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com.orangeannoe.newpunjabisongs 2.1
New Punjabi Songs 2019 provides all your Music needs. BollywoodPunjabi songs offer you free, unlimited access to all your favoriteNew Punjabi Songs, New Punjabi Songs 2019, on your mobile phone, nomatter where you are. Top 1000+ latest Punjabi songs now with oneclick solution. Download, Play and enjoy your favorite songs, NonStop 24 hour. Listen Punjabi and new, top hit songs ever on yourfavorite, Bollywood new Punjabi songs. Main Features: GoodPerformance. Fast Buffering. Excellent UI Latest Punjabi Songs of2019 & 2020 along with Hit Punjabi Songs. Get our app andlisten to Hit Punjabi Songs of 2019 for free. Its an Video Basedapp with HD Quality Video Songs. Enjoy free all latest New PunjabiMp3 songs in clear sound boosted with extra voice. Free unlimitedPunjabi song & new Punjabi song 2019 for those who love tolisten songs. You can listen to new Punjabi songs, Punjabi Hits,romantic songs, top Hindi songs ever, Indian songs 2019 or newIndian songs. You can also find new and interesting music by usingour easy to use app. Our adaptive streaming feature will ensure youenjoy your Music and Videos seamlessly without any buffering.Disclaimer: We do not own or claim any of the content in thisapplication. All the content is the copyright of their respectiveowners. We have only compiled the content in the app and onlyproviding all the content for user convenience. If you are the copyright owner of the any of the song in app, please let us know wewill remove the content.
Learn Chinese Speaking: Chinese Bolna Seekhain 1.3
Learning Chinese Language was never so easy. With our Learn ChineseSpeaking one can learn how to speak Chinese Language in just fewweeks of continuous practice. This is a complete Chinese speakingcourse which will help you achieve your target to learn ChineseSpoken in just few weeks. Yes that right now you can learn ChineseSpeaking in just few week with our application. In our applicationwe have added Audios so that you can learn how to pronounceproperly in Mandarin. Download our application now and startSpeaking Chinese for FREE.Abhi Chinese Bolna Seekhain App downloadkarain or apny CPEC main Job Hasil karny k chances main izafakarain.Hamari app ki madad sy aap sirf Chand hi dino main ChineseLanguage Course ki madad sy Chinease seekhain sakty hain.KeyFeatures:User friendly Interface for better user experience.Favorite button is added, Now you can add videos to favorite listand watch them later with ease. Complete Chinese LanguageCoursePakistan JobsCPEC Jobs.Chinese is one of the most speakinglanguages of the world, Chinese is also known as Mandarin. China'seconomy is booming right now. If one can learn Chinese he canexplore more ventures for himself. This app is designed speciallyfor those who want to learn Chinese.
انگریزی سیکھیں Learn English Speaking in Urdu 3.3
If Looking for an Application which can teach you how to SpeakEnglish you have come to the right link. Learn English in 15 DaysIf you really want to learn English from Urdu and want to improveyour English language then, learn English in Urdu is one the bestapp for learning English in a very easy way in you own nativelanguage with more than 4million+ downloads. English speakingfeatures of this 15 days offline Learn English are as follows: -Daily quick English Lessons - Advanced English Urdu Dictionary -English Urdu Translator & offline Translation APP - Englishsentences and English Words with Urdu meanings - Learn EnglishTenses in Urdu - English Grammar & Tests - Daily EnglishConversation Lessons - Learn English in native language Urdu forquick understanding - Word of the Day - Quiz of the Day LearningEnglish was never so easy. English is the most spoken language ofthe world with billions of speakers. It is very important andimperative for all of us to learn good English Speaking so that wecan compete in this modern age. So keeping in mind, the day to dayneed for a common Urdu speaker to learn English with AmericanAccent, we have created this English Speaking app so that you canlearn how to speak proper English with accurate pronunciation andaccent. This app contains different segments so that one canunderstand and learn what to speak and more importantly where tospeak. You can learn basic and to some extent advance EnglishSpeaking with our English language course in Urdu. In our app wehave also included English Grammar, English Tenses lessons in Urduand Urdu to English Dictionary, with the help of those you canlearn the basic concepts of English Language. Learn EnglishSpeaking in native language Urdu for quick understanding. LearnEnglish in just a few days. Get our APP free of cost and LearnEnglish in Urdu very easily. If you want to speak English fluentlybut don't know basics of English. Don't worry now! This appcontains all the need to learn English Language quickly and easily.Learn to Speak English in Just a Few days with our app. This topEnglish Application will help you learn English in a few days. Itis the Best English Learning App. You can Learn Basic English fromthis app. So Download Now and start learning English from Our TopEnglish Learning app. This is a Basic English Learning App. LearnEnglish through Urdu language from this Complete English speakingcourse . This application can help you to learn English in Urdu andwill teach you how to improve your English and how to speak EnglishFluently? With the help of our app you can Learn English in Urdu.It is a complete application for English learning in just 15 days.You can speak English fluently without any hesitation after usingour app and improve your English speaking skills. Click theDownload button and Get our app and Start to Learn English SpeakingOffline for free. Learn English language was never so easy. Thisapp is made especially for all those people who are weak in EnglishSpeaking and want to improve their Spoken English. Get LearnEnglish with Urdu for free today. Learn English Spoken in just afew days, with our app you can learn English Vocabulary, EnglishGrammar, English Tenses, you can prepare for IELTS. If you keep onpracticing daily you will soon be able to talk in English inEnglish book. English Sikhen ab aur bhe aasan aur mufeed. LearnEnglish Complete Course se. Hamari English Bolna Sikhen Applicationse ap step by step English bolna aur parhna sikhen. Hamari app mainMojood Hain Sankroo Alfaaz or Jumlay Jin ki Madad sy ab aap Bohatasaani sy English Parhna Or Bolna Seekha sakty hain. App Downloadkarain or English Bolna Sikhain. In this day and age, the new waysof Learning English are explored by users. Android application isone of these. You can Learn Daily English ease.
Vocabulary Bank 1.3
Learn More Then 2000 common English words and their Synonymsquickly and efficiently.With our Vocabulary Bank app you can learnmost common English words daily and then take a quiz to evaluatehow well you have done.In order to get maximum results try to learnword daily and practice them more often. It is very useful forpeople preparing for GRE, GMAT, NTS, FPSC, Jobs test Preparationsand Entry tests for all the universities and colleges. Thisapplication is simple and easy to use. It creates a sense ofexcitement about learning, and increase your vocabularyfast.*Features:• This app includes more then 2000 important EnglishWords with their synonyms.• Words and Synonyms are beautifullydesigned and included in this app. • Add words to favorites andaccess them in future. • Add new words to your vocabulary.• Canwork as a dictionary full of functions.• This app can use offlinemode.Written by GRE and NTS experts.The entire GRE word list isselected by Magoosh’s expert tutors. Magoosh has been teaching theGRE for more than 10 years, runs a popular vocabulary series onYouTube and he’s also written an eBook on vocabulary. He isunbeatable in Scrabble, or any other word game for that matter.Thisapp gives you free access to all of Magoosh’s GRE flash cards.
New Girls Dress Designs 2017 1.0
Every Girl want that her dress look better than Anyone in theParty. To Make that Possible we have made this app. Now with theHelp of our app you can Get New Girls Dress Designs of 2017 forfree. We are offering:New Girls Dress Designs of 2017New BridalDress DesignsNew Wedding Dress DesignsSummer Collection of2017Designers Dress DesignsNew Lawn Dress Designs of 2017SoDownload this app and Enjoy the Best Collection of New Summer DressDesigns 2017 for Girls.
Best Eid Mehndi Designs 2018 1.0
We are offering you the Best Eid Mehndi Designs of 2017.Eid is veryspecial occasion for every girl and to make Eid day Special Girlsapply Mehndi on their hands and feet. Every Girl wants that herMehndi Designs should be unique and pretty. So Girls ! Now youdon't have to worry about what Mehndi Designs you would try on thisEid, because with our Latest Eid Mehndi Designs of 2018 app you canaccess unlimited Latest and Best Mehndi Designs. With our app youcan learn how to apply Mehndi on different occasions. This is thebest Eid Mehndi Designs app so far. So download now and get accessto Latest Collection of Eid Mehndi Designs of 2018 Now !In our appwe have included:Eid Mehndi DesignsIndian Mehndi DesignsPakistaniMehndi DesignsArabic Mehndi DesignsDiwali Mehndi DesignsPrettyHeart Henna DesignEasy Arabic Mehndi DesignMehndi Designs forHandsHenna Designs for feetBody tattoo DesignsEasy Eid MehndiDesignsBridal Mehndi DesignsBridal Henna Designs
Hit Tamil Songs 1.5
Tamil Songs App provides all your Music needs. New Tamil songsoffer you free, unlimited access to all your favorite Tamil NewSongs, New Tamil Songs 2017, on your mobile phone, no matter whereyou are. Hit and Best Tamil songs are the core feature of thisapplication. Top 1000+ latest Tamil Movie Songs now with one clicksolution. Download, Play and enjoy your favorite songs, Non Stop 24hour. Listen Old Tamil Songs, top hit songs ever on your favorite,Bollywood new Online Tamil Songs. Enjoy free all latest New TamilSongs Mp3 songs in clear sound boosted with extra voice. Freeunlimited Tamil Film Songs for those who love to listen songs. Youcan also find new and interesting music by using our easy to useapp. Our adaptive streaming feature will ensure you enjoy yourMusic and Videos seamlessly without any buffering. We havecollected Top Tamil Songs for you in this app, The Best Tamil Songsapp is now here. Download our small app and enjoy Top Tamil Songsand Latest Tamil Songs with ease and convenience. This app is acombination of New Tamil Songs and Best Tamil Video songs in HDQuality. Disclaimer: All the right's gave in Tamil Songsapplication is the copyright of their particular proprietor. Wedon't claim right's on any documents or file in this application.All the content provides in this application has the copyrighttheir respective owner's.
Arijit Singh All Songs, Latest Hindi Songs 1.1
We are offering you the Best Arijit SinghSongs app. It is the best app for those who want to listen the TopArijit Singh Songs for free.Our User friendly interface allows users to listen to theirfavorite Arijit Singh Songs with just one click.We have also added favorite button with which you can add yourfavorite New Hindi Songs to Favorite Songs list and listen themlater with ease.This app is best app as it has Top new Hindi songs and Best ArijitSingh songs.You can watch the Best Arijit Sinhg songs in our app for free. Allyou need is our app and you can listen to the New Arijit SinghSongsKey features:Best Collection of Arijit Singh Songs.Latest Bollywood Songs are also included.User Friendly Interface.1000+ Best Arijit Singh SongsLatest Hindi Songs are also a part of our app.Boosted Audio and Video Quality with Fast Songs Streaming even onthe slow internet.This app is absolutely free so download now and enjoy the TopArijit Singh Songs for Free.
Urdu to English & English to Urdu Dictionary 1.
Download Urdu to English Dictionary and get access to thousands ofwords. Now you can translate whatever you want. Either from Urdu toEnglish or English to Urdu with ease. Key Features:English to UrduDictionaryUrdu to English DictionaryAdd word to Favorites andAccess them later with EaseThesaurusEnglish to Urdu TranslatorDailyNotification for New Words, so that you learn New words dailyUrduto English TranslationEnglish to Urdu TranslationSo download nowand Get Get Best offline Urdu to English and English to UrduDictionary
Learn English 1.0
If you want to learn Basic English, if your English is weak, Ifwant to learn English Grammar, if you want to Learn English Tenses,If want to improve you vocabulary, you have come to the rightplace, Now you can learn English in just few days with our "LearnEnglish in 10 Days" app. With the help of our app you can learn allthat required to live a daily Englishmen life. We have verycarefully research and added English sentences and conversationsregarding different circumstances in daily life. Now you can learnEnglish in urdu very easily. Either its Vocabulary Building,sentence structure or routine Basic English, we have covered allaspects of the daily life. In our app you will also find themateriel required to speak English properly, we have also includedText to Speech function, so that with a touch of screen you canalso listen and learn how words and sentences are pronounced. WordPronunciation is also another aspect of learning English, somepeople can read English and also understands the meaning of it, butthey can not properly pronounce the English words. With the Help ofour English Learning app this problem can also be solved, all youneed is our app and you can learn English speaking in just fewdays. So click the Install Button, to get our app and startlearning English without any delay. Ab aap sirf 10 Dino mainEnglish Seekh sakty hain, abhi hamari English Seekhain app downloadkarain or English Seekhana Shuru karain. Hamari app ki madad sy aapEnglish Bolna seekha sakty hain, to abhi hamari English BolnaSeekhain app download karain or English Sikhna Start karain.
English to Urdu Dictionary Offline 1.
Now you can get Offline English to Urdu Dictionary and know themeaning of millions of words. Now you can translate whatever youwant. Either from English to Urdu or Urdu to English easily. MainFeatures: English to Urdu Dictionary Urdu to English Dictionary Addword to Favorites and Access them later with Ease Thesaurus Englishto Urdu Translator Daily Notification for New Words, so that youlearn New words daily Urdu to English Translation English to UrduTranslation Check meaning of words daily to get betterunderstanding of English Language so that you can learn English. Adictionary plays vital role for any person who is learning English.You can easily find translation from English to Urdu meaning andalso a spelling check of the word with the help of dictionary.English Urdu Dictionary helps to enhance your grammaticalinformation about word and also find the synonym and antonym of theword. It’s not enough how to use the Dictionary but it’s verycompulsory to select the best dictionary application. Our appEnglish Dictionary is a Bank of words it’s always helps you tofinding out the meaning of default word. There are so many wordsyou face in your daily life which you don’t know the meaning atthat time our app helpful for you. Our application Dictionary alsohelp to those who are interested in enhance the vocabulary. Bestdictionary application means that application, which gives you allinformation about word like spelling check, grammaticalinformation, synonym and antonym, how to say a word etc. Our appDictionary gives you all information of the word. Our applicationDictionary also working off-line. If you looking new word you seeor hear and you spend your whole day to find out the meaning indictionary book that’s not good. Our application offline UrduEnglish Dictionary helps you to finding a meaning of word within asecond and you don’t need a dictionary book. Our applicationDictionary,”English to Urdu” and “English to English” finding ofword option available. Our Dictionary Layout very simple andfriendly use application, history of last word you ever viewedstored in history. our reverse Dictionary, favorite’s option alsoavailable you can add words to favorites. Word spell,Text-to-Speech, up to date vocabulary and also working off-line ourapplication Dictionary. Features: • English to Urdu” and “Englishto English translation • Spell check • grammatical information •synonym and antonym • Text-to-Speech • up to date vocabulary •working off-line • Friendly use • Word of the day Hope you like ourapplication Dictionary, kindly leave your review and good rating toour developer. So download now and Get Get Best offline Urdu toEnglish and English to Urdu Dictionary
Learn English to Hindi: Complete Spoken Course 1.3
Learn English from Hindi is crated especially for those HindiSpeakers who want to learn English Language or who are weak inEnglish and want to Improve their Spoken English in Hindi. Now theycan Learn English in Hindi with our app. After you are done withour app you can translate English to Hindi and Hindi to Englishwith ease and you will be able to speak good English too. This is acomplete English speaking course in Hindi. Learn from this app andyou can do English to Hindi translation. There are a lot of Indianand Hindi Speakers who are searching for an app which can help themin how to learn Hindi in English. English speaking in Hindi is notvery difficult, with right amount of practice you can also achieveyou goal to learn Hindi through English. English spoken course inHindi is free of cost and any one can download this app. KeyFeatures: Most Commons Conversations which are used in daily life.Vocabulary from English to Hindi. English Pronunciation with audiosolution. Tips to Improve English English Grammar lessons. EnglishTenses lesson. Tenses Lessons Grammar Lessons Writing Skillsimprovement lessons Letter Writing. Application Writing ResumeWriting Cover Letter Writing User Friendly Interface. This is acomplete English Learning course from Hindi. There are a lot ofEnglish conversations in this app, which are searched and collectedfrom daily English speaking life. Ab aap bhi English Seekh Saktyhain, Abhi Hamari English Seekhain app download karain or Englishseekhana shuru karain wo bhi Hindi main. To abhi Hamari Englishsikhain app download karain or ghar baithy English Sikhna Shurukarain. Download app now and learn spoken english through Hindi.
