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Genesis: Cyberpunk Shooter 0.931b
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Genesis is debut game of Rodasi Games ®. It is a 2.5Dplatformerjetpack style shooter. Set in cyberpunk scene of RainCity andloosely follows characters, that call themselves theAgents. Agentscome from different backgrounds and stories, whatbrings themtogether is their fight against AI controlledadministration andtheir nexus of cyber-organic mods and abilitysystems. Now markedas wanted, some of the Agents run away whilesome remain and fightoff AI security forces that went rogue due toa glitch in thesystem...exactly what they anticipated. It is up tothe Agents toeliminate as many bots as possible and defend what'syours tilldawn...but in the Rain City night never ends. Genesis hasdrillingDark Synthwave music and unforgiving gameplay and aims toprovidean unique experience. Currently has Japanese localizationandEnglish as default language. More Agents and languages willbeadded in updates. Created by a solo developer, from code tographicdesign (with some resources by talented coders andartists),Genesis is a merged project that combines systems frompreviousunfinished project with assets by the developer and others.It isinitially set to launch on Android but with enough support itwilllaunch on other platforms later. Leave a review and contactthedeveloper in case of any issues. ( orusethe contact page at details below are subject to change and weredone incontrolled environment) Performance Notice: Low-end devicesmayface performance issues. Minimum low-end device tested on:SamsungJ2 Core (Found no issues except touch not working at theedges)Minimum medium-end device tested on: Redmi Mi 7 (Found noissues)Minimum RAM tested on: 1 GB (Found no crash issues) MinimumGPUSpeed tested on: 650Mhz (minimum recommended) Minimum CPUSpeedtested on: 1400 Mhz (minimum recommended) Minimum recommendedRAM:1 GB or more Tested on 30 FPS/60 FPS/Unlocked FPS (Found noissues)Any crash or other issues may be due to devicespecificconfiguration or may other apps running in background.Contactdeveloper in case of issues. Low end XOS devices facedstutteringissues during testing. Game wouldn't be what it iswithout art andcode by many creators. Full credits: in-game. AnikaCharacterdesigned by: Ismael Rittmann CIty and enemy models byvariousartists. Texture by Akshay R.C. and various artists. UIdesign andcode by Akshay R.C. Additional assets and scripts byvariousdevs/artists. Fonts by Michael W. Moss(,Creative Ink (,Modi (,8:51:22PM ( Credits in order ofplay: "Cyber Attack" -Infraction("Deflector"- Ghostrifter("Alienation" - Bihler( "Unhuman" -Karl Casey( "The Lonely Journey" -Cyberpunkers( "Rain City" -Karl Casey( "Human Error" - Infractionft. KarlCasey "Death Loop 3" - Aim ToHead( Abstract photo created by Technology photo created by Abstract photo created by Background vector created by Technology vector created by Poster vector created by