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Word Scramble Quiz 1.0.2
Do you like trivia games? Then Word Scramble Quiz is the app thatyou'd most likely enjoy. With this app, you'll be able to broadenyour knowledge and increase your IQ by answering some of thetoughest and trickiest questions from a variety of fields.Users cantrack their efficiency in the achievements panel. Monitor youreffectiveness by checking statistics regarding number of correctand wrong selected answers, points required to achieve another rankto unlock a new trophy, highest score per run, etc.How to Play& General Rules:Choose the category from the main list byswaping your finger throughout it. Once selected you'll have toanswer 5 questions from a given category. To finish place thescattered letters into appropriate order to answer triviaquestions. If you're having problems with harder questions, use the30/70 tip, which will make it a lot easier, but will cost you somepoints. You also have to hurry as the clock is ticking. The fasteryou provide the correct answer, the more points you'll be rewardedwith. Word Scramble Quiz uses only answers in form of scrambledletters. Collect points to rank up and unlock new trophies.Keyfeatures:- Test your knowledge and increase your IQ throughout avariety of fields- Fight against the clock- Beautiful and cleandesign- Short load times- Constant updates of the question and newcategories!- Drag and drop letters to form answersCome and testyour IQ with Word Scramble Quiz.Please send us your suggestions orcomments to
Real Estate Tycoon: Island Realtor Empire 1.5
You have the role of a real estate agent who has a certain amountof cash, and has to buy and sell buildings to make a profit. Yourultimate goal is to make as much money as possible in the shortesttime frame. Do you have the strategy, knowledge and sense to buildyour own real estate agent empire in an ultra-exciting buy and sellgame?!BUY CHEAP, SELL HIGH---------------------------------Ingeneral, you have to be clever and buy the buildings when they arecheap, and sell them when they reach their price peaks. Thus, thekey in Properties Tycoon is to explore and make the rightdecisions. If you do that, you will dominate the game and make alot of money!MANAGE YOUR MONEYSMARTLY-------------------------------------------------Like inreal life, the key to success in the game is to manage your moneysmartly. When a building appears for the first time, it has a pricetag that shows the building’s current price. If you have enoughmoney and can afford its price, you can buy it. Otherwise you canlet it be, because it might get cheaper in the next market wave.Use the beautiful map to organize your purchases andproperties.TIMING IS KEY----------------------When you purchase abuilding, you can sell it in a short amount of time, to make aprofit, or you can wait for the building to reach to its peakprice. That’s when you make the most profit. Timing is key soexplore and sometimes you just need to wait and sell in the rightmoment. Note, if you sell a building cheaper than the purchasedprice, you will lose money. 3 PLAYMODES----------------------ENDLESS: You can play as long as youlike. You can beat the optional goal and the game saves yourhighest score (Money) for you. TIME-TRIAL: You have a limited timeto make a fortune and reach to the indicated goal. You have tothink fast, purchase several buildings at once and have strategy tobeat this mode. It also saves your best high score (Time) for you.CAREER: In career mode, you have access to several levels that askfor different objectives. Right now the game has 5 levels, more tocome!Properties Tycoon: build your empireFEATURES:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------you have the role of a realtor- real estate game - exquisitegraphics and mapping- 3 game modes- interesting rules- lovely andappealing typography- freegame----------------------------------------------Go and make a lotof money and become the most successful agent!Build your ownempire, get Properties Tycoon for FREE!
Medieval knight vs Dragons : Save your kingdom 1.1
Be the hero of the whole kingdom in this lovely tap, hold andrelease dragon shooting game where precision is the key todominate. Dragons are coming to your kingdom and you are the lastdefense. Tap and hold the screen to aim the incoming dragons andrelease to shoot and kill them! Do you have the needed precision?It will be hard and demanding, but this dragon shooter will engageyou to the fullest. DIFFERENT TYPES OF SHOOTThere are variousshoots and attacks to be more effective. Not all of your shots willdestroy the dragons. You’ll have different heroes to choose fromand some of them will have more power. The unique part of thislovely game is that you can’t destroy the dragon with one shot, butyou’ll need to find the weak spot hit it 3 times in a row andlaunch the attack.UNIQUELY APPEALINGThe whole setting is justuniquely enjoyable. Amazing artwork is all over the place andyou’ll definitely love the dragon, great coloring patterns andstunning HD graphics. You’ll love every second of the fight againstdragons.Kingdom Hero: Shoot the Dragons features:- tap, holdrelease shot gameplay- great precision is required- Ultimate Attackwith Cut In: shoot dragon's weak point 3 times in a row and launchyour ultimate attack!- Daily Quest get a reward from your effort!-unique cool characters- stunning HD graphics and amazing artwork-top notch shootinggame______________________________________________________Dragonshoot entertainment is just one tap away.Get it for FREEnow!WARNING: addicting!
Fantasy Hidden Objects Search 1.4
Enjoy one of the best new hidden object games, a free new hiddengame for 2017 with amazing graphics in need of your great fantasy!Explore the home and find the hidden objects in 3 differentdifficulty levels! This is a seek and find hidden object adventuregame for escape game lovers, welcome to the mystery mansion! 🏠🔎🏠UNPREDICTABLE & EXCITING MANSION🔎

Can you clean the messyliving rooms and mansion interiors? The "hidden objectsmansion" is a fantasy find the hidden objects game especiallydesigned for kids and adults like you. Solve the hidden objectmystery in the messy room and prove your problem solving skillswith find objects in a picture puzzles. New, exciting and withultra-entertaining graphics, this is one of the best hidden objectgames!🔎PLAY & CHALLENGE YOUR BRAIN!💡Play and challenge yourbrain with one of the most mysterious and challenging hiddenobjects free games. Do you have the skills and persistence todominate all 3 difficulty levels? Start with the easy one to feelthe puzzle game, then gradually progress to see if you are thehidden games master. 🔎USE THE HINTS💡Hints will help you, but bewareof the time limit! Indeed, you have a defined period of time tofind all the objects! A fast analysis is required! Can you showcalmness while the clock is pressuring you? It will be challenging!
🔎Fantasy Hidden Objects Search FEATURES💡✅ explore a mysteriousmansion with lots of objects✅ NEW 2017 hidden objects game✅exquisite graphics✅ beautiful sound effects✅ 3 game modes✅exceptional scenery✅ Hints✅Leaderboard----------------------------------

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Always try to top the leaderboard andbecome the hidden objects champion
Sky Burger: Build & Match Food 1.1
Catch the falling ingredients to build delicious burgers and earnmoney. Stack your burger into the sky: the better your burger, thebigger your tip! Unlock new burger recipes, new ingredients and newitems to dress up your character and customize your food truck.What are you waiting for? Start building your burger now!Lots oftasteful food is falling from the sky and you have a piece ofbread. You need to make a burger in this burger game but only withthe ingredients that the game asks from you. Great casual arcadewith lots of cool moments, amazing graphics and artwork and gameplay that is fun and enjoyable. You need to show great slidingcontrol and preciseness, and of course focus to not put somethingin your burger that will make you lose the game. FUN AND CONSTANTLYCHALLENGINGFrom the very second the game is instantly challenging.This game burger inspired will require to create tasty hamburgersfrom ingredients that are falling from the sky. You will beactually flying with the taste hamburger collect different foodsthat are free falling from the sky. BURGER MAKER GAME WITH ATWISTThis is not your classic burger maker game. There is a lotmore to it since there are foods that rarely fall from the sky andyou need to wait and avoid all that is coming to you. This is easyat the beginning, but as you progress food rain and madness maymake you lose the game really fast and don’t know where to go.However, you’ll love it! Burger Maker – Falling Game FEATURES:-free fall objects game play- make a burger with the neededingredients- avoid the foods that are not suitable- increasingdifficulty- requires great focus and reaction- free arcade &casual falling objects game!