14 August Photo Frame & Profile Picture 1.0
On this 14th August paint your face with Pakistani flag. With ourPakistani Flag Photo Editor now you can paint your face withPakistan Flag, Add different Stickers to your face and make abeautiful Independence day Photo frame and Profile Picture for yourself and you kids. Now you can add different Jashn e Azadi Photoframe to your pictures and make a memorable photo frame yourprofile picture. We have added lot of different Pakistani FlagFrames, Pakistani Flag stickers so that you can edit your pictureas you like on this Independence day.
English Grammar & Punctuation (Learn & Test) 1.3
Now you Can learn English Grammar and Punctuation with ourapplication. Grammar and Tenses are very important aspects ofEnglish learning, if you want to learn English or Improve youEnglish Speaking Skills you must learn English Grammar, EnglishPunctuation Rules and English Vocabulary. Key Features: EnglishGrammar Rules English Grammar Test and Quizzes to Test Your GrammarSkills Pair of Words English Idioms Punctuation uses and RulesEnglish Vocabulary Commonly Confused Words Most Common EnglishVerbs and their uses Most Common English Irregular Verbs and theiruses Most Common English Phrasal Verbs and their uses We have alsoadded uses and rules of following: Active and Passive VoiceAdjectives Adverbs Articles Auxiliary Verbs ConditionalsConjunctions Determiners Idioms Interjections Introduction NounsPhrases Prepositions Pronouns Quantifiers Question Tags ReportedSpeech Tenses Verbs If you follow English Grammar rules andpractice daily you will soon be able to learn English properly.Download our Learn English Grammar & Punctuation app now forFree.
Blur Your Image Background 1.1
Now you can Blur unwanted Background or part of Image from youFavorite Pictures.With the help of our you can blur Background ofany picture or image you want, just like Photoshop or any otherleading photo editing software. Our Best photo editing app is madespecially for all your image editing needs. Now you can blur yourimage background in an effective way with our blur photo editor,which can be used to give your image background, a blurry effect.Now you can Blur unwanted areas of a your image efficiently justlike a professional photographer, and can give your pictures a blureffect, using the blur photo filters, of our blur picture editor orblur pic editor. Now you can Blur your image background withease.Key Features:Image Back Ground Blur Tools is available indifferent sizes. You can access Photo Gallery or take new picturefor editing purpose. You can Zoom you imageDifferent SizesBrushesUndo OptionBlur Image Background of your choiceYou can shareyour edited pictures on multiple forums. Image Background Blurfunctionality is improved. Download now and start editing yourimages to give them a lovely look.Get our application now and BlurPicture Background for free.
Learn English in Arabic تعلم الإنجليزية 1.2
Learn Arabic from English is an app made specially for nativeArabic speakers, who want to learn English in Arabic. Now you canLearn Arabic Language with ease and comfort. If you are wonderingHow to Learn Arabic Language in few days, you have come to theright place, now you can learn Arabic Online with the help of ourapplication. This app will teach you how to speak English fromArabic. We have very carefully selected topics for this OnlineEnglish to Arabic Course, so that you can learn to Speak Englishwith comfort. This is complete English Language Course with Arabiclessons on daily use of English in routine life. The Best way tolearn English in Arabic is to practice daily and try to rememberwhat you have learned earlier. So that You can Learn Englishquickly. Our app is considered to be one of the Best and Latest inArabic Learning Apps. Arabic for Beginners is an app for those whowant to Learn English Language for free. Our app is a completeEnglish Language Course. The best way to learn Arabic is topractice daily and try to speak with people so that you can quicklyget use to Arabic. The Best way to Learn Arabic Online. MainFeatures: English Pronunciation English words, Phrase and Sentenceskeeping in view day to day use. Easy to use interface CompleteEnglish Speaking Course After you have learned English with ourapplication you can translate English to Arabic and Arabic toEnglish easily.
Battery Saver Flash Light 1.1
Battery Saver Flash light saves more than 50% or your battery thanother flash light. The design of Battery Saver flash light is veryunique. Themed as Iron Man flash light and comes with a uniquetorch on and off sound, makes fun to use a flash light.Features:Saves a lot of battery.Elegant design. LEDflashlightBrightest flash light. Battery savor flash light. LEDLight. Mobile Light Torch.
com.orangeannoe.LearnChineseinenglish 1.2
Learn how to Speak Chinese Language within few days with our app.Chinese Language is one of the most spoken languages of the worldwith more then 1 Billion speakers. Chinese is also know asMandarin. Learn Mandarin Language and become a part of one of themost speaking languages of the world. How to learn Chinese speakingis free of cost app. You can download it for free and get access tothis learning app. Mandarin Chinese Language app have 20 differentcategories all of which are free. This app is useful forProfessionals, Students and tourist. Either you are a tourist whois visiting chine or a student you can get befit from this app. KeyFeatures: Easy to Use interface Common Phrases with respect todifferent occasions and scenarios. Most Common Chinese Languagephrases. Most Common Mandarin Speaking Lessons. All Words andSentences' Pronunciation in audio so that you learn how topronounce words in Chinese properly. With the help of our LearnChinese you can learn to Speak Mandarin in just few weeks. If youdedicate yourself and practice daily you will definitely get thebest results and will be able to speak and understand ChineseLanguage. So download our Learn Chinese in English app and StartSpeaking Chinese in just few days.
Learn English in Tamil - Complete Speaking Course 1.2
We have designed this application specially for Beginners. NowLearn English in Tamil very easily and Efficiently, Download Appnow. This Easy English course is very useful for all those peoplewho are weak in English and to Learn English through Tamil offline.Get this app and Start to Learn English from Tamil in just few daysof practice and working. Learn English to Tamil is an app designedspecially for people who want to learn English to Tamil. Afterlearning English from Tamil you will be able to Translate Englishto Tamil. Tamil Dictionary is very useful app for those who want toimprove their English speaking skills. After Learning Tamil youwont need English to Tamil Translator Get our app now and startlearn Tamil through English. Learn Tamil through English is an appdefinitely for you so that you can learn Tamil quickly. This is acomplete Spoken English to Tamil Course. Get our application andLearn English through Tamil with ease. After practicing with OurApp you will be able to: Learn English to Tamil Learning Englishfrom Tamil Language Offline Learn English Online How to learnEnglish English speaking course English study English lessonEnglish Conversation After getting our app You won't need to buyall books when you can learn Tamil from our online English speakingCourse. Click the Download button and get our app Tamil to EnglishLearning Course and start to Speak English from Tamil. This appwill help you learn English Tenses and how to use English grammarso that you can learn to speak English.
Jagjit Singh Best Ghazals 1.1
Download and Watch Jagjit Singh Best Ghazals and Most Famous songsof Jagjit Singh for free. Now you can also watch HD Quality BestJagjit Singh Songs and Sad Ghazals.Key Features:Best Jagjit SinghGhazlas CollectionMp3 Jagjit Singh SongsHd Quality Jagjit Singh SadGhazalsUser Friendly InterfaceSpeedy Video Streaming. Best OldHindi SongsDownload our app and Enjoy the Most Famous Songs ofJagjit Singh for Free. Jagit Singh is know as best Ghazals Singerof India and Bollywood. Jagjit Singh has sung alot of melodious andheart touching Sad Ghazals. In our app you will find Most Famousand Best Jagjit Singh Ghazlain.This app is made specially forJagjit Singh Songs lovers, who specifically want to Listen jagjitSingh Songs and Ghazals on the go. You can watch and Listen to Mp3Songs of Jagjit Singh as well in our app. Get our app and listen toBest old Hindi songs for free.
Driving Test Preparations (Traffic Signs) 1.0
With our app you can learn and understand Traffic Signs which willhelp you in your Driving Test Preparations. Now You Can LearnDriving from You Home. With the Help of Our App Driving TestPreparation and Traffic Signs Pakistan in Urdu and English now youcan prepare your self from you mobile screen. This is completeTraffic Signs Driving Course. Our app includes:WarningSignsMandatory SignsInformation SignsMotorway signsHighwaySignsConstruction SignsThis app is helpful for all over Pakistan.Driving Test Preparations. Abhi Hamari Driving Test Preparation andTraffic Signs Pakistan App download karain or ghar baithy Drivingtest ki tayari karain.
Learn Spanish Language Speaking for Free 1.4
Learn Spanish fast with fun and interactive lessons. Learn SpanishLanguage online for free. You will make fast progress and enjoywhile learning Spanish. Our application contain various lessonsaccording to your interest and levels. By following our course stepby step you will be able to learn and speak Spanish confidently. Ifyou really want to learn to speak Spanish so you are on the righttrack and you can begin learning Spanish language for free. Now youcan learn how to learn Spanish Speaking easily. This app is like ateacher in Spanish for you. By using our app you will learn how tospeak like a native speaker, the free app that unlocks your foreignlanguage learning skills! Now you can learn how to speak Spanishwith our app, in our app we have added Spanish Lesson and Quiz.Learn Spoken Spanish with our app. Key Features: -Most CommonSpanish Vocabulary and Words -Most Common Spanish Conversations andSpanish Sentences. -English to Spanish Reading Lessons and Test -Spanish verb conjugation Read in Spanish -Spanish to EnglishReading Lessons and Test -English to Spanish Listening Lessons andTest -Spanish to English Listening Lessons and Test -Friendly userInterface for better learning -Audios are also added so that youcan Learn Spanish Speaking and under the pronunciation of SpanishLanguage. If you want to speak Spanish in just few weeks you canlearn Spanish with our app for Free. Now you can learn Spanish fromanywhere through you mobile screen for free. This Spanish SpeakingCourse is made especially for those who want to Learn SpanishLanguage offline, Spanish can be learned at whatever pace you wantto learn. Moreover, you can Learn Spanish Verbs with easy examplesand learn Spanish grammar step by step. Practice Spanish speaking,listening, reading and writing skills daily to get maximum results.With daily practice and drills you can improve your Spanishvocabulary and Spanish grammar skills. With our app you can LearnSpanish offline. So get our app now and Learn Spanish in Englishtoday. Practice daily and we assure you that you can learn to SpeakSpanish in just few days of practice. You can Learn SpanishSpeaking with our free lessons and Quiz daily. This is a completeSpanish Learning course you can learn from Basic Spanish to Advancelevel of Spanish Speaking Skills with our app. This app can also beused as Basic Spanish to English Dictionary and English to SpanishDictionary. Install our app and Learn Speaking Spanish Languageoffline in English.
Advanced English Dictionary: Meanings & Definition 2.8
English to English Dictionary is handy for all English Speakers& Learners. It contains 500,000+ words with meanings anddefinitions with examples. The number 1 Dictionary is useful forlearning new words, education and for learning advanced words. Youcan easily search meaning, definitions offline by using English toEnglish dictionary application. The Advance English Dictionary isoffline version which can be used to get meaning, Definitions andThesaurus of the words you want without Internet. With a hugedatabase of words and their meaning this English dictionary iscertainly rated among the top Offline English Dictionaries byusers. This dictonary is Loaded with the features like: Word of theday Thesaurus History of the words searched recently Very Easy dicin eng. Favorites words, for future reference. Words Translate toEnglish. Very simple to use eng dictionary for kids. Freedictionary comes with lot of words. Diction Definitions. Makes thispocket diction one of the best on the play store. This App can beused as online dictionary too. This Online Translator will help youtranslate lot of words with ease and comfort. This App containsmore advanced features i.e. word of the day, spelling suggestions,advanced learner's vocabulary, history of the searched words andsave favorite words easily. It has a very simple and user friendlylayout with its clear definitions and chosen vocabulary makes itmore functional. English to English Dictionary is the best choicefor businessman, tourist, student, teachers and learners. If youwant to get meaning of the most difficult and unique words, youhave come to the right place. Download Now to Get Started. UpdateVersion 2.4: Now you can search word with voice search option.Voice search feature is added in this latest update. WordPronunciation and speech to text feature is also added. Themesadded. Now you can select theme color of your liking to give appcustomized look. In app Purchases are also added to remove ads.
NTS, FPSC and PPSC Test Preparation Guide 1.2
NTS preparation Test App is very good and knowledgeable app whichinclude all updates and a quality of all previous test papers andMCQ's relating to the NTS test preparation. Our app provides youthe all necessary and useful material about all types of NTS testpreparation. through this NTS app you can easily get the 1000+MCQ's which helps you in your competitive exams preparation.' its aawesome app for the all types of learned and aspirants. our app isuse full in following topics also. English Comprehension VocabularyTests Quantitative Tests Analytical Reasoning Tests GAT NAT GREFPSC APSC CSS PMS ECAT MCAT and much more · APP FEATURES:- · Easyto use · Awesome graphics · Very helpful in competitive examspreparation · Update the all upcoming changes relating NTS Downloadand enjoy this amazing NTS Test Preparation app. and also sharethis app with your friends. This app is very suitable for all thosestudents and professionals who want to stay up to date with GeneralKnowledge either for Job purposes of any other purpose. You canlearn a lot of General Knowledge of the world with this app.
Learn Turkish Speaking in English Free 1.0
If You are interested in speaking Turkish and have the desire tolearn Turkish Language just like native Turkish speakers you havecome to the right place, now you can Learn Turkish Speaking in avery short span of time. If you don’t have time to take formalTurkish speaking lessons don’t worry our Turkish App will help youto speak Turkish within 10 Days. We know everyone is busy in theirlife and they have the urge to speak Turkish and not spend thespecial time for classes.Just practice of 5mint Daily .LearnTurkish Speaking app is helpful for those people who are travelingto Turkey and those who have Turkish friends.Course Line:1. ColorName 2. Body Name 3. Traveling4. Direction5. Places6. Friend AndFamily7. Days8. Time9. Problem Feature:• Offline used • English toTurkish• Easy Download • Both Turkish and English Audio Speaker•Multiple QuizDownload Learn Turkish and Speak with your friends andin Turkey people.Learn Turkish Speaking fluently in just fewmonths, download app for Free
Learn Italian Language Speaking Offline 1.2
Learn how to speak Italian Language with lessons, quizzes &audio course. Now you can learn complete Italian Beginner tointermediate course absolutely free. Our Learn Italian course donot required any previous Italian Language knowledge. This Italianspeaking course is based on new & up to date techniques witheffective course material. Italian learning course contains bothEnglish and Italian language (dual language) for betterunderstanding. Now students, professionals & traveler can learnItalian at their own pace. Italian course will improve yourvocabulary and conversational skills from the very first lesson ina effective way. The application is a teacher in Italian. Afterlearning from this application and daily practice with will be ableto: Translate from Italian to English and English to Italian ReadItalian Language. Speak Italian Daily used Italian Words andItalian Phrase. We designed this course absolute from basicItalian, so you can learn Italian from easy, fast & free. Withaudio feature students can easily learn Italian pronunciation andthey can speak Italian language with confidence. Just a few minutesa day you will be able to learn Italian Language which will enhanceyour conversational skills. If you are looking for Italian learningapplication in English just download this app & start learningItalian.
