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Rosetta Stone® Kids Words
**Part of the award winning Rosetta Stone KidsLingo Language Games series**Building words is a blast with the Rosetta Stone® Kids LingoWord Builder app! Drag letters down to make real words and send theadorable Lingo® friends flying! Practice phonics and readingskills—and speak Spanish with the Lingos to control the action.See all the toys you’ve collected—and reinforce wordrecognition—when you visit the toy shelf.Reinforce early English reading skills while simultaneouslyintroducing Spanish speaking. Rosetta Stone Kids Lingo Word Builderalso builds upon the phonics foundation introduced in RosettaStone® Kids Lingo Letter Sounds. It’s the lively, fun way to helpmake kids stronger, more confident readers. This delightful,interactive learning app is kid-tested and designed by the worldleader in technology-based language learning, Rosetta Stone.Skills Developed:• Matching beginning letters to word families to build familiarwords.• Distinguishing different starting letter sounds in wordfamilies• Exploring opposite pairs, numbers, colors and greetings inSpanish vocabulary• Refining Spanish pronunciation• Building confidence speaking Spanish aloudKey Features:• Supports the Common Core Curriculum standards forKindergarten.• Parents’ Corner highlights skills introduced and child’sprogress.• Voiceovers reinforce letter sounds and provide just-in-timehints.• Speaking moments build kids’ confidence speaking Spanishaloud.• High frequency, high fun Spanish words and phrases pique kids’interest.• Rosetta Stone speech recognition engine provides instant feedbackand encouragement to improve pronunciation.• Progressive immersion optimizes exposure to Spanish words andphrases—offering new challenges.• Tested by kids• Free to Try! Free content includes Level 1 of phonemic awarenessand Spanish vocabulary including opposite pair Near & Far.Exciting new content released regularly – available through in-apppurchase.• Parent controls limit access to in-app purchases.Visit us: Us: us know what new word packs YOU would like: to learn more? Check out the Rosetta Stone Kids LingoLetter Sounds App!Rosetta Stone takes children's privacy very seriously. Use ofour apps is subject to Rosetta Stone’s End User License Agreementand Privacy Policy. ©2013. Rosetta Stone Ltd. All Rights Reserved.Rosetta Stone, GoGo Lingo and all related trademarks, logos,characters and content are the property of Rosetta Stone Ltd. andare used and/or registered in the United States and othercountries.
Rosetta Stone® Kids Letters
*** iKids Awards Winner - Best PreschoolLearning All (Smartphone) category**** “An engaging way for kids to practice phonics based letterrecognition.” – Forbes* “Makes learning Spanish skills fun for kids” – Appolicious* “An effective way to expose gently to Spanish vocabulary” –Common Sense Media* “Cleverly designed.” – Wall Street Journal* “A great game for kids and teaches language in a fun andeducational way” – ChildMODEPractice early reading skills and speak Spanish to control theaction! Tons of toys are trapped in bubbles! Can you rescue thembefore they float away? Match the correct starting letter sound torelease each toy and collect it. Speak Spanish words and phrasesaloud to really get the party started! Use new Spanishvocabulary—including dance, throw, and jump—to amp up the fun!Visit the toy shelf to look at all the toys you’ve won—andreinforce word recognition.Rosetta Stone® Kids Lingo Letter Sounds is the lively way to learn,read, and speak. This preschool learning game reinforces Englishreading skills while simultaneously introducing a new language.It’s a fun way to help make your child a stronger, more confidentreader. And it’s kid-tested and designed with your children in mindby the world leader in technology-based language learning, RosettaStone.Skills Developed:• Identifying beginning letter sounds of familiar, everydaywords• Distinguishing different starting letter sounds in wordfamilies• Recognizing upper and lower case letters• Exploring active Spanish vocabulary• Refining Spanish pronunciation• Building confidence speaking Spanish aloudKey Features:• Parents’ Corner highlights skills introduced and child’sprogress.• Engaging gameplay holds little learners’ attention and keeps themcoming back to learn more.• Spanish speaking moments build kids’ confidence speaking a newlanguage aloud.• High frequency, high fun Spanish words and phrases pique kids’interest.• Rosetta Stone Speech Recognition Engine provides instant feedbackand encouragement to improve pronunciation.• Smart sequencing encourages children to experience challenges,feel success, and demonstrate progress at every step.• Progressive immersion optimizes exposure to Spanish words andphrases—offering new challenges.Visit us: Us: our app trailers: us know what new word packs YOU would like:success@rosettastone.comWant to learn more? Check out the Rosetta Stone Kids® Lingo WordBuilder App.Rosetta Stone takes children's privacy very seriously. Use of thisapp is subject to Rosetta Stone's End User License Agreement (EULA)and Privacy Policy.©2013. Rosetta Stone Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Rosetta Stone, GoGoLingo and all related trademarks, logos, characters and content arethe property of Rosetta Stone Ltd. and are used and/or registeredin the United States and other countries.
