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শিশু শিক্ষা (Sishu Shikkha) 1.0
S A Lab
Shishu Shikkha is an educational yet funny filled app intended for3-6 year old children and covers wide range of mental skills.If youhave a two to five year children then this app is for your kids.it, help him or her very much. Kids can learn the following featureusing this application with beautiful images and animation (whichthey used to turn page in their text book):(Bangla): Kids can learnBangla alphabet with number(English): Also learn English alphabet(Small and Capital letters) and number with Bangla (Poem): Alsolearn Bangla kobita and English poems (Rhyme)bangla bornomalabangla bornomala apps bangla bornomala with sound bornomala banglalearning apps bengali alphabet bangla alphabet bangla kids learningbangla apps bangla kids app kids learning kids learning games kidsbook------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ABOUTUS :Our aim to provide Educational apps for kids. We are creatingsimple application to Preschool toddler. We always try to give goodApp to easy learning. We are in continuous progress in app creationwith learning, innovation and implementation.in addition to makingnew application, we are still making improvement in our existingapplications.Team: S A DeveloperMade in S ALab----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Feedback:Pleaseprovide your suggestion and feedback for this.
সোনামণির ছড়া (Sunamonir Chora) 1.0
S A Lab
Meet Bangla Chora! This application provides the mostinterestingand interactive way for the kids to learn Bangla Choraswithpleasure. Kids can have a lot of fun playing with theanimationsand learn in the process.It is the playlist you have beenwaitingfor! 50 of the most beautifully rendered classic Bengalirhymeswith Audio RhymesThis android application is focused onpreschooleducation and entertaining the children through animatedBanglaRhymes. It helps children to learn the wonderful sounds ofthelanguage. Simple words that rhyme add a magical touch totheselittle poems for little ones.FEATURESLearning Bengali Choraswithpleasure!Funny, colorful, and engaginganimations.Completeaudiovisual learning.Touch effective animation.Acompletekid-friendly application.Completely natural learningenvironment
Text To Speech (TTS) Free Offline Apps 1.0
S A Lab
Simple Application to convert written text to speech very EasilyandEfficiently. Text to speech reading is a problem for most ofthepopulation of the world. Every one has not done spokenEnglishcourses and need aloud reader. One receives texter smsmessages butdoes not know how to read aloud that without any aloudreader. EvenEnglish Reading is a problem without any ereader! Makeyour kidsspeech with the help of this text to speech aloud readerwithcontinuity. Make your phone say out loud whatever you type!Savespeech to use as ringtones and alarms. Share text and websitesfrom other apps to Type and Speak to have them read aloud.
Mehndi Designs & Tutorials (Offline) 2.0
S A Lab
Girls and Ladies are loving mehndi in her hands So we presentalltype of mehndi. This app (Mehndi Designs) contains the newstylesand designs of mehndi. This Application is Collection oflatestStylish Mehandi Designs for you.All the images are highquality andcan be easily accessible. This application contains thelatestmehndi designs of 2017-2018. Mehndi holds a lot ofculturalsignificance in subcontinent traditions. Be it weddings,Eids,karva chauth or other celebrations mehndi is consideredasimportant part. This app contains the new styles and designsofmehndi which you do not find anywhere. You can select any designofyour own choice zoom in for clear view and share this app withyourfriends. If you are looking for latest hand mehndi designs arttolook different from other girls in wedding, parties orfriendsgathering function this mehndi designs free app is just foryou. Weare providing Mehndi design wallpaper collection. -EidMehndiDesigns -Indian Mehndi Designs -Pakistani Mehndi Designs-PrettyHeart Henna Design -Easy Arabic Mehndi Design -MehndiDesigns forHands -Henna Designs for feet -Body tattoo Designs-Bridal MehndiDesigns -Bridal Henna Designs -Traditional CircularMehndi Styles-Mehndi Designs (offline) -New Simple Mehndi Design
Flying Fish Game 1.0
S A Lab
Flying Fish is a amazing game. The game is small and simple.TheFeature of Flying Fish Game is Here: You should tab the screentocontrol the fish for catch the ball, but there have two typeofball one for scoring and other danger ball. There areYELLOW,Green,White and black balls for increase your score.Theballs havedifferent points for you. If you hit red or magenta ball,you willlose one life . Maximum life is three time. Flying fishgame havetwo mode easy and hard. You can use this game in offline.The gamehave massive graphics design and free for all. This game isamazingfor kids and young guys. So enjoy the Flying Fish Game.DevelopedBy: ESkill IT and S A Lab