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Euchre 6.0
Euchre is a trick-taking card game most commonly played with fourpeople in two partnerships with a deck of 24 standard Euchreplaying cards.Euchre is the game responsible for introducing theJoker card into modern packs;this was invented around 1860 to actas a top trump or best bower.Euchre believed to be closely relatedto the French game Écarté that was popularised in the United Statesby the Pennsylvania Dutch, and to the seventeenth-century game ofbad repute Loo. It may be sometimes referred as "Knock Euchre" todistinguish it from Bid Euchre.Features:1- smart robot.2- easy tolearn and fast.3- beautiful design and sounds.4- Facebook is comingsoon.
Spades Pro 1.0
Play your favorite classic card game, Spades, online or offlineanytime!Prepare for some card playing, Spades laying, point slayingaction!Now you can play Spades online or offline anytime you haveyour mobile device in hand! This fantastically cool Spades gamebrings you fantastic graphics, awesome effects, and some down ndirty Spades competition that will have you coming back again andagain! Brilliantly designed and expertly created for both seriousSpades players and casual card players alike, Spades Pro is perfectfor card players of all types. Complete with offline mode, thiseasy to learn card game lends itself nicely seasoned Spades playersand new players! Join the table and start the fun with SpadesPro!Spades Pro Features:• Fun card game• Great Spades game• Onlineand offline modes• Awesome graphics and effects• Brilliantlycreated Spades game app• Card playing at its finest is what you canexpect• System Points for playersPlay Spades Pro online or offline.It’s the Spades game you can count on!
Baloot 6.0
The game has its origin in france and has recently found greatpopularity in the middle east, especially in Saudi Arabia andKuwait. The game is played by 4 players using a normal deck ofcards. All the cards of rank 6 and lower from all suits are removedand not used in play. The jokers are also removed, which leaves 32cards in the game with each player getting 8 cards in his hand.Thetwo players facing each other work as a team to win as many highranking cards as possible. While the goal of games like kout andspades is to win as many rounds in a single hand, Balot differsslightly in that the goal is not to win as many rounds as possible,but to win the rounds in which high ranking cards are played in. Assuch, cards are associated with point value, and winning as manycards with high values by winning the rounds they are played inwould win you the game.Round:When each player plays a single card,winning the round follows rules similar to spades and kout whichare detailed in this document, but the points won in each rounddepend on the cards that are played during the round. This is alsoreferred to as a "Trick"Hand:A hand is complete when 12 rounds areplayed (i.e., all cards held by all players are played), the teamwith the highest number of collected points wins the hand andscoring is determined based on rules that we will explain in thedocument.Game:A game is completed when a team accumulates 151points in total, beating the other team.San:When the bidding teamchooses to play the current hand with no trump suit.Hokom:When thebidding team chooses a suit to be played as a trump for the currenthand. Hokom literally means suit.Ashkal:Is a special kind ofnon-trump bid (San), in which the card the players are bidding ongoes to the team mate instead of the biddingplayer.----PointsPoints collected from round win are calculated asfollows based on the cards won in each round:For all suits (excepta trump suit in Hokom game)A: 11 points10: 10 pointsK: 4 pointsQ: 3pointsJ: 2 points9 & 7 & 8: 0 pointsFor the trump suitonly:J: 20 points9: 14 pointsA: 11 points10: 10 pointsK: 4 pointsQ:3 points7 & 8: 0 points
Whist 4.0
Summary: Whist is a simple trick taking game, played in pairs. Theplayers sitting across from each other are a team and together theytry to get as many tricks as possible. Bid Whist is a comparativelynew game of the Whist family. In certain regions, it has gained aconsiderable following. Since then, some of the rules have changed.Features:1- Beautiful design and animation.2- Easy and fast tolearn and play.3- Smart robots.4- 2 Engines with different rulesand difficulties.5- Facebook and online version is coming soon.