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Border Police Sniper Battle 1.9.4
In the border town of your country where thereis a lot of crime and criminals use the border to move illegalarms, ammunition and life threatening drugs in your country. Youhave been a trained Police Sniper in your career of over 20 yearsand have been working across the country in several missions where your sniper skills and the skills to kill criminalswith one headshot have proven to be the best. Border Police SniperBattle gives you the ability to kill the criminals, drug lords anddrug traffickers in your border area by using your superb policesniper experience and by ensuring that your police sniper skillsare not only used but also improved with each kill of theterrorist. Border Police Sniper Battle is the game that allows youto protect your country’s borders by playing the experienced policesniper who fears nothing and kills by headshot all criminalelements, drug lords and smugglers.  Border Police SniperBattle depicts the story of a brave police sniper who would stopsmugglers and criminal elements and kill them by head shot andchase them down to their eventual end and coming up as thevictorious police sniper.You are living a comfortable retired life in your small border townwith the neighboring country, connected through a desert whichmakes the border control patrol very difficult. Recently, there hasbeen an influx of criminal elements despite the sniffing dogs atentry point, terrorists and criminals have been able to breakthrough the security of the desert border police and they are ableto bring in illegal drugs and arms in your town which leads to anincrease in crime. You have been asked by your police department tore-join the police force and play your role as a police sniper tokill the drug lords, terrorists, smugglers and criminal elementswho are crossing the desert border to enter your town that isconnected to the desert. The desert is one of the most difficultterrains to hide and shoot the criminals but your skills areimpeccable as a police sniper to target, shoot and kill theterrorist hiding in town and securing the roofs of their ownedhideouts of your town.Border Police Sniper Battle is the game to play with multiplelevels and an easy to navigate user interface which allows you justfocus on your role as police sniper and just kill, kill and killthe criminal elements, terrorists, drug lords and smugglers.
Master Sniper : Crime City 1.6
Master Sniper : Crime City is the city basedgame set in the urban landscape, rooftops and sidewalks of yourcity where terrorists have wreaked havoc and created chaos bymaking citizens their target. Master Sniper : Crime City is the 3Dgame where you get to play the assassin, killer and shooter tobattle,kill and eliminate the terrorists and destroy the targetgiven to you and ensuring no terrorist is able to kill or maketarget a simple citizen of your city. Master Sniper : Crime Cityenables you to display and showcase your sniper skills with thelevel of expertise that a professional assassin, killer and ashooter can have. Master Sniper : Crime City provides an amazing indepth view of your city by giving details on where the terroristsare hiding, holding citizens on gun point, creating chaos or arebusy in breaking law and order of your city. Master Sniper : CrimeCity is your chance to shine as a responsible citizen of yourcountry by eliminating the terrorists and their terrororganizations. Be the best assassin for your country and show allother criminal assassins that you are the best of the best assassinout there.You are a retired sniper who has worked with government on severalmissions to target terrorist organizations around the world andmaking this world a safer place to live. With the rise of these newterrorist organizations in your area and city, government has askedyou to come back to duty and help them get rid of the terroristorganizations who are breaking law and killing innocent civilians.With Master Sniper : Crime City your job is again to be the killer,shooter and assassin and clean the street, rooftops and sidewalksof your city from these terrorist organizations and their killerterrorists and keep them in your target all the time and don’t letone single target get away without getting a bullet in their headas a headshot from you. Master Sniper : Crime City is the gamewhere you get to play the hero by getting rid of the terroristorganizations and their terrorist killers and be the hero of yourcity. Master Sniper : Crime City is the game to kill, target andeliminate the terrorist organizations in your city by becoming thebest shooter in the country. Being the best shooter is now possiblewith Master Sniper : Crime City 3D game that gives you theopportunity to point, target, shoot and kill the terroristorganizations and their terrorist criminals who kill the innocentcivilians of the city and who don’t think twice before the kill andtheir shooter and other killers are destroying the peace in thecity. Master Sniper : Crime City is the stage to showcase yourassassin like skills, show the mastery of the art that a killer andan assassin must have and must possess if they want to the bestassassin, killer, shooter in the city.Master Sniper : Crime City is the best 3D game available withamazing graphical details of your city where crime is on the riseand terrorist organizations are wreaking havoc but you are the heroof the city and you will play the best shooter, sniper, killer forthese terrorist organizations and their law breaking terrorists.Master Sniper : Crime City is for the brave users who want to bethe best shooter, assassin, killer and marksmen by ensuring theykill, kill, and only kill the terrorist organizations and theirkillers who are breaking law one day after another in your belovedcity.
Prison Escape Police Sniper 1.8
Have you read those novels, seen popular TVseries or have watched movies that have storylines based on Prisonbreaks? Have you ever wanted to play the super trained policesniper to put rest to the mutiny that has caused the prison break?And put an end to the criminal mastermind who orchestrated thewhole plot of the prison break? If your answer is YES to all theabove questions then Prison Escape Police Sniper is the answer toit. Prison Escape Police Sniper is the prison break and escape 3Dgame where you get to play the trained police sniper who is knownfor the chase and kill situations master and whose mission is justto ensure the criminal elements in the jail break are brought totheir justified end. Prison Escape Police Sniper would help youappreciate the situation police sniper has to face when theprisoners start a riot and mutiny within the prison and break it.Prison Escape Police Sniper would help you get better as a policesniper while finishing the 10 levels of the game to stop a mutinyand allowing the criminal elements locked up in their jail cells tonot escape. Prison Escape Police Sniper is the game where as atrained police sniper you have to chase & kill the criminalswho are a part of the jail break while you were on duty. PrisonEscape Police Sniper is the game where you are going to the bestpolice sniper for the mission to chase & kill the criminalelements and ensure safety of the prison.You have a reputation of never letting any prison escape or jailbreak successful during your duty in a prison or jail. You havebeen given the task to protect the prison from any break by beingthe super police sniper in Prison Escape Police Sniper. You havefound there is someone on the inside who has allowed the prisonersgain strength and cause a jail break. You are the only one left tocontrol this mutiny and stop the prison break and prison escapescenario by using your chase & kill skill. You have to kill asmany dangerous criminal masterminds and terrorists who are tryingto reach the gates of the prison and trying to escape and runningand dodging bullets fired from your sniper gun. Prison EscapePolice Sniper is giving you the opportunity of lifetime to not onlychase & kill criminals trying to escape but also to ensure thatyour prison’s dignity stays put.Prison Escape Police Sniper has 10 levels of increasing difficultyto test your real sniper skills and your ability to complete all 10of your missions by ensuring you not only save the jail frombreaking but also practice the specialized skill of a chase &kill police sniper. Prison Escape Police Sniper is the best 3D gameavailable with just the right amount of difficulty and perfectbalance of thrill and action packed in one game. Play and chase& kill the criminal elements who are breaking the prison inPrison Escape Police Sniper 3D.
