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Back Button - Assistive Touch 2.2.1
★★★On the large-screen phone, the function buttons are at thebottom of the screen,It may be harmful to your fingers, Back Buttonallows you to more easily use the function buttons★★★ ★★★If yourfunction button was not working, Back Button can save your phone.★★This application uses accessibility services
Back Button Pro
*On the large-screen phone, thefunctionbuttons are at the bottom of the screen, your fingers mayhaveharmful, This application allows you to more easily use thesystemfunction buttons1. Small and fast2. Simple, but powerful3. Gesture support (pro)4. Gesture action can be costumed.
Night Shift - BlueLight Filter 1.6
Night Shift shifts the colors of your displayto the warmer end of the color spectrum. this may help you get abetter night's sleep.iOS 9.3 brought this feature to the iPhone, now, Night shift forandroid is available now. you can download it and get a bettersleep.Bluelight from your smartphone or tablet causes strain on youreyes and prevents you from falling asleep easily at night.from adjusting your screen color to reduce the blue light, this apphelps your eyes to relax, making it easier for you to fallasleep.☆ Features* Free Screen Filter App to Protect Your EyesThis app can help you reduce the strain on your eyes easily.*Very easy to use.It is easy to turn on or off with just one tap, You can adjust theopacity of the filter.* Turn On or Off Quickly and EasilyYou can show or hide a filter icon in the status bar, making iteasy to adjust the settings any time, and you can turn it on or offvery quickly.* Startup AutomaticallyYou can choose to launch this filter on startup.* Turn on or off automaticallyYou can setup a alarm to turn on and off the Bluelight Filter.
Calendar Assistant 1.2
Calendar Assistant• Access your calendar events on the LockScreen - You can view theevents of the day without unlocking the phone.• Fast calendar event creation - double tap the date on thenotification to create a calendar.• Calendar on the notification - Pull down the notification bar, anExperience complete calendar will shown up.• Support different calendar source - The app can access the systemcalendar apps in your android phone, the app works like an calendarassistant.The calendar assistant is a replacement of your system calendar,but it can let you do it better.Enjoy this app, hope it can help you.
Blue Light Filter - Eye care 2.1.2
At night, reading on a phone makes your eyes tired. Falling sleepbecomes more difficult after staring at the phone screen for a longtime at night. Why does this happen? because of blue light. Thestudy found that blue light will make people more excited, Makingit harder to sleep at night. Blue light filter is used to reduceblue light by shifting the colors of your display to the warmer endof the color spectrum. this may help you get a better night'ssleep. ☆ Features ● Reduce blue light ● Protect your eyes fromscreen light ● Easy to use ● Fast turn on or off ● Turn on or offautomatically ▽ Reduce blue light by shifting the colors of yourdisplay to reduce blue light which make you sleep hard at night. ▽Protect your eyes from screen light Enable Blue Light Filter atnight will help you protect your eyes from the harm to your eyes. ▽Easy to use The size of Blue Light Filter is very small, It's veryeasy to download and use it. just try it if you like it. thedownload speed will be very fast. ▽ Fast turn on or off with thenotification, you can turn on or off the filter fast, or adjust itwith just one click. ▽ Turn on or off automatically With a alarm,Blue Light Filter app can turn on at night and turn off at morningor any time you like.