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Classic 3D maze solver 1.5
3D maze solver is a 3d adventure puzzle, where you have to escapethe maze to solve its mystery. There are 27 different labyrinths tosolve in 3 different themes. First ones are quite small and easy tosolve. After you will complete few levels, labyrinths will getbigger and bigger and it will be very easy to get lost in a maze.To help you we placed observation towers to find your way out andbecome a maze king.How to play:To control your runner you must usevirtual joysticks. Left joystick will move your player, right onewill change your view direction. If you tap on the right joysticktwice, you will jump. If you get lost, try to find observationtower.Features:- great to test your orientation skills- 27different 3d labyrinths in 3 different themes.- awesome backgroundmusic- smooth gameplay- addictingDeveloping quality apps and gameslike 3D maze solver requires months of effort and dedication. Tokeep the development going and to recover our cost, this game usesads for monetization. However, this game will not install anyad-related search bars on your phone or place ads in yournotification bar.If you like 3D maze solver, please give us a rateand review.
Power Meteor Target:Home World 1.5
POWER METEOR Target : Home World is an epic missile defence themedarcade game where your main objective is to defend our planet andcivilation for as long time as possible from all incoming threatsfrom space. You can play competition mode or single player modewith 6 levels.How to Play: To destroy a meteor, comet or asteroidjust tap on screen for shoot on it. In competition mode you canalso use cool technology like medic aid(to fill your healthpoints), slow motion(to slow down time) or nuclear bombsexplosion(where all comets and asteroids will be destroyed) You canbuy them with virtual money in our shop.Use your inteligence, safeyour home world and protect your planet!Shooting asteroids hasnever been more fun!Features:- missil defence theme- simple toplay(tap to destroy)- 6 levels- addictive gameplay- completelyfreeTips: If you have troubles in completing last 3 levels insingle player mode you can acces competition mode and buy someextra slow motion packages or nuclear bombs, for extra powerups.Try get as high Top Score as you can in Competitionmode.Developing quality apps and games like ours requires months ofeffort and dedication. To keep the development going and to recoverour cost, this game uses ads for monetization. However, this gamewill not install any ad-related search bars on your phone or placeads in your notification bar.If you like this Earth defense game,please give it a rate and review.
One Inch Man - Legend Warrior 1.3
One Inch Man is trying to gather high power dragon warriors to helphim fight in a battle arena. To convice mighty warriors to joinyou, you'll have to fight them on by one. Battles in higher levelswith take more of your time since warriors health will be biggerand they will be stronger.How to play:You just need to click on thescreen and One Inch Man will punch for every touch you make. Whenyou convince others to join you, they will attack with theirspecial skills automatically. Upgrade your power level skills ashigh as you can in a Black market to be the best as you can be inbattle arena. There will be hidden treasure every minute in abattle.Features:- 6 challenges (Krampus, Roboman, Angel of Death,Stone man, Wise Wizard and Gokugakun)- thrilling 8 bit backgroundmusic- Google Leaderboards and Achievements to compare your scorewith othersIf you like our game, please give it a rate and areview.
VR Maze Solver Adventure 1.3
Escape and run out of our Vr Maze in the shortest time possible.There are 9 levels to solve and complete. How to become a Labyrinthrunner:To control your movement you have to rotate your head withVR headset on your head. If you get tired, you can look down for 2seconds and you will exit a level.Note: This app requires a VRheadset (Google Cardboard, Durovis Dive, Dodocase VR, VRelia GO,Homido, Gear VR) for best results.
VR Starfighter: The Final War 1.1
VR Starfighter: The Final War is a space combat simulation VR gamewhere you take on a role of a World War III pilot veteran calledback to active duty to save the mankind from the invading alienforce. The fighting takes place in our solar system near Venus,Mars and Earth. You get bounty for each destroyed enemy andcompleted mission, which enables you to buy faster, stronger, moreagile spaceships and equip them with better weapons.Note: This apprequires a VR headset (Google Cardboard, Durovis Dive, Dodocase VR,VRelia GO, Homido, Gear VR) for best results.PrivacyPolicy:-------------------We don't collect any personal information, any non-personal information collected by our partners is usedfor analytic and/or game improvements. For details checkhere
VR Dungeon Maze Escape 1.2
VR Dungeon Maze Escape is a horror themed labyrinth game for VRCardboard glasses. The unique feature that our game offers, is awalk in place to move feature. This feature brings a new way ofwalking in virtual reality.There are 9 different mazes to solve in3 modes. Find a key mode and Timebomb mode are a little bit harderto complete, therefore we advise you to complete simple mode levelsfirst.Note: This app requires a VR headset (Google Cardboard,Durovis Dive, Dodocase VR, VRelia GO, Homido, Gear VR) for bestresults.Privacy Policy:-------------------We don't collect anypersonal information , any non-personal information collected byour partners is used for analytic and/or game improvements. Fordetails checkhere
Escape from zombies 1.5
Survival 3d maze game where your objective is to get to thehelicopter asap(before counter reaches zero) unharmed. Avoidcolliding with zombies or you will die. There are 36 beautifuldesigned levels to complete that will entertain you for hours.Howto Play:To control your character you have two joysticks. Left onewill move the player, right one will help you look around theworld. We have reward videos at the end of the game that will giveyou 30 more seconds in your next game. Features:- Nice and simpledesign- 3D animated cartoon zombies- 3D animated helicopter- 4 welldesigned 3d terrains- 36 levels to complete- Hours of gameplay-Reward videos(they bring you extra 30 seconds in next game)-Japanese oriental background musicTip:Walking on the roads is notalways the fastest way to your getaway helicopter. Sometimes it isfaster to take a shortcut.
VR Wasteland RollerCoaster 1.0
Catastrophic events lead to nuclear war and the end of thehumanity. The only thing on the planet that still works is ourRollerCoaster ride. This roller coaster thrill ride was made forGoogle Cardboard glasses and is optimized to support cheap andhigh-end devices.Give it a try!