Rosetta Stone® Kids Reading 1.3.271
Rosetta Stone® Kids Reading is theaward-winning program that teaches kids ages 3-7 how to read.Research-proven technology and engaging game play offer children apersonalized experience that teaches them to read at their ownpace—while expanding their horizons. Developed with reading andeducation experts, Rosetta Stone® Kids Reading introduces andreinforces core reading skills in engaging, self-paced interactivegames and activities.Explore the world with the Lingos—a colorful bunch of buddieswho love to read books and tell stories. Ten (10) lesson levelsfeature more than 50 games and 600 activities for your child toexplore. Each lesson level introduces children to a newlocation—and each destination presents a story-based problem forkids to solve by completing the learning activities and learningnew skills.KEY FEATURES:- Designed by the award winning Rosetta Stone Kids team andbuilt with research-proven technology, to increase children’sreading confidence.- 10 levels of reading activities crafted by award-winningexperts.- Children interact with engaging characters that give feedback andrewards to encourage success- Allows for multiple profiles, so children of different readinglevels can play on the same device.•Parents’ Corner highlights skills introduced and child’sprogress.DEVELOP READING SKILLSPRE-K- Print Awareness- Shape Recognition- Early Vocabulary Development- Listening SkillsKINDERGARTEN- Letter Names- Rhyming and Sound Awareness- Letter Sounds and Beginning Phonics- Sight Words- Early Comprehension Skills1St GRADE- Advanced Phonics- Spelling- Word Meanings- Reading Comprehensionand much more!PARENTS CORNER:- Best-in-class features for parents.- See detailed reports on your child’s progress and usage.- Manage accounts for multiple children.- Parents control access to in-app purchases.Check out our full lineup of kids’ learning apps:- Rosetta Stone® Kids Lingo Word Builder- Rosetta Stone® Kids Lingo Letter Sounds- Rosetta Stone® Kids ReadingVisit us: http://www.rosettastone.comLike us: our app trailers: us know what you think: success@rosettastone.comRosetta Stone takes children's privacy very seriously. Use ofthis app is subject to Rosetta Stone's End User License Agreement(EULA) and Privacy Policy.About Rosetta StoneRosetta Stone Inc. is changing the way the world learns. Thecompany's innovative technology-driven language, reading andbrain-fitness solutions are used by thousands of schools,businesses, government organizations and millions of individualsaround the world. Founded in 1992, Rosetta Stone pioneered the useof interactive software to accelerate language learning. Today thecompany offers digital, online and mobile courses in 30 differentlanguages. Rosetta Stone recently expanded beyond language anddeeper into education-technology with its acquisitions ofLivemocha, Lexia Learning, Vivity Labs, and Tell Me More. In 2013,the company established the Rosetta Stone Kids division andlaunched a set of award-winning apps for children ages 3-7,including Rosetta Stone Kids Lingo Letter Sounds, Rosetta StoneLingo Word Builder, and Rosetta Stone Fit Brains: Sparky'sAdventures. Rosetta Stone Kids Reading--designed to give youngchildren a fun and effective jump-start on reading--is the latestaddition to the Rosetta Stone Kids family. Rosetta Stone is basedin Arlington, VA, and has offices around the world.
Advanced Languages 3.1.0
** This app is currently available only to corporate subscribers.**Our mobile app lets you access your learning experience wheneverand wherever you like. Automatic syncing means you can go fromcomputer to mobile device and back again – and never lose yourplace in a lesson.You get: • Access to downloaded lessons anytime,anywhere. • A tailored learning experience based on your level andgoals.• Communication skills you can use immediately.• Real-timefeedback on your reading and pronunciation.• Clear markers ofprogress toward your learning goals.
