LEARN KOREAN IS THE APP WHICH HELP YOU START SPEAK AND UNDERSTANDKOREAN LANGUAGE AS ADVANCED AND IT ALSO HELP YOU WITH KOREANCULTURE . by make you close to korea habits .Speak Korean” will beone of your best friends that will make your Korean learningexperience easier and more practical. Our content is translated andrecorded by native speakers with the right intonation andexpression. This way you can truly utilize the power of listeningin your Korean learning adventureCATEGORIESSpeak Korean containsmore than 1000 essential phrases in the following categoriesKOREA,KOREA LANGUAGE ,KOREA CULTURE ,SOUTH AND NORTH KOREA NEWS*Greetings* General conversation* Numbers* Directions and places*Transportation* Eating out* Time and date* Accommodation* Shopping*Colors* Towns and provinces* Countries* Tourist attractions*Family* Dating* Emergency* Feeling sick* Tongue twisterslearnKorean online how to learn Korean learn Korean language Koreanlessons Korean language learning Korean language course Koreanlearning Korean language lessons learn to speak Korean how to learnKorean language Korean lessons online learning Korean forbeginnersonline Korean lessons learn Korean online free how tolearn Korean fast learn Korean learn Korean grammar how to learnKorean language easily best way to learn Korean learn Korean fasthow to learn Korean easily learn Korean free i want to learn KoreanKorean lessons for beginners how to learn Korean for beginnerslearn language learn Korean language online Korean language forbeginners how to learn Korean in 10 days Korean classes onlineKorean course learn Korean phrases learn Korean app learn to speakKorean for beginners free Korean lessons Korean language onlinelearn Korean words how to learn Korean quickly Korean coursesonline Korean course online learn basic Korean english Koreanlanguage Korean english language Korean translation to englishenglish to Korean language Korean english language english toKorean Korean language translator english and Korean languageenglish to Korean language translation language Korean to englishlanguage english Korean translate english to Korean online fromKorean to english Korean online from english to Korean Korean andenglish language translation english Korean translate Koreanenglish Korean words in english translate english into KoreanKorean to english language online english translation to KoreanKorean language translation in english Korean translation englishenglish into Korean english Korean language online english toKorean language translation english to Korean translation appKorean english language online translate english to Korean languagelanguage Korean how to learn Korean language fast Korean languagelessons for beginners Korean online course Korean language classeshow to learn Korean language in 10 days online Korean languagecourses i want to learn Korean language Korean online lessons howto learn language learn Korean online free learn Korean for freeKorean learning online learn Korean learn how to speak Korean howto learn Korean online learn Korean language easily Korean languagecourse online learn Korean learn Korean app learn Korean onlinestudy Korean online learn Korean learn Korean learn Korean onlinefree for beginners learn Korean language learn Korean online Koreanlanguage online course how can i learn Korean quickly thank you forreading and welcome any question
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1. LEARN ENGLISH FROM BASIC TO ADVANCED ENGLISH:Learn EnglishPronunciationLearn English VocabularyLearn English SpeakingLearnEnglish ListeningLearn English ReadingLearn English WritingLearnEnglish GrammarLearn English Idioms Learn English Conversation2.ENGLISH CERTIFICATESIELTSTOEICTOEFLHere more than 560 words invarious fields:1. fruits and vegetables and other types of foodsuch as nuts, hazelnuts and walnuts2. animals and insects3.clothing4. The main elements of nature5. Transportation6. of the body8. electrical appliances9. Kitchen Tools10-musicalinstruments11-home furniture12. common tools13. geometric shapesThings can be found in the office14. School15. bathroom16.Sports17. Playing18. Travel19 - numbers20 - InfrastructureAnd manyothers,Always remember to learn the names of things around you, isthe first step to learn any language in the world, here you willlearn correct pronunciation of namesIn addition to a funny game,choose the right image, and another funny game, choose the correctword ,AdjectivesAdverbsArticlesAuxiliaryVerbsConditionalsInterjectionsIntroductionConjunctionsDeterminersIdiomsPronounsQuantifiersQuestionTagsReported SpeechTensesVerbsNounsPhrasesPrepositionsغانيانجليزيةاغاني اطفال انجليزيةاغاني انجليزية للاطفالاغاني انجليزيةمترجمةاغاني بالانجليزية للاطفالاغاني بالانجليزيةكيف استطيع تعلماللغة الانجليزية بسرعةكيفية تعلم اللغة الانجليزية بسرعةكيف استطيعتعلم اللغة الانجليزية بسرعةكيفية تعلم اللغة الانجليزية بسرعةكيفيةتعلم الانجليزية بسرعة وسهولةتعلم لغة الانجليزيةتعلم الغةالانجليزيةتعلم المحادثة باللغة الانجليزيةapprendre leanglaisapprendre l'anglaisapprendre l anglais facileapprendre langlais facilementapprendre l'anglais facilehow to learnenglishlearn englishlearn -englishbbc learn englishlearnanglaisanglais learnlearn en anglaisfun easy learn anglaisThere aregrammar topics below in app:+ Present simple+ Present continuous+Present simple or continuous+ Past simple+ Past continuous+ Pastsimple or continuous+ Irregular verbs+ Present perfect+ Presentperfect continuous+ Present perfect simple or continuous+ PresentPerfect or Past Simple+ Past perfect+ Past perfect continuous+ PastReview 1+ Past Review 2+ The Future - Going to+ The Future - Will+Going to or will+ The Future - present forms+ Will - other uses+Shall+ The imperative+ The Passive+ The -ing form+ Can+ Could+ MayMight+ Should+ Should 2+ Must or have to+ Zero conditional+ Thefirst conditional+ The second conditional+ The third conditional+Wish+ Had better+ Used to+ Asking questions 1+ Asking questions 2+Question tags+ Reported speech+ Reported speech 2+ Suppose+ Suppose2+ Have something done+ Should have+ Can have and could have+ Willbe doing+ Will have done+ Aboutअंग्रेजी सीखियेMatuto ngInglesApprendre l’anglais Pour évoluer dans son travailApprendrel’anglais Pour comprendre 1 400 000 000 personnes à travers lemondeApprendre l’anglais Pour voyager Apprendre l'anglais peut êtreun bon moyen de se faire de nouveaux amis Apprendre l’anglais Pourcomprendre les livres en anglais et certains manuels d'utilisation- Vocabulario inglés básico y medio
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