KnowBullying by SAMHSA 1.0.2
Research shows that spending at least 15minutes a day talking with your kids can build the foundation for astrong relationship, develop their resilience to peer pressure, andhelp prevent bullying.Features:• Tips: Get tips about bullying for specific age groups: 3‒6, 7‒13,and teens.• Warning Signs: Recognize the warning signs: Is your childbullying, being bullied, or witnessing bullying?• Information: Access trustworthy online resources screened foreffectiveness by experts.• Conversation Starters: Choose easy-to-use conversation startersto talk with your child.• Reminders: Set reminders to talk with your child when the timefeels right: a quiet moment on the way to a game, after dinner,relaxing outside. Whenever and an opportunity seems open, easy, andunforced.• Social Media: Share conversation starters, successful strategies,and useful advice via Facebook, Twitter, email, and textmessages.• Resources for Educators: Access a section created for educatorsand teachers that includes how to prevent bullying in the classroomand support children who are being bullied.Email SAMHSA at SAMHSAInfo@samhsa.hhs.govwith any questions or comments.Note: This app is a free resource provided by the SubstanceAbuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), U.S.Department of Health and Human Services, in conjunction with Federal partnership.
Talk They Hear You 1.0.0
Start the Talk is like a video game that helps you learn the do'sand don'ts of talking to kids about underage drinking. Usingavatars, you will: * Practice bringing up the topic of alcohol *Learn the questions to ask * Get ideas for keeping the conversationgoing You decide what to say, see it play out, and adjust yourapproach with help from your coaches.
SAMHSA Disaster App 3.0
It’s easier than ever to provide support in the aftermathofdisasters, and focus on what really matters—the people inneed.SAMHSA Behavioral Health Disaster Response App, recipient ofaSilver Web Health Award from the National HealthInformationCenter, is designed for behavioral health professionalsandprovides access to evidenced-based mental health and substanceuseinformation, tools, and resources for use in the field. Features•Search for and review key materials to ensure you are providingthebest support possible. • Locate nearby mental health andsubstanceuse treatment facilities. • Access pre-downloadedresources andinformation when Internet connectivity is limited. •Shareinformation easily with colleagues and survivors via emailandtext. Contact SAMHSA Please email SAMHSAInfo@samhsa.hhs.govwithany questions or comments about the app. Note: This app is afreeresource provided by the Substance Abuse and Mental HealthServicesAdministration, U.S. Department of Health and HumanServices, andwas funded by Federal resources.
Suicide Safe 2.2
Suicide Safe is a suicide prevention learning tool for primarycareand behavioral health providers and is based on thenationallyrecognized Suicide Assessment Five-step Evaluation andTriage(SAFE-T) practice guidelines. Suicide Safe helps providersfeelconfident to assist patients who present with suicidalideation.The app offers tips on how to communicate effectively withpatientsand their families, determine appropriate next steps, andmakereferrals to treatment and community resources. Features: •Learnthe five steps of the SAFE-T approach in working with patientsandeasily download resources for use offline. • Studyinteractivesample case studies to see the SAFE-T approach inaction. • Browseconversation starters that provide sample languageand tips fortalking with patients about their suicidal ideation. •Exploreclinical and educational resources and share crisis linephonenumbers and other patient-focused materials. • UseSAMHSA’sBehavioral Health Treatment Services Locator to providetimelyreferrals for patients. The Locator can be filtered by typeanddistance. Email SAMHSA at withanyquestions or comments. Note: This app is a free resourceprovidedby the Substance Abuse and Mental Health ServicesAdministration,U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, andwas funded byFederal resources.