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Santas Christmas Gift Joy Ride 1.6
Santa Claus (aka Father Christmas) is a busy man this time of year.Lots of gifts to make, places to fly, and finding out which kidshave been naughty or nice; he's got his hands full.With children all around the world eager to see their Christmaspresents he needs help from his reindeer to get them delivered ontime.Control Santa Claus to ride his sleigh and give a gift to eachreindeer by moving next to them. Santa will drop a gift on theirsled automatically and they will fly off to send them around theworld. Don't bump in to the back of a reindeer sleigh or a reindeeron it's own, or it's game over.FEATURES★ Lots of levels to unlock and 2 game modes.★ Super easy to play and perfect for children.★ Festive Xmas music to get you in the spirit.WHAT PEOPLE THINK★★★★★ "A joy to play, i love the little reindeer running and themusic just feels so festive. its cool when they fly off too" - jetmom - Dec 20 2014★★★★★ "i hit the reindeer a couple of times but got the hang ofit in the end. a great little xmas pack for kids, easy to controland it has lots of levels" - angel wings 11 - Dec 19 2014Now help Santa Claus and make it a super happy Christmas for thewhole world :)
SniperXXX 3D Sniper Shooter Ki 2.4
This is an island full of dead zombies walkingeverywhere. An ultimate gory horror environment and you’re the onlyman alive. There is only one rule on this dead island – “shoot tokill”. Take a role of assassin with your sniper rifle. Be theultimate sniper and bring out your killer instinct to blow offzombie heads. Blast those walking beasts in the head to make themdead in one shot. Every shot counts!FEATURES- Scope bullet-follow camera action. You can view it in slowmotion.- 3D FPS style controls.- Extreme horror environment and gory body splattinganimations.If you love sniper scope games with clickdeath type controlsthen hit the download button now and enjoy!Note: Sniper XXX is also available on iPhone and coming soon toOculus VR.
Galaxy Clash 2 Fire Lord (HD) 6.8.0
DOWNLOAD THE TOP SHOOTER TODAY - Galaxy Clash2 : Fire Lord.BOOM !! The legend is back. The monster clans of Zaxxon are out forvengeance since their defeat with the battle of the sonic firealliance team. But we aim to bring the war to them and strikefirst, in their space, on their home world. Get your war face oncadet and fly in to action again..TOP POINT- Boom through a fleet of mini ships, epic boss battle 's and be alegend.- Choose from 5 different team cadet 's with different powerups.- Upgrade your space ship, shoot power, and flashout weapons formore impact.- Collect coins to unlock all war zones, ships, and team pilot's.GUIDE- Tap on the screen to move your ship. Laser fire isautomatic.- Double tap to shoot your super plasma weapon.- Collect gold coins as they appear. These can be used in the shopor load out screen.Now jump in and blast away :)Please share your opinion by giving a star rating.The Run And Gun Free Games Team
Kill The Ragdoll Stickman Dism 1.0
Enjoy this ragdoll stickman dismount game with great fun ofphysics. Push the ragdoll stickman off the towers, smash his face,hit him in the wall and let him go down. Generate unlimited pain tothe dummy stickman and kill him now.- Lot of levels to smash him and dismount him in.- Super easy to play – just adjust the power and press “OK” to lethim be hit by walls and go down.- Great fun with real world physics.If you love physics games with lot more pain and torture thenhit the download button now to have some great fun torturing thedummy stickman. Don’t forget to smash his face and give much morepain to pass all the levels :).
YOU ESCAPE 2 : 4 In 1 Game Pac 11
Shoot n jump your man from platform toplatform in this amazing 2d platformer shooter. Last through theretro levels and leave no villain standing as you shoot them in totiny pixel’s. With lots of levels to explore, gun’s to unlock, andrpg elements, you’ll be playing for hours.FEATURES- 4 games in 1 pack. A mix of shooting, run, and platform games in1.- Great 256 color palette retro art.- Don’t panic! More 2D games added each month. Always download thenewest version from the app store.