Police Airplane Prison Escape 1.7
This Escape game is all about you finding outa way to escape and jump off the airplane that is transporting youto a prison. The guards are there to chase and kill any prisonerwho tries to escape the prison aboard the airplane. Police AirplanePrison Escape is the game to play to help you get ahead and planyour escape. Police Airplane Prison Escape is meant to ensure thatyour duty towards your mission is fulfilled. Police Airplane PrisonEscape is the ultimate chase and escape game to jump out of thesecurity put up by the police and make your escape, from the prisonas a challenge itself.Police Airplane Prison Escape is a depictionof the chase and kill mission between the police and criminals,determined to escape from a plane prison, transporting the caughtprisoners of Police Airplane Prison Escape, across the border, forthe mission towards serving the duty of security.As a trained spy for your country, you have been serving for years.You are now caught in enemy territory and you have handleddangerous criminal elements and handed them over to the localpolice authorities. On this mission while serving your countrybehind enemy lines, you are caught by the enemy patrol of policedepartment who are also trained in chase & kill of the enemycriminal elements. You are now being transported by airplane to theenemy prison and you have to find a way to escape from the policeprison on the airplane by dodging the on duty police guards. Youhave to grab a parachute and jump off to get to the next level inPolice Airplane Prison Escape.Police Airplane Prison Escape is all about giving on duty policeguards, a hard time. You have to figure out the way to get to theescape parachute and dodge the guards by not giving them a chase& kill opportunity. The hard time you give to the guards wouldhelp you lose them faster and finish the game on a high note.Police Airplane Prison Escape is the ultimate 3D game that givesyou the ability to escape enemy prison and get to the escape podand jump.
Sniper Shooter : City Assasin 1.8
Sniper Shooter : City Assassin is the missionbased game to free your city of the unlawful elements by playingshooter, sniper and assassin to the enemies of the peace in thecity and bring the city back to its former glory. Sniper Shooter :City Assassin lets you enjoy the immersive 3D experience, withrealistic arms and ammunition powered by the realistic and realcity life experience. Sniper Shooter : City Assassin is the game toplay for an immersive city life exposure while fighting the crimeand being the assassin, killer and shooter of the terroristsdisrupting peace in the city. Sniper Shooter : City Assassin is oneof the best games available based on the city wide terrain to fightcrime and terrorists while giving a real time experience of using asniper rifle to shoot, target and kill the terrorists andassassins.You have been an experienced shooter, killer and a sniper for yourcountry having served in many wars and missions, official missionsor black ops. You are now requested by the government to takecontrol of your city back from terrorist organizations by helpingthem target the people guarding the buildings in the city that arecontrolled by the terrorists for their evil plans. Sniper Shooter :City Assassin has given you the opportunity to target and kill theterrorists and their killer guards by sniper rifle. Sniper Shooter: City Assassin 3D would help let you bring peace back to your cityby utilizing your sniper and target skills by aiming the target onterrorists and killing them by being the terrorist killer andassassin.Sniper Shooter : City Assassin lets you learn the sniper rifleusage in the game as well as help you restore peace in your citywith the three missions that involve you kill, target andassassinate terrorists. Sniper Shooter : City Assassin is the 3Dgame to shoot, target and kill terrorists.
Prison Escape Airplane Carrier 2.0
Prison Escape Airplane Carrier would let youescape the enemy prison inside an airplane carrier and would letyou jump off the ship via the airplane. While travelling over thepacific ocean on a covert black mission for your country you arecaptured by the enemy marine police and you are being transportedto the shore with the rest of the criminal elements caught by thesame crew of the airplane carrier. Prison Escape Airplane Carriergives you the opportunity to escape the security and the marinepolice guards on duty and escape to your independence from thisAirplane Carrier. Prison Escape Airplane Carrier is the ultimategame to give you the opportunity to escape and complete your secretcovert black mission through a fight with the on duty police guardswho would chase you as well. Prison Escape Airplane Carrierpresents an opportunity to escape to the nearest island using theairplane on the carrier after you fight with the police on duty andthose police men who chase you. Break the prison with Prison EscapeAirplane Carrier 3D.You are a patriot and a soldier for your country and have beenserving her for the last 3 decades. Your country requires a braveofficer to go on a covert black mission in the lines of the enemyand ensure the successful completion of the mission. While on themission you are caught by the police guards onboard the Airplanecarrier. Your first priority is to escape and jump off the airplanecarrier by evading, fighting or killing the police guards on duty.Police guards would chase you and fight with you. You have to fightback and kill or terminate the police guards on duty and ensurethey don’t chase you back after you put them down. To escape youwould require an airplane that can let you jump off at the nearbyisland from where you would re-start your mission to successfulcompletion. Prison Escape Airplane Carrier is the game to playagainst the police guards by breaking the prison and fight them.You can fight using the fist by punching the police guards or bytaking their baton and charge the police with baton while in theprison or on the deck of the airplane carrier.Prison Escape Airplane Carrier has intuitive UI/UX that wouldenable you to accomplish the goals of escaping the enemy airplanecarrier, fight the on duty police guards, beat the criminalelements, jump off the plane to reach to safety and carry on withyour secret covert black mission for your country.