ABC & 123 Kids Learning 1.1
In this Advance age Many parents want to teach ABC to theirchildren but don’t know how to start. Parents try to teach fromkids learning books but children do not take interest. Now a dayskids want education to be a fun, even in learning. Now you don’thave to worry our application “ABC for Kids” is designed especiallyfor those children who do not take interest in learning. Ourapplication “Kids learning is just like a PG class. Goal of Ourapplication ABC and 123 for Kids is to help those parents who wouldlike to teach ABC and 123 to their children at home. Kids can learnnaturally when they are having fun, games are a great way to teachABC 123 and colors to your children. Children love the brightcolors and attractive illustrations. ABC and 123 Songs are also aneffective way to teach ABC and improve pronunciation of yourchildren. From our app kids can learn Alphabets Learning from ourapp is one of our best instructive amusements for kids. From ourapplication ABC for Kids Learning is very easy and simple. Our apphas all the features which are provided to your Kids in school forLearning different skills. Learn complete A to Z by tracing letter,phonemic sound, Draw letters and animal sound.Your Kids can Learn:•Learn vehicles name like bus, truck, train etc.• Learn vegetablename and how to look like with picture• Learn animal name withanimal sound and picture • Learn colors name with different picture• Learn fruits name with song and animation• Learn wild animal namewith game ,sound and picture• Learn Alphabets with music.Feature:•ABCD tracing games• Puzzle game to build children memory • Lettermatching• Human ,animal, birds, vehicles etc sounds• Slideshowavailable of ABDCParents stop thinking and download our applicationABC for Kids Learning and start teaching your children. We Hopethat you will like our application ABCD Kids learning. Kindly leaveyour review about our app and also good rating to developer.
Last 25 Surah of Quran 1.0
Wahi of Quran Begin in 610 C.E when the angel Gabriel appearedtoMuhammad in the cave Hira near Mecca, reciting to him thefirstverses of Surah Iqra.First revelation was sent down onLaylatal-Qadr (The night of Power). The Quran is the holybookof Islam. Muslims believe Allah, or God, gavethe Qurandirectly to them to correct earlier, inaccurate holytexts, such asthe Old and New Testaments. Many Muslims study thebook every dayto guide the way they lead their lives.Ourapplication “Last TenSurah” contains last ten Surah of Quran. thissurah is beneficaland easy to remember. Last ten Surah also use inpray and wazaif.Last ten surah with urdu trajama.The 10 Surahincluding this appsare:1. Surah Al-Fil2. Surah Quraysh3. SurahAl-Ma`un4. SurahAl-Kawthar5. Surah Al-Kafirun6. Surah An-Nasr7.Surah Al-Masad8.Surah Al-‘Ikhlas9. Surah Al-Falaq10. SurahAn-NasSurah Al-Fil:SurahFeel of how Allah showed favour uponQuraysh by destroying theirenemy Abrahaand his army of elephants.Surah Quraysh:Allah remindsthe people of Quraysh about His manyblessings upon them.SurahAl-Ma’un:Lists the quantities of thepeople of Quraysh in theiropposition to the prophetsallallahualayhi wa sallamSurahAl-Kawthar:All reminded the prophetsallallahu alayhi wa sallam ofAl-Kawthar, a river in paradisefromwhich believer will be given adrink.Surah Al-Kafirun:SurahAl-Kafirun is a defiant messages fromAllah that there can never beany mixing inthe religion ofAllahSurah An-Nasr:Surah An-Nasr is aguarantee from Allah victorywill come for the prophetsallallahualayhi wa sallam and theprophet is told of the multitudesof people who will acceptislam.Surah Al-Masad:Allah gives anexample of one of the worstenemies of the prophet sallallahualayhiwa sallam , Abu Lahnab andtell us of his and his wife abodein hell.Surah Al-‘Ikhlas:Is mostcomprehensive definition of whoAllah is & knowing it well isenough for us tobe safe fromdisbelieve and shirkSurahAl-Falaq:Teaches a dua to speak refuge inAllah from all the attackfrom the evil of all thecreation .SurahAn-Nas:Teaches a dua tospeak refuge in Allah from all the attackfrom insides our ownselvesDownload our app “Last Ten surah “ readand remember. Hopeyou like our application “Last ten Surah “ if youlike our appplease give your feedback.
Six Kalmas of Islam in Arabic 1.0
The 6 Kalmas of Islam 2018 is an application you can recitetheKalimas with perfect pronunciation and translation. All sixKalmasare in Arabic with alluring audio voice (given in English andUrdutranslation so you learn these 6 kalimas easily andconveniently.1) First Kalma Tayyab: Laa ilaaha illal LahooMohammadur RasoolUllahFirstly kalima tayyab stands for the word ofpurity.2) KalmaShaadat: Ashahado An Laa ilaaha illal Laho WahdahooLaa ShareekaLahoo Wa Ash Hado Anna Mohammadan Abdo Hoo WaRasoolohoo.Secondlykalima Shahadah stands for the remark ofevidence.3) Kalma Tamjeed:Subhanallahe Wal Hamdulillahe Wa Laailaha illal LahoWallahooakbar. Wala Haola Wala Quwwata illabillahil AliYilAzeem.Thirdly kalma Tamjeed explains the expressionof Majesty.4)Kalma Tauheed: Laa ilaha illal Lahoo Wahdahoo LaaShareekalahooLahul Mulko Walahul Hamdo Yuhee Wa Yumeeto Wa Hoa HaiyYul LaYamooto Abadan Abada Zul Jalali Wal ikraam Beyadihil Khair.Wa hoaAla Kulli Shai In Qadeer.Fourthly kalma Tauheed is thedeclarationtowards oneness of Allah Almighty.5) KalmaAstaghfar:Astaghfirullah Rabbi Min Kullay Zambin Aznabtuho AmadanAo Khat AnSirran Ao Alaniatan Wa Atoobo ilaihe Minaz Zambil LazeeAalamo WaMinaz Zambil Lazee La Aalamo innaka Anta Allamul GhuyoobiWaSattaarul Oyobi Wa Ghaffaruz Zunoobi Wala Haola Wala Quwwataillabillahil AliYil Azeem.Fifthly kalma Astaghfar is the wordofpenitence to seek forgiveness6) Kalma Radde Kufr: Allah HummainniAaoozubika Min An Oshrika Beka Shai Aown Wa Anaa Aalamo BehiWaAstaghfiroka Lima laa Aalamo Behi Tubtu Anho Wa TabarratoMinalKufri Washshirki Wal Kizbi Wal Jheebati Wal Bidaati WanNameematiWal Fawahishi Wal Bohtani Wal Maasi Kulliha Wa Aslamtoo WaAamantooWa Aqoolo Laa ilaaha illal Lahoo Mohammadur RasoolUllahLastlykalma Radde Kufr has discrete subject of word ofrejection.Downloadthis best application and learn six kalimas ofislam with elegantuser interface.