3D Ninja Warrior Run 1.0
3D ninja warrior run is an amazing swordfighting platformer game. It’s the age where ninjas are heroes.Take part in this ninja war and prove yourself as a greatassassin.Keep running in the forest like an assassin and finish all thesamurai warriors with your blade. Children who like to watch ninjahattori cartoon will like this game too. Be a swift ninja runner.Collect the coins and go through the flames to increase your life.HOW TO PLAYVery easy to play. Just tap on the left and right to move forwardand backward. Watch out for enemy blades.Tap on the up arrow key to jump over the obstacles.Don’t try to jump over the samurais rather kill them with yourblade, sword or ninja dragon star. Tap on the dragon star to throwit towards samurais.Download this ultimate sword fighting game and taste the fun inthe age of ninja heroes.
Clumsy Shark Fishing 2014 1.0.0
It’s you vs the ocean! Get rich by catchingfish, sharks and other sea creatures in an underwater paradise.Dive deep down in your cage and just tap the screen to shoot yourharpoon. Earn gold with each catch. Upgrade your gun and catchschools of crappie fish, golden shark and even a crocodile. Be aspearfishing champion today.
KILL THE NINJA : Bad Guy Run 2 1.5
Fight ninja after ninja in this epic infinityrunner. Run through a beautiful ancient universe, jump up parkourstyle, and slice ninja villain’s and boss’ with your stars. Unlockcosplay uniforms, 3 characters, new weapons, and leave no enemystanding.A fun game for when your bored. You can play offline, no wifineeded.
SHMUP WARS : Top Down Shooter 1.4
Want to kill a million aliens? Can youcomplete all 100 levels? Want to blast apart wave after wave ofenemy ships? Then download SHMUP WARS now and start shooting - thebest twin stick space shooter in the app store. Hours and hours ofawesome blasting action; weapon upgrades; beautiful space scenes;amazing tight controls; and an awesome soundtrack.FEATURES- 100 levels of intense space battle action.- Upgrade your weapons.- Amazing twin stick controls perfectly tuned.- Get free coins in the shop scene.Players who love classic style top down space shooters will lovethis.Download it now for free.
Jelly Sponge Of Goo - Flick Ju 1.0
Jelly Sponge Of Goo - Flick Jump fly - One ofthe best physics puzzle games is now here on android. An easy toplay, flying goo puzzle game with multiple world 's. Great, simplefun for adults and kids.FEATURES★ Move your goo and flick him around with your finger to reach thegoal basket.★ Explore a gorgeous world and lots of themes to challenge yourselfwith.★ Collect goo friends and help them escape too. Control extra gooballs in the level.STORYGoo, our little jelly sponge pet is trying to get through the worldand rescue all his friends on the way. They were lost and it's yourjob to help him find them and flick them all in to the balloonbasket to ride home. Take your time, calculate your shots carefullyand make Goo a jelly hero.
Can You Live For 60 Seconds 2 1.2
DOWNLOAD IT NOW WHILE IT'S FREE!Simple, Elegant, Beautiful. Can You Live For 60 Seconds 2 is thesequel to the addictive hit game on android and iOS. Simply dodgethe falling blocks by moving left and right. Once you reach thetime limit you move to the next level.With gorgeously simple graphics and calm music, Can You Live For60 Seconds 2 will take you out of your busy day and in to arelaxing gaming experience.FEATURES- Amazing addictive gameplay.- 30 levels to play through.- Simple elegant design and relaxing piano music.- Lots of game play time and a great challenge, anyone can playthis game.Download it now while its free, and enjoy :)
KILL YOUR BF Death Of Stickman 1
Get revenge on this stickman boyfriend. Beathim real good for his bad behavior and cheating. Crush the dummyguy with a weight, shoot him with slingshot arrows, shot him on thespike door and more. Unleash ur anger on this stick character inthe torture chamber :)FEATURES:- Super easy clickdeath type controls.- Different weapon load out each time you start.- Funny ragdoll physics which means 100's of ways for him todie.- Perfect time killer for the fun loving spouse.HOW TO PLAY:Just pull back the slingshot arrows and let go to shoot thestickman to murder him. Use other weapons by shooting them down andbuild up as many pain points as you can.Download Kill Your Bf Death Of Stickman today and show him who'sthe boss in the relationship :D
