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Blue Hedgehog Dash : Jungle Rush Adventure 1.1
this arcade 3D Run game is Fast hedgehog blue hero subway is a3Dyou can show off your jumping, surfer dash rush shooting,andsliding skill to collect the highest coins for upgrading. Runwithsoni blue hero and dash throughout the castle. surfer dash rushheworld needed a hero, we got a hedgehog. Powered withincrediblespeed, Sonik The Hedgehog, aka The Blue Blur, embraceshis new homeon Earth. surfer dash rush Subway blue hero game is a3d fast forcesuper speed endless runner game. Just choose yourcharacter. subwayblue hero dash, This is an excellent boom crazy 3Drunning game,surfer dash rush subway run as fast as you can! subwayblue herodash super dash is an incredible run. How to play subwaysuper bluehero surf dash game: - Run as far as you from securityguard toachieve playing this game. - Collect coins & Power-Upsto winwithin the subway rush game - Swipe to turn, jump and slidetoavoid hitting the obstacles and subway trains. - Swipe rightandleft to avoid obstacles - Scroll up to jump - Swipe down torollover - Press the screen twice to hit the enemy - Watch out fortheenemy that runs towards you the shadow or knuckles hero andbeginboom dashing through the subways adventure! run, rush, dash&jump as fast as you'll to dodge the oncoming trains in thesubwayand escape the inspectors, join now the foremost thrillingdashrace, just run like crazy and challenge your limit. Subwayhedgehogsurf super hedgehog dash Features: * Beautiful 3D graphics* Bestclassic endless hedge blue hero run * Intuitive touchcontrols *Touch the screen anywhere to jump and Hold to Fly up. *Veryaddicting classic hedgehog coloring game * Endless fun *AmazingUpgrades * Exciting Powerups minions and upgrades Downloadthesubway sonik blue hero super dash surfer game now for free!goodluck and have fun. thank you.