Ryuju Orchestra Apps

くまのがっこう ジャッキーのふしぎなとけい 1.0
人気絵本「くまのがっこう」が、かわいいリズムゲームになって登場!ふしぎなとけいをタッチして、楽曲を楽しもう!ルールはかんたん、歯車が時計のはりに重なったらタッチ!ときどき窓をあけてやってくるジャッキーもタッチしよう。操作はかんたんだけど、やりこみ度は深いよ。楽曲のリズムを上手につかんで、100点満点を目指そう!Popular picture book"Bear school" is, appeared to become a cute rhythm game!Touch the mysterious watch and enjoy the music!Rules are simple, touch Once gear overlaps in the hands of theclock!Jackie also try to touch that comes from time to time doing openthe window.Operation but is simple, crowded degree is deep.Grasp the music of rhythm very well, we will aim at 100points!
がぶがぶハンティング 1.1.0
平和な街に「アクニン」が現れた!アクニンは銀行強盗したり詐欺をはたらいたり、ロクでもないヤツらだ。正義感の強い「ガブまる」がアクニンを捕まえるために走り出した!ありそうでなかった”追いかける”ランニングゲームが登場!シンプル操作で楽しめるチェイスランニングアクション!"Villain" has appeared inthe peaceful town!Villain or worked fraud or bank robbery, but no guys in six.Strong sense of justice "Gab Maru" is I began to run in order tocatch the bad guys!it was not likely "chase" running game appeared!Chase running action that can be enjoyed in a simple operation!
ClockBeat 1.0
[Support] OS android2.2 later (in theterminalcan not be less than this version available.) According totherotation of the clock, the game is simple music cuckoo clockwilljump out and touch the marker. Concepts such as loops that makeupthe music and the period, represented by a clock on a circle, istohelp understand the configuration of the music.