Surah e Yaseen Talawat and Tarjuma Urdu & English 1.0
Surah Yasin is the 36th Surah of Holy Quran and it’s a heartofQuran. There are three main theme of Surah Yaseen, first isonenessof God, second is Muhammad PBUH is the messenger of God& thirdAllah creation through divine revelation and reality ofAkhirat. Wedesigned our application “Surah Yaseen” very simple foryou toUnderstand/recite easily.Allah says "Whoever recites Yaseenonce,Allah will record the reward of reciting the Quran tentimes".People who want to read surah Yaseen during travelling &theiroffice timings but due to desecration of Book people don'tkept itwith them, we solved this problem through our app. ByRecitingSurah Yasin once is identical to presenting Holy Quran tentimes.If anyone read Surah Yasin at night for seeking Allahapproval,Allah Would forgive him. If you want to listen instead ofrecitesthen audio features also available in our appSurahYasin.Features:• HD Graphic• Minimize option • Translation inUrduand English• Audio• Mark option• Free downloadSurah Yasin isalsoavailable in most beutiful voices of famous reciters AbdulRahmanIbn Abdul Aziz as-Sudais, Sheikh Mishary Rashid Al-Afasy andSaudibn Ibrahim ibn Muhammad al-Shuraim. The angels said, “Blessingisfor the Ummah unto whom the Quran will be sent down. Blessingisfor the hearts that will memorize it, and blessing is forthetongues that will recite it". If anyone recites Surah Yasinatnight and then die they will die as shaheed.Why are youthinkingdownload our app Surah Yasin and start earning theblessings andBenefits of Surah Yasin. Hope you like our app , thankyou fordownloading and good rating for us.
Sahih Al Bukhari Sharif 1.0
Bukhari Sharif is also known as Sahih al Bukhari. Theseprophetichadith were collected by the Muslim scholar MuhammadAl-Bukhari.Buhkari Sharif has been given the status of being themostauthenticated book after the Holy Qur’an. Bukhari also spelledasBokhari, Bukhary and Bukhori, is a common surname in CentralandWestern Asia, meaning "from Bukhara". Its Arabic versional-Bukhariwas also used in the medieval Islamic world as a nisba .ImamBuhkari was born 19 July 810 C.E. 13th Shawwal 194 A.H.Bukhara,Transoxiana (in present-day Uzbekistan).He had lost the useof hiseyes in the early stage of his childhood. Imam Bukharieyesight wasreturned due to the lengthy prayer of his mother.Sahihbuhkarisharif application is a complete book so you donot need todownlaodanother application. Sahih bukhari application is in easyurdulanguage translation so you can understand and rememberhaditheasily. If you want to read saying of Huzrat Muhammad (PBUH)thenyou have selected a right app "sahih Al-buhkari".Feature:•FreeDownload• Easy to share social media• Urdu language •Simplegraphic• User Freindly• Easy to save hadiths in galley •Printoption• Off-lineDownload our app “Sahih al Buhkari “ read andsharethe hadiths with friends and family. Being the Muslims it’s asadkaJahria to convey the message of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) to theotherMuslims . Buhkari Sharif help you to enhance yourIslamicknowledge. Being the Muslim its very important for us wehave agood knowledge about Islam/Hadiths. Our app gives you acompletebook of sahih al Bukhari . Download our “SahihAl-Buhkari“application without any wasting of time.
Advance German to English Dictionary 1.3
We are offering you the Best offline German to English and Englishto German Dictionary. We have very carefully collected thousands ofwords and their meaning with several definitions so that you canunderstand German words and their meanings. The features of Germandictionary are user friendly and easy to use so that you don't haveany problems while searching meaning of difficult English words.With our app you can translate any German or English word with easeand convenience. German Dictionary is absolutely free for you. Thisapp can be used as both English to German dictionary and German toEnglish Dictionary. We have added daily notification and word ofthe day in this app too, so that along with Pocket Dictionary andyou can daily learn a word of German and English Dictionary andimprove your command over the native language. Click on the installbutton and get English to German Dictionary NOW. Key features: Easyto use interface Words and their definitions with several examples.Thousands of German words with their meaning. Offline Dictionary,No need of Internet Connection. Absoluetly free of cost. Very smallsize of the application. Daily Notification and word of the day.Download now and Get our Pocket Dictionary FREE.
Learn Persian in English, Learn Farsi 1.1
Learn how to Speak Persian and Learn Farsi in Just Few WeeksofPracticeLearn Persian Speaking with ease, with our bestLearnPersian Speaking in English app, with just few daysregularpractice and work. Now you can Learn & Speak Persianeasily byusing our application. Our APP contains best learningmaterial forlearners who want to speak Persian or Farsi Languagefluently. ByPracticing Persian basic language course you can easilykeep wordsand their meaning in you mind. Persian Learning APPContainscomplete guide with broad understanding of Farsi language.OurDaily lessons will definitely improve your speaking skills aswell.If you using this application then you don't need to downloadanyPersian Dictionary. Learn to Speak Persian is a completepackagefor beginners to learn Persian quickly and effectively withuniquelearning methods.So download now and start learning persianandfarsi language in just few months fluently.
Learn French Language in English - Speak French 1.2
Learn French through English is one of the best Android app forthose who want to speak French language easily. This app is bestfor learning French if you wish to speak French Language offlineget our app and you can become an expert French Speaker within notime. Speak & Learn French in 5 minutes a day by practicing andbe an expert in weeks with this best French learning app. By usingour application you can learn French language offline in a easyway. Learning Spoken French was never so easy, get our app andLearn French Speaking offline in English Language. This app iscertainly one of the best french learning apps you will find on theplay store. App includes, French Words, French Sentence, FrenchPhrases. All of them are used daily by native french Speaker. Thisapplication is learning french for beginners. With the help of thisapp you can learn to speak french and after that you will be ableto Translate French into English quite easily. This Free FrenchLearning app teach you the French language effectively and quickly.Learn to Speak French and use in a daily conversation. You will bemaster of French Language by practicing words phrases and dailysentences with no time. With our app you can also learn Frenchoffline. This app is made for people who knows English and want tolearn French Spoken in English. So you also learn French inEnglish. Download the best French learning app today takeadvantages of learning a new language for life. Get our app andLearn French Speaking offline for free.
Learn German Language: Complete Speaking Course 1.0
German Language is one of the most speaking languages of theworldwith over 100 million native speakers. German is Mainly spokenincentral Europe and generally around the globe. German Languageiswidely spoken native language in the European. LearnGermanLanguage is a German Learning application made for people whowantto learn Deutsch from their homes. Equipped with 20differentcategories which are carefully researched and selectedfrom day today German use to help you how to speak German languageindifferent situations. Learn German online is very helpfulfortourists, students and professionals who are looking for anappwhich can teach them how to speak German. With daily Germanlessonsyou will be able to speak basic German Language in just afew days.German language learning is made easy with this app. Wehave seenmany people asking the question that how to learn GermanLanguage.This app can answer their question. Many users were ableto learnto speak German basics in just a few weeks of practice.This is anonline German course which can also be used offline. Youcan learnGerman fast if you practice daily for 30 minutes.HighlightedFeatures: 20 Different Categories Complete Germanlanguage courseGerman Words German Phrase German language lessonsGermanPronunciation of words and sentence to teach you how topronounceproperly in German language. Learn German for beginnerswill helpeveryone who doesn't know how to communicate in German. Soif youare looking for German Spoken Course which can teach you howtolearn German fast you can try our application for free. Allthosestudents who want to study in Germany can get help with thisapp toSpeak German language basics. Download this completeGermanspeaking course and start learning German.
