Samadhi Prakash 1.0
Samadhi Prakash most reliable sourcesofindependent news gathering,The last 10 years of providinghighquality, covering all the major news events, big and smallissues(politics, criminal) informed reporting everything.Newspaper Samadhi Prakash is Hindi Dainik Newspaper in Mumbai-News are taken from Best Journalist that we have.
Crime Sandhya 0.1
The Crime Sandhya is one of the largestandmost trusted sources of independent newsgathering, supplyingasteady stream of news to its members, Peoples andcommercialcustomers. it can maintain its single-minded focus onnewsgatheringand its commitment to the highest standards ofobjective, accuratejournalism.Today, Crime Sandhya employs the latest technology to collectanddistribute content. It is in the process of overhauling itsvideoand photography content: flexible, powerful ways todistributeNewspapers. Crime Sandhya has the industry’s mostsophisticatedPress Members ; a 24-hour continuously updated newsservice .