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Prison Escape Sin City 1.6
Prison Escape Sin City narrates the journey of a mob boss breakingout of prison. The mob boss has been jailed for over a few yearsfor crimes he didn't commit. He has no visitors or family to meethim. There was a time when the whole city was under his influence,but he left everything for his family. When his enemies and otheraccomplices found out that he has left the life of crime to live afamily life, they framed him for crimes he did not commit. PrisonEscape Sin City narrates this story of proving his innocence.Prison Escape Sin City would unravel the journey he would take toprove his innocence by first breaking through the jail to go outand prove his innocence. Prison Escape Sin City is amazinglydetailed game in a beautiful city. Prison Escape Sin City coversthe first leg of his journey where he would escape and make himselfstrong financially to ensure he has the funds to destroy hisenemies while proving his innocence. Your job in the game is toplay the Mob Boss and ensure he is able to get out of the jail andfollow through on all the missions and eventually escape the cityto collect evidence for the crimes. The Sin City is the ultimatecrime city for all mob bosses to perform their illegal activities.You have to ensure that the Mob Boss escapes the prison andcompletes all his mission given to him. Prison Escape Sin Citycomes loaded with below mentioned features:- Amazing and BeautifulCity environment- Full of action!- It's FREE!- Excellent UI/UX- Youcan learn to help an innocent man and increase your running andfighting skillsWhat are you waiting for? Download Prison Escape SinCity NOW!
City Gangster Clown Robbery 1.3
Clowns are rather funny and entertaining butwhat lies underneath that facade, mask and a crazy yet creepylaughter is something only the one who is wearing the mask wouldknow. A dreaded fatality to a loved one has pushed you into theabysmal state where the only thoughts you have are negative,criminal, creepy, dangerous, killer and involves the underworld andcriminal mafia. A latest idea of robbing a downtown mall has gotyou. You have been planning the robbery that involves your criminalmafia squad dressed in clown getups, cartoon costumes to lookunsuspecting. Due to a spy,agent, police man infiltrating yourmafia squad, your plans are sabotaged and you get surrounded bypolice while you are still inside the downtown mall. The real funstarts for you, since you are a crazy creepy killer clown, and youstart beating up police men using the big head hammer you have asyour weapon of choice.Doors of the downtown mall are closed and your mafia squad friendsand allies who are criminals have all either been captured orescape the mall or have merged into the frightened mall customersin getup. You have to make a run, escape and showcase your actiondriving skill as the crazy creepy killer clown and get to safety.You must use stealth methods if possible to sneak out of the mall.Use your large head hammer mercilessly to fight police that is outto capture you and prevent your criminal escape from the mall andtheir cordoned off area. You are a seasoned, yet crazy clown robberwho would do anything to escape to safety while making sure yourrobbery items are secure for future recovery from a safe andstealth spot just outside the mall. Come what may, a hurricane or astorm, your cynical mind is running a million thoughts per secondmaking plans for a safe and sound exit and escape to safety fromthe shooting police & security officers. You just have to keepyourself safe and prevent yourself from shooting police andsecurity officers who would be ready to kill a dangerous clown likeyourself.City Gangster Clown Robbery is full of action, crazy driving andsuperb fights and shoot and comes loaded with :√ Main character is a crazy clown that is as killer and as creepyas it gets√ Beautiful city downtown mall and urban environment√ Great fun & action using hammer to beat off police officers,security agents and spy√ Amazing missions to get you to safety from the√ completing mission will get you, the crazy robber clown, tosafety and give a great criminal escape√ Amazing characters√ It’s FREE√ Fight off the police, don’t let them take you, and get to safetyand escapeHave fun playing the city gangster clown robbery!!