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Deer Hunting Simulation 1.1
Are you ready to become an expert shooter? If someone likesshooting, then here is an opportunity! You have to kill the Deerswith Body shots. Time and bullets management is required to becomean expert shooter. Use Sniper Gun & Scope to make your shootingmore accurate.Taking inspiration from a real-life deer hunting mission, DeerHunting Simulation lets you enjoy the thrills of being an experthunter. There are two checkpoints and you have to clear themkeeping in account the time and number of bullets. Don't waste yourtime; Just Download It & enjoy......********HOW TO PLAY*********1. Swipe the finger to move/rotate your gun around.2. Use Scope at bottom left for zoom in effect3. Tap Fire button at bottom right for shooting**********FEATURES*********** 3D FPS (First Person Shooter game) Simple but effective touch controls. Use your Sniper to aim the deer from a distance. Realistic Forest Environment with Waterfall effect. Great 3D graphics with realistic game play Realistic sound effect.Note: This free game is supported by advertisement Ads withinthe game only as per Google Policy.
Wolf Hunting Challenge 1.1
Best ever game made for those who love to huntin cold weathers,who take risk of his life in most dangerousjungles in the life is the most precious thing ,this gamewill assist you to promote your hunting skills and get theknowledge of different beasts.With the most effective internationally known M24 sniper gun ,enjoyhunting wolfs in strange circumstances.Be careful of these bloody beasts as they are thirsty for blood ,and they will get a good meal with your flesh.Be aware of wolfs wondering all around in the thick jungle,so mustbe attentive while playing it.Features:Wolf Hunting Challenge is a free to play FPS huntingsimulator,Wolf Hunting Challenge is most visually stunning FPS huntingsimulator on Android!Travel in Jungle for find Wild attacking Wolfs,Great shooting mechanics and lush,Challenging Levels,Enjoy playing this 3D game with eye catching graphics.Note: This free game is supported by advertisement Ads withinthe game only as per Google Policy.
Combat Cover Attack - Team 1.1
Your first arm team is going to attack on the enemy’s base camp.You are appointed as a sniper to clean their way and give themcover fire. The team is divided into three troops and you have tosave them all. You have to perform your roll until your team takesvictory.There is a real environment in combat cover attack. You canshoot according your senses. There are some explosives and fueldrums which help you to remove the enemy and clear way. Use thetelescope for long range target. Red bar shown on the enemy’s whenthey are mix up with your team soldiers.Drag you screen to take theaim. Hit it by touch the fire button. Clear the castle walls beforeyour soldier enter. Hit the first who is worst. The picture oftroop leader will blink which need your help most.Features:- Thetroops- Explosion with fire- Player sense depended- Enemy Castle-Hard Task
Operation Burning Dusk 1.0
Offline team shooting game which demands strategy…. Use the beststrategy to defeat your opponents…!A group of terrorists attack onthe city and their mission is to plant the bombs all around thecity and blast them all. There are many important buildings andinfer structures in the city which have great importance. Theyentered the city from different sides with their bombs to beplanted and heavy ammunition. Their assault rifles never stop.There are professional and highly trained. You are a team of highlytrained and professional soldiers and snipers. Two of you are bestassault soldier and two are the finest snipers. The goal of yourteam is to stop the terrorists to destroy the city at any coast.Don’t hesitate to kill them all for your people safety. The team isarmed with light and heavy both weapons. Two assault soldiers haveAK-47, Beretta and rocket launcher RPG-7 and the snipers havinglatest sniper guns. Team members are located on the best places todefeat the terrorists. How to Play:- Touch on the soldier photoicon to select the suitable arm of your team- Drag on the screen toselect the target.- Change the weapon of assault soldiers by touchon respective weapon- Tap on fire button in right bottom corner toshoot the enemies- Tap on telescope button on right centre ofscreen- Slide bar is given on the left bottom of zooming texture toadjust the percentage of zoomUse your best strategy it’s all abouthow you plan to eliminate them.Features:- Easy to play- Strategicwar- Team work- RPG-7- Team shooting- Suitable Time limit
Final Sniper Shooter 1.2
You have been a charge as a commando soldierto kill all your enemies with your own equipped weapons.You are expected to do an awesome job and succeed at all costs.Save your camp from all enemies.They are too many.. So hurry, kill them all before they get you.Now its all up older.Features:• 3D First Person Shooter game• Simple and smooth touch controls.• User friendly interface.• Enemy AI• Eye catching environments.• Effective sounds.• Realistic world 3D war zone.• While crossing the way avoid from obstaclesHow to play:• Touch & Drag the screen anywhere to move/rotate/aim your gunleft, right, up or down• Tap Fire button at bottom right to fire any selected weapon• For enemy at far distance, use your sniper to shoot themDisclaimer:This game is ad-supported, If you have any queries or complaints,please feel free to contact us. Thank You for choosing our game. Wehope you have great experience with it.
