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Truth or Dare PRO
This version includes very hot truths anddares (21+)Do you want to have fun? Don't know how to have a good time? Let'splay Truth Or Dare with friends!This game have more than 3000 different funny dare and truthsquestions.Truthordare seems like Spin the Bottle game. It also contains 3game types: 1) in series 2) randomly 3) king saysYou're likely revving up to spend this evening surrounded by peoplewhose company you typically enjoy, drinking or dancing as a meansof celebrating the passing of another year. In other words, you'regoing to a party!Truth or Dare - is a party game requiring at least two players.Players are given the choice between answering a questiontruthfully, or performing a "dare", both of which are set bysmartphone. The game is particularly popular among adolescents andchildren, and is sometimes used as a forfeit when gambling.