DUMB STICKMAN 3 Kill Him Dash 3
Leap in to this super fun maze runner doodlegame. Super hard to reach the end of the line! Avoid the deathobjects, don't die, and be the best gravity runner. Just tap on thescreen while running to perform a perfect backflip to avoid thoseblocks. Help the dummy guy run hard and reach the goal.With dumb proof controls and cool doodle style game play you'rein for some super fun! This is gravity jump madness at itsbest.Follow us on Facebook and share with friends here: Jumping :)
Kill The Ragdoll Stickman 2 2.0
Become a savage killer and torture the dummyragdoll guy as much as you can to make him dead! Get ready toinflict some damage to this ugly stickman. Dismount him hard offthe mountains, break his bones, smash him into turbo cars eventhrow him into a volcano.Earn pain points to unlock levels in this super torturing game withgreat realistic physics. People who wants to unleash their angryinstinct and kill, don’t wait to download “Kill the RagdollStickman 2” and get relief from stress :)If you love this crazy torture game then follow us and sharewith your friends on facebook here: Killing ;)
You Escape Sometimes : World 1.0
The world number 1 hardest maze action gameever is here. Challenge yourself by trying to escape the room ifyou can, in YOU ESCAPE SOMETIMES : WORLDS HARDEST QUEST.Play through room after room and get to the end of the maze byavoiding all the red kill blocks, try not to die if you can.TOP POINTS★ Over 40 maze levels to challenge you.★ 2 quest modes - normal action, and blind.★ Killer music and 8 bit old style effects.★ Easily control for kids and adults to play. Joy for all.HOW TO PLAY- Just drag your white bit and get to the green door to escape themaze.- Pick up ever blue bit.- Stay away from the the red killing bit 's.
Kill The High Dummy Monster 1 1.1
Don't let them bite your fingers. Dodge thedanger, kill them high, and get as far as you can in this addictingsuper casual game. Mmm it's lunch time for monsters, lets see if wecan change that.
Kill Your Bf Fall : SNUX 2 1.5
It's time for a ragdoll death adventure !!Blast the stick man around the screen, break him on spikes, orsmash him on the spinning saw's. There is just one goal, cause asmuch pain as you can to your stickman. He can't dodge his fatemuuuaahhh haha :DFEATURES- Great ragdoll stickman physics simulator.- Different fall's each time you play.- Great splat and pain sounds.HOW TO PLAY- Tap the man and run your finger a cross the screen to extend thearrow.- Let go to make him fly.- Get the biggest score you can.NOTESAlso check out SNUX 1 (Kill Your Bf) here: go be blaster :)The Run And Gun Games Team
Clumsy Cookie Traffic Jam 1.0
Clumsy Cookie Traffic Jam - tasty sugar foodfun. Once you play this your mouth will water for some chocolate ncandy :) Tap the traffic light colored cookies as fast as possiblefor 1 minute to un-jam them before the time run out. A great puzzleclicker game.FEATURES★ Easy single tap game play, any age can play.★ Beautiful, mouth watering food art work.★ World leader boards, fight for the top score with friends.★ Great to improve your speed time in other tap games, become aninja.HOW TO PLAYTap the traffic colored cookie when they appear and get the bestscore in 1 minute. Tap red ones 1 time, yellow 2 times and green 3times. When an arrow appears, tap the space next to the arrow. Highscore will get added to heyzap. Just tap the world leader boardsbutton in the main menu to view them.Happy Gaming :)The Run And Gun Free Games Team
Kill The Bad Stickman Boss 1 2
Kill the bad stickman boss – is an extremestickman clickdeath game. Drag the dummy clown boss in to yourtorture chamber and give the guy super pain. Torture the jerk bigtime. It’s your chance for revenge, unleash your anger on this badguy boss and kill that clown good. Trigger different weapons likethe machine gun, boxing fist, and even a samurai sword.Features:- Idiot proof tap n drag controls and funny stickman styleart.- An arsenal of weapons to torture the dummy boss.- You can also drag that dummy clown and smash his face on thewalls.Super fun and ultra easy to play. Get inside the torture chamberand use every weapon to dash that dirty office jerk. Just build-upas much pain points as you can in 30 seconds.