Fruit Frenzy - Match 3 Puzzle 1.5
Fun for all ages, Fruit Frenzy is the tastiest fruit matchingpuzzle game around! Match 3 or more of the same fruit, land hugefruity combos for massive scores and take on brand new challengeswith different game modes. How high can you score?▶ Simple to Play,Difficult to MasterMatch at least 3 fruits together to erase themfrom the level and collect points. By exploding all the fruits andclearing the level, you can move on to the next.To become a fruitmatching master, match as many fruits as possible in a single moveto create huge fruity explosions and be rewarded with massivepoints. You’ll need to use strategy and put your skills to the testif you want to become the best! ▶ Totally FREE!Just by downloadingand installing the app, you’ll have unrestricted access to FruitFrenzy. All you need to do is enjoy the game! • Enough awesomelevels to keep you entertained for hours • Match lots of fruit atthe same time to clear levels quickly & get huge scores •Completely free fruit matching game, with no pay to access features• Active developers who are constantly releasing updates & newlevels for free • Easy, fun & simple to play but difficult tomaster★ Download Fruit Frenzy today & join in the fruitmatching madness! ★We’d love to hear what you thinkIf you’d like tosend suggestions, give us feedback or report any bugs/issues pleasecontact us on support@gonosadesigns.comFollow us on social media& join the fruit frenzycommunity
City Car Street Racing 3D Simulator 1.3
Do you love car racing games? So do we!City Cars Street Racing is afun and exciting racing simulator game. Become the driver of someof the fastest cars on the streets of different cities around theworld in a collection of game modes like classic race, countdownand checkpoint. This amazingly realistic racing car drivingsimulation game is packed full of super cool fast race cars andexciting, dynamic racing levels.Collect nitro to beat youropponents and dont loose control of your car.Earn coins to makeyour car better or buy better cars.Features- Different modes:Classic race- Countdown- Checkpoint- Tilt to control your car-Collect coins and nitro to improve your car, buy new cars and racein new citiesClassic race will pit you against other racers and youmust drive into first place and reach the finishing line before theother racers. With countdown, your racing skills are put to thetest and you must drive fast through the city streets whilst racingagainst the clock. In checkpoint, you will have to race againstother sports cars and have to hit checkpoints to be get extra timeand be the winner. City Car Street Racing Simulation offers you agreat, fun gaming experience that will help you to become the kingof the cities streets and the best driver on them. So are youexcited to get behind the wheel of some realistic sports car andrace against other racers, then you'll be very excited to play CityCar Racing!We hope you enjoy our sports car racing simulator.Enjoy,rate us and send your feedback to
Order numbers : slide Puzzle 1.0.1
A classic available for your phone!Can you order all the pieces inorder from low to high number?How many moves do you need?Showit!Tap on the pieces to move to the empty site to order them andget all in order!Simple to play but really hard to master!
8 Ball Billiard Pro Multiplayer: PVP Snooker Game 1.4.4
8 Ball Billiard Multiplayer is an app for all billiard fans. One ofthe most realistic and playable pool games, the best Pool Snookergame! And it's totally FREE.This is probably one of the mostrealistic and playable pool games available on mobile devices.Boasting fully textured game environments and full 3D rigid bodyphysics this game is the complete package for both casual andserious gamers. Simply the best touchscreen billiard game.Realistic ball physics Intuitive touch controls; apply spin andswerve with ease. Now Enjoy the free crazy pool game.Good Luck!
Star Slots : huge jackpot and bonus! 1.1
Feeling Lucky? Star Slots is an exciting five-reel slot machinegame. With features that rival the other slot games, Star Slots isthe most realistic slot machine game available. It's just likeplaying in a Las Vegas casino. Don't worry though, the money youbet isn't real!FEATURES:- Exquisitely rendered reels- Realisticsound effects- Simple cash management interface- Easy-to-usenavigator to switch between machines- Mute button on every machinefor easy access- Win to get new machines- Daily bonusStar Slotsincludes three machines to choose from: - Golden Slots- Zombieland-Egyptian TreasuresIt's a must have game for anyone who lovesplaying slots in Las Vegas!These slot games are intended for adultaudiences and do not offer real money gambling or any opportunitiesto win real money or prizes. Success within this slots game doesnot imply future success at real money gambling.
Drive & Crash : Highway Rush Hour 1.7.1
This is a milestone in the genre of endless arcade racing. Driveyour ambulance or truck through highway traffic, earn coins,upgrade your car and buy new ones. Endless racing is nowredefined!Crash and destroy as many cars as you can to get coinsand extra seconds, but be careful, you cannot destroy buses ortrucks!KEY FEATURES- Stunning 3D graphics- Different vehicles, moreto come!- Smooth and realistic car handling- 3 detailedenvironments: desert, snowy and jungle- 3 game modes: Endless,Health and Time TrialGAMEPLAY- Touch to steer- Touch nitro buttonto accelerate- Touch camera to change itTIPS- The more cars orpick-ups you destroy the more coins you get and in time trial modeyou get extra seconds!- Trucks and Buses cannot be destroyed andyou will loosePlease rate and give your feedback for furtherimprovement of the game. Don't hesitate to drop us a letter
Secret Agent US Army Sniper - Semper Fi 1.3
Secret Agent US Sniper Shooter sniper sharp shooter skills againstterrorist enemy soldiers in this modern army base battlefield. Ragewarfare against modern terrorism and as the lone sniper commandoyou have to kill and recapture your country's army base camp toretain freedom Desert sniper shooting game is best free games insniper shooting games 2017.This hardcore FPS simulates bullet fallover great distances, wind, and trigger-pull.That’s right, you’llhave to smoothly pull the trigger for an accurate shot. SecretAgent US Sniper Shooter is a free FPS shooter game for androidphonesGame Features : "Secret Agent US Army Sniper"MISSIONS,MISSIONS, MISSIONSFifteen different and unique levels!Tap on thescope button to kill the enemy perfectlyIf enemies see you theywill start attackingGUNS and WEAPONSUnlock new weapons!The BestAction game “Military Base Sniper Shooter” Play for FREE today!
