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Powered By Spike® [Toy Game] 1.0.03
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Powered by Spike is a game based on a coolnewtoy, "Spike!" and he's loose to joyride free in the toystore!Whats Spike's Story? He uses widgets that attach to his noseandhelp propel him around the toy store gathering golden jackswhileavoiding interactive toy obstacles. If you enjoy endlessrunneraction games, play PBS (Powered By Spike)! The game currentlyhas30 missions to complete, and 7 special characters to unlock.Not just a kids game, challenging and fun for everyone.Collectgolden jacks and use them to shop for widget pack power upsandcharacters. Collect batteries and use them for revives,Currentwidgets include: Invincibility Tank, Speed Wheel, Magnet,BallShooter, 2x Jacks Multiplier, and a Jet widget. Blast thesetoyswith the ball shooter widget, blocks, toy helicopters, jack inbox,robots and more, even jump onto "oops" cushions that makefartsounds. Activate widgets by finding them in bubbles throughoutthetoy store. Unlock characters, Destiny, Camo-Tom, Spy-K,Zombie,Gidget, Dexter, and Pirate in the shop. Come play andcompeteagainst your friends with leaderboards and unlockachievements!Brand new game for 2015.
Blingword® - Word Swipe Game! 1.1.09
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Blingword is a unique, addictive shiny newfreeword swipe game where you swipe to create words in ANYdirection,you can even cheat and backtrack over already usedletters whileswiping. Give it a try and join the fun!The letter tiles are random allowing you to use yourimaginationto search for ANY words and/or spell the pre-selectedwords in thegames level. You can even swipe non-words to remove theletters soyou can create “Bling” words worth lots of points. Themore “Bling”in your word, the more points it's worth.Use Double/Triple letter & word multipliers to increaseyourword score. Over 100,000 words in Blingwords Englishdictionary.Play through 75 challenging levels and earn a BlingwordChampionDiamond! Also with a new classic arcade mode to play forhighscores.Arcade Mode: Play timed games for high scores. This modeallowsyou to search and create any words in a fast paced "blitz"styleclassic game play.Progress Mode: Saves your games progress through 75levelsoffering a combination of challenges such as: spellingspecificwords, spelling high scoring words, time attack, wordcount, andmore.No predetermined words: Each time you swipe a word (ornon-word),those letters are removed from the games grid andreplaced with newrandom letters that drop from the top (unliketraditional wordsearch games or crossword puzzles).Earn 1 second for every letter of a completed, properlyspelledword.Swipe a high scoring word and hear "Bling!" to get an additional10seconds added to the games timer.Cancel your current word swipe by simply returning to thefirstletter you touched.Blingword puts a new twist on scramble, addictivecrosswordpuzzles, and word search games adding a match 3, level upfeel.Enjoy!For more info watch the video and download the app,it'sfree!
Fast Food Rush 1.0.15
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★ MATCH 3 MEETS SEARCH AND FIND WITH AFASTFOOD THEME ★Do you like match 3 puzzle games and games where you have tosearchand find hidden objects?Fast Food Rush is the best of both worlds! It’s an original newfreematching puzzle game for adults or kids of all ages. Not likeallthe candy matching puzzle games! Have fun matching yourfavoritefoods, including hamburger, gold french fries, soda,cookie and icecream tasty treats. Special pieces include coupons,bag, ketchup,etc. for extra points. Keep matching before the bonustimer runs outto move up and release a fun meal that contains ahidden surprisecollectible (or toys, but for all ages). Cooking uphappy fun forthe whole family!★ THE RULES ARE SIMPLE ★Find the combo that’s listed on top, and swipe the samematchingcombo below. Reach the target score before moves run out towinprizes.★ ADDICTING GAME PLAY! EASY AT FIRST THEN HARD TO BEAT ★This brain teaser starts easy, at first you must find and match3items. Then it becomes more difficult when matching combosfasterwinning you really cool, real looking fun meal prizes,rewardcards, even rare Fast Food Rush items. If you’re lookingfordifferent games, and you like memory, search, or match 3puzzlegames, you'll love Fast Food Rush! It's a new addicting gamefor2016 that is hard to beat. Fast Food Rush is full of ketchupand”awesome sauce!"★44 new, original, custom designed FF-R brand in apphiddencollectible objects! Collect them all! More comingwithupdates.★Win free rewards points for each match, also bonuses, power-upsandboosters!★Play against friends or other FFR players via leaderboard toseehow you stack up then ketchup and crush the competition!★Connect with Google Play Games and unlock Achievements.Fast Food Rush is a brand new release for October 2016 byRunsomeApps.