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Funny Bedtime Quizzes 1.0
Funny Bedtime Quizzes is the collection of the most fun andridiculous personality quizzes you have ever done. Discover thingsabout yourself that you definitely didn't know before - and mostprobably didn't ever want to know. Every quiz in collection is fun,easy and has been created by crazy people using no psychologicalresearch whatsoever. Find out what is your ideal job, who will yoube in your next life, which LOTR character are you, which animalyou could be and more! Our growing quiz collection of fun questionsand ridiculous results will help you kill some time and make yousmile before bedtime. FEATURES: ✔ Simple and quick quiz for everyevening ✔ Fun and ridiculousness ✔ Aragorn ✔ Redeemable codesDownload now for free and undertake some of the most fun quizzesyou have ever done. CONTACT US Visit our official site at Follow us on Twitter at Like us on Facebook at Chatwith us and other fans at our Patron at
Dungeon Wheel - Roguelike RPG 1.5
UNIQUE DUNGEON CRAWLER IN THE PALM OF YOUR HAND! SPIN IT! Have youever tried to venture into the dungeon with a fortune wheel in yourpocket? Now you can! Spin it! Dungeon wheel is unique twist onroguelike RPG dungeon crawler genre. You will progress through thedungeon, buy new slots and enhance your dungeon wheel to make itmore and more deadlier. As in many RPGs you will find differentquality slots from common to legendary each with unique abilities.How far you can get into the dungeon? You will have to find balancebetween attack/defense/money grinding and incorporate uniqueabilities. ✔ 50 levels of dungeon to defeat ✔ Many unique wheelslots to discover ✔ Compete with other players on leaderboards andcompare your wheel with them ✔ Balance your dungeon wheel wisely ✔Discover common, uncommon, rare and legendary slots IMPORTANT:Network connection required to play. Visit our official site at Follow us on Twitter at Like us on Facebook at Chatwith us and other fans at our Patron at
Space survive -tower defense 1.6
Galatron Defense is a new twist of towerdefense genre.1)You begin with a defenseless space station.2)Your goal is to attach new component to it and survive endlesswaves of enemies as long as you can.3)After each wave you can expand your space station with earnedresources from battle.Choose your components wisely! The placement of components isvery important as well. With each waves enemies are stronger, spawnfaster and the wave duration is longer. The game is similar totower defense games but with interesting space stationtwist.✔ Sandbox style of space station management !✔ Many different components to choose from !✔Try to survive the most waves !✔ Simple game, yet deep strategy !✔ New twist of tower defense genre!Visit our official site at http://www.runningpillow.comFollow us on Twitter at us on Facebook at
The Tiny Tale 2 1.0
Embark on journey with your Troll and Gremlins in this lovelycausal builder game. Easy to play gameplay but challenging. This isa builder game where you order your crew to finish each level asfast as possible. Each level is a unique little puzzle and you willhave to find the best strategy for each of them. -40+ challenginglevels -Various spells and enemies -Customize and outfit yourlittle helpers -Challenging time-management gameplay -Build &restore the kingdom Download now for free and get on board for newexciting experience in puzzle strategy builder game. Visit ourofficial site at Follow us on Twitterat Like us on Facebook at Chatwith us and other fans at our Patron at
Loot Hunters 1.54
Choose your character, each with differentrole in the group. Warrior protects others, Mage destroy enemiesand Priest heals wounded heroes (more classes coming soon!).Collect the best gear for your hero starting with the common anduncommon pieces of equipment to the legendary ones. Also manageyour spellbook. You must wisely choose which spells to use in thebattle. Mighty spells might be devastating but cost a lot of mana.Also each spell has its own quality and special role in yourdeck.CO-OP DUNGEONSWhen you get strong enough you can try to find a party for thedungeon! Prepare your spellbook deck and keep in mind that you mustfulfill your role in the party! If you are Warrior defend yoursquishy fellow heroes. If you are Priest heal your party. If youare Mage annihilate your foes as fast as possible! The deeper theparty make it into the dungeon the better loot for all ofyou!RANDOM ENCOUNTERSExplore random encounters to hunt for better loot! Each day isunique. Everytime you play new day there are randomly generatedencounters with random loot waiting for you. Defeat enemies, openchests and upgrade your hero and spells in your spellbook.FEATURES✔ Simple to learn and fast to progress!✔ Realtime Co-op! Venture dungeons with your friends!✔ Manage your Spellbook and collect legendary spells!✔ Open chests to get better loot!✔ Forge new equipment and upgrade it!✔ Become the best Hunter and get the best loot!Download now for free and get on board for new exciting experiencein this Co-op RPGThis game requires internet connection to play.CONTACT USVisit our official site at http://www.runningpillow.comFollow us on Twitter at us on Facebook at with us and other fans at our Patron at