Speak and Translate Pro - All Languages Translator 1.4
Speak and Translate is the best Translation app made especially forall those who want to translate bulks of data with ease. Now youcan translate with your voice, you don’t need to type longsentences to use this English Translator all you need is to speakin your native language and our Voice Translator will do the restand will translate your spoken words into your desired language.You can use this app while you are traveling to the country orregion where you don’t know their native language. All you need isour English Translator and you can speak to it and it willtranslate to your desired language within seconds and you can havereal conversations with those you can’t speak with before due tolanguage barriers. This Translator is absolutely free to use. Usinggoogle translator app Functionality this app is considered bestTranslator for Voice Translation. All Languages Translator: ThisVoice Translator supports 106 different languages which coversalmost every language of the world. So you can translate with Voiceand Text, whatever you want with our best Speak to Translate app.Following are the languages and dialects which this app supports:Afrikaans, Albanian, Arabic, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Basque,Belarusian, Bengali, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Cebuano,Chichewa, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Croatian,Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Esperanto, Estonian, Filipino,Finnish, French, Galician, Georgian, German, Greek, Gujarati,Haitian Creole, Hausa, Hebrew, Hindi, Hmong, Hungarian, Icelandic,Igbo, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Javanese, Kannada,Kazakh, Khmer, Korean, Lao, Latin, Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian,Malagasy, Malay, Malayalam, Maltese, Maori, Marathi, Mongolian,Myanmar (Burmese), Nepali, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese,Punjabi, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Sesotho, Sinhala, Slovak,Slovenian, Somali, Spanish, Sudanese, Swahili, Swedish, Tajik,Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu, Uzbek, Vietnamese,Welsh, Yiddish, Yoruba, Zulu. Voice and Text Input: You cantranslate any give language to your desired language with ease andcomfort. This app supports both Voice and Text input so you cantranslate with your voice too. All you need to speak and it willtranslate it for you in seconds. Main Features: Easy to useinterface. You can now switch easily between languages. 106Languages are supported with voice and text input option. Speech toSpeech Translation. History of past translations is saved forfuture references. Copy and share option of translated text, to useanywhere in your mobile phone. Few Common Combinations ofTranslations: English is one of the most spoken languages of theworld along with Chinese, Hindi, Arabic, Urdu, Spanish and FrenchLanguages, and we have seen that now days everyone is trying tolearn new languages of needs to speak in foreign languages tocommunicate with people they are working with or studying with orthey are traveling to a foreign country. The need to translate fromone language to another is imperative and everyone wants such anapp which can translate any language with ease and comfort.Following are the few common combinations along with hundreds ofother combinations you can translate from our app. English toChinese Translator Chinese to English Translator English to SpanishTranslator Spanish to English Translator English to ArabicTranslator Arabic to English Translator English to Hindi TranslatorHindi to English Translator English to Bengali Translator Bangalito English Translator English to Portuguese Translator English toRussian Translator Russian to English Translator English toJapanese Translator Japanese to English Translator English toKorean Translator English to Punjabi Translator English to FrenchTranslator French to English Translator English to Urdu TranslatorUrdu to English Translator Download our Speak to Translate Pro Appto Translate whatever you want whenever you need.
Learn English Spoken through Telugu 1.0
Learn English in Telugu app brings together all learning lessonsinsimple-to-use package. This is one the best way to learnEnglishfrom Telugu and keep you up to date. You can learn Englishthroughgrammar, phrases, & everyday conversations. The best waytolearn a language is to practice English with other people.LearnEnglish in Telugu contains huge database with differentlessons so,you can learn English from Telugu in few days. SpeakEnglish inTelugu is one of the simplest app for Telugu speakers, Ifyou learnand practice words once and you will remember it for lifetime.This app will provide you some outstanding facilities tolearnEnglish. The English Speaking APP helps you to learn basicEnglishvocabulary. You can build your vocabulary offline. Itcontainsvocabulary with Telugu meaning of English words withexample andsentences. It helps you improve your vocabulary in fewdays. WithEnglish speaking exercises in Telugu Language helps youto learnEnglish fast. You can practice and speak English withEnglishlessons. With English Speaking course you will be able tospeakEnglish fluently. You can understand and pronouncedifficultEnglish words. It will improve and build your vocabularyandincrease your word bank. This is an English Language courseforbeginner to advanced level. Learn English in just few days withourapplication from basics. Moreover, you can boost yourEnglishlearning either you are traveler, businessman, writer &studentetc. If you are worried about how to learn English thenLearnEnglish then learn English in Telugu is best APP for you.
Learn English in Malayalam: Complete Spoken Course 1.0
Learn English in Malayalam is made for all those Indians whoarenative Malayalam Speakers and want to Speak English Fluently.Thisapplication is made only for Malayalam speakers who are weakinEnglish Language and having trouble in understanding andspeakingEnglish. With daily practice of our English Spoken Courseyou cannow speak and read English in Just few weeks. SpeakingEnglish isvery important for all you us in this age. English is onethe mostspoken languages of the world and also highly demandingandrewarding at the same time. If one can learn English andSpeakingEnglish with Fluency his chances of success increases. Inthis fastage no one has time and resources to travel to aninstitute toLearn English Spoken, everyone wants to Speak inEnglish with veryless effort and this is where our English SpokenCourse Helps. Withour English for Beginners app you can startlearning English inyour homes for free. This English Course is forBeginners who wantto Speak English. Learn English in Malayalam iscategorized in 18Different fields: Greetings General ConversationNumbers Time andDate Directions & Places TransportationAccommodation Eatingout Shopping Colors Cities & TownsCountries Tourist &Attractions Family Dating Emergency SicknessTongue Twisters Thesecategories will help to differentiate yourlearning and learnEnglish in a way that will help you to speak indifferentsituations. The main features of this app include:EnglishPronunciation of English Words and English Phrases. Easy touseInterface Daily English Practice for Malayalam speakers.BasicEnglish Learning Course. English Grammar and EnglishTenses.English Speaking Course for Beginners. Download our LearnEnglishin Malayalam app and start speaking English.
Spelling and Pronunciation Expert 1.0
English Spelling Checker and English Pronunciation app is handyforthose who are not native English speaker or who are weakinEnglish. You can Check Spelling of any word by just speakingtheword to our English Spell Check app and it will tell you theexactspelling of the app. Similar, if you encounter a English wordwhichis hard to pronounce and you don’t know how pronounce suchword ora phrase and what to do, all you need is just to type theword orsentence and our app will tell you, how to pronounce it. Weallencounter English words which we don’t know how to pronounce orwesomehow mispronounce it won’t happen again, with ourWordPronunciation app. Sometime there is a word which we want tosearchand check its meaning or anything else and we are not veryfamiliarwith the word hence we cannot type it correctly to finditsmeaning, Now you can just say the word and our Spell check appwilldo the rest. In our app we are using Text to Speech functionwhichis very use full for voice to Text conversion. So you can usethisapp as Text to Voice Converter or voice to Text Convertor aswell.This app is very easy to use and also free of cost. So youdon’thave to pay for the features of the app and there is nohiddenfeatures app. English is the most spoken language of theWorldthere are billions of people who use English either as afirstlanguage or as a 2nd language. English is used all over theworldin offices as well and educational institutes. How to Use:ForSpell Check/Spell Correction: Open our app > PressSpellingCheck Button > Press Speaker and say the word > Youwill getyour desired Word with correct Spellings. For WordPronunciation:Open Word Pronunciation app > Press WordPronunciation Button> Type or paste word/phrase > PressPronounce Button > Youwill hear from our Bot correctPronunciation of the Word. It’s thatSimple. Key Features: Easy toUse Interface. English SpellingChecker app English Pronounce app.Copy words and paste themwherever you need. Download now for FREEand Check spelling andPronounce Words Correctly and effective. Itwill help you toimprove your Spoken English Skills as well as yourEnglish WritingSkills.
Text to Speech and Speech to Text Pro 1.0
Text to Speech and Speech to Text Text to Speech (tts) is veryeasyto use app with which you can convert you text to voice. Youcansimply paste or type text into our app and Text to Speech appwillspeak the required text for you. You can adjust speed and pitchofthe voice. This app is suitable for all those who do not havetimeto read all the text in the document. Just paste your text intoourapp and it will do the rest and convert your text into voicenotes.You can save them too for future reference. The best featureofthis app is that you can save voice notes of your text files.Ifyou cannot speak English or any language and want to conveyyourmessage, you can paste or type your text in our app and ourSpeakfor me app will speak for you with different voicestyles.Features: Text to Speech Synthesize with different settingsandlanguages Speed Adjustment of Speech, You can Change SpeedofVoice. Pitch Adjustment of Speech, You can Adjust voice Pitchfordifferent Voice Styles. Volume Adjustment. Easy to Useinterface.Different styles of Speech. Past option, to Paste desiredtext forSpeech. Text to Speech Converter. Simple andAccuratePronunciation. Save voice notes into different formats.Justdownload our Text to Speech (tts) app and Start Convertingyourtext to voice notes.
