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Amazing Green shot Hero 1.0
You were not born as a hero, but now it’stimeto become one.• Action-packed 3D FPS with elements of RPG.• Great selection of weaponry, vehicles and quests.• Realistic 3D physics and visual effects.• Tunable graphics quality, view distance and trafficdensity.• In-game tutorial.Waking up in the hood, remembering nothing and locked in asupersoldier suit. Who are you? What would you do?You will have to complete the main storyline to find out whoyouare.GAMEPLAYExplore the crime city, full of gangs and aggressivefractions.Become citizen hope as a standard of pure law andjustice, or cometo the city as a new doom knight.• More than 10 different quest lines.• Fraction quests and rewards. Your gameplay will differdependingon your choice and game style.• Enlarging money rewards with quest line progress, allowing youtounlock more advanced weaponry in the shop.COMBATTry to avoid hassle with your superhero mobility or overthrowbothheaven and hell on your enemy heads. Vary your melee andrangedcombat with new abilities and weaponry.• Advanced rope dynamics, now it’s also your deadlyendlessweapon.• Super kick!• 7 new explosive and energy guns!TRANSPORTMilitary tank, heavy loaded helicopter, supercars, limousines,sportcoupes, cross bikes, Harleys and much more.• More than 20 different vehicles with own velocityandfeatures.PROGRESSMaster all the abilities and become the unstoppableflyinghavoc.• Level-up upgrades for your abilities and skills.• In-game tutorial leading you through all the new functional.Entertaining adventures of rope hero in Vice Town. Determinethefate of the whole city with the super soldier powers.Play the true game of war on the streets.Find out the truth about main hero past.ENJOY hours of FUN and entertaining gameplay.
Hologram Apple Pineapple 1.0
Hologram Apple Pineapple - simulator,3Dprojection Apple Pineapple! The game appears on the screenApplePineapple, turn on the camera, flash, flashlight, and it seemsthatshines 3D Apple Pineapple image! Everyone loves ApplePineapple!Hologram Apple Pineapple - a simulator with which youcould playyour friend! If one got bored, cheer his performanceHologram ApplePineapple!Play with Apple Pineapple, that he uttered sounds!Attention! Hologram Apple Pineapple - just a joke, thesimulator!The camera phone can project images on any surface! Phoneis not adevice for generating a laser hologram - it is only asimulator, ajoke!
Artillery vs Carobot Simulator 1.0
1945 Russia attacked Carobot!The player will play for the gun in 1945 which protects Russiafromthe invasion Carobot. These futuristic robots are verydangerousand are equipped with powerful guns. You have a gun, butyoustruggle for independence against the futuristic robots.Carobotwill advance to Moscow and you are using a gun have to repeltheinvasion!Artillery vs Carobot Simulator game:1. Powerful futuristic robots attacked Russia2. Good simulator Russian guns3. Excellent graphics4. Multiple difficulty levels
Crash Car Destroyed Cruiser 2.0
This simulator about crash car. If you'vealways dreamed to see the interior of any car and do it in anunconventional way - turning it into a mountain of wrecks, thenthis simulator for you. Here you have the opportunity to crash carCruiser - you are free to do with it whatever you want! Any toolsat your disposal - break, smash, throw wrecks ... you can perfectlyhave fun and even learn the features of the machine Cruiser, as themodel represented in the simulator, it is almost identical to thereal one. Beautiful 3D graphics and real physics allow fully enjoythe process of crash car and beauty of Cruiser wrecks. Spend themost spectacular and fun "operation" of crash car, and do notforget to share the result with your friends. Rate the mountain ofwrecks of Cruiser together! Crash Car Destroyed Cruiser isabsolutely free, so that anyone who wants to have fun and let offsteam, can now get a lot of impressions. Next, turn the Cruiserinto mountain of wrecks! And fun in the simulator!