TOTALe Companion™ 1.2.7
Exclusively for Rosetta Stone® TOTALe® subscribers, TOTALeCompanion™ is a dedicated app that lets you practice your newlanguage on select Android™ devices.NOTE: Only TOTALe subscribers have access to TOTALeCompanion.TOTALe Companion features• Rosetta Stone speech-recognition technology to help improvepronunciation• a touchscreen interface with bright, vivid screens that are easyto use and navigate• activities that help you review vocabulary and practice importantphrases from Rosetta CourseDownload today so you can practice and improve your languagelearning anytime, anywhere.To use this application you will need an Internet connection.To renew your online services, please visit My Account in TOTALe orcall us.Follow us on Twitter: @RosettaStoneLike us on Facebook: RosettaStone©2011 Rosetta Stone Ltd. All rights reserved. “Rosetta Stone,”“TOTALe” and other names used herein are registered trademarks ortrademarks of Rosetta Stone Ltd. in the United States and/or othercountries. Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
Rosetta Stone: Learn Languages 6.6.0
We believe anyone can learn another language. To speak fluentlydoesn’t come easily or overnight (and you should question anyonewho tells you otherwise). But we can show you how by making a planwith your motivation in mind. Ditch the books, translator, anddictionary, then try Rosetta Stone yourself for free. For the firsttime, we’re offering every one of our languages under onesubscription. Flip between languages as often as you’d like andenjoy the freedom to get seriously curious. To access, simplyselect Unlimited Languages when you subscribe. RECENT AWARDS • 2019PCMag Editors’ Choice • 2019 Tabby Awards Winner • 2019 Best MobileApp Awards: Best Designed App and Best Overall App Learn to speakSpanish, French, German, Italian, English, Japanese, Korean,Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian, Dutch, Filipino, Greek,Hebrew, Hindi, Irish, Persian, Polish, Swedish, Turkish,Vietnamese, and more! Available online or offline. Try for free.EXPANDED DESCRIPTION Millions of people have learned languagesusing Rosetta Stone®, and you’re next. From day one, you’ll: • Stayfocused with a personalized learning plan based on your motivation.• Learn languages intuitively using our proven immersion method. •Perfect your pronunciation with instantaneous feedback. • Downloadlessons to do everything offline. • Understand important grammar •Access different kinds of exercises with our Extended Learningfeatures. • Sync progress across all your devices. • And never seean ad, ever. Time to throw out your grammar books and dictionary.And say goodbye to your translator. Choose from 24 languages tolearn: Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Dutch, English (American orBritish), Filipino (Tagalog), French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi,Irish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Persian (Farsi), Polish,Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish (Latin American or Spain),Swedish, Turkish, or Vietnamese. Select a language learningsubscription: Choose from 3 and 12-month subscriptions—as well as aLifetime option. No grammar books or dictionary needed! Give it atry for free. Enterprise and Education Learners Unlimited use ofRosetta Stone's mobile app is available for existing Enterprise andEducation Learners. Features may vary for Enterprise and EducationLearners. Take lessons offline with downloads Learn to speak someof the world’s most spoken languages (without a translator):Spanish (Latin American or Spain) French German Italian English(American or British) Japanese Korean Chinese (Mandarin) ArabicPortuguese (Brazil) Russian Dutch Filipino (Tagalog) Greek HebrewHindi Irish Persian (Farsi) Polish Swedish Turkish Vietnamese Forquestions or assistance, please visit
RS Advantage Companion 2.0.2
Exclusively for Rosetta Stone® Advantage users, this vocabulary apphelps you develop intermediate to advanced language skills. Improveyour vocabulary on the go in as little as five minutes a day.You’ll practice your language in different scenarios, fromprofessional situations to everyday encounters. Short, interactiveactivities let you listen to vocabulary words, use them insentences, and identify them with pictures. Keep the words you’velearned fresh in your mind as you prepare for your next lesson andadvance toward your set goals.BENEFITS:• Practice vocabulary you’vealready learned and prepare for new lessons.• Hear how words arepronounced and see their translations.• Build confidence speakingwith our speech recognition technology.• Keep skills fresh withdifferent activities to promote bettercomprehension.LANGUAGES:DutchEnglish (American)English(British)FrenchGermanItalianSpanish (Latin America)Spanish (Spain)
Rosetta Stone: Fluency Builder 1.4.0
Our mobile app lets you access your learning experience wheneverand wherever you like. Automatic syncing means you can go fromcomputer to mobile device and back again—and never lose your placein a lesson. • Access to downloaded lessons anytime, anywhere. • Atailored learning experience based on your level and goals. •Communication skills you can use immediately. • Timely feedback onyour reading and pronunciation. • Clear markers of progress towardyour learning goals. ** This app is currently available tocorporate learners only. **
Rosetta Stone English Live Tutoring 1.4.3
Rosetta Stone, a global leader in the language learningindustrywith recognition from businesses, institutions and millionsofconsumers across the world is now introducing 1:1American-NativeEnglish tutoring. If you are looking to skillfullyand confidentlyspeak English, choose and attend our tutoringsessions with widelyranged topics and unlock your hidden languagepotential. Thistutoring service is offered in 1:1 setting •Practice your Englishwith live sessions that are in 25 minute eachtime covering a widearray of topics • Business, Daily Life, Triviaare just a few ofour large collections of topics to choose from •Rosetta Stonetutors are professional language educators within-depth educationtraining and experience to assist you with notjust speaking butpronunciation, grammatical structure andvocabulary. • Using ourAndroid app, you can easily start anytimeand anywhere. You cancancel your session with no questions asked •After each session,our tutors provide you with personalizedfeedback specific to yourprogress in English mastery. You will alsoreceive a review list ofvocabulary words and phrases to help createa complete learningexperience If you have questions regarding thisapp or furthersupport information, you can find thisat(