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60 Parsecs! 1.1.1
Robot Gentleman
Atomic Space Age was a blast! Until it became thePost-ApocalypticSpace Age. Your space station is about to explodeand you only have60 seconds before things get messy. What (or who)will you grabbefore you make a mad dash for the emergency shuttleand begin yourjourney into THE GREAT UNKNOWN? This is 60 Parsecs!,a dark comedysci-fi adventure set in the Atomic Space Age -complete with allthe Cold War paranoia, chrome-plated wall accentsand cockroacheswith space helmets. Lead a crew of woefullyunprepared astronauts,equipped with whatever junk - sorry -"supplies" you can grabbefore blasting off, on a journey across thecosmos that's bestdescribed as misguided. Make the best of it,while dealing withsoup shortages and other horrors of outer space.Will you have whatit takes to find a new home and survive? Bonvoyage! SCAVENGE &EVACUATE With only 60 seconds before nukesreduce the space stationto floating particles in the vacuum ofspace, frantically grabwhatever supplies and crew you can beforegetting out of there. Younever know when that sock puppet will comein handy. SURVIVE &DECIDE Space funerals are inconvenient, sotry to avoid dying wherepossible. Use your limited supplies and(hopefully not limited)wits to make difficult choices and ensureyour survival, eventhough the odds are definitely stacked againstyou. EXPLORE &CRAFT Duct tape fixes all problems, but how doyou fix (or at leastcraft) duct tape? Chart expeditions to findresources, craftsurvival essentials and explore strange new worldsin a procedural,very-much-permadeath adventure. LEAD & PROTECTAs captain, it'syour duty to keep the crew happy - they're lesslikely to kill youthat way. Manage relationships as you watch themgrow closer andhopefully not throw each other out the airlock.Languages: English,Français, Deutsch, русский, 简体中文, Polski, 한국어,日本語
60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure 1.3.121
Robot Gentleman
As Ted, a responsible citizen and a family man, you are faced withaslight disturbance to your happy, suburban lifestyle. THENUCLEARAPOCALYPSE. With only 60 seconds left to impact, guide Tedin amad, intense and action packed dash through his house in searchofhis family and useful supplies. Everything will be against you-time, your very own furniture, the house that's differenteverytime you play and the fundamental question - what to take withyouand who to leave behind? Reaching the fallout shelter in timeandalive is only the beginning. Whatever you scavenged and whoeveryousaved will play a vital role in your survival. Each survivalstorywill be different, with every day surprising you withunexpectedevents. Will all of these stories end well? It's up toyou. Rationfood and water, make best use of your supplies, facedifficultchoices and even venture into the wasteland. Good luck.EXPERIENCEthe suburbian nightmare of a nuke dropping down onyourneighbourhood in this atomic, dark comedy set in 1950s.SCAVENGEany supplies, you will need to survive, and family membersin a 60second rush through your procedurally generated house.PREPARE forthe worst. Don’t just grab arbitrary items, plan yoursurvival andfollow helpful tips from emergency broadcasts! SURVIVEin a falloutshelter with whatever you brought with you. How manydays will youlast? Will everyone make it out alive? DECIDE what todo, when thepost-apocalyptic world pushes you to the corner. Willyou riskgoing outside? Who is not eating dinner, when barely anyfood isleft? How do you deal with a mutant cockroach infestation?Systemrequirements: ARMv7 (NEON compatible)/Atom CPU; OpenGL ES 2.0orlater 1 GB RAM or above Languages: Deutsch, English,Español,Français, Italiano, 日本語, Polski, Português BR, Pусский, 中文,한국어