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🐄Milk Away! - Idle Cow Game 1.0.6
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'Milk Away! Idle Cow Game' is retro-style, relaxingIdle/Clicker/Incremental/Tapping -game for everyone! Top threetactics for playing 'Milk Away! Idle Cow Game': - Tap, tap &tap more! - Click, click & click more! - Idle, idle & idlemore! "Why are the farmers so fat?" (*in real life they are fit)"Does milk really comes out of a cow?" "Why there's a wizardmilking that cow?" TO FIND OUT, YOU JUST HAVE TO PLAY 'MILK AWAY!'Do it your way, tap, click or idle! #1 Reason you should 'MilkAway!' Everybody loves farming, right? This is the craziest farmyou'll ever see! Milk that cow like never before! Unlock lots ofweird farmers, cows and more! Click or Idle! Don't feel liketapping? Just idle and your farmers does the dirty job! You canplay the world's best idle cow milking simulator anywhere on yourmobile! Some user feedback: "I was having a dinner with mygirlfriend and I couldn't let my phone down because of the stupidcows!" "First time I opened the game, I played eight hoursstraight!" "The most addicting tapping game I've ever played!" "Awwthis is so cute!" Milk Away is a great game for everybody! Perfectclicker game for short sessions. Are you bored? You can easilywaste hours and hours tapping and clicking and see that milkflowing! NOTE: No previous farming experience needed! Please leavea review or feedback! The Plaza:
Dig Away! - Idle Clicker Mining Game 1.3.4
Ruoto Games
'Dig Away! - Idle Clicker Mining Game' is retro-style,relaxingIdle/Clicker/Incremental/Tapping -game for everyone! Topthreetactics for playing 'Dig Away! - Idle Clicker Mining Game': -Tap,tap & tap more! - Click, click & click more! - Idle,idle& idle more! "Why are the miners so fat?" (*in real lifetheyare fit) "Does ores really come out of the ground?" "Whythere's awizard on that drill?" TO FIND OUT, YOU JUST HAVE TO PLAY'DIGAWAY!' Do it your way, tap, click or idle! #1 Reason youshould'Dig Away!' Everybody loves mining, right? This is thecraziestmining simulator you'll ever see! Drill that rock likeneverbefore! Unlock lots of weird miners, drills and more! ClickorIdle! Don't feel like tapping? Just idle and your miners doesthedirty job! Main features: - Fast paced, active gameplay withlotsof upgrades - No ADs! Ever! - 100% FREE! - No purchasable PaytoWin -currency (There's an option to go "premium" and supportthedevelopment and gain a small boost to production) - Leaderboards-Crafting - Achievements You can play the world's best idlerockbreaking simulator anywhere on your mobile! Dig Away is agreatgame for everybody! Perfect clicker game for short sessions.Areyou bored? You can easily waste hours and hours tappingandclicking and watching that drill breaking the ground! NOTE:Noprevious mining experience needed! Please leave a revieworfeedback! Subreddit: Want tohelpwith translating? I am looking to get this Google Play infopage ofDig Away translated to other languages. If you would liketocontribute your translation, please feel free to sendyourtranslation to or via Facebook.
Raid Away! - 3v1 Brawl, Idle RPG 1.3.103
Ruoto Games
Raid Away! - RPG Idle Clicker Game is a retro style Idle RPG!*IDLEGame* Upgrade and train your heroes to fight for you, layback,idle and watch the gold flow. Gain gold, rubies and crystalswhileoffline. *EPIC Loot* Collect and upgrade tons of items: Common-Uncommon - Rare - Epic - Legendary - Relic. Build your geartowardsactive game play or idle clicker RPG game play. *LEVEL Up*Level upand customize your heroes with lots of different skillsfromregular to ultimate skills in this idle clicker RPG. *VASTUpgradeSystem* Hundreds of weapons to be upgraded for idle RPGclickermayhem! *EPIC Monsters* Idle and fight hundreds of monsters,frompuny goblins to huge rulers of the deep! *PRESTIGE* Ascendyourheroes and make them stronger! Choose your path for eitheridleclicker RPG game play or be active! *TRANSCEND* Transcend andbreakthe mortal limits and prepare to fight the "he who must notbenamed"! Contact us: Email: