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QuickSat 2.0.3
The app which simplifies the satellite! _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ CAHORS, manufacturer of satellitereception equipment for 25 years, has developed the QuickSatapplication to help you to install and align your Mono-receptionand Multi-reception satellite antenna and to allow the reception ofsatellite television channels This application guides you step bystep while putting at your disposal several helpful tools to assistyou with the installation and alignment of your antenna. QuickSatwill also calculate the necessary adjustments! _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ The installation and thealignment of your antenna in 5 simple steps: STEP 1: Choice of thetype of antenna > Mono-satellite: reception of 1 satellite >Multi-satellite: reception of several satellites with BigBisatantenna only STEP 2: Choice of the satellite QuickSat proposes toyou the list of satellites received in your area, this list isautomatically filtered according to your geographical position. Thelist of the satellites is maintained up to date by our engineeringdepartment. STEP 3: Precautions of installation QuickSat explainsyou where and how to position your satellite antenna and provides 2essential tools: > VisionSat: with its calculation of increasedreality this tools enables you to visualize the position of thesatellites to be received! In order to assure you that the placechosen for the installation of your antenna is optimal. > Tool“mast control”: allows checking that the support of your satelliteantenna is installed correctly. STEP 4: Calculations/ ResultsQuickSat provides personalized information concerning theadjustment of your antenna: > Antenna mono-satellite:Information of adjustment of the antenna: Elevation, Azimuth,Cross-polarization > Multi-satellite antenna: in addition to theparameters of alignment of the antenna, QuickSat calculates theadjustment of the tilt angle and the exact position of each LNB. Toalign a BigBisat antenna becomes very simple then! STEP 5: Toolbox:Checking of the mast - Elevation – Azimuth Find all the QuickSattools : mast control, VisionSat, simulation rise, azimuth _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ GeneralInformation: This application requires the use of advancedfunctions of the Smartphone with a minimal quality of display; itsoperation can be faded on old generation Smartphones. QuickSat iscompatible with all mono-satellite antennas; for the CAHORSantennas, Quicksat proposes more tools with exclusiveness of thealignment software for the BigBisat multi-satellite antenna.
Gatesonic 1.0.0
GateSonic is a strong authentication solutioncreated to prevent brute force attacks, Trojans or sniffers hackingweb sites. Secured data is exchanged between the web site and thesmartphone through encrypted ultrasonic waves. The strongauthentication is achieved by adding a second level ofauthentication: pin code, password or biometrics. This high levelof security allows us to propose GateSonic as an authenticationsolution for the industry of banking or cyber security.GateSonic represents a breakthrough in the Cyber SecurityTechnology. Indeed, all the other strong authentication systems arebased on full digital processes. GateSonic is the first to breakthis digital circle opening an air gap in the process usingultrasonic waves. Hackers have major difficulties breaking thesecurity of these analog signals. Even if they should achieve tocatch this signal, it would be useless for them as the onetimepassword system prevents them from reusing it.
Captchasonic 1.2.1
Captchasonic is a Captcha system alternativeusing ultrasound communication between a web component and a mobileapplication.The purpose of this free tool is to eliminate or limit the actionsof spammers and robots in web pages and forms.Instead of having to decipher a graphic captcha on the same page inwhich there is the stage of validation,we provide an unique tool to achieve the same goal.Our application is based on three mains steps:1-Push the web component to emit an ultrasound2-Launch on the smartphone the Captchasonic application3-If authentication is correct then the process is validated on thewebsiteThe related SDK technology can be tested and downloaded onCaptchasonic website:
MySonicWallet 2.0.0
MySonicWallet is a universal payment solutionas it works on 100% of the existing feature phones and smartphones.To achieve this, MySonicWallet uses the devices' sonic orultrasonic ways (speakers and microphones). Among the 7 billionpeople on the planet, 2.5 billion are under-banked or unbanked.Yet, in a large proportion, they do possess at least a basic mobilephone. The CopSonic technology can transform these phones intoelectronic wallets, giving access to mobil\e payment safely andsecurely.
Espace numérique 1.7
Découvrez les offres numériques viacetteapplication.Espace numérique utilise le micro de votre smartphonepourdétecter des signaux sonores émis dans un saloon afin devousaccompagner dans votre parcours. À l'arriver à chaqueilotl'application vous montre automatiquement l'informationconcernantafin de découvrir un de 5 univers numériquesproposes.Discover digitaloffersvia this space using the microphone of your smartphone todetectsound signals in a saloon to accompany you in your journey.Whenarriving at each block the application automatically showsyouinformation about to discover a 5 digital universe proposed.
Web2StoreTracker process is based on 5simplesteps.Step 1: The consumer visits the websiteStep 2: The consumer enters the physical storeStep 3: Detailed information feedback for the sales outletStep 4: Adapted discount offers for the consumerStep 5: Indoor tracking of the consumer
Push Coupons 1.0.3
The main goal of this application is toenableCustomers to receive through ultrasonic waves on theirsmartphonecoupon proposals for the products visited on thewebsite.
Tutti Pizza 1.0.1
L'application Tutti Pizza permet de commander via votre smartphoneles pizzas et produits disponibles dans les magasins Tutti Pizzales plus proches.The Tutti Pizza app enables control via yoursmartphone pizzas and products available at stores closest TuttiPizza.