Juicy Gossip 1.6.0
You want to know everything before your friends!Get gossip newsbefore everybody and share with your friends!You are a fan!You wantto know everything before your friends!Be the first to get the nextgossip news on celebs around the world!Juicy Gossip is regularlyupdated with the fresh talk of the town to keep you posted!Get ittoday for free!
Juice Bar Blitz: Summer Tycoon 1.0
Mix and match tasty fruits to make refreshing juices in thisfast-paced juice maker game. With lots of different ingredients tochoose from, can you keep your cool when your juice bar getsbusy?When your customers arrive they’ll order their favouritedrink. Make it right and you’ll get a tip! Make it wrong and youmight have lost a customer. That’s not good for business!Keepcustomers happy for longer by giving them candies. Everyone lovescandies!The more customers you serve, the more money you get. Usethat money on cool new upgrades for your juice bar. Get morepowerful blenders, upgrade the music, add decorations and more!Play endless mode to see how you can handle the never-ending streamof customers. Will you be able to handle the pressure?Career modelets you embark on a journey to becoming a juice making master,progressing through levels, getting rewards as your juice barbecomes more popular. Eventually you will become the coolest placein town!The sun is out and the customers are approaching, are youready?! Features • Endless mode – A never-ending stream of thirstycustomers for those who work well under pressure • Career mode –work your way through the levels to become the ultimate juicemaking master • Many ingredients – lots of juice combinations willkeep you on your toes • Super cool upgrades - Make your juice barthe best spot in townHow to Play • Wait for the customers to sitdown and order their drink • Drag and drop the correct fruit andjuice combinations as fast as you can into the blender • Once theblender has mixed the juice, serve it to the customers • Spend yourmoney upgrading your juice bar • Become the best juice barever!Icon designed by Macrovector / Freepik
My travel ticket partner 2.4
My travel ticket appBooking hotels and flights in 3 simple taps.Getyour vacation deals at the best pricesFeatures:- Easy and fastinterface- Detailed search results- Custom filters- Best dailydeals- Most popular currencies- Economy and business bookingvariantsFind the cheapest hotel price near your location, find thebest deal on flight ticket all results are displayed on theappEverything in front of your smartphone.- You also can makebooking and reservation directly and you will be forwarded to ourPartner agent / tickets (, agoda, traveloka, booking.cometc)below are our partner how to get cheap tickets, cheap tickets,promo tickets, cheap hotels, jasmine hotels, star hotels, roomrentals, hotel backpacker, economy train,Airfare info, hotelinfoyou can get all with only one app!
Word Beach: unscramble words 1.4.1
The Ultimate word search game for a true word genius. Can you findall the words from jumbled letters under the magnifying glass? Doyou have what it take to be a true word genius? Then get ready toexercise some brain muscles with this all new word puzzle game. Ifat any point you feel stuck and need a different perspective toinvestigate and search within jumbled letters, Just Use the Shufflehelper, It will shuffle all the letters and might help you toidentify the word you need to find. If you are still stuck, sharethe screen with your friends and maybe they can help you find theword! As you play, the difficulty level increases along with yourskillsand your language! Word Beach is the perfect game to enjoyyour commute or your coffee break. Get all excited to Expand yourVocabulary and Improve your Concentration Skills in this amazingword search puzzle game. Even the smartest Word Game Aficionadowill have a real challenge to complete this game. Highlyrecommended for fans of Word Search, Scrabble, Anagram Word &Word Scramble games. HOW TO PLAY • Word can be formed clockwise,anti clockwise and diagonal. • Just connect the letters by swipingover them to find the hidden word from the jumbled Letters and makea word. • If you've found a valid word it will be placed on theboard above the magnifying glass. • Few words are defined as ExtraWords and will let you earn rubies. FEATURES • Discover hiddenwords from jumbled letters. • Find derived words and boost yourbrain power and vocabulary. • Come daily and get your reward tohelp you find all words • Simple to learn but challenging to master• Share with your friends to get rubies and know who is word master• Frequent updates • ANY TIME IS GOOD TIME - Enjoy the game for anytime anywhere • NO WIFI REQUIRED - You can play Word Beach offlineanytime. • LOTS OF UNIQUE LEVELS - 5 packages and over 510 awesomelevels! Updates will be continued! • NOTE • This is a free to playgame and contains ad. • Any hint pack purchase will remove ads.
