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1Muslim - Prayer times, Azan, Qibla 4.4.1
Our ad-free application will notify Muslims when to pray. It isoffering a preset and calculated timing based on your cityselection with various settings for adjustment in a very beautifuland not least user-friendly interface, into which we put a lot ofrethinking. If your observation shows that the app is giving youwrong prayer times, try adjusting your settings. You can alsofine-tune the timing by pressing and holding time column under“Show all” screen. We have a variety of notification schemes thatwill fit most of your situations: beautiful Adhans with possibilityto install your own. Our animated Tasbih features intervaladjustment from 10 to 100 right from the front-end. Just press andhold the central bead for the additional interface. The differentsounds and vibrations will give you necessary control forcomfortable and precise dhikr while you are not looking at thescreen. The app also helps you to find the Qibla direction, butmake sure you are not using it next to other devices generatingextensive electromagnetic waves as they can corrupt the compassreading. We are doing our best to give you the best, so tell uswhat you think. Your feedback is very important to us! Whetheryou'd like to compliment or provide feedback about adisappointment, your comments are welcome. Please note, while weappreciate all feedback, we may be unable to respond to everysubmission. IMPORTANT NOTICE: There will be no notification for aprayer if you don't allow our app to work under Doze moderestrictions on Android OS 6.0+. To do so, you need to acceptpermission request during first installation, or check "Ignoreoptimisation" (or similar) under your battery and power savingsettings (or similar) We are continuing to develop and innovatingour app to serve you better, while keeping it free and ad-free. Nowyou can help us in covering our costs for server, development anddesign by purchasing our In-App product or with donations.
ru.e_chechnya.dosham 1.0.0
Самый большой Чеченско-Русский и Русско-Чеченскийсловарь,содержащий более 110 тыс. слов современного русского ичеченскогоязыков, наиболее употребительную научно-техническуютерминологию, атакже словосочетания, пословицы и поговорки, внекоторых случаях,примеры, раскрывающие варианты употребления слов.The largestChechen-Russian and Russian-Chechen dictionary,containing morethan 110 thousand words of modern Russian andChechen languages,the most common scientific and technicalterminology, as well asphrases, proverbs and sayings, in somecases, examples that revealthe use of words.