Roman Sokolov Apps

My shopping list (with widget) 1.3.5
Roman Sokolov
"My shopping list" - the application that allows you to organizeyour shopping list.Features of the app: - Widget - Autocomplete(List of Goods)- Reminders (Beta)- You can share the list of any -Deletion of items with one touch - Move items between lists
My budget - Expense manager 1.01
Roman Sokolov
My budget - is an application to control the costs and revenues.You will always know what to spend your money.Features of the app:-61 currency.- 4 languages ​​(English, Spanish, French andRussian).- Create a backup.- Adding accounts and categories (thedefault is 1 account and 12 categories).- You can set any color foran account.- 3 types of transactions: expenses, income andtransfers between accounts.Want to help translate the applicationor description in your language? Send us your translation
Хорошее настроение 1.0
Roman Sokolov
Шуточное приложение, призванное вызвать улыбку. Вы "загружаете"хорошее настроение и получаете кота или кошку, а также полезныйсовет, который поможет поднять настроение. Без рекламы. Нетребуется подключение к интернету.Comic application designed tobring a smile. You "load" in a good mood and get a cat or a cat, aswell as useful advice that will help lift your mood. Withoutadvertising. Does not require an internet connection.