Runner Arcade Game Kids Apps

Safari Cars Fun Kid Racing 1.0
Safari Cars Fun Kid RacingStart the fantasy adventure with and enjoy.Best platform adventure for your Android .Tap to jump and double tap to double jump Racing.Collect more coins as many as you can.Save all of children five run out of the danger jungle.Start the fantasy adventure with the Horse and enjoy.
Kitty Jumpup Kitten Jump Game 1.0
Kitty Jumpup Kitten Jump GameYou can now rejoice and enjoy playing this funny kitty cat game inyour free time!Come on, it's action and adventure time: grab this jumping kittyand see if you can jump for 64 days!A candy joyride to the top is waiting for you, will you accept thechallenge and show your jumper skills?Hop on each candy and crush this cute game! Prepare for some hyperfun mega jumping on sweets!A Cat’s Sense, an original and motivating game for your phone ortablet is compatible with most devices running on Android.Download and have lots of fun with the best cats and kittens gameever!Great for kids, boys and girls of all ages, a cool app to have funwith.
Bunny the Runner Bugsy Dash 1.0
Bunny the Runner Bugsy DashBugsy Dash Bunny the Runner will hook you for hours to come!As a mega-hit game and one of the most “addicting games” in 2015this epic adventurous journey promises tons of fun!Prepare for the ultimate hustle and bustle out in the junglecaves!Run like hell, make the impossible mega jumps over traps andobstacles and get the best game score!Cute Looney Bunny character, soothing graphics, nice colors andattention-holding gameplay will make you relax and forget aboutreal-life problems!Dash & Rush away from the cat that's chasing you and enjoy 2Dside scrolling and running action!Download for free this run and jump game for kids and adultsnow!Save the bunny from the hunting arrows. Jump, Hop, Run and collectcoins to earn credits and run over the carrots to gainhealth.Download Bunny runner World now! It is a fun game for everyone. Tryit out and enjoy!
Cat Hero Rope Adventure Run 1.0
Cat Hero Rope Adventure RunThis is a classic Jump & Run Adventure game for everyone inevery age.Jump and run through each level or World collecting coins andavoiding spiders and other enemies.Simply tap the screen anywhere to jump.Time your jumps well to stay in one piece!A fun and challenging game which works on your spacial awarenessand reactions.Games for everybody in family.Thank you for download and playing.
Bunny Jumpy the Jump Fly 1.0
Bunny Jumpy the Jump FlyClarence games are fun for all ages!The game has three different modes for you to start with, easy,medium mode and hard mode.Collect all the gold coins you can, to earn as high a score with more levels, fast and fun game play.Free Down Load Now!!!Enjoy it. Thanks!
Bunny Fun Run Turbo Fast Game 1.0
Bunny Fun Run Turbo Fast GameGet into the playground and start the race run – your bunny rabbitis ready to roll!Now everyday can be a race day! Help your rabbit run and burn theasphalt under your feet!Fast-paced running & racing game for kids and adults will letyou feel the "race rush" as you dash & dodge through theplayground!The trick for rabbit is to dodge the dogs and dig out all thegrass.Enjoy now this exciting, addictive running and jumping bunniesgames featuring an incredibly cute and cuddly bunny rabbit.Make the fluffy bunny run, jump, slide and glide to safety, so hecan escape.Use your reflexes to control the bunny’s movements and keep him outof the bear’s jaws.Are you up for the challenge? Find out in this action-packedrunner!Try run and jump pass obstacles to as fast as you can before thescreen catches up you
Jetpack Bot Run 1.0
Jetpack Bot RunYou are an intelligent robot who accidentally went into atime-space device.But the time-space is twisted and was torn in two!How far can you run in this ever reversing world?!Overcome the approaching obstacles from the right and left side ofthis split world.As RunBot, you'll have to run, race, flip and fly around anever-ending and always changing series of obstacles.Whether it's evading energy panels to leaping land mines, escapingto freedom is never easy.If you are crazy endless fighting games.This game is the perfect game for everyone.Robot 2d game is an simple but very addictive fighting game forrobocop endless fighting game fans.You can start to enjoy the game in the world for mobilephone.
Dog Racing Adventure Game 1.0
Dog Racing Adventure GameThis action arcade game for kids and adults will win your heart atfirst sight!Feel the adrenaline rush and burn the asphalt under your feet withthis dog race game!Free dog race game for your android mobile phone or tablet.Challenge up to 3 more players at the same time on yourdevice.You're a dog out and about running around town! Can you find yourway home?Free Down Load Now!!!Enjoy it. Thanks!
