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Traffic Bobby 1.2
Traffic Bobby is a fun game in which you haveto direct traffic and avoid traffic jams.Do you think directing traffic is easy? Let's see how you cope withsimple T-shape crossroad.All you have to do is to set the policeman in the right position tolet the cars pass by.You may find our original game-play difficult at first, but soonyou will find out that it is not.Change the position of the policeman whenever you think it isnecessary. To do that swipe your finger from one leg of the road toanother.Changing position requires some delay, the policeman first have tostop all coming cars, make sure that the crossroad is empty andonly then change his position.Each car which makes it to the end gives you 1 point.With time game increases its difficulty by speeding up, so beprepared.Try reaching the top speed and score as much as you can.Challenge accepted?Don't forget to share your results with friends.Game works on all devices. Best experienced on tablets.