English Arabic and Urdu Dictionary & Translator 1.0
The Arabic to English Dictionary and Arabic to EnglishTranslationapp is designed especially for you. Now you can getmeaning of anyArabic or English word with ease without internet.While learningArabic you encounter words and phrases you don’tunderstand andwant to get its meaning. The Holy month of Ramzan isvery near andIf you want to learn Arabic to get betterunderstanding of ArabicLanguage, you can get help from our Englishto Arabic Dictionaryand Translator. Our app also supports UrduLanguage too so you canalso learn Arabic from Urdu. You can getmeaning of any word orphrase from Urdu to Arabic and also translateany give word orsentence. This offline dictionary is helpful forall those who wantto learn Arabic language or Encounterdifficulties in understandingthe Arabic language. English to Arabic& Arabic to EnglishTranslator: You can translate any word orphrase with our app. Withboth text and voice input feature you cantranslate Arabic toEnglish or English to Arabic with your voicetoo. Just speak to ourapp and it will translate given content inseconds. Urdu to Arabic& Arabic to Urdu Translator: This appsupports Urdu to Arabicand Arabic to Urdu language too, so that youcan translate fromUrdu as well. Just speak in your native languageUrdu and Translateto Arabic with ease. Arabic and Urdu Keyboard:-With Built inArabic and Urdu Keyboard you don’t need to install 3rdpartykeyboard to type in Urdu or Arabic. Main Features: Easy toUseInterface Detailed Meaning with definition & example ArabictoEnglish Dictionary English to Arabic Dictionary Urdu toEnglishDictionary English to Urdu Dictionary Urdu to ArabicDictionaryArabic to Urdu Dictionary English to Arabic and Arabic toEnglishTranslator Offline Dictionary Auto Suggestion WordPronunciation& Voice Search Word Antonyms Word SynonymsFavorite optionSearch History for future reference. Word of the dayWith featureslike Word Pronunciation and Voice search you can getmeaning of thewords with even typing it. You can also get properpronunciation ofwords with our text to speech feature. Download thebestMultilingual Offline Dictionary and Arabic to EnglishTranslatorand learn Arabic from English and Urdu.
Muslim Connect 1.2
Muslim Connect app is designed especially for Muslims all overtheworld. While developing this app we have kept in view dailyneedsof Muslims Uma. This app is essential of every Muslim.MuslimConnect Pro app can help you to fulfill your religiousobligationswith features like Qibla Direction, Prayer timings,Masnoon Duas,Islamic Hijri Calendar, Sehar and Iftar Timings andDigitalTasbeeh. Holy Quran: The Holy Quran is a compilation of theverbalrevelations given to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) over aperiodof twenty three years. Holy Quran is the Muslim connect apphasHoly Quran with English Translation and Tilawat. Muslim Pro appyoucan recite holy Quran on the go with ease. PrayertimingNotification: While busy in our worldly shores we sometimesforgetPrayer time. Now Muslim Connect app will notify you at theexacttime of prayer, five times a day so that you won’t missyourprayers. While moving to different location, our appwillautomatically adjust to new timings of prayers. QiblaDirection:Every now and then Muslims encounter the problem ofcorrectlylocating the Qibla Direction to offer Salah. Keeping inview ofthis problem we have developed Correct Qibla Directioncompasswhich will help you to correctly locate Kaaba Direction.Sehar andIftar Timings: The holy month of Ramzan is very near andeveryMuslims wants to know the correct timing of Sehar and After,ourapp has Sehar and Iftar Timings and it will notify you whentostart fasting and when to break your fast and Aftaar. 6 KalmasofIslam: Muslim Pro app has 06 Kalams of Islam with TilawatandTranslation. Masnoon Duaen: Our app has Masnoon duaen and Duaofthe day so that you can learn Masnoos Duas daily with theirmeaningfor better understanding. 99 Names of Allah: 99 names ofAllah withtheir meanings are also added in Muslim Connect pro app.KeyFeatures: 6 Kalams of Islam Masnoon Duain/Duas Sehar andIftarTimings with Alarm Easy to use interface DigitalTasbeehQibla/Kaaba Direction Islamic Calendar Prayer timingswithnotification Download our Muslim Connect app and get benefitsofbest features for FREE.
Asma Ul Husna and Asma Ul Nabi - 99 Names of Allah 1.0
99 Names of Allah SWT and Hazrat Muhammad PBUH is anAndroidapplication which is developed for Muslims all over theworld withan aim to get familiar with the 99 Beautiful Names ofAllah SWT(Asma ul Husna) and His Messenger, Hazrat Muhammad PBUH(Asma ulNabi). Our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said “There are 99 namesofAllah, and that anyone who memorizes all the names will beawardedparadise.” The 99 names of Allah are called 'Asma UlHusna'(Pronounce Asma Al Husna) which in Arabic means 'The MostBeautifulNames'. In our app you will find 99 Names of Allah andMuhammadPBUH with their Audios. You can play all audios at once andalsoseparately. Meanings/Translation of Names In our app we haveaddedMeanings of All the names of Allah and Muhammad PBUH. You canseedetailed translations of all the names of Allah SWT andHazratMuhammad PBUH for your better understanding. Main Features:Veryeasy to use interface. Audios of 99 Names of AllahSWT(Asma-Ul-Husna) Audios of 99 Names of Muhammad PBUH(Asma-ul-Nabi)Play all Names of Allah and Muhammad PBUH at once.Very AttractiveDesign and Graphics. Download our app for free andread and listenAsma Ul Husna and Asma Ul Nabi. May Allah AlmightyShower hiscountless blessings upon you.
Beautiful Muslim Quotes 1.3
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Easy Urdu Keyboard 1.2
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com.sahihalbukhari.completesahihbukhari.inenglish 1.0
Bukhari Sharif is also known as Sahih al Bukhari. Theseprophetichadith were collected by Muhammad Al-Bukhari a Muslimscholar.Bukhari Sharif has been given the status of being themostauthenticated book after the Holy Qur’an. Sahih Al Bukharialsospelled as Bokhari, Bukhary and Bukhori, is a common surnameinCentral and Western Asia, meaning "from Bukhara". ItsArabicversion al-Bukhari was also used in the medieval Islamicworld as anisba. Imam Buhkari was born 19 July 810 C.E. 13thShawwal 194 A.H.Bukhara, Transoxiana (in present-day Uzbekistan).He had lost theuse of his eyes in the early stage of his childhood.Imam Bukharieyesight was returned due to the lengthy prayer of hismother.Sahih Bukhari in English is made for English speakers whowant tolearn from Ahadiths in English Language. Sahih buhkarisharifapplication is a complete book so you don’t need todownloadanother application. Sahih bukhari application is in easyEnglishlanguage translation so you can understand and rememberhaditheasily. If you want to read saying of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH)thenyou have selected a right app "sahih Al-buhkari". Feature:•English language • Search option to search given word. •Simplegraphic • User Friendly • Easy to save hadiths in galley •Off-lineSo Download our app “Sahih al Buhkari in English” read andsharethe hadiths with friends and family. Being a Muslims it’s asadkaJaria to convey the message of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) to theotherMuslims . Buhkari Sharif help you to enhance yourIslamicknowledge. Being the Muslim it’s very important for us wehave agood knowledge about Islam/Hadiths. Our app gives you acompletebook of Sahih al Bukhari. Download our “Sahih Al-BuhkariinEnglish” for free.
Voice English to Spanish Translator 1.0
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