Prison Escape Bus Transporter 1.7
Prison Escape Bus Transporter would let youget escape from the enemy country's police bus where you are takenfrom the jail to the court. Prison Escape Bus Transporter allowsyou to use multiple skills you have as a trained spy for yourcountry by fighting, running, shooting and driving cars. PrisonEscape Bus Transport would allow you to fight police and securityofficials of the enemy country. Prison Escape Bus Transport wouldlet you chase, fight criminal and on duty police squad of the enemycountry. Prison Escape Bus Transporter would ensure you escapegiven you have necessary skill to change clothes into normalpeople, sneak out of eye sight of the police, fight with the onduty police, use an escape car as well as fight the criminal policethat is taking you to the court house for trial as a spy in theenemy country. Prison Escape Bus Transporter will let you jump outof the bus and break open the door and run without a chase.You are a veteran police officer who has years of experienceworking under cover and you are now asked to goto an enemy countryto serve as an under cover spy but you are caught while doing so.You only hope is to escape the prison during bus transfer and youwill then escape to your country using a helicopter. Prison EscapeBus Transporter lets you fight, kill, avoid chase of, an drive offin a car where a helicopter is waiting for you to take you home.Prison Escape Bus Transporter is the game to show your ultimatesurvival skills by ensuring you dont get caught and you escapepolice custody with a fight and complete your mission of escapingto your own country. You must jump onboard the opportunity toescape the prison bus and fight the cops and criminal police. Youryears of training as a spy allow you to fight, avoid chase anddrive car to safety where a helicopter will take you to the safeland of your own country.Prison Escape Bus Transporter is the best game for prison escapeduring bus transfer. It has different levels and each level has adifferent mission to accomplish. Each mission you complete, you getone step closer to your freedom. Each mission is as important asyour life, so play with all your skill to fight, avoid chase andwin your freedom by ending the game with a helicopter ride.
Flying Police Car Evolution 1.7
Who doesn't want to be a Police Officer? Andwho doesn't love to drive the police cars? With Flying Police CarEvolution you can not only play a police officer but also drive thepolice car. This police car in Flying Police Car Evolution not justgives you the drive but also allows you to fly the police car likean airplace or a fighter jet. Flying Police Car Evolution lets yoube an awesome police car driver as well as an airplane flyingpilot. Flying Police Car Evolution offers more than just flying,you can enjoy the beautiful 3D city view as well the amazing skies.Flying Police Car Evolution enhances your 3D gaming experience bypresenting you with challenges to complete.Flying Police Car Evolution has the unique edge of not only makingyou drive an amazing racing and flying police car but also makingyou a great pilot by enhancing your airplane maneuvers and moves.Complete all levels and reach the pinnacle of flying excellencethrough Flying Police Car Evolution. You are amazing driver and anexcellent pilot, but after you complete this game you would be theBEST AIRPLANE FLYING PILOT in the gaming world. Your control on theflying police car would determine how well you have done in termsof learning all the moves of the airplane like flying policecar.Flying Police Car Evolution offers so much more to you that you canspend an entire day playing the game and be better at flying policecar.Flying Police Car Evolution offers- Amazing car driving experience- Excellent Airplane like flying experience- Panoramic view of the 3D City Environment- Excellent UI/UX- Allow you to improve your driving skills- Allow you to enhance your airplane flying skills- It's FREE- It doesn't need a WiFi to play, so play away where ever youare!
City Sniper Assassin 1.3
City Sniper Assassin lets you shoot & killterrorists in your city as a trained master city sniper assassinwho have taken civilians as hostage. City Sniper Assassin is amission based 3D game that gives you the power to shoot kill andassassinate the terrorists and your enemies shoot & kill theirterrorists guards damage their helicopters fuel tanks supplytrucks. City Sniper Assassin offers a beautiful view of your citywhere enemies and terrorists have kidnapped fellow citizens andusing them as a shield to carry out their evil illegal agenda thatcan hurt your city. City Sniper Assassin offers the bestenvironment to show your sniper shoot & kill skills whilerescuing the hostages from these terrorists.You have been an amazing asset for your city's police department asa trained city assassin and have executed even the most dauntingtasks with ease. These terrorists have taken your fellow citizenshostage to use them as human shields and their slaves and carry outtheir evil illegal agenda and activities. Your main objective is toshoot & kill all terrorists while saving all hostages. You haveto eliminate shoot kill and finish terrorists using your suprememaster city sniper assassin training. Your training and experiencemakes you the best master city sniper assassin who can take headshots as well as shoot & kill terrorists in a blink of an eye.You can also take down the terrorists by blowing up theirresources. You have to eliminate shoot & kill terrorists withyour city sniper assassin training and experience.City Sniper Assassin 3D is the best mission based game that isdefinitely going to test your sniper skills shoot & killskills. You will learn and improve shoot & kill and sniperskills with each passing level. Enemies would fire at you but youwould have to be vigilant and brave and use your instinctiveresponse to fire back and shoot & kill terrorists andenemies.City Sniper Assassin has a lot of features to offer such as:- Engaging Missions- Amazing story line with an amazing objective to releasehostages- Get rid of terrorists- Become a better city sniper assassin- Beautiful city environment- Amazing User Interface- Great UX- It's FREE
Flying World Bus Hill Drive 1.7
We have all travelled in buses and we havealways been fascinated by this huge vehicle. But with Flying WorldBus Hill Drive we will not only be driving but also flying theAmazing Bus. By flying and driving the bus, we will be enjoying thebeautiful environment of the city and surrounding sea thanks toFlying World Bus Hill Drive 3D. Flying World Bus Hill Drive offersmissions through which we can proceed in the game. Flying World BusHill Drive would enhance and improve your flying pilot skills bythe missions. Flying World Bus Hill Drive is a complete game withbus driving and flying skills done right.We would be starting the game with driving the bus around the cityand completing the first mission, and as we progress in FlyingWorld Bus Hill Drive we would be flying the bus and steer it like aflying plane to get the prized rings to go through the nextlevel.Flying World Bus Hill Drive offers:- Enhances ability as a flying pilot in the game- beautiful environment- large environment to give you an amazing realistic view- it's FREE- You need no WiFi, after you download.- Realistic game play and experience- Beautiful busFlying World Bus Hill Drive, Play and Enjoy!