Goat Survival Run 1.1
In this game you are playing as a goat. Youare in a jungle, eating grass. A dangerous lion that are coming forattack. You must be run in the jungle for survival. Run carefully,don't collide with any hurdle, trees or bushes. If you collide withany thing, then lion reach near to you easily and kill you. In thisgame check your control expertise.How to play:- Tilt your device for left right movement- Avoid from collide- Run carefully and save from lionFeatures:- Goat- Lion- Easy to play- Good graphics
Frontline Commando Assault 1.1
We’ve come up with the best shootinggameacross Android for those that always need a target. We’ve gotthefull-blown first-person shooter that nearly brings theconsoleexperience to your phone and tablet.Ready to lock and load with the best shooting game outthere?Frontline Soldier Assault is a smart mix offirst-person-shooterand tactical strategy. In the heat of battle,players go throughprecarious missions. There’s an over-archingsingle-player campaignfull of relentless and brute firepower. Aneasily accessiblesnap-to target system keeps things moving, plusgyroscopic controlshelp with slight adjustments while looking downthe crosshairs.For players that are looking for something more than just runandgun, Frontline Soldier Assault offers a refreshing mix.Frontline Soldier Assault continues to be thequintessentialterrorist-shooting experience on mobile. The graphicsare amazing,the controls have also been streamlined for touch; allyou have todo is move the crosshairs over a bad guy, and shoot thelivingdaylights out of the baddie. Frontline Soldier Assault bringsinoutstanding graphics, fluid controls, and a rich back-story tokeepthings moving.Players navigate between firefights with intuitive swipe andtapgestures, progress their character in specific specialties.How To Play:- Navigate varied environments and battle terrorists withsimplegyroscopic swipe and tap controls.- Fight off increasingly difficult waves of enemies over avarietyof combat mission types.- Blast your way through hordes of bad guys with a vast arrayofweapons in this robust HD Android FPSGame Features:- Advanced lighting effects- Beautifully rendered environments, and pro voices.- Advanced combat A.I. – enemies flank, seek cover, andutilizeteamwork to take you down.- A soundtrack that intensifies the tone of the game.- Free to play.- Frontline Soldier Assault is one of the finest firstpersonshooter hd game for Android smartphones & tablets thatofferhigh quality console graphics and multiplayer shootingexperiencewith deadly weapons for different assaults andbattles.- experience exhilarating gameplay and amazing graphics
Catch The Frizbee 1.0
Catch the Frizbee is a fun game for allages!You have to train your dog for catching Frizbees. Frizbeesaregenerated randomly and you have to collect Frizbees by movingthedog left right with buttons. Once your dog is in line withthefrizbee, swap the screen for dog to jump and catch the frizbee.Youwill score 10 points for each catch. Be alert! Some frizbeesarewith blade cutter and will injure your dog so avoid catchingthoseFrizbees. Some frizbees have bonus stars as well. By catchingthosefrizbees you will get bonus points.How to Play:• Use Left – Right buttons to move the dog to get in line withthefrizbee• Swap screen to catch the frizbee• Avoid catching the frizbees with blade cutterFeatures:• Amazing 3D environment with HD Graphics• Frizbees with bonus points• Infinite frizbees. So keep catching• Free to download and have fun.
Eagle Fishing - Game for kids 1.0
Eagle Fishing and Hungry Sharks isfreesimulation game in which you will help eagle to cross the sea.Helpeagle for fishing but avoid from big fishes and hungry sharks.There is an eagle who wants to cross the sea and increasehisstrength. It is a very intricate and adventures journey ofeagle’slife. Eagle has many hurdles and dangers in this journey.Tocomplete his mission eagle has to fly energetically and wisely.Heshould get the things which give him benefits in his journey andbeaware from the danger and restriction in this voyage.There are two types of fish in the oceanSmall size fish:which weight is less than eagle’s power to lift so when eagleflyover these fish he got them, fly up and eat them to increaseitsenergy which is essential to complete his journey.Big size fish:which’s weight is more than eagle’s power to lift so wheneagletries to catch these fish he cannot lift them up and drown inthesea.So eagle should catch the fish wisely.There are some boots and hills in the ocean. There is no rest intheeagle journey so avoid these boots and hills when eagle strikewiththem he will fall down and journey will over.There are some rewards for eagle in the form of rings. Wheneaglepassing through the ring he get bonus points.The performance or score depends how far eagle can fly safely.How to play:- Eagle will never fall until he catches the wrong fish orstrikethe hurdles or boots.- To get the height in eagle’s fight touch the up screen and tomakeit down touch the down screen- To control the left and right movement of the eagle tiltyourdevice in respective direction.Features:- Eagle- Fish- Easy to play- Good graphics
3D Cargo Transporter - Truck 1.0
If you are getting bore. Here is way togetfun. Hey! Now you are owner of Heavy Cargo Truck which is loadedbycargo luggage. You have to drive truck on a trackavoidingobstacles & hurdles. There are two different climatesbe awareof that. Hurry Up! drive save and with convenient tosuccessfullyreach your destination. Now its all up to you. Have funwithamazing truck Simulation ..Features:- Simple and smooth touch and tilt controls.- User friendly interface.- Eye catching environment with Heavy Truck SimulatorforAndroid.- Effective sounds.- Fun realistic loaded truck to drive and easilycontrollable.- Amazing 3D world.How To Play:- Use Gas or Brake pedals to move or stop.- Use Tilt controls to move right and left.Disclaimer:This game is ad-supported, If you have any queries orcomplaints,please feel free to contact us. Thank You for choosingour game. Wehope you have great experience with it.