Jetpack Girl Fart : Alice Vs B 1.1
Jetpack Girl Fart : Alice Vs Birds - a newgame to fart your way across the sky in one of the best kids flyinggames on android.★ One of the funniest flying games on android - LAUGHINGGUARANTEED !!★ Ride Alice across the sky with her mega farts jetpack style★ 1 finger tap game playHOW TO PLAYSo easy to play. Get the best score possible by flying Alice as faras you can by farting. Just tap anywhere on the screen to activateyour jetpack fart. Ride past all the birds, don't touch them orit's game over.People who love endless flying games will love this game too.Download it today and have some smelly fun :)
Super Retro Ball Dodge X 3.0
So you think you're a gaming ninja, try yourfinga at this.Super Retro Ball Dodge X is here. The most addictive puzzle gamefor android. With easy to play but impossible to master game playcontrols, it will keep you coming back for hours.★ The most addictive impossible retro game on android !!★ Super easy to control and play !!★ Retro arcade game style graphics and feel !!HOW TO PLAYJust use 1 finger to rush your 3D cube around the screen. Avoid allthe balls and collect as many geometry stars as possible to get thehighest score. You can unlock ring bombs, which activate wheneveryou hit a ball.Join on facebook and post your score:
Candy Jewel Clash 2 - Bubble
Candy Jewel Clash 2 – is an awesome bubbleshooter mania game! Dash through the kingdom of candy and hunt yourjewels with ultimate fun! This bubble shooter game will take you toa colorful splash zone. Enjoy the pops while shooting bubbles!Super easy to play. Match 3 bubbles of the same color and blast. Bea bubble shooter, splash them and hunt your jewels and candy!FEATURES- Awesome shooter with colorful gameplay.- Pop into the sweet kingdom and collect them.- Super easy – just match three bubbles of same color and blastthem down.- Amazing game play, cool pop sound effect while shooting; huntjewels and gems and many more!HOW TO PLAYMove your canon to switch the direction and shoot! Remember toshoot at the same colors to blast them down.Begin your amazing journey to this beautiful island zone andkill boredom! Super fun for all ages!
Stay In The Tank : Inside Line 1.1
Enemy forces are swarming across our border,and their disreputable fleet is everywhere. Select your armoredkilling machine, modify and upgrade it to get an advantage over theenemy, and hurry to the front lines to crush him!Take down enemies with cannons, bazookas, lasers and other weapons.Fast paced tank action on your smartphone. Roll out and let theTank battle begin!*** Warning: This game is extremely addictive.Features• Fight against different types of artificially intelligenttanks.• Realistic physics: Bullet deflects if hits an obstacle.• Destructive Environment: Knock down walls and buildings.• Variety of tanks: Unlock and choose a tank that suits youstyle.• Special items: First Aid, Repair Kit, Armor, Speed and muchmore.• Upgrades: Power up your tank with the ability to upgrade itspower, armor, speed and much more.• Earn point, stars and bonuses to brag about.Download STAY IN THE TANK today for free.
SKIPPY NO! Dont Die Today Kill 1.4
Can you beat the 100 meters world record?Think you got what it takes, well come test your finger's in SKIPPYNO! Don't Die Today You'll Kill Yourself.Help Skippy not kill himself today and jump as high as possible.Just tap the screen as he run's to make him jump and dont touch anyplatforms.Players who love run and jump games like skippy squirrel willlove this game too.Download it today for free!!
Hoppy Cart Puppy And Frog Ride 1.0
DOWNLOAD IT TODAY FOR FREE - Hoppy Cart PuppyAnd Frog Ride.The best jumpy game on iphone now comes to Android !! 2 bestfriends out to travel the world and get rich in their own littlemine cart. Help them hop over the hills, doge mine 's, and collectas many coins as possible. Just tap the screen to jump or doublejump, its that simple.FEATURES★ Super cute dog and frog art.★ Save your top coin collected score.★ Great old school style graphics.★ Very simple jumpy game play.Show your support by rating Hoppy Cart Puppy And Frog Ride.