F16 Fighter Flight Air Attack 1.6
F16 Fighter Flight Air Attack lets youdemonstrate your aircraft and plane flying skills and abilities bytargeting ships, anti aircraft guns and other enemy flying aircraftand plane which are all shooting at you. F16 Fighter Flight AirAttack is the game to learn to engage in air to air combat and gunfight with the enemy warcraft aircraft and plane. F16 FighterFlight Air Attack is the best game available that has missionswhich proceed gradually by raising difficulty levels that you wouldenjoy. F16 Fighter Flight Air Attack is set in background of a airto air, air to land and air to sea combat and war through your waraircraft and it tests your plane flying skills. F16 Fighter FlightAir Attack has different fighting modes that test your gun firingskills, bomb dropping skills and air to air dog fight skills.You are playing an experienced airplane and warcraft aircraft F16fighter pilot who has served his country for decades on a number ofmissions and performed your duty to the best of your abilities.Enemy has attacked your country and your country has asked you togo behind enemy lines and destroy enemy aircraft and other gunsinstalled on land and airplane carriers. Your job is to fight andair to air, face to face air combat using your F16 fighter aircraftand plane. You will have to drop bombs on enemy anti aircraft gunsby dropping bombs on them from air using your F16 fighter aircraftand plane. With F16 Fighter Flight Air Attack you would be able tocomplete the missions and destroy enemy war aircraifts and win thewar for your country.F16 Fighter Flight Air Attack is the best game available on theplay store withMultiple levels to test your skills as an F16 fighter pilotInteresting and realistic gameplayExcellent UX
Deer Hunting African Savanna 1.4
Deer Hunting African Savanna takes you back toyour favourite hobby that is also your ultimate passion, hunting.Deer Hunting African Savanna offers you a lush green africansavanna to spend your leisure time hunting. The deer huntingtrophies are a popular way to show off your passion for hunting andDeer Hunting African Savanna lets you do that. Deer Hunting AfricanSavanna also allows you to showcase your shooting prowess to theworld. Deer Hunting African Savanna has all the elements for you,the ultimate hunter, to enjoy doing what you are so passionateabout.As a retired solder, a master sniper, you have your most favouritesniper rifle with you. And while living in the country side therehave not been many chances to follow your passion for collectingdeer hunting trophies. Now you have gotten a chance to move toAfrican Savanna to pursue your passion for deer hunting. DeerHunting African Savanna enables you to shoot and hunt deers/stagsand other trophies. Deer Hunting African Savanna is all aboutcollecting deer hunting trophies. You can showoff and improve uponyour sniper shooting skills with your beloved sniper rifle.Deer Hunting African Savanna offers a vast range of features foryou to follow your passion for deer hunting. Deer Hunting as asport is famous world over, and your goal is to become the best ofthe lot. Deer Hunting world awaits your shooting and sniper prowessand expert skill.Deer Hunting African Savanna has many features to offer like★ Beautiful Jungle Environment★ A great way to enhance and improve your sniper shootingskills★ A great way to spend time★ It's FREE★ Contains amazing 3D graphics animations★ You don't need an active internet connection to play★ Deer hunting at its very best with Deer Hunting AfricanSavanna★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★What are you waiting for? Download Deer Hunting African Savanna andEnjoy!
Flying Grand Truck Simulator 1.4
You must have seen those amazing, colorful,powerful yet so interesting trucks on the highway. Those trucks areone of the best rides in the world. Who doesn't want to drive theseamazing trucks? With Flying Grand Truck Simulator you can't justdrive these beauties, but you can also fly these like amazingairplanes. Flying Grand Truck Simulator allows you to learn todrive these powerful and heavy trucks like a pro! Flying GrandTruck Simulator allows you to also learn to fly like a professionalpilot of an airplane. With the amazingly realistic flyingexperience, Flying Grand Truck Simulator is the best way to learnto drive these Grand Trucks while learning to drive them as well.Flying Grand Truck Simulator has set missions for you to move aheadwhile you learn to fly these beauties.Flying Grand Truck Simulator helps you learn to drive the GrandTruck and be better at it. With the help of the missions you willget to fly the grand truck like a professional airplane pilot withthe best skills needed to move the plane around in the sky. Yourbest teacher in learning to maneuver the flying grand truck like areal airplane is Flying Grand Truck Simulator.With Flying Grand Truck Simulator you get to:- Drive the Grand Truck like a pro!- Fly the Grand Truck like a professional airplane pilot.- Amazing and beautiful city environment- Easy to Use and Simple to Control- Best 3D gaming experience to play Flying Grand TruckSimulator- It's FREE- Once you download, you play where ever you are. No need of WiFior Internet.- Great way to enhance your pilot skills!
Prison Escape City Gangster 1.5
Prison Escape City Gangster unravels the storyof the famous and notorious gangster. Prison Escape City Gangsterstarts with the notorious gangster, who has been behind bars forcrimes he did not commit, breaks out of prison to escape and get toa safe point to prove his innocence himself. Prison Escape CityGangster depicts beautifully the story of the gangster framed byhis enemies and other criminal elements of the city for the crimesand illegal activities he has not committed. Prison Escape CityGangster tests the perseverance, combat skills, gun fighting skillsas well as spy skills of the ex-gansgter who has now been brandedas a culprit in crimes he did not do.You are a gangster who has retired from the life of crime and havenot been involved in any crime in the city for over a decade. Youare living a quite and peaceful family life. Suddenly, yourpeaceful life takes a u-turn and you are arrested by police whileon your way back to home from work. You are blamed for drugtrafficking, extortion and other crimes that you have left over adecade ago but you have no way of proving your innocence whilebehind bars. You make a plan to escape the prison and escape out ofthe city in a helicopter to a safer place from where you can startconnecting dots that will led to your innocence being proven incourt.Prison Escape City Gangster is an epic tale of perseverance and atest of courage for you. Prison Escape City Gangster offers manyfeatures such as- Amazingly beautiful city- Realistic Jail- Attractive UI/UX- Great game control- Intuitive Gun Controls- Packed with lots of action- It's FREE!!What are you waiting for, download and enjoy Prison Escape CityGangster!
Prison Escape Sin City 1.6
Prison Escape Sin City narrates the journey ofa mob boss breaking out of prison. The mob boss has been jailed forover a few years for crimes he didn't commit. He has no visitors orfamily to meet him. There was a time when the whole city was underhis influence, but he left everything for his family. When hisenemies and other accomplices found out that he has left the lifeof crime to live a family life, they framed him for crimes he didnot commit. Prison Escape Sin City narrates this story of provinghis innocence. Prison Escape Sin City would unravel the journey hewould take to prove his innocence by first breaking through thejail to go out and prove his innocence. Prison Escape Sin City isamazingly detailed game in a beautiful city. Prison Escape Sin Citycovers the first leg of his journey where he would escape and makehimself strong financially to ensure he has the funds to destroyhis enemies while proving his innocence.Your job in the game is to play the Mob Boss and ensure he is ableto get out of the jail and follow through on all the missions andeventually escape the city to collect evidence for the crimes. TheSin City is the ultimate crime city for all mob bosses to performtheir illegal activities. You have to ensure that the Mob Bossescapes the prison and completes all his mission given tohim.Prison Escape Sin City comes loaded with below mentionedfeatures:- Amazing and Beautiful City environment- Full of action!- It's FREE!- Excellent UI/UX- You can learn to help an innocent man and increase your runningand fighting skillsWhat are you waiting for? Download Prison Escape Sin CityNOW!
