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Lol Jokes, Best free humor 4.5.2
Great collection of free and very funny jokes for adults with goodhumor! --You will find the following categories:--Chyster lets youmark your favorites so you can easily find it in the favorite’sfolder afterwards.--Chyster can read the jokes for you! --We havethe joke of the day section:Once a day, 3 days, or a week (you canchoose the period, and also disable this) you will be notified thatyou have new jokes and gags retrieved from the cloud. Also everytime you open the app it will search for new jokes in thecyberspace, yeah!And the best of all, you can share the jokes inmany ways. You can share the text or the audio version!!
Brain game, smart reflexes 1.3.5
Find the different object! You have 4 minutes to pass as muchlevels you can and win more points. Each level consists on a simplescreen with all kind of objects moving around. At first there willbe just a few but as you pass levels, the space objects will becomesmaller and fill all the screen making it more difficult to findthe different one.Increase your concentration and reaction speed topush your personal mark higher and higher every time!!!One morething, do not forget to share this new highs scores with yourfriends !!!
Funny Jokes PRO in English 1.0.1
Great collection of adult jokes! You will find the followingcategories:Couples, little Johnny, riddles, naughty / spicy,machoman, feminists, one liner joke of the day, and lots ofuncategorized jokes to make it more exciting.Funny Jokes PRO letsyou mark your favorites so you can easily find them in thefavorite’s folder afterwards.We have short jokes and long jokes,and we know that sometimes it’s quite boring to start reading along one, and you just quit. So what have we done? We gave FunnyJokes PRO a voice! Yes Funny Jokes PRO can read the jokes foryou!We have the joke of the day section. Once a day, 3 days, or aweek (you can choose the period, and also disable it) you will benotified that you have new jokes. And the best of all, you canshare the jokes in many ways. If you like twitter, just press thelittle bird button, if you like whatsapp then the green bubble andselect if you want to share the text or the audio version!! Yes!you can send jokes with a fabulous voice to your friends! And ofcourse you can use the old stuff like sms, email and timetravelling….With Funny Jokes PRO you will have assured fun forever!Also in Halloween. And you will certainly be the center of allmeetings, and everybody will laugh out loud and comment howintelligent and good looking you are.
Quotes in English 1.0.3
Here you are at 1 minute of downloading the best quotes app in theworld.If you want to learn the most brilliant quotes and sayingsabout love, anger, friendship, time, life, science, history and lotof more categories you are in the right place.With this awesome appyou will have the most user friendly interface to browse the humanthoughts.Use it for your facebook status, it is great.Some of thefeatures you will enjoy are:* Browse all the quotes categoriessmoothly through the fastest interface.* Search for any quote orauthor using the search button at the top of the screen* Read thequote or hear it ( yes, the app can speak the quote for you)* Youcan mark the quotes as favorites* Be able to share the quote youlike using all social networks like whatsapp, twitter, facebook,google plus, mail, SMS messages, etc* Share in text or audio file*Day by day receive your daily quote ( you can enable or disablethis feature)* Upload your own quotes from within the app so we caninclude it in the collection in future updatesWe are continuouslyadding new features to the app in regular updates adding lots ofimprovements so you enjoy most the quotes.The content was selectedfrom the quotes and sayings of the philosophers, writers, spiritualthinkers and other great minds that inspired the life of humanbeings.See it for yourself, download the app now and getinspiration for your day and have a better life!Use the quotes fromthis app to send fresh messages to your friends or to set thestatus for your social netowrks.Or better send this love message toThe light of your life (if you are Falling in love or have someonetoo good to be true!)Anyway, if you like this Quotes app, pleaseshare it with your friends so they can read their favororite authorsayings :=)You will be doing an act of love!