Roman Vasilyan Apps

Join the Liberation Fleet and free the Kingdom from invaders!Amazing adventures, furious battles and cunning enemies awaityou. Can you become a real hero?- Try a brand-new Match 3 mechanic!- Make your name in the history as the liberator of lands frominvaders!- Install your most destructive weapon on your ship andeliminate them all!- Upgrade your vessel and create a sky dreadnought that willmake all enemies tremble in fear!- Unlock new ships and crush the invaders!
Mementia 2.0
Mementia ushers in a brand new genre. Enjoysolving puzzles while training you memory!Take on the role of a young alchemist on her way to save a kingdom.– Use your memory to collect ingredients and discoverrecipes– Concoct magic potions and help the locals– Build new rooms in your own lab– Explore the extraordinary lands of Mementia on your journeyMementia is absolutely free to play and does not offer anyin-app purchases.
Backyard Battles 1.8
Build your own war machine from collectedparts and unleash its power against other players in uncontrollablephysics-based battles!Fight your way up from the backyards to the World ScrapChampionship. Win new parts and use them to design an unbeatablefighting machine. Make every opponent bite the dust!Features:* Be a master engineer: design, craft, upgrade and improve theultimate war machine!* Fight with other players in asynchronous fast and hilariousbattles!* Discover dozens of crazy weapons, gadgets and body shapes.Outsmart your opponents with your unique design!* Participate in championships with real players and fight your wayup to the World Scrap Championship!* Watch, share and learn from the best battles!
Викторина интеллекта 1.0.1
Окунись в увлекательное соперничествоумов!Викторина интеллекта - это 1000уникальных вопросов в борьбе за первое место и КоронуИнтеллекта!Используйвсю свою эрудицию, чтобы победить соперников и стать самымумнымучастником викторины!- Уникальная механика викторины - ставь ставки направильныеответы!- Живые участники - соперничай в битве умов среальнымиигроками!- Абсолютно бесплатная игра - никакой рекламы ивнутреннихпокупок!- Никаких ограничений - используй свой мозг на полную!Plunge into afascinatingrivalry of wits! Quiz IQ - 1000 isunique issues in the fight for first place and theCrownIntelligence! Useall his erudition to defeat rivals and become the smartestpartyquiz!- Unique quiz mechanics - are betting on the correct answers!- Live participants - compete in a battle of wits withrealplayers!- Absolutely free game - no ads and domestic purchases!- No restrictions - Use your brain to the full!
Overcrowded Tycoon 2.8.1
Welcome to Overcrowded Tycoon! Build and manage the happiest ThemePark in the World. Enjoy watching your visitors have a blast whileriding your attractions! Watch out! They will also get mad at youif you don't craft the best experience ever for them! - Build thecoolest attractions you can imagine! - Delight your visitors andmake them happy! - Expand your park and go BIG! Design the bestentertaining experience in the World! Your imagination is thelimit! DOWNLOAD NOW, and get ready to have FUN!