Beach Ninja Chicken Hero 1.0
Beach Ninja Chicken HeroWould you like to help adventure ? Go Go Go ! 1 2 3Tap the screen to start the with more levels, fast and fun game play.Easy to play just tap the screen to jump.Feel free to post your ideas, we will try to implement them assoonas possible
Racing Jumper Bear Ninja Game 1.0
Racing Jumper Bear Ninja GameCan your ninja bear make the super mega jump?Download this “fun game for kids” for free and see itforyourself!You'll instantly get hooked on this hyper fun arcade jump andrungame!Ninja Bear Jumper Racing Game is visually stunning, superfun,endless and completely free-to-play!Help your “ninja jump” and dash through the jungle!Prepare your fingers for some serious hopping, leapingandbouncing!Make the bear jump like crazy - tap to jump and enjoy thisjoyridethrough the jungle adventure full of “platformjumping”action!There aren't many action games for girls, which is why this gameisso special!Girls, boys, kids, teens and adults can all enjoy playing thisninjagame
Cat Kitty Jumping Fun Game 1.0
Cat Kitty Jumping Fun GameGet ready for Cat Jump: Fun Game Free - Time to jump and pumptheCat Kitty Jumping!!Help the little kitty jump from platform to platform, collecttonsof powerups, avoid monsters, obstacles and reach for thesun!Please note! This game is free to play, but it contains itemsthatcan be purchased for real money.Some features and extras mentioned in the description may alsohaveto be purchased for real money.This addictive game is great not only for adults, but for kidstoo,because children learn to love cats,
Spider Pig Rope Swinging Crazy 1.0
Spider Pig Rope Swinging CrazyA big spider has ruled over the city and covered it in cobweb -usethese cobweb ropes to "swing and fly" through and getyourfood!Hold and release to catch the next rope but beware oftheobstacles!Avoid them carefully by rope swinging over or under them, andtakecare not to hit into a lamppost and get burned!Everyone will enjoy playing this cute dog game for kids, girlsandboys!It can also be an exciting and interesting adventure game foradultsthat willannoy you and make you try again and again until you become goodatswinging!
Monster Softech Kill 1.0
Monster Softech KillMonster Kill game is just like a Hide and Seek kind of game,Monster use to come out from different holes on the boardrandomlyand disappears quickly so you need to kill the Monster asquicklyas possible to score some points.You Have the Sniper Gun to Aim and shoot these monster,Take the most strategic vantage point for that perfect have to show your skill to kill them.
Finnbot Extensor Dash 1.0
Finnbot Extensor DashSimply tap the screen anywhere to jump.Time your jumps well to stay in one piece!A fun and challenging game which works on your spacial awarenessand reactions.Just tap left or right to flip side, and tap again to jump.Beat your friends high score and unlock 5 hidden will get a score which might see you promoted to a higherpolice rank!
Piglet Jumping Flying Crazy 1.0
Piglet Jumping Flying CrazyFlying piglet game comes with more than 100 levels ofincreasingdifficulty.And you can choose the most suitable level for you (Easy, MediumandHard).What makes "Flying piglet" distinctive among other platformergamesis that it can be easily played.Are you ready to blast off on a wild jumping adventure withyourcute piggy?Download Crazy Piglet Jumping & Flying and navigate yourlittlejumping animal through the forest!Jump from one platform to another but do it carefully in ordernotto fall down or hit yourself and die!Your skill will be tested with hours of fun.You can playmanychallenges alone or you can play against other playeronline.
Dog Swing Rope Jumper Game 1.0
Dog Swing Rope Jumper GameExciting and addicting game!See how many points you can accumulate without falling throughthecracks!Easy to understand and play! Enjoy this jumping game.Please leave us comments below.All reviews are greatly appreciated!! ThankDownload now to your device and enjoy the game everywhere.It'sfree!!Simple and addictive jumper game to save her princess.
Cat Jump Loony Jumpy Fly UP 1.0
Cat Jump Loony Jumpy Fly UPThis funny cat game will cause extremely addiction, no materwhetheryou're a girl gamer, a casual gamer or a hardcoregamer!The very moment you get your fingers on this jumping catactionadventure game, you'll get hooked on it!Download for free this awesome arcade jumper run and startyourcandy saga right away!Jumpy Cat is a great arcade game for you!Be careful highly addictive gameplay! let the cat run and jumplikea champ in this endless jumper!Will you be able to pass all the obstacles to the end? It's
Jump Up Porky Piggy Adventure 1.0
Jump Up Porky Piggy AdventureGame Jump allow you to do that.Finish level and get challenged with the next level!In game run'll find excellent high quality graphics willtransportyou to an amazing virtual world!With an intuitive and easy to use interface enjoy fun for hoursandyou can not stop playing.Make the most of this opportunity to participate in thebestraces.where you have to run like a good sport and dodge obstaclesthatappear at different levels!It is a good time killer or you can challenge your friend tobeatyour high score.
Stickman Mode Fun Kid Racing 1.0
Stickman Mode Fun Kid RacingIt’s a fun run game with best graphics and music.So please don't waste time. Play and enjoy. If any question,Funny sound, music ,Beautiful graphics ,Easy to play.More levels and content coming in updates.Easy to play just tap the screen to jump.
Booga Ooga Ninja Chicken 1.0
Booga Ooga Ninja Chickenperform front flips and back flips to earn extra points.Feel free to post your ideas, we will try to implement them assoonas possibleThank you very much for all your support and interest inourgames!Tap screen to jump collect item as many as you can runandjump.Thanks you very much for download.
Rope Bear Flying with Game 1.0
Cat Hero Rope Adventure RunThis is a classic Jump & Run Adventure game for everyoneinevery age.Jump and run through each level or World collecting coinsandavoiding spiders and other enemies.Simply tap the screen anywhere to jump.Time your jumps well to stay in one piece!A fun and challenging game which works on your spacial awarenessandreactions.Games for everybody in family.Thank you for download and playing.