Vird The Tiny Flying Dragon 1.8
Virds got tiny little wings and needs yourhelp flapping. Tap like crazy, fly like a bird and get your petdragon as far as you can through all the shuriken obstacles.FEATURES★ Super addictive and simple jumpy game play.★ Save your top score and number of deaths.★ Great NES / SNES style graphics.★ Cute and catchy music.
Rush In The Kingdom : Pixel S 1.3
The zombie 's have taken over christmas,no-one is safe.Run as far as you can, save yourself, and kill all the zombie elfand deer with your knight sword. Battle through the frontier in oneof the most addictive and simple to play games on mobile.TOP POINTS★ Great fun, to kill the zombies with your sword just feelsgreat.★ Multiple stages. Speed increases with each level.★ Cool retro art style, a throw back to early atari and nintendogames.★ Keep your high score and try to beat it.HOW TO PLAYVery direct controls. Just swipe anywhere on the screen to moveleft and right. Avoid all the zombie elf and deer. Kill them withyour sword by standing to the side of them.Happy Killing :P
Blade Star X : Space War fare 13.0
Blade Star X : Space War fare - one of thebest old school console style games is now on Android.Take yourself back to the golden years of home console / pcgames - the sega genesis, the super nintendo, and get in to thatold school space shooter feel.★ Addictive 80's console / pc games style action.★ Cool atari 2600 style graphics.★ Kill wave after wave of geometry invaders !!★ Upgrade your laser guns for extra shooting power !!Your mission is to kill as many geometry invaders as possible inone of the coolest top down space shooter games on android.HOW TO PLAYBlade Star X is one of the easiest games to play. Just tap anywhereon the screen to fly your ship. Avoid hitting the geometry invadersand kill as many as possible, kill larger ones to get a higherscore. You have 100 points of shield to start with. Collectgeometry stars so you can unlock more guns for extra fire power.You can get 100 free geometry stars by posting your score to yourfacebook wall.Happy Shooting :)The Run And Gun Free Games Team
Super Bug Killer : Fly Slice 13.0
Don't you just hate flies and bee ‘s. Doesn'tit just drive you crazy when they buzz around your head for hourson end. Well its time to get your sword out and do some wingcutting in Super Bug Killer : Fly Slice.★ Slice up annoying flies and bees with your ninja sword!!★ Splat bug blood everywhere !!★ Super easy to pick up and play, just use one finger !!★ Download it while it free and have fun now !!NOW WITH WORLD LEADERBOARDS, AND YOU CAN CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDSONLINE TO A MATCH BY TAPPING ON THE LEADERBOARD BUTTON AND THEN THECHALLENGE BUTTON.HOW TO PLAYJust touch the screen with one finger and swipe your sword. Slicethe fly 's and bee ‘s and stop them reaching the other side of thescreen. Don’t slice any of the cute lady bugs or its game over.
Underpants Super Hero 1.7
This hero in underpants is our real superhero!! Does this underwear have any super powers? Let's find out.Focus on the stage, not on the undergarments, and help our herojump high. Make him land safely of course or you are out of luckand it's game over.TOP POINTS:- Just tilt to move the man, zero learning curve, just focus on theplatforms.- 1 or 2 player battle race.- Get rich and double your money in gambling mode.- Go shopping and fill up your cart in the property screen.Please let us know your feedback on Facebook so we can make thisgame even Flying :)
Chicks Revenge : Tiny Pig Kill 2.5
Get ready for some super angry shooter actionin Chicks Revenge - Tiny Pig Killer. Can you kill all the piginvaders? Let the anger be unleashed !!!You are a hero baby bird just hatched and already being attackedby bad pig's who have eaten your bird brother and sister egg's.Your calling is to kill all the pigs, thief their coins, and shootthem in to the sky. It's time to get angry, get revenge, and showthem who's the master.FEATURES- Fight pig's in different lands.- Unlock 4 new weapons to fight the piggies.- Battle in 2 game modes; infinity levels and sprint.- Totally free lite game to download.HOW TO PLAY- Tap any space on the screen to shoot the pig invaders.- Stop the pigs from getting past the bottom of the screen.- Collect the coins by tapping on them, you can spend them in theshop.- Tap the weapons in the top right of the screen to activatethem.
