Astrowings Blitz 2.3.0
Fly to a mysterious asteroids, where mystical monsters and fearsomebosses await you! Flight Shooter returns brandishing a full, 3Ddynamic arcade shooter. What are you waiting for? Jump into thecockpit and pilot a spaceship right now to fight your way throughhordes of mythical creatures that block your path! 【Features】 •Build your own unique spaceship! You create it, you pilot it!Hundreds of different combinations possible with parts combination• Begin your adventure on the fantastical galaxy asteroids! Assaultnumerous asteroids with various monsters and alien bosses • Unlikeany other arcade shooter games out there Avoid fully 3D renderedobstacles while conquering the skies Massive boss barrage battlesto get you pumped up for fighting Competitive play among yourfriends • Dynamic soundtrack full of tension and thrill • Avertical-scrolling STG with cartoon graphics ————————————— RetroShooting Space War Galaxy Warrior Facebook E-mail : shmup.holic@gmail.comTerms of service 1.4.3
Leap into your aircrafts and conquer the skies in this intensearcade shoot 'em up. It's a masterpiece of typical Danmaku shooterwith splendid colors. Astro Wings(ICARUS) include the highestdifficulty level for arcade shooter mania! Challenge large drovesof enemy aircrafts while avoiding the massive amounts ofprojectiles! 【Features】 - Easy and simple manipulation by touchingthe screen - Athena, Ares and Poseidon - main air fighter havingdifferent critical attacks and laser weapons as well as shootingcolorful barrage - Weapon upgrades available by Combo count in theplay - The mysterious final boss will keep you energized!——————————————————— 【SHMUP HOLIC】 RetroShooting Space War Galaxy Warrior Facebook E-mail : shmup.holic@gmail.comTerms of service
Hey Jumper 1.0.4
Meet Hey Jumper! Hey Jumper will challenge your tapping andreflexes! How far can you get? Can you jump fast enough? Challengemore difficult levels! Let’s go together with tiny Pets. ♣ How toplay – Wait for the right moment – Tap on the screen to jump –Improve your high score in Infinity mode Download Hey Jumper now! E-mail