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Gridbreaker Mind Puzzle 1.0.2
Rottz Games
If you're familiar with Mastermind, then you'll love Gridbreaker! Alogic puzzle game that has simple rules but is very hard to master- a code breaker game that demands strategy and analytical thinkingto train your brain to solve any board in a few moves.Just like master mind but on a grid, you have to make a guess everyround on this puzzle, and you will be given hints on how good wereyour guesses - use those hints to improve your next guess, untilyou find the 4 hidden pins: a black hint pin means one of yourguesses is exactly over a hidden pin, and a white hint means one ofyour guesses is near a hidden pin - the same color scheme ofcodebreaker!You can mark the squares that you know are clear by simply touchingthem, similar to minesweeper, reducing the sweep area on the puzzlegrid where you think that the hidden pins might be.Made by the creators of Real Jigsaw, Real Einstein Riddle, RealNonogram, Real Kakuro and Real Sudoku, comes a new great pure logicpuzzle game. If you have any suggestions or problems, contact us fun!
Word Fit Fill-In Crosswords 1.0.4
Rottz Games
Word Fit is a word game with simple rules: exactly like cross wordsexcept instead of clues you have to drag the correct words to itsslot! Also known as Crosswords, Word Fit, Fill-Ins, Fill-It-In,Wordoku.Crosswords adapted to mobile: no typing required! Simplydrag the words to the slots. Use already known letters to help youfind the next correct words.• Three game modes available: LETTERS,NUMBERS or ICONS.• Four language options: ENGLISH, SPANISH, FRENCHor PORTUGUESE.• Four difficulty levels on each mode: EASY, MEDIUM,HARD or INSANE.• Over 3000 free boards to play!Feel free to contactus at