Sniper Shooter - Gangster Boss 1.9
Sniper Shooter - Gangster Boss is a missionbased game that tests your shoot & kill, assassination andsniper skills. Sniper Shooter - Gangster Boss allows you to act asa vigilante to save your city from the criminal, gangster elementsand mafia bosses. In Sniper Shooter - Gangster Boss you will betasked to shoot & kill the gangster boss in different parts ofyour city. Sniper Shooter - Gangster Boss would have different mobbosses, gangster and mafia boss to shoot & kill and eventuallycleaning up your city from these criminal elements. Sniper Shooter- Gangster Boss is the game to eliminate your city from criminalelements and gangster bosses.You are a retired sniper shooter expert and have served your cityfor a long time. Your city is now under constant fear and threat ofthe criminal elements, mafia, gangster bosses and other illegalcriminals. You have been asked to serve for your city as avigilante to eliminate, shoot & kill these terrorists, criminalelements, mafia bosses, gangster bosses and other criminals. Youare more than willing to help the city and its authorities withyour shoot & kill sniper skills to kill the terrorists. WithSniper Shooter - Gangster Boss you will get a chance to show yourshoot & kill sniper skills. You can also improve your shoot& kill sniper skills with Sniper Shooter - Gangster Boss. Youcan bring back peace in your city by eliminating all criminalelements, mafia bosses, gangster bosses and other criminals usingyour sniper shoot & skills in Sniper Shooter - GangsterBoss.Sniper Shooter - Gangster Boss has many many features tooffer:- Amazing city environment showcasing a beautiful urban city- You can improve your sniper skills- Mission based game- Enhanced missions for your skill level- It's FREE- Excellent Graphics- Amazing Animations & Game Play- Objective of the game to bring back peace in your city is aglobal message of peace and harmonyYou should download Sniper Shooter - Gangster Boss 3D andEnjoy!
Survival Island Fly Helicopter 2.0
Survival Island Fly Helicopter depicts thestory of the man, that you will be playing, stuck on a desertedisland. The deserted island is full of natural habitat includingbut not limited to forest, animals and the most notorious animal onthe planet, humans. Survival Island Fly Helicopter is the story ofsurvival, courage, heroism and bravery. Survival Island FlyHelicopter would test the player to the end in ensuring they notonly survive but also keep themselves healthy. You will be requiredto fight the beasts and animals in the lush green deep forest inSurvival Island Fly Helicopter.A storm hit your mighty cargo ship in the pacific and everyone ranfor their lives, you barely got hold of a wood plank. Afterstruggling to stay alive for hours, fighting the sea and thefreezing cold water you get dizzy and have lost all track of time.The Sun wakes you up, and you find yourself at the beach of anisland that looks deserted and a deep forest covers the wholepanorama of the island. You are too weak to move but you must, asyour survival instincts kick in, you get an try to find somethingto help you stay alive and energized.Survival Island Fly Helicopter comes loaded with awesomefeatures:- Amazing and beautiful 3D landscape of forest and sea- 3D battle missions with animals- Ability to come out as a hero when you survive- It's FREE!- You can increase your energy by eating apples on trees- Try to stay alive and the struggle to stay alive is going to winthis game
Survival Island Battle Hero 3D 1.5
Survival Island Battle Hero 3D is the ultimateguide to survival and defiance in the face of odds. Survival IslandBattle Hero 3D ensures you survive the rough and scenic terrain andenvironment of the jungle. Survival Island Battle Hero 3D willbring out the best in you, by ensuring you battle the toughestanimals and creatures and turn out as a hero. Survival IslandBattle Hero 3D will test your fighting skills and survival instinctto the maximum. Be the ultimate hero of the island by playingSurvival Island Battle Hero 3D.You wake up after a ship wreck and find yourself at the shores of aseemingly dead and deserted island. Your survival instinct wake up,and gives you a major adrenaline rush to find a way to escape thisdead island and battle your way to safety. Little did you know, youwill be faced with the toughest challenges, battles, fights andbrawls to get through to safety.Survival Island Battle Hero 3D comes loaded with lots offeatures:- Beautiful Island Environment- Amazing Jungle in 3D- It's FREE to play- Help you react according to your survival instinct- Be a hero by surviving this island full of beasts andanimals- Enhance your fighting skillsWhat are you waiting for? Time to play Survival Island Battle Hero3D NOW!
Survival Island PrisonerEscape 1.6
Survival Island Prisoner Escape depicts thestory of a wrongly convicted man who went to jail in a desertedisland. The Island is full of savages, animals and beasts. SurvivalIsland Prisoner Escape is set in a beautiful yet deserted islandwhere the prisoner upon escaping must face all odds and survive.Survival Island Prisoner Escape would test his skills to endure,fight and survive by defeating animals, savages and beasts indifferent battles where survival is the winning trophy. SurvivalIsland Prisoner Escape is the game to play for understand how toughit will get to stay alive. All of this and more is what awaits aplayer who would play Survival Island Prisoner Escape.You will be playing the jailed and stranded Mr. Innocent, who iswrongly convicted for crimes he did not commit. He was a family manbefore he got convicted and now he wants to prove his innocence andget reunited with family. A life of crime, Mr. Innocent, was a partof many years ago and he had left it all for his family and wasliving as a law abiding citizen. In a crime, he was convicted bythe corrupt officers and his old partners to accuse him ofsomething he did not do. He has revenge and vengeance on his mind.But what he doesn't know is that he has been imprisoned in adeserted island where there are more criminals on the loose,animals and beasts roam free and it's not easy to survive in thisisland.Your job would be to ensure you play your part successfully and winall battles and fights with the criminals, animals and beasts.Survival is the key to get out of this island and make it tomainland to prove his innocence and get re-united with hisfamily.Survival Island Prisoner Escape comes loaded with many manyfeatures:- Beautiful and amazing 3D environment- Beautiful jungle landscape- Extreme surviving conditions- Skill enhancing fights- Battle for survival- A great Escape element- It's FREE!What are you waiting for, download the game Survival IslandPrisoner Escape NOW!