Jerk Zombie Beach Killer 2014 1.0
DOWNLOAD IT TODAY - Jerk Zombie ! Beach Killer2014Zombies are such jerks. People are on vacation, just relaxingdancing on the beach, and boom, a wave of zombies come in to wreckthe fun. Well not anymore, this time your brought along your snipergun to take care of those undead monsters. Time to lock n load,it's zombie killing time!!★ Amazing fun that kids and adults can enjoy.★ Great sniper sounds and funny zombie deaths.★ Unlock the machine gun after 5000 points.Update coming soon to unlock new weapons with the gold zombies,including the rocket launcher BOOM !!! Collect em all.
Jumpy Block Skim : A Skipping 1.0
Jumpy Block Skim : A Skipping Stone Game. Tryto throw your pebble as far as you can across the pond. Bring backsome of those childhood memories of stone skimming with yourfriends and family. Just tap the screen to throw, and tap thescreen again when the stone is about to hit the water to make ittravel further.FEATURES★ Super simple, just 1 tap input★ Great jazz style music to relax with★ Old school style art work★ Save your best scoreWHAT PLAYERS ARE SAYING★★★★★ "i not done this for years, remember trying to throw rocks asa kid, could never do it right, lol. its wicked to do it in a gameat last :)" - monster jay - March 2 2014★★★★★ "i adore the relaxing style of this game, nice jazz,simple easy input. im a big fan of the makers, keep em comin" -alfie 86 - March 3 2014Show your support by rating Jumpy Block Skim : Skipping StoneGame.
Line Jump Run X : Robot Dash 1.5
Line Jump Run X : Robot Dash - one of the bestrunning and jumping games on iOS now comes to Android. Get runningyour robot for as long as possible through the 8 bit world. Playerswho love retro games or run forever games will love this game too.FEATURES★ GREAT RUN QUEST STYLE GAME PLAY, AND SUPER EASY TO PLAY.★ OLD SCHOOL BLOCK GRAPHICS SIMILAR TO SUPER NINTENDO AND SEGAGENESIS.★ MEGA FUN FOR ADULTS AND KIDSHOW TO PLAYMega easy to play. Just tap the top half of the screen to jump yourrobot character and the bottom half to duck. Avoid all the blockbarriers and keep running and jumping for as long as you can. Youlose a life each time you hit a block.Please show your support by downloading Line Junk Run X : RobotDash and rating the game.Happy Running :)
Escape Cookie Run Action Game 1.0
DOWNLOAD IT NOW WHILE ITS FREE - Escape Cookie: Can You Run Action GameEscape the bad cookies and dont die. This is one of the best simpleand addicting game types on mobile. Just dash your cookie characterto start and get the best time you can.FEATURES★ Delicious food art work to make your mouth water.★ Amazing addicting game play.★ High score save feature.★ Dumb proof controls; everyone can play this game easily.FAN NOTES- More updates coming soon, always update to the new version.- Please support us in 3 ways; download, rate, and share. ThankYou!
SHOOT THE CROTCH : Arrow Man 1.0
Ever wanted to kill your boyfriend forcheating on your you? Well now you get the chance in the mostpainful way; by shooting him in the crotch with an arrow. That'sright, it's time to bring the pain in SHOOT THE CROTCH : Arrow Man.TOP POINTS★ Super funny★ Easy catapult style game play★ Get revenge on all those cheating boyfriend's★ High score save and great musicGUIDEJust pull back on the bow and arrow and move to aim. Let go off thescreen to shoot. Only shoot the guys crotch, don't shoot the heador miss a shot. If you miss 3 times it's game over.Happy man hunting :)Join us on facebook here:
Kill Your Bf Pinball : SNUX 3 1.3
★ Throw the stick man around the pinballmachine and cause him pain.★ Get revenge against all the cheating boyfriends in this 3rd SNUXgame.★ Super funny and painful ragdoll physics with blood splat's flyingeverywhere.★ Everyone knows pinball and so it's easy to pick up and play.Get revenge against cheating boyfriend's again in this 3rdinstallment in the SNUX series. This time he's trapped in a pinballmachine and your a pinball wizard. Play god and flick him aroundthe table to cause as much pain as possible. Feel the fun foryourself in SNUX 3 : Kill Your Bf Pinball Wipeout.NOTES:- Get SNUX 2 (a ragdoll dismount game) here: Killing :)
NEOCAR Traffic Racing Car Dash 1.6
Download it now for free.An amazing puzzle traffic game to test your brain.Dodge the traffic in your glowing neon cars and collect all thestars. Pass each level and speed on to the next one.FEATURES- Addictive puzzle style game play.- Lots of level to play through.- Glow neon art work and cool chilled out music.People who love tron and car / bike racing games will love thisgame too.
