Roberto Marcelino Apps

Indonesia Parking 3D 1.0
Parking Indonesia 3D is the newest 3D cargame,the game takes place in a city of Indonesia!In this incredible simulator parking you test your skillsindriving and should arrive in time to complete the missions. Youcandrive around town or going on missions that will testyourskills.CHARACTERISTICS:- 25 Cars- City Wide- 25 colors of paint- 25 Wheel Types- Change in the car level- 4 Types of upgrades by car
Ninja Shinobi Run 7.0
Do you like ninjas? Are you a fan of ninjaanime? This is the game for you!Have fun with this incredible ninja game, going through variousscenarios and obstacles! Get as far as possible!Each week a new update and new characters added!Version 1.0:- Two characters- 15 Phases
Ninja Shinobi Run 2 4.0
The sequel to the Ninja Shonibi RunDo you like ninja? Are you a fan of ninjas and shinobi? This gamewas made for you!In this incredible ninja game you will go through variousscenarios and obstacles, as well as facing enemies. Get as far aspossible and unlock both worlds.Version 1.0- Three characters- 20 phases
Battle of Ninja War - Online 8.0
CS Ninja has arrived, a 2D FPS with ninjas!You can choose from various ninjas and play against people from allover the world or with your friends.This game is still in Beta version, any feedback or suggestion canbe sent to the email [email protected]:This game is Multiplayer, connection required to play.
Shinobi Arena Online - Beta 4.0
Play with ninjas around the world and showwhothe greatest ninja is!Unlock ninjas and evolutions in order to overcome the ninjas andgetstronger and stronger!Controls:Green Button - Ninja StarMelee Red Button - MeleePink Button - EnergizeF1 / F2 - Use powersPurple Button -First Click: LeapSecond Click: Double LeapTransformations and characters:Must be unlocked in the store and must be added with eachnewversion.Game Modes:Beginner (Beginner ninjas only)Deathmatch (Each ninja per se)Teammatch (Play in teams)Gods (Active when gods exist)12 Different maps for you to play!The game is still in the test phase, any bug reportsarewelcome.This game is not official and it is only a tribute to theoriginalwork.Thanks for playing, have fun.