Impossible Stunt Race 1.0
Do you love Racing Car? Have you ever wanted to go forRACING?Thisgame Impossible Stunt Race will challenge you, this is3D GameRacing based. You will fun playing this Impossible StuntRacegame.One of the best simple and fun racing games for kids!Thisfree game is made for everyone, so feel free to play yourselfandinvite your kids or family to watch or play together. Chooseyourride and guide it to the finish line! Control your car withjustone finger and see how it flips, jumps and rolls on it's way.Usetilt control for better results and more exciting jumps.Otherracing kids games become boring because of hard levels orcontrols?This is what you were looking for! Fast, simple andexciting fastcar racing kids game!Prepare for a race by picking oneof the fastsports cars, Jeep or even a motorcycle! Gain enoughspeed to jumpover the ramps or climb to the stiff hill. Show offall the carsthat you unlock and how you play with them - alsoeveryone lovessurprises in each level! Anyone can play Fun KidRacing, this gamehas lots of worlds, levels and cars to explore!Even any preschoolchildren or toddlers can play this game withoutany problems!Thetracks are designed so that you would do manystunts on the run,the car will spin doing front flips, backflips oreven both - butwatch out not to land on the roof! The comic carsare funny andcartoon soundtrack makes the mood perfect for theawesome ride!Tiny Lab is also creating kids educational games - sothis gamewill also help with hand-eye coordination! What more canyou expectfrom kid games?Addictive gameplay. Here you will not findboringand dull kids car racing games, in which everything ispredictableand formulaic. We offer you only the best creations ofthe virtualgaming industry developers – really cool games for kidsand theirparents, the best race car kids. Gameplay in such cargames forgirls and games for boys cars captures the player from thefirstminute and gives him an incredible experience.Incrediblegraphics.All of our race car games for kids represent applications,thecreators of which were not too lazy to use all the featuresofmodern information technologies for the development ofextremelyrealistic graphics. You will be amazed at how accuratelythegraphics of these games conveys all the nuances andpeculiaritiesof the real world, and do not get less pleasure fromthe game thanthe real racers get from off-line racing on realmachines.Soundaccompaniment. Realistic sounds of roaring engine,creaking ofbrakes and, of course, incredible driving music - thedevelopers ofgirl car games and racing games for boys always takeinto accountsuch features of the atmosphere of their applications.Realisticsound would complement the incredible graphics andfascinatinggameplay and provide your full immersion in the virtualworld,which is ruled by speed, drive and love of cars.If you arelookingfor interesting games that can brighten up your leisure timewith ahigh range of quality, the care games for children and freecargames for adults are what you really need. Do not waste timeonboring, not exciting games that are not able to give you arealpleasure. Download racing games for boys or racing girls games,aswell as, games car racing -for adults, and play kids learninggameswith maximum pleasure!Features of Impossible Stunt Race:•Stunning3D HD graphics.• Car stunt racing simulation games havehighquality sounds and music.• Awesome environment.• More thanonedeadly impossible track in the impossible stuntracegames.b928192205
Digits Connect - Number Linker 1.5
Get ready to challenge your brain and hop into one of thebestconnect games on the Android platform! Connector - ConnectDotNumber Puzzle is a simple, challenging and addictive connectpuzzlegame that brings hours of fun to users of any age! 🔢SIMPLE&ELEGANT DESIGN We created our connect puzzle game withcharming andpleasing graphics that go along with captivatingsoundtrack. Thecolors in this dot game are endless, just like theentertainmentthat you’re going to get by playing it! Plus, we’vedesigned itwith intuitive screen touch controls so you can have agreat gamingexperience as well! 🎮 ADDICTIVE CONNECT PUZZLE GAMEPLAYConnector -Connect Dot Number Puzzle features a highly addictiveconnectpuzzle gameplay, where your main goal is to connect thenumbers onyour screen, starting from number 1 to the highest one.Connect thenumbers, keep track of the time and don’t leave anyempty squareson the grid! Even if you lose, you can always pressreplay andstart all over again. But you will be addicted for sure!🏆 3DIFFICULTIES & TONS OF CHALLENGING LEVELS You canchoosebetween 3 difficulty levels: Easy, Medium and Advanced.Choose theone you like and start completing the game’s levels! Thisconnectpath game has many levels, so show your best connect puzzleskillsand win as many as you can. Your brain will be challenged andyouwill enjoy hours of dot game fun! 👆 Connector - Connect DotNumberPuzzle FEATURES: ✔️ Beautiful & simple design✔️ Addictive&fun connect puzzle gameplay✔️ 3 different difficulties:Easy,Medium, Advanced✔️ Multiple challenging levels✔️ Connectthenumbers & keep track of the time✔️ Win high scores&levels✔️ Fun for all ages✔️ Designed for both phones&tablets✔️ FREE to play -------------------------Connectpathnumbers and enjoy one of the best connect gameseverdeveloped!Download Connect Number now – it’s totally free!