Bottle Shooting Expert 1.0
In Bottle Shooting Expert player will havemanybottles on a table and he has to broken these bottles with thehelpof a Catapult holding the stone.When the stone will hit the bottle ,it will break and playerwillget a score.If the player break consecutive bottles the score willbeincremented automatically.But if the player failed to hit bottle ,then score will startfrom1.When all bottles will be broken a new pattern of bottles willbeplaced automatically.Player has to achieved a specific target on each level to proceedonnext level otherwise level will be failed.From 2nd level ,shield will be generated on bottles.Player willhaveto avoid from shield.if stone hit the shield the score willstartagain from 1.How to play:Swipe back Catapult with the help of finger and it will releasethestone that will hit the bottles.Features:- variety of levels.- target size changed from level to level.- Realistic sounds of broken glasses.- simple!- free
Bike Attack Race : Stunt Fight 1.0
What is Bike Attack Race all about?Bike Attack race : Stunt Fight is distinguished from otherbikeracing plus fighting simulators by a faithful reproductionoftactical maneuvers of bike racing on curvy road and bike controlaswell as various other shooting facets than when compared tootherbike racing games.Are you ready to playing bike attack racing game consistingofthe closest to the real physics bike? Race, stunt and fightwithracing rivals through a never ending exciting curvy roadadventurewith 10 amazing bikes. Fight with other bikes by kickingandpunching on their bike so that their attention from theracedeviates. Tilt the phone left right to move bike leftright.Perform exciting stunts to get bonus cash. Satisfy yourpassiontowards race by playing 3d bike racing game. Earn cash bywinningthe races. Buy new exciting Bikes from the store. This 3DBikeracing game consists of many levels having different featuresandchallenges.Fighting with Racing Rivals:You must have played many racing games but the excitement ofthisfree racing game is that you get a chance of testing yourdrivingand fighting skills all together. Drive your bike as youcan toreach your destination on time. Fight with your rivals bykick,punch, axe and baseball bat. Shoot them out by pistol andshotgun.Also discover your skills of police cars shooting.Crazy Stunts Rider:Get a bulk of thrill and excitement with this new bikestuntsgame! Perform incredible, crazy and extreme bike stunts,drive upramps through hilly and challenging curvy track.How to Play:- Tilt your device to control the bike- Tap Kick and Punch button to fall down your opponent Bikes- Collect different Pickups of Boost, Stunts and Power- Smash gangsters going away from you- Avoid from different obstacles and vehicles, gangsterscomingtowards you and gangsters with bike- Race as many as you can to earn cash.Features of Bike Attack Race:- Realistic 3D graphics with dynamic lighting andamazingenvironment of highway.- Real Bike movement.- Different amazing heavy sports and chopper Bikes.- Superb Environment.- Support for HD phone devices and tablets.- Good quality sound effects.- User friendly GUI and controls.- Free Game Just Install and Enjoy..!We are working hard continuously to make bike attack race betterandgive you real bike racing experience so keep an eye on itsupcomingupdates.
Deer Hunting Quest 1.2
Taking inspiration from a real-lifeDeerHunting experience, Deer Hunting Quest lets you enjoy thethrillsof being an expert hunter. There are three checkpoints andyou haveto clear all keeping in account the time and number ofbullets.Time and bullets management is required to become anexpertshooter. There is a gift of extra bullets also. Keep youreyes opento find out bonus bag filled with bullets. Don't wasteyour time;Just do It.How To Play- Tilt your device left & right to rotate your gunaround.- Tilt your device back and forth to move your gun upanddown.- Tap on fire button at bottom right for shooting.- Customize your weapon using button at bottom left.Features:- Simple but effective tilt control.- First Person Perspective game- Night Vision- Sniper Effect to aim the deer at a distance.- Multiple game Modes ( Easy, Medium, Hard)- Great 3D graphics with realistic game play- Eye catching Environment.- Realistic Sound effect.