Tiny Friends Blitz Dragon Park 1.2
Come join us in a secret forest story; a parkfull of beautiful creatures, and a vale of mystery and wonder, inTINY FRIENDS BLITZ 2 : DRAGON FLY PARK SAGATap, catch, and collect all the creatures you can before dawn.LOTS OF AMAZING VISUALS, and RELAXING MUSIC, become the best flyhunter.TOP POINTS★ Collect rare and beautiful creatures as they fly around yourscreen★ Use cool special weapons and abilities★ Enjoy beautiful hi-res artwork and gorgeous music★ Come join the legacy todayHOW TO PLAY- Tap anywhere on the screen to shoot your rocket web.- Catch as many fly 's as possible.- Each time you catch a creature you collect coins. And coins getused each time you shoot a rocket web.Join us on facebook and post your score:
Fly Yourself Up Elf Heads One 1.0
DOWNLOAD IT TODAY FOR FRE - Fly Yourself Up :Elf Heads One Direction Games for ChristmasWelcome to a thrilling Christmas gift. Guide your baby birdsacross the snow land and over beautiful landscapes. Steer clear ofall the evil elf heads and dont die. This is one of the mostaddictive, easy to play games on android; built for lovers ofjetpack style games and awesome fun on the countdown toChristmas.TOP POINTS★ Endless one direction flying fun app.★ Super addictive mechanics which anyone can play.★ Compare your scores with friends in the heyzap top score leaderboards.★ Collect all your baby birds for extra lives (9 in total).★ Dumb proof controls, anyone can play this easily.HOW TO PLAY- Tap the screen anywhere to make your bird fly up. Let go to floatdown.- Don't touch any of the evil elf heads of you lose a life.FAN FYI- Please support us in 3 ways; download, rate, and share. ThankYou!- Post your score and follow us on facebook here: fun and have a Merry Santa Christmas :)
Classic Arcade Pinball X Pro 5
Classic Arcade Pinball X Pro - an authenticpinball sim game.If you enjoy old school classic arcade games you'll love this. Takeyourself back to the days of hardcore computer simulation pinballand be the best.- Easy single tap input.- 3 balls on a single board.- Bonus slots for an extra 100 points.- Classic sid chip C64 sounds.- Deluxe, simple, no music; the authentic experience.Download it today for free and send us your top score video tobe posted here.If you love vintage style arcade game you will love this.Happy Gaming :)
Eco Knight : Tractor Rival 1.1
Don't let the world die today and be a hero inEco Knight : Tractor Rival.Amazing, dumb proof controls that everyone can play. Take in someof the most relaxing music in a game ever, earn coins for savingtrees, and battle in 2 player mode.FEATURES★ 1 or 2 player battle mode.★ Earn coins as you save trees.★ Use coins to unlock high end items, the sports car, the jet, evenbuy the earth.★ Gamble and double your money against the other player if youwin.★ Simple, dumb fun and a great ways to kill 3 minutes.FAN NOTES- Support us in 3 ways; download, rate and share.- Join us on facebook and post your score:'t let the world die, be a hero :)
Jump The 3 White Tile 1.1
Jump The 3 White Tile. Addictive, puzzle stylegame play that will test your brain and reaction speed. Tap inthree places to make your squares jump in the air. Each row has asquare on it that you need to avoid. Keep your eye on all threelines and dont hit them.FEATURES★ Single tap input, great for kids and adults.★ Techno retro music and disco style art work.★ Test your brain whilst having fun.★ Collect coins to unlock higher score multiplier grades.Players who love jump games will love this game too.Show your support by rating Jump The 3 White Tile.