Virtual Reality Car Robot FREE 1.0
Welcome to the world of virtual realityCarRobots!The game will immerse you in a world of virtual reality,roboticcars where you can see all the details. This world isinhabited byrobots, and cars you are there guest. Look how live CarRobots. Youcan learn a lot of new. Car Robots usually stand still,but maybeyou will have a chance to see them in action.Features Virtual Reality Car Robots FREE:1. Big World Car Robots2. This virtual reality3. HD graphics
Futuristic Robot Survival 1.0
Survive in the world offuturisticrobots!You are an ordinary person, and you become the sole survivorafterrobots have conquered the planet. At your disposal is a gunand anax for survival. Around you live futuristic robots who wanttoenslave humanity. Futuristic robots are equipped withpowerfulguns, and they can also turn into a car. Beware offuturisticrobots and futuristic vehicles. Survive anyvaluable!Features:1. Survival of the city in which they live futuristic robots2. Not only robots are dangerous, but also cars3. Best simulator survival about robots
Broken Safe Simulator Free 1.0
Broken safe and show how muchyou'recool!This simulator will allow you to break the safe using themachine.In this simulator you'll break the safe over and over againuntilit opens. Use different tools to open the safe.Features a Broken Safe Simulator Free:1. Cool simulator hacking safe2. In this game you can destroy a safe3. Cool graphics
OffRoad Zone: Russian Driver 1.0
Fantastic 4x4 Russian jeep game! Hard winterinRussia.If you like 4x4 off-road rally games, become a Russianjeepdriver in the best FREE 4x4 offroad simulation!Drive your all-terrain vehicle through the snow, passthecheckpoints as fast as you can, collect achievements andcompareyour results against other players.You have to be skilled player to drive your 4x4 UAZ and avoidallthe terrain obstacles hidden in the snow.The goal of this free off road game is to pass allthecheckpoints to get your Russian SUV to the next level.It's not a Russian traffic racer but 4WD simulator. StartyourRussian jeep engine and race against the time to become the4x4champion!Features of OffRoad Zone: Russian Driver game:- 3D environment- Winter in Russia- Easy driving controls- Many engaging levels- Advanced UAZ physics- Beautiful graphics- Online leaderboards- Collecting achievements
Mirror Parkour Trumper Edge 1.0
The race for the US presidency is now heldinthe style of parkour! To win in the elections must not only beagood politician, but still engage in parkour. You have to playfora presidential candidate Trumper. Trumper great politician whoisalso able to run on the roofs. In this game about parkour,you'llrun across rooftops president Trumper.Features:1. Participation in the race presidents2. The chance to play for a presidential candidate Trumper3. A great simulator of parkour on the roofs of the city
Futuristic Robot Car X5 1.0
A futuristic robot X5 ready to fight withbadrobots!You play as a futuristic robot X5, which has a powerful weaponandcan turn into a car. You need to protect the city from the eviloffuturistic robots X5. You are waiting for exciting mission inthecar robot videos, and a variety of buns. Ready for a global warinthe Battle of futuristic robots X5 on our planet. In thisbattle,you take a direct part. Battle futuristic robots X5coming!Features:1. Battle robots in the city2. You play as a robot car3. Cool simulator will not leave anyone indifferent
Carobot X Ray: Rope Hero 1.0
It's time to become a futuristic robot XRayhero in this town! You have to help the people of robo City. Inaworld invaded by evil futuristic robots X Ray, and only youcanprotect the owl city. It offers all the power of the city,cars,motorcycles, buses. You are a robot hero, and to quicklymovearound the city have to use a rope. Many have called the heroofthe rope. All hope for you! And your name Rope hero!Features:1. You play as a futuristic robot X Ray hero rope2. Unlock the secret of the robot and teach him to fly onarope3. Sit in a variety of cars, motorcycles and buses
Smoke Electronic Cigarette 1.0
Smoke Electronic Cigarette - a gameapplicationsimulator Weipa electronic cigarette as a joke. Feelthe smoke outof the screen, show your friends that you have. It'svery funny andcool! Completely replaces the cigarette or othertobacco product.Try it and you can not stop. You will love it!Choose Weipa,according to your taste. Do you want to buy, but donot know whichone to choose? Download, and practice!ATTENTION! The game is a simulator designed for entertainmentandjokes. The app does not bear any harm to the emulator is onlyincontrast to the actual e-cigarette!Thank you for playing with us, leave us your ratings andreviews,and we will try to make our app even better and moreinterestingfor you!
Luxury GAZ Chaika Simulator 1.0
Car voyage in the Russian 90s!A journey in car like never seen in any simulator!Go to Russian 90s! First person driving in car! On the roadsfullof criminal, you'll need a real Russian car Luxury GAZChaika!In the simulator you will go in car in the long and excitingvoyageacross the country! Look at Russian cars, cities and criminalworldfrom the window of your Luxury GAZ Chaika!Simulator features:● Travel through Russian 90s.● First person view in car● Voyage on the Russian road● Drive across criminal world!● Realistic Luxury GAZ ChaikaWelcome to the Russian 90s, a time of hopes, changesandeverything criminal! This voyage is not like anything you'veseen!Are you ready? Luxury GAZ Chaika simulator is waiting foryou!