Survival Island Gangster Squad 1.3
Survival Island Gangster Squad narrates thestory of the Gangster who gets betrayed by his own squad and gotlocked up in the Jail in a deserted island. Survival IslandGangster Squad is a story of betrayal, lawlessness, gang wars andbattles. Survival Island Gangster Squad would start from the Jailcell and move onto an engaging yet gripping finale of savagebattles between the Gangster and the savages. Animals and beastswould join in as well in this lonesome island presented in SurvivalIsland Gangster Squad. Survival Island Gangster Squad would keepthe player engaged and hooked until the Gangster escapes thisisland and survives.You will be playing the gangster who was betrayed and jailed up inthe deserted island by his squad. Your job would be to ensure youare able to overcome all odds and survive the most gruesome andhorrifying survival stories. The horror and terror in this islandwould remind you of the halloween and the haunting costumes worn onthe Halloween eve. You would have to be successful in overcomingall odds and winning all battles and fights you would have to fightto survive and escape alive from the island. The only goal in mindhas to be the survival and escape. Once escaped from the island,you will be able to live and breathe with freedom.Survival Island Gangster Squad comes loaded with awesomefeatures- A beautiful environment which is thrilling yet haunting just likehalloween- 3D graphics and amazing animations- Understand of what it takes to survive in the Island- To be able to survive is a lesson in itself- thrilling fights and battles- it's FREE!!What are you waiting for? Download Survival Island Gangster Squadand PLAY!!
Miami Train Criminal Escape 1.5
Fight. Live a grand life. You are a legend inyour crime circle. Not a spy, agent or a swot officer. You havebroken out of a prison and on a mission to escape to yourindependence in your favorite city without any mafia war, withoutany run from the law and without a mission squad. You are a killer,crime lord, gangster and a thug and have just gotten free from thejail, and with police and other law enforcement people chasing you,you must fight, shoot & kill but escape from the train in MiamiTrain Criminal Escape.Run away in the car, drive it off to escapeand beat the chase with police in the US. While being brave issecond nature to you, Miami Train Criminal Escape will test yourresolve.Fight through subways, the train, in differentcompartments, areas with police.Fight with just a baton, or pickweapons from the beaten up police and other enemies and beat thechase with police.Shoot without hesitation as they try to do thesame to you too in Miami Train Criminal Escape.Shoot or getshot.Escaping the jail was just one part of the real courage youhad shown but Miami Train Criminal Escape will put you throughpain, agony, aggression and a grand action.Fight in the subway,kill and shoot your way out of the train to escape finally in MiamiTrain Criminal Escape.Run away in the car, drive it off to escapein the US. Craft your own destiny.You have broken out of a prison and on a mission to escape to yourindependence in your favorite city without any mafia war, withoutany run from the law and without a mission squad.You are a legendin your crime circle.Not a spy, agent or a swot officer. You are akiller, crime lord, gangster, thug, career criminal, a mafia boss,who has escaped from the jail. Your grand objective is to live afree man's life. Survival is the key. Living in fear is not yourstyle. Craft your own destiny. Since escaping the jail, you havebecome a marked target.Gangsters, Criminals, Corrupt PoliceOfficers, Smugglers are all after your life. Some want to put youback in solitary confinement while some just want to shoot &kill you. Shooting and killing should not be an issue for you.Killwhoever tries to come in between you & your independence. Shootor get shot.Gangsters, Criminals, Corrupt Police Officers,Smugglers,killer dont have what you have, courage, bravery and thewill to survival. Despite in a city of hustle bustle, it's not toohard to find you. You must stay alert and be prepared for all sortsof attacks while they try to get rid of you. You must fight back,shoot back and not hesitate to kill those who come to kill you.Your mission is to escape the train and get to the extraction pointto eventually get to a permanent safe hideout where you can live afree life. Bravery, courage and determination along with will tosurvival will help you. Don't give in. Fight back. Kill. Shoot. Bebrave and courageous.Shoot or get shot. Run away in the car, driveit off to escape in the US. Prison walls cannot hold you, trainfights cannot stop you from your independence in your favorite citywithout any mafia war, without any run from the law and without amission squad.Craft your own destiny.Miami Train Criminal Escape is the best action game with manyamazing features:- Realistic train interior running on a amazing track- Realistic fight sequences in subways, trains and car- Fight and thrill is at extreme- Easy to play on the mobile- Play it on the go while you are mobile- Supports thousands of mobile handsets- Shoot & Kill and other options are on the table too- Chase off police as a crime lord, gangster and a thug- Dont be a spy, agent or a swot officer. You are a legend.- drive fast, fight fast and live fast.- The best miami vice town crime simulator.- One of the best train games driver.- Best criminal case game- doesnt include escape the prison, but has everything after prisonescape.What are you waiting for, download away and enjoy Miami TrainCriminal Escape!!
Sin City Mafia Sniper Assassin 1.5
Sin City Mafia Sniper Assassin covers story ofa Spy/Agent who kills mafia bosses, gangsters, smugglers, criminalsand other illegal miscreants. Sin City Mafia Sniper Assassin is setin the urban city where criminal bosses have taken over, illegaltrade of illegal substances is spreading, arms and ammunition iseasily available across the streets of the city. Sin City MafiaSniper Assassin would follow the missions of the sniper, agent andspy would walks in plain sight and kills these thugs, criminals,mafia bosses, smugglers and other illegal miscreants. Sin CityMafia Sniper Assassin would enable the playing player to help bringpeace in this city. Sin City Mafia Sniper Assassin is the ultimategame for the peace loving citizens, who would play the game to getrid of the crime in their cities.You would be playing a spy, agent and a sniper assassin for yourgovernment. Your missions would be to get rid of the targets whoare creating a bad law & order situation in your city. WithHalloween and other festivities in the season beginning soon, thislaw & order situation is wreaking havoc in the city. You mustnot let anyone affect the festivities like Halloween or Christmasfor that matter, in your city. Hence, you have taken up this toughand challenging job of spy, agent and a sniper assassin to get ridyour city of these terrorists, thugs, mafia bosses, smugglers,criminals and other miscreants. You have lived a great decoratedlife for your country, where you have done hundreds of missions butno mission has been as close to the Sin City missions you are aboutto begin. Let the residents of Sin City sleep at peace, enjoyhalloween and other festivities with your secret agent likecontributions. Let's make sure you do your job well and being backpeace in the city.Sin City Mafia Sniper Assassin has alot of features to offer:- Amazing 3D city landscape and environment- Great player moves- Amazing Guns and their experience- Realistic Actions- Increases your appetite to bring peace back in your own SinCity- It's FREE- Amazingly detailed- Superbly entertaining- Very challenging- Great Learning opportunityWhat are you waiting for? Download Sin City Mafia Sniper Assassinand bring peace!
