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Idle Medieval Kingdom - Tycoon 0.8
In the Idle game, you will become the ruler of a destroyedKingdom.Once it was a flourishing and powerful locality. You haveto reviveits former glory and greatness. Restore buildings, earnrevenue,increase your population, and send your warriors to epicbattles.Defeat your opponent and leave him no chance to destroyyourKingdom again!
Idle Tattoo Master - Studio 1.0.7
Do you want to feel like a tattoo artist? then welcome to the gameidle tattoo simulator. You will have to develop your own tattoostudio business and learn how to choose the right tattoo for theclient. Discover a tattoo designer and show your full potential."Idle Tattoo Master - Studio" this is a tattoo salon simulator gamein which you will have to achieve great heights. Improve yourtattoo machine, studio, for the comfort of the client and he willpay you more. Choose the best tattoo design for your client so thathe is satisfied. Features of the game "Idle Tattoo Master -Studio": ✅ Many tattoo options. ✅ Тат Tattoo studio with freesketch options. ✅ Beautiful graphics
Farmrena 0.2
Farmrena is an exciting game in which you will have to fightwithother players for resources. Your main task is to bring asmanyresources as possible than the enemy team. Unlock moreskins,Improve the characteristics of the character, collect boostsanddestroy the enemy team without leaving them a chance to win.Allyou need is the mood to win and you will succeed.
Parking Man 0.9
Parking Man game is the newest car parking game. It's time toopenyour own business, but not enough money? You need to work alittleas a parking attendant, but be careful! This should be doneverycarefully, because there are a lot of obstacles and dangersinthese parking lots! Can you park all the cars withoutbreakingthem? In this fun and colorful game, you will experience alot ofgood emotions. Earn money for all the cars, as well as getaccessto special cool cars. What are you waiting for? It's time togetdown to business right now!
Noise Of Bones - Tower Defense 0.8
Noise Of Bones: Castle Defense is a strategy game to protect yourcastle from evil enemies. Evil enemies are trying to besiege yourcastle and only you can protect it. Destroy and defeat the army ofmonsters and their bosses. Win this exciting battle and prove yourright to these lands. Think over the defense strategy of yourcastle in this tower defense game. Deal a crushing blow to theenemies and send all your warriors to the defense. Build thedefense lines of your castle. Upgrade your warriors, use uniqueabilities, set traps and protect your kingdom. Special features ofthe game Noise Of bones: Castle Defense: ★ Strengthen and Increasethe power of your army. ★ Use unique strategies for special typesof enemies. ★ More than 40 unique Enemies and their bosses, each ofwhich has its own type of weapons. ★ It does not require aninternet connection. Play offline wherever you want. Connect withus on Facebook: us:
Idle Candy Factory - Tycoon 0.7
Do you want to continue the family business of candy production?Become a candy magnate, grow your business, make more money andinvest it in your factory. You can do this in the game Idle CandyFactory! Increase the production lines in your candy factory, hiremanagers to automate the process and earn as much money as possiblein the game idle candy tycoon. Do you want to become a billionairein the game? Then start playing right now! If you like games in thestyle of idle clicker tycoon. If you want to become a candybillionaire in this simulator game, then do start playing rightnow. In the game Idle candy factory you will be able to open newcandy products, improve equipment, open new cash registers to earna lot of money. With money that you will earn you can improve yourfactory, increase the salary of employees in order for your incometo be even higher. Simulator of a Candy Factory Tycoon. Features: -Upgrade your candy factory in the offline tycoon simulator. -Automate the process in your factory to receive idle cash income. -Ability to hire managers and improve their skills to earn moremoney in the idle candy tycoon simulator - Invest and become abillionaire in this idle tycoon simulator. - Add new productionlines. The more you produce candy products, the more you earn inthis manager simulator game. Subscribe to Idle Candy Factory-Tycoonon Facebook. Need helpin the game? Contact:
Stickman Transform 0.3
A cool race with the transformation of people. Do your best towinthis race. A fun adventure awaits you! On the way you willmeetvarious obstacles, you will need to transform from onecharacter toanother to use their abilities to overcome obstacles!To win, youwill need sharp attention! Here everything depends onthe speed andrapid change of characters — this is how you candefeat all yourrivals. A few tips for turning characters: * Therunner movesquickly on the ground. * The boxer destroys allobstacles. * Afirefighter can extinguish lava. * A policeman canneutralizebandits. * A builder repairs bridges. * Cool graphics andanimationare waiting for you • Many exciting levels * Simple andeasy gamecontrols. Relax and have fun with the game
Rebellious 1.0.19
Rebellious takes you to Avarus City, a city in the future ruledbythe corrupt mega-conglomerate known as ShadowCorp. Selfexpressionis considered a war crime in Avarus, and any productsfound bydrones that aren't made by ShadowCorp get locked away inanunderground facility known as...The Vault. (Yes, that Vault).
Panic Switch 1.0.1
The Defense game opens a completely new world of battleswithcourageous warriors and evil opponents with its powerfulbosses.The most grandiose battle is already waiting for you. Fighthordesof monsters led by their bosses. Upgrade your brave warriors,fastarchers and accurate catapults. Create an invincible army andshowall your courage to defend your castle and clear your landsfromevil monsters.