Kill It At Stickman Golf 1.0
It's time to kill it at stickman golf and gothe distance. Hold down to make the guy aim, and let go to flickthe ball up the green. Download it now and be the boss at thebeautiful game.
Running Toy Robot Friends 1.0
Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!, Oh my god !! Your toyrobot friends are running for their life. Your quest is to savethem by cutting up the red robots with your star sword. Superrunning and swipe fun in RUNNING TOY ROBOT FRIENDS.FEATURES★ CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS IN THE HEYZAP WORLD LEADER BOARDS★ SUPER SIMPLE GAME PLAY, JUST SWIPE !!★ LOTS OF DIFFERENT BACKGROUNDSHOW TO PLAYSo so easy to play. The red robots are running to kill the greenrobots. Swipe with your finger across the screen to use your sword.Swipe the red robots to destroy them and don't swipe the greenrobots or it's game over.You can also collect cogs to unlock a higher scoremultiplier.Have fun :)The Run And Gun Free Games Team
Tiny Ninja Star Death - Most A 1.0
Tiny Ninja Star Death - Most Addictive GameNumber 1This is awesome retro gaming action at its finest - simple,intuitive and highly addictive; the first in it's series.Dodge ninja stars for as long as you can by swiping left and righton your screen to move your character. Stars fall faster andfaster. Try to beat your own previous time or tower above yourfriends.These 8 bit atari style graphics will take you back to theclassic era of gaming.Have fun gaming ninja :)
Wave Light: Stay Alive In Line 1.2
Wave Light is a blaze! One of theworld’shardest games; very simple but challenging. You have to tapon thescreen to control the movement of wave of light likeconnecting thedot's of wave's. It will flow up and down like abeacon. Avoidfriction with all the triangles and stay alive as longas you can.FEATURES★ 1 or 2 player mode. Race your wave by connecting dots ofwavesagainst others.★ Battle with other players and win their coins from them.★ Super chill out beat music.★ Hexagon 8 bit art with a neo twist.★ Unlock lots of hot items as you win coins; a car, plane, evenyourown jet.Now start racing :)Join us on facebook and post your score:
Shoot The Zombie Head Net Shot 1.2
Ka-boom!!! Time to kill it at free throws and3point shots.FEATURES★ Play basketball shooting with a zombie head instead ofaball.★ Great natural physics.★ Simple controls. Just drag and let go to shoot. Follow theguideline.★ Save your top score and challenge your friends to beat it.★ Relaxing and spooky music with great pixel night art.HOW TO PLAYGet the best score possible by getting the zombie head in tothebasketball net. Just pull back on the zombie head to show theguidedots. Aim to the basketball net, and let go to shoot.Happy zombie head shooting :)The Run And Gun Free Games Team
PLAYCADE Many Games In 1 5.7
New game this week: Kill The Dummy HighDummyMonster. Lots of games in a single app.- Kill The Vampire Bats.- Doodle Stickman Racing.- Rush Hour Maniac.- Retro Jet Joy Ride and more.Download it now and keep it updated each week for a newgame.
Ascend X : Glow Bubble Jump 1.5
Ascend X : Glow Bubble Jump - one of thebesttap jumping games on itunes is now on android.FEATURES★ BEST WAY TO IMPROVE YOUR SKILL IN OTHER JUMP GAMES★ COOL ARCADE NEON STYLE ART★ SUPER SIMPLE GAME PLAY - JUST USE 1 FINGER TO TAP★ HUGE FUN FOR ADULTS AND KIDS★ FREE TO DOWNLOADTap quick, speed test your reflexes, and jump as high as youcan.Quick, basic game play and perfect for those idle queue timesin theelevator or waiting for a latte :)HOW TO PLAYSo so easy to play. Just tap anywhere on the screen using 1fingerto make the bubble character jump from side to side. Dont hitanyof the falling squares or the bubble dies.Each time you play you improve your score multiplier grade to getahigher score. You can also unlock the maximum scoremultipliergrade in the post game screen and remove theadvertisements.Please show your support by rating.Have fun :)The Run And Gun Free Games Team