Pocket Dungeon - RPG game 1.08
Choose your character and venture deep into the dungeon. Andbecause there is no wi-fi or signal in dungeons, you also need nointernet connection to play this game! Explore unique dungeons withmany special encounters. Procedurally generated dungeons promiseunique playthrough every single time. Discover the mystery whichlies deep in the dungeons. PROCEDURALLY GENERATED DUNGEONS Eachsession is different because the adventure is procedurallygenerated. This results in unique experience, loot and addictivegameplay. Dungeons are full with monsters, merchants and manyspecial encounters. Moreover each special encounter has manydifferent solutions you can choose from. Unlock hidden encountersand chambers and visit them all. NO COMMITMENT This pocket RPG isspecifically developed for very short sessions with no need forinternet, so you can play wherever you are, whenever you want.There is no need for you to have enough time to play. Every runinto dungeon is counted and moves you forward. Every loot helpsyou. Similarly you can stop playing whenever you want with nopenalization. Have your hero in your pocket ready all the time.FEATURES ✔ No internet connection required! ✔ Each dungeon isunique, each adventure is different! ✔ RPG adventure adapted toextremely short mobile sessions! ✔ No need to spend hours to enjoythis pocket RPG! ✔ Open chests and get better loot! ✔ Uncover themystery lying down deep in the dungeon! ✔ You will die a lot!Download now for FREE and embark on the face-paced pocket RPGadventure. CONTACT US Visit our official site at Follow us on Twitter at Like us on Facebook at Chatwith us and other fans at our Patron at
Doom Warriors - Tap crawler 1.11
Demon portal has been opened! Hell is pouring into our world andthe last hope of human mankind, its last spaceship is on a brink ofdestruction! All crew is already dead.... All facilitiesdestroyed.... But one thing is still up and running : The ACF -Automated Cloning Facility! This facility has only one purpose -clone warriors. Warriors of Doom! FEATURES: ✔ Perfect for quickbreaks, fast and addictive sci-fi roguelike gameplay! ✔ Each DoomWarrior can be cloned with unique set of DNA perks! ✔ Fast &Bloody gameplay with randomly generated levels ✔ Upgrade yourarsenal of deadly weapons to survive in hell! Download now for freeand get on board for new exciting experience in roguelike sci-fitap crawler game. CONTACT US Visit our official site at Follow us on Twitter at Like us on Facebook at Chatwith us and other fans at our Patron at
Quest Cards 1.8
SET OUT ON AN ADVENTURE! Quest Cards is a free single player gameinspired by game books, where you set out on adventures to finishvarious quests. UNIQUE STORY All and every adventure you undertakeis unique. Built from custom made encounters in unpredictable way,filled with many decisions you have to make. All this resulting inever changing narrative. Every decision matters! COLLECT LOOTCollect gold and gems on your quests and get chests full of cardsas a loot from your adventures. These will help to enrich your cardcollection with new spells and to upgrade the old ones. BUILD &UPGRADE YOUR DECK OF CARDS Build your card deck from variousweapons, skills and spells. Create the right mix just for you andyour playstyle. But beware that every spell or weapon has its prosand its cons. Make you deck balanced or face defeat. INTELLIGENTENEMIES Face dozens of different enemies. All driven by artificalintelligence (AI) and all different with various attributes, skillsand spells. NO INTERNET CONNECTION Internet connection is NOTrequired to play this game. Great when you commute or when downdeep in the coal mine. LANGUAGE SUPPORT The game is translated intomany world languages and more languages are coming. Note that notnecessarily all quests are translated into all supported languages.Download now for free and try this new explorative quest-based RPGadventure game. CONTACT US Visit our official site at Follow us on Twitter at Like us on Facebook at Chatwith us and other fans at our Patron at
Guild Loot : Cooperative TCG 1.003
Guild Loot is completely new take on tactical TCG games! Rallywithother players and form a group where trust, honourandresponsibility of each member is a must! Working together as aonegroup is the only way how to dominate the leaderboards andbecomethe best guild! FEATURES: • Rally and group up with otherplayersto defeat other guilds in leaderboards! • Every member hasanunique class and fills role the others cannot! • Collect andloothundreds of monsters, each with their own abilities! • Fastpacedtactical TCG combat, perfect for quick sessions! • Fightwithfriends and compete in solo leaderboards! Connect withthecommunity at :