AlarmTube Free 3.1
It is a booming alarm app! It made it into The Best #92 inLifestyle Division(2/11)!! ■You can continue using some parts offunctions that are planned to be released as pay functions afterVersion 2.3. ・The upper limit of 1 playlist is changed from 3 to200. ・Repeat function of playlist ・Shuffle function of the playbackorder ★If you find a bug, please send us the log by choosing"defect report" in app menu before uninstalling app or write anegative review.Thanks for your cooperations to improve the qualityof application. ◆Features of AlarmTube It is a free alarm app thatcan use your favorite songs and videos on YouTube as an alarm. Notonly 1 song but you can add 3 of your favorite songs to a playlist.This app is recommended for those who wants to wake up with theopening and ending songs of favorite animations and dramas. You cansort and search for YouTube music and videos within the app. It isnot only as an Alarm but also recommended as music and videoplayer. Create your own alarm playlist, and wake up feeling freshevery morning♪ ◆ Let's use when you are... ◯ waking upfeeling not well rested. By setting your favorite animeand drama music as wake-up alarm, you will for sure wakeup feeling fresh every morning! ◯looking for your favoritedrama and anime music You can sort and search for YouTube music andvideos within the app. It is not only as an Alarm but alsorecommended as music and video player. If you are bored waking upwith common insipid BGMs and music, try this app. In this app youcan search for popular songs and the latest songs on YouTube andset it as alarm. Then you will see the fresh morning with boomingmusic♪ ◆Recommended for those who are... ・waking up feeling bad andlooking for an Alarm app for better waking ・not able to wake upwith common alarm and alarm sound ・wanting to listen and watchfavorite music and videos on YouTube ・wanting to use a lot offavorite music as alarm ◆Recommended Features ・Create your ownalarm playlist ・Sort search for favorite music and videos(inascending order, date, play time, popularity order) ・Vibrationalarm ・Alarm ON / OFF ・Add, delete, edit Alarm ・Multiple alarmcheck in order to prevent the alarm activated at the same time ・Appcolor theme can be chosen from Dark and Light ・Play list creationfunction (200 lists in one alarm) ・Sort and filter function forAlarm Lists ・Additional repeat and shuffle function for playbacklists ・Introduction of Latest Material Design UI
Smart Trends 1.3
◆ Features of Smart TrendsGet the trend information of Google, Twitter,Instagram,YouTube,It is displayed in the news ranking format, and capable of sharingthe subject people aroundIt is a free news app.Rather than just watch the news,From Google search rankings of the wordSave the relevant news and images, let's share to Twitter andInstagram ♪Save the pictures and videos of favorite Instagram (Instagram),you can also share.Using this app, entertainment news, economic news, the topic ofthe newsSince earlier than where found, it is ideal for looking story ofconversation ♪Recently even in people who no longer watch TV news andnewspaper, in a short time if you use this free news app, Japan andthe worldSee topics and news, it will be able to provide a topic on peoplearound.Usually, even in people who are not accustomed to use socialapps like Twitter, you can use this appSince the latest trends of the world can be acquired, is nevershortage of topics to share !!Since the topic that everyone is paying attention foundimmediately, it is the app especially recommended for social appsbeginner ♪◆Let's use at a time like this◯ to a busy morning of information collectionThere is no time to watch TV news and newspaper, on the way to thecompany or school, when you want to know the latest trends news ofthe world,If you open this free news app you will be able to grasp quicklynow topic.◯ to look for common topics and story with family andfriendsNow, it is possible to see the words in the soaring ranking,related news, images, and DiscoverBecause at a glance, you can use to convey detailed information tothe people around.◯ you want to collect a cool image in stylish, I want to sharegirl, womanInstagram (Instagram) and cool image on Twitter, stylish image,save, such as a single button cute image, you can share.Video storage of Instagram, playback, also share is now supported(ver1.3 more)The lunch break of the break time or school ◯ companyWhen little free time and leisure, Google news, the topic of thetweet, image of Instagram, the popular fun videos of YouTubeThe view is also available to kill time.◆who want to recommend- Recently it is no longer watch TV news and newspaper, I want toknow quickly news in other ways- Morning busy, no time to see the newspaper and newsI want to know detailed information about the now-topic news andkeyword- The share can not find the topic social media beginner- Popular pictures and videos stored in Instagram (Instagram),playback, I want to share· I want to see a YouTube of popular fun videos◆Function of recommended- Image storage on Twitter, share function- List of articles about the surge keyword, related image, thereaction on TwitterNews viewing within the app, news sharing function of the- Google search of the hot words, the acquisition of Daily word Bycountry, by city of Twitter trends rankingsGoogle News Related Image, image storage- Image storage of Instagram, share And video storage of Instagram,playback, sharing- YouTube of popular video, playback of interesting videos,sharing