Zombie Night at Graveyard 1.2.1
Shoot zombies at graveyard! Zombie Night is a fun and freearcadegame that's all about shooting zombies!Each level in ZombieNightis packed full of destructible objects and crazy zombieenemies.Destroy walls to kill all zombies!Zombie Night features20+levels.★ Features ★✔️ Loads of funny zombies to shoot✔️20+challenging levels✔️ Casual arcade✔️ Free to download and enjoy!
Animals Coloring Book for family 1.5
Welcome to the most amazing and exciting world of animalscoloringin which you will get real experience of painting. AnimalsColoringBook for family is an excellent coloring pages game whosemainpurpose is to educate people how to start professional paintingonanimals. The concept of painting is same as everyone do it onpaperusing various tools but the method is very unique. You havetopaint animals on this book with finger. Unleash yourimaginationand paint beautiful animals in some classy manner inthis coloringgame 2018. You can select the color you want and startsomerealistic animals painting in this super cool animal coloringgame.The game play is very easy all you have to do is just choosethecolor and start painting. Set the brush size, choose fillerandfeel the outstanding experience of painting with the help ofyourfinger in this new animals painting game 3d 2018. Showyourimagination skills and paint some stunning animals and becomeareal champion of this new coloring game. The super features ofthiscoloring game free 2018 really entertain and educate yourchildrenand that is the reason it is in the list of most perfectcoloringgames for kids and adults. Explore the real fun whilecompetingwith your children’s and experience the endlessentertainment inthis animals coloring book 2018 game. Paintinganimals with yourfinger is not an easy task but don't be depressedbe focus and youwill succeed in this game. It is the great game forflourishing thechildren's minds. If you didn't make proper paintingno problemselect the eraser and start painting again. This majestic3dcoloring game requires practice and proper attention so playthegame with super focus and amaze every with your imaginationandpainting skills. This perfect animals coloring hd game willhelpsin increasing the concentration level of your children becausethisgame is specially designed under such circumstances whichwilldefinitely enhances the good mental ability of thechildren’s.Create some exceptional and countless little animalswith thesimple touch of your finger in just no time. The best thingaboutthis coloring game 3d is that it allows you to save allyourcreations with just one click. Boost your children withrealcreative power. You can change the brush size, selectvariouscolors, select images and save them. The fabulous feature ofthiskids coloring game is that you can also share your drawingsonsocial media with family and friends. You can also save yourallcreations in just one album and you can edit them any timefreely,This tremendous and best coloring game 3d comes with amazingimagesand it will get new images weekly. Free mode is the mostideal modefor those people who just want to be more creative andwant to showtheir individual skills. Features: • Painting withfinger • Selectmultiple colors • Eraser function • Undo function •Save drawings •Share your creations with your friends • Manycoloring pages Relaxwhile you paint amazing images and forget aboutyour work orstudies ... or let your kids to express themselves andshow you theartist they have inside. You know a lot about thisperfect and epicdrawing game free 3d now. So go and install thisgame and enter inthe new world of fun and entertainment and killyour boring timewith real dose of pleasure and relaxation. Enjoy isan excellentcoloring game whose main purpose is to educate peoplehow to startprofessional painting on animals. The concept ofpainting is sameas everyone do it on paper using various tools butthe method isvery unique. You have to paint animals on this bookwith finger.Unleash your imagination and paint beautiful animals insome classymanner in this coloring game 2018. You can select thecolor youwant and start some realistic animals painting in thissuper coolanimal coloring game.