SEACW Project Apps

Healthy Food 1.0
SEACW Project
Healthy Food is a game in which the centralcharacter is an elder who has to select the healthy food taking it,avoid the unhealthy food and answer some question correctly to goin his way. The objective of the game is learning on healthy foodand train the cognitive abilities of the user.
Antiaging Quiz 1.0
SEACW Project
Trivia Antiaging is a game that helps theuserto learn basics of Active and Healthy Ageing in an amusingandpleasant way.There are 5 levels of game corresponding to thefollowingtopics:1. The aging in today's society.2. Aging theories: causes of it.3. Aging of the various organs.4. Antiaging treatments.5. Nourishment and longevity.
Elderly Adventures 1.0
SEACW Project
Elderly Adventures is a game in whichthecentral character is an elder who has to avoid all the dangersthathe finds in his way, like a car, stairs, etc. The objective ofthegame is learn on which are the healthiest habits and trainthecognitive abilities of the user.