Buster Run - 2D Action Game 1.0
■ SummaryIt is a full-fledged 2D action game that can be enjoyed by asimpleoperation.While avoiding the approaching enemy and obstacles,Let's aim at the goal.■ Operation Description"jump : tap the left side of the screen."shot" : tap the right side of the screen."charge shot" : long tap the right side of the screen, chargeshotwill strike when you release"jump cancel" : release the left tap during jumping, it ispossibleto cancel the jump, you can adjust the length of thejump■ stageIn this game, there are three stages depending on the degreeofdifficulty.The higher the degree of difficulty, the number of enemystrengthand number of obstacles increase, the distance to the goalislonger.■ rulesFall into pitfalls, or if hits the enemy and obstacles will begameover.When catch in the block, the camera overtake player, it will bealsogame over.■ rankingsSince preparing the scoreboards according to the degreeofdifficulty, you can compete with other players.Because this game can be played and enjoyed by simple operationandyou can forget about the time,Please install and play once.※ music material···
PhotoResizeHD 1.0
◆ Features of PhotoResizeHDEasy to understand, easy-to-use and intuitive operationYou can crop and resize photos and images, share editedphotosto Email, instagram, Facebook, and so on.Since the mess function is not all, you can immediatelyresizeand crop the photosand share to oher apps (E-mail, Facebook, Instagram)◆ Let's use when you are...◯ captureing by the camera at the time of going outIf you want to share as soon as the photos taken on the spot,With this app, immediately intuitive operationYou can share to resize the image to the appropriate size◯ sending the image to the devices with low capacityIf you want to send the images in gallery to thw devices withlowcapacity.With this app, as soon as possible to resize the size oftheimage,You can send down the size of the image.◯ convertiing the format from JPEG to PNG (or vice versa)When you save the image, the compression format JPEG,PNG,WebPSince the three can be selected, you can save in yourfavoriteformat.You can use it as a converter of the image file.◆ Recommended for those who are...- wanting to share in social media soon after taking onthego.- wanting to send pictures to friends and family usin lowcapacitydevice.- wanting to resize or trimming the image with asimpleoperation.- wanting to change or image formats. (Ex:JPEG-->PNG)- wanting to delete the Unnecessary portion of in-image.◆ Function of recommended- Photo List (within the app)- editing photos (resizing, trimming, redo, zoom)- Share function of edited photos and images- The function of shared by another file or camera apps.- Once edited photo of deleted / share / re-editing- Image editing on Google Drive (4.4 or higher)- The function of being shared by another file or cameraapps.- The function of Chaging, adding, deleting of thesaveloation.- File name change function at the time of the save- The function of selecting,adding, deleting of the customimagesize- A numeric input, change the image to the size you like- A numeric input, select a range of trimming- Vertical and horizontal ratio maintenance of image size
Image resize, compress, reduce 1.0
◆ Features of Resize ProYou can resize, reduce, and compress all atonce on an album or folder basis.Not only resizing but alsoclipping and rotatingtogether Because it is possible, it is veryuseful. Resize all photos with too large size,You can send itby attaching it to an email.There are also image editing screensavailable,fine size adjustment and You can also clip freely.Editedphotos can be easily and quickly shared with Instagram, Facebook,Pinterest at any time.★ This application also supports the latestAndroid 7.0 !!!◆ Recommended features (free)* Batch album resizing,compression, reduction* Folder batch resizing, compression,reduction* Exif information maintenance* Change destination, add,sort* Low image degradation, high quality resizing* Specify theposition and size, crop the image* Edit Redo, Undo function* Bothinside and outside gallery are available* Sort of gallery photos(name, date, etc.)* Add, delete, sort custom sizes freely* Specifyshare destination* Change color theme of application ★ All thesefunctions can be used for Free!◆ Let's use when you are...◯ quicklyresizing/ compressing imagesSelect your favorite album, folderfromthe application gallery Images can be resized and compressed atonce.◯ Shrinking large images and attach e-mailLarge size imagescan also be compressed easily.You can send compressed photosimmediately byattaching them by e-mail.◯ Uploading images toInstagram,Twitter, etc.You can resize it together and easily shareit.★ Because it will work in the background, while using anotherapplication,You can use it !!◆Recommended for those who are...·compressing many images quickly· reducing images and attach it toe-mail· cutting out the nessesary parts of the image· change theimage format from JPEG to PNG