Kamaz Cargo: Futuristic Robot 1.0
You will be transported to a futuristicrobotKamaz!In the world of futuristic robots attacked, but the militarybeatthem and now you have to collect them all over the land andtakethe research center. The center will study the futuristic robotandacquire new technology from him. You government issued Kamazandyou'll carry it on futuristic robots. These robots could turnintoa car and use the superweapon. Perhaps somewhere we werethefuturistic robots, so beware of cars. Only these robotscouldtransform into cars.Features about Kamaz transportation by futuristic robots:1. Transportation of robots that can transform into cars2. You are a great driver of the car Kamaz3. Do not drop more than one robot that they did not stealthebandits
Crash Carobot Simulator Pro 1.0
Carobot crash, show who is boss!This simulation game Crash Carobot Simulator Pro enablesCrashCarobot into small pieces. You can crash it in different waysanddevices. This simulator also provides several kinds of toolsthatyou can Crash Carobot.Features Crash Carobot Simulator Pro:1. Realistic physics2. The newest simulator damage3. Crash Carobot as you please
Hero Driver Batcar Simulator 1.0
It's time to become a driver of a superheroiccars Batcar! Batcar this machine and you superhero itsdriver. Herocarrier need this town, and you as the driver Batcarhave to savehim. You are waiting for more danger and terriblevillains. But allthe villains to be afraid of superheroes, yourmachine Batcar helpdefeat the villains and prove that you are theavenger of thecity.Features Hero Driver Batcar Simulator:1. Best simulator super heroic machines2. The ability to ride on Batcar3. Become the hero of the first driver4. Ability to save the city in this crazy simulation
4x4 Hill Climb Truck Kamaz 2 1.0
You are driving a Kamaz and you need to liftupthe mountain. In this game you'll manage KAMAZ from the cab.Extremedriving here very much. Your KAMAZ 4x4 is a very powerfulengine,and you can climb any mountain. In this game, you willclimb to thehills, mud, sand, snow and a lot of drive. Downloadand get behindthe wheel KAMAZ !!!Features:- Cool 3D graphics- Powerful KAMAZ- The steep climb to the hills- Multiple levels
Dino Zoo in City Simulator 1.0
Drive heavy trucks to excavate throughandtransport the cargo to their destination in time. The huge cityisoverwhelmed with angry vicious dinosaurs who are on a totalrampageto crush the whole 3D city! Take them back to their jurassiczoo inthis animal zoo simulator tycoon game. Now excavate the cargoanddrive carefully the loaded truck on the road to transport theangrydino to its destination. Drive the heavy armored truck throughthesin city and be on the watch for these vicious dinosaurs inthisangry dino zoo transport truck game. The jurassic dinosaur timeisback and more hazardous than ever.Dino Zoo in City Simulator is an extreme heavy enginetruckdriving and racing game fever. Use your heavy truck to gettheviolent dinosaurs back to their cages in this angry dinozootransport truck simulator tycoon. Keep the big 3D city safeforyour people and protect them from the ancient beasts. Your jobisto take the jurassic beast, known better as the velociraptor,tothe city zoo from the theme park and all the way back! Be readytoa guardian of the prehistoric beast and be a dino transportlegend.Hell breaks loose in the city when the raptor escape.Get behind the wheels, buckle up your seat belt and holdyoursteering wheel. Get ready for a crazy ride, accelerate yourspeedand do not crash. Bypass all the traffic cars to reachyourdestination. The streets are full of traffic cars and buses.Youare assigned for a transportation duty. Load your cargo truckwiththe dino and transport it to city zoo. With exhilaratinghighspeed,they get out of control easily. Let your adrenalinefueled up! Takethe controls in your hand, don’t let the animal getwild till youreach the finish line.
Futuristic Robot in City 1.0
It's time to defeat all the futuristicrobotsin town!In the city was attacked by evil futuristic robots, but forsomereason they were frozen. You need all the evil futuristicrobots todrop before they are activated and take over the city. Youplay asa kind of futuristic robot that behaves like a man. You cansit inpeople's cars and motorcycles. It helps you to quickly movearoundthe city to bring down the evil futuristic robots.Features Futuristic Robot city:1. You can use any transport in the city2. You play as a steep futuristic robot3. Excellent graphics4. Large open world
Crash Futuristic Car 3D 1.0
In this game you have to break afuturisticcar!Break a futuristic car and see what she has inside. This gameisdesigned for fun, scrap futuristic car and have fun from theheart.Breaking a futuristic car is much more interesting if youhave avariety of tools.Features Crash Futuristic Car 3D:1. shatter and destroy the futuristic car2. Use the machine gun or3. Excellent physics destruction
Crash Test Police in Ruins 3D 1.0
It's time to make a Crash Test PoliceTrafficin the ruins of the city!There is a Russian car Lada VAZ Police Traffic and your goal istodestroy it. Embedded in various ruins to break Lada VAZPoliceTraffic. In this crash test you have to check the strength ofthismachine. Perhaps it will pass crash tests, and then the wholeworldwill recognize the reliability of Russian car Lada VAZPoliceTraffic.Features Crash Test Police in Ruins 3D game:1. Best Crash Test squad car Police Traffic2. There is a Russian Lada VAZ3. Excellent physics injury
Driving School Parking 3D 1.0
You are the driver of the school parkinglotfor the girls!You play as the driver of the school parking lot for the girlsandteach them to park properly. Your job is to teach them to parkinthe most difficult situations. Between the machines,reverse,before a barrier and so on. You yourself are a professionaldriver,and you can teach them a lesson parking. Next you are thebestdriver of the school parking lot!Features:1. Play as the driver of the school parking2. Learn to park girls3. A great simulator for each day4. Be polite with his disciples