City Gangster Clown Robbery 1.3
Clowns are rather funny and entertaining butwhat lies underneath that facade, mask and a crazy yet creepylaughter is something only the one who is wearing the mask wouldknow. A dreaded fatality to a loved one has pushed you into theabysmal state where the only thoughts you have are negative,criminal, creepy, dangerous, killer and involves the underworld andcriminal mafia. A latest idea of robbing a downtown mall has gotyou. You have been planning the robbery that involves your criminalmafia squad dressed in clown getups, cartoon costumes to lookunsuspecting. Due to a spy,agent, police man infiltrating yourmafia squad, your plans are sabotaged and you get surrounded bypolice while you are still inside the downtown mall. The real funstarts for you, since you are a crazy creepy killer clown, and youstart beating up police men using the big head hammer you have asyour weapon of choice.Doors of the downtown mall are closed and your mafia squad friendsand allies who are criminals have all either been captured orescape the mall or have merged into the frightened mall customersin getup. You have to make a run, escape and showcase your actiondriving skill as the crazy creepy killer clown and get to safety.You must use stealth methods if possible to sneak out of the mall.Use your large head hammer mercilessly to fight police that is outto capture you and prevent your criminal escape from the mall andtheir cordoned off area. You are a seasoned, yet crazy clown robberwho would do anything to escape to safety while making sure yourrobbery items are secure for future recovery from a safe andstealth spot just outside the mall. Come what may, a hurricane or astorm, your cynical mind is running a million thoughts per secondmaking plans for a safe and sound exit and escape to safety fromthe shooting police & security officers. You just have to keepyourself safe and prevent yourself from shooting police andsecurity officers who would be ready to kill a dangerous clown likeyourself.City Gangster Clown Robbery is full of action, crazy driving andsuperb fights and shoot and comes loaded with :√ Main character is a crazy clown that is as killer and as creepyas it gets√ Beautiful city downtown mall and urban environment√ Great fun & action using hammer to beat off police officers,security agents and spy√ Amazing missions to get you to safety from the√ completing mission will get you, the crazy robber clown, tosafety and give a great criminal escape√ Amazing characters√ It’s FREE√ Fight off the police, don’t let them take you, and get to safetyand escapeHave fun playing the city gangster clown robbery!!
Christmas Eve Robot Attack 1.4
It’s Christmas eve and you are sitting at homein your hometown thinking about your life story that comprised ofcriminal escape, assassinate agent spy, being the underworld gangboss, leading the gangwar in New York city until you won. Firingthose killer shot that killed the grand legend killer in Russia.But this christmas eve is different its fun and peaceful and thismay seem like it can get addictive. Lo & behold, it no longeris calm. You hear some action a few steps away from your home,killer shot fired, something dangerous and terror is coming yourway. All sorts of thoughts coming to your mind. Is it some otherrussian gangwar don? Or Is is the New York Hitman you tried tokill? Is some russian spy master to coming to take revenge when youkilled the grand legend mob boss? Or is it karma in the shape ofpolice coming to chase you down and lock you up for good? Soon allwould be over but would it really be over? With all sorts ofthoughts coming to mind on the most auspicious christmas eve, withchristmas carols playing in the background, someone break in thehouse and standing right in front of you and you are in shock,disbelief. The Christmas eve has been attacked by robots. Yesrobots.Your job is to run away, make a not to so criminal escape to safetyfirst. You have been fighting, shooting, attacking police, spy,grand mob boss and thugs all your life. Never have you imaginedattacking robots that too on a christmas eve. Now you will have tofight the never dying, untiring robots. You will have to drivefast, run hard and fight bravely to kill the crazy robots fromtaking over your hometown. This ain’t no Newyork gangwar, or asmall street style thug fight, or a shoot & kill with grand spyand police. This is a worldwide robot attack and you are right inthe middle of it. The whole city is infiltrated by robots, thedowntown, subway and grand central. Try to gather all your oldthugs, criminals, gangwar friends, spy, gang boss, sniper shooters,thieves and underworld mob bosses to fight together and win thiswar. You will have to fight through multiple stages, fightingrobots at each step of your way to a gangwar with robots win. Bebrave and fight to win.Christmas Eve Robot Attack comes loaded with lots of features:√ Amazing and beautiful 3D city environment√ Fun and addictive√ Fighting skills for the mafia bosses and thugs√ Amazing Graphics√ Challenging robots by mafia bosses, gansgters, and thugs likenever before√ Think of christmas carols while playing the ultimate robot attackgame√ It’s FREE
Elite Sniper Assassin 2.4
Elite Sniper Assassin lets you do your best asa trained master elite sniper assassin to kill enemies who havetaken civilians as hostage. Elite Sniper Assassin is a missionbased 3D game that lets you kill enemies, shoot & kill theirretaliating shooters, blow up fuel tanks and helicopters. EliteSniper Assassin starts with a desert based camp site of enemieswhere they have taken locals as hostage to continue their illegalactivities. Elite Sniper Assassin is set in a desert with somewater and mainly mountenous terrain that offers very hard for anormal sniper to operate but you are an elite sniper assassinspecialist of difficult situations and hence the best person tofree the hostages.You are a two decades experienced master elite sniper assassinserving your country when you get a call about a group ofterrorists who are operating from a desert. These terrorists havetaken the locals hostage and are using them as human shield. Yourjob is to ensure that all hostages are free and you have shoot tokill orders for terrorists. You have to eliminate, shoot, kill andfinish terrorists using your supreme master elite sniper assassintraining. Your training and experience makes you the best masterelite sniper assassin who can take head shots as well as shoot& kill terrorists in a blink of an eye. You can also take downthe terrorists by blowing up their resources. As per reports theyalso have oil cache, gun depot, helicopter as well as load bearingtrucks to get supply of their arms and bombs. You have toeliminate, shoot & kill terrorists with your elite sniperassassin training and experience.Elite Sniper Assassin 3D is the best mission based game that isdefinitely going to test your sniper skills, shoot & killskills. You will learn and improve shoot & kill and sniperskills with each passing level. Enemies would fire at you but youwould have to be vigilant and brave and use your instinctiveresponse to fire back and shoot & kill terrorists andenemies.
