroes as well as upgrades youcanbuy for each one. Later in the clicker game you can reset forgemsthat give you a permanent idle gold boost. Gold is alsogeneratedoffline so you don't need to keep the game open while youidle.If you enjoy Idle Hero Attack - Clicker, please leaveareview.
Shiftavoid - Circle Rush 1.0
Shiftavoid is a simple avoider game where the objective is to guidethe ball to the flashing exit as fast as possible. Upon reachingthe exit, all the objects shift to new positons, creating anotherlevel. Getting a higher score requires moving fast and also takingthe more dangerous path.