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Pronunciation - Say it - Learn it 10.01.31
Common questions of these days to learners. How to pronounce it?How to pronounce names? How to pronounce words? How do youpronounce it correctly? Is it pronounced right? Am I pronouncingwell? How am I know? ohhhh.... It's difficult.. English is so hardto pronounce. I want to learn French pronunciation. Do you want toknow the correct way to pronounce it? Many People find it difficultand in fear of talking a different language thinking that theypronounce it wrongly. No more fear!! you will talk correctly. Over1000,000+ downloaded around the world. This pronunciation app helpyou improve your pronunciation skills and pronounce correctly. WhyPeople recommend this Pronunciation App - Lite weight - Offlinesupport - Change pronounce speed - Change pitch. - Change language.- can pronounce words. - can pronounce names. - can pronouncenumbers. - can pronounce symbols. - can pronounce sentences. - canpronounce paragraph. Hope you will love this pronunciation App.This is the best pronunciation app. ** Note If application notworking , don't worry. Please go to the HELP Menu.
Verbs 1.3
Verb is a word used to describe an action, state, or occurrence,and forming the main part of the predicate of a sentence.This is avery simple app and it is really helpful to anyone for findverbs.You can search simple Present Tense, Past Tense, PastParticiple OR Present Participle verbs.Features :* Light weight*Speed* Offline support* Very Simple interfaceThis is the besteducational app for verbs.
Kids Writing 1.05
Kids WritingDoing dot-to-dot activities really helps improvehandwriting skills of kids and it's a valuable pre-writing teachingtool. Children learn about shapes of letters and numbers.KidsWriting android app is a pretty fun and amazing app for a kids toimprove their English writing skills.Kids can gain knowledge how towrite English letters or numbers.Please share this app with yourfriends and help to create educated children.Recommended for AGE1+Kids Writing
About You 2 3.1
Using this app you can find out what is your destiny number, whatit means for you, your work and family life and your personal andfinancial success as well.Enjoy!!!
Old Tetrix 4.0
Old Tetrix is a strategy puzzle game.You have to do build completerow without any spaces.It'll be anutomatically clear completed rowsand continue the game.Try to make high score.This game will be helpyou to think fast and make quick decisions.