Extreme Flying Car Simulator 1.7
Who doesn't want to fly a flying car? As kidswe have all seen cartoons with futuristic flying cars to go fromone place to the other? With Extreme Flying Car Simulator all yourfuturistic flying car dreams come true. Extreme Flying CarSimulator is the best available game on the store to fulfil yourfuturistic flying car wishes with simple to complete missions whichwould increase in difficulty as you move up the game to fly thecar. Extreme Flying Car Simulator would let you drive around thefuturistic flying car around the beautiful city as well as fly itcomplete your missions. Extreme Flying Car Simulator offers abeautiful city based environment to improve on your car drivingskills.Extreme Flying Car Simulator offers:- Multiple levels to keep the user engaged- Good UI/UX- Amazing flying car experience- Interesting and beautiful flying car driving experience- time based levels for advanced stages of the game to check yourflying car flying skillsExtreme Flying Car Simulator offers the best 3D experience to flythe extreme flying car in a city wide beautiful environment whilecompleting the mission which make it even more challenging andinteresting.Extreme Flying Car Simulator the best game available for futuristicflying car enthusiasts!
Flying Army Tank Simulator 1.6
One of the most eye-catching combat scenes inmovies are when the tanks are approaching fast, despite a ruggedterrain, tanks march like a strongly built elephant thats in itsfull swing and focused on the target. Flying Army Tank Simulatorallows you to drive the amazing army tank in modern, city, urbansetting and collect all glowing pins. Flying Army Tank Simulatoralso allows you to fly the amazing army tank and complete all themissions. Flying Army Tank Simulator teaches you to learn tocontrol, move and drive the amazing army tank. Flying Army TankSimulator also makes you a better pilot at flying the amazing armytank.Imagine a city where you have to complete missions by driving andflying the amazing army truck and all that's offered by Flying ArmyTank Simulator. Flying Army Tank Simulator makes you aprofessional, perfect and expert pilot by enabling you to fly withrealistic graphics and be able to complete those missions anordinary pilot will not be able to achieve. Flying Army TankSimulator also makes you a great driver and that too of an amazingarmy tank.Flying Army Tank Simulator comes loaded with many missions andloads of features like:- Beautiful City Environment- Amazingly addictive game play- Multiple levels that challenge your driving and flyingskills- Easy to Use- Beautiful Tank- You will become a better driver and pilot of tank- It's FREEEnjoy Flying Army Tank Simulator, the best 3D Tank flying gameavailable!
Commanders Call Snow Sniper 1.8
Commander Call Snow Sniper shooter uses thesnow fall and snow based terrain to let you kill and assassinateenemies while they guard their fortress on snow mountains.Commander Call Snow Sniper engages you to perfect your aim in snowconditions by giving you the perfect camouflage of a sniper killerto target your enemies. You can penetrate, kill assassins whilekeeping yourself hiding in plain with precision while you movearound unnoticed in Commander Call Snow Sniper. Once your missionsare over you would be the best trained Sniper Assassin in the worldof sniper shooter powered by Commander Call Snow Sniper. CommanderCall Snow Sniper shooter is one of the best first person 3Dshooting games. While you eliminate and target your enemies byplaying first person sniper you have to overcome the increasingdifficulty of the game levels that Commander Call Snow Sniper 3Doffers and lets you prove as the best shooter in the world ofsniper gamesYour country is facing a grave danger from a crime gang and theyhave their secret hideout in middle of snow mountains surrounded bythe best of shooters and snipers to protect them from any attacks.As a veteran sniper you have been approached by the secretintelligence agency to help government by shooting the terroristsusing your experience working as a sniper and killers for thegovernment. Your assignment is to penetrate the terroristorganization's secret base guarded by their trained killers andshooters and kill them instantly as fast as possible by making thebulls eye target to capture the enemy base and ensure yourCommander is proud of your work while working as a Super Sniper inthe snow mountains. The success of your mission depends on yourskill as a shooter, killer and experienced sniper while remainingstealth and camouflaged. You are the best assassin, killer, shooterand soldier your commander has ever worked with and trained. Youhave the best experience as a the snow mountain sniper whileworking on overseas assignments and that is why despite being aveteran your services are needed to ensure the best shooter is usedto snipe the terrorists guarding the secret base and your commanderwould be proud of your services as the shooter, assassin and sniperto your country.Your target should be your enemies base where you wreak havoc byutilizing your killer instinct to secure your country's future andby destroying the enemy base. By achieving your target andcompleting your mission you would not only save your country butalso get a chance to showcase your target sharpness, trainingcapability of your commander to be a trained killer and assassinfor the country's enemies.
US Army Survival Island 1.4
You are a soldier of the US Army Seal Team.Every military course begins with an obstacle driven training heldat a training camp to enhance mental and physical strength of thesoldier. Each military training course has a very strenuous andhard physical strength session combined with missions that wouldteach any soldier the best lessons to survive.. With US ArmySurvival Island you will train to enhance your skills as amercenary and a killer. Winters are upon us and same is the casewith the military training camp at the survival island. To keepyourself warm, you will have to train how to cut trees to get woodto stay warm. You can use the wood to make weapons to use in yourfight against your enemies. Winters and a tough military trainingcamp means a toll on physical and mental strength on you. Once youhave made yourself warm with the cut woods, you can go out of thecamp to take up the next mission which is more challenging than theprevious one. Similarly, each upcoming training obstacle would bechallenging than the previous one. As part of your training in thesurvival island, you will be left out in the open jungle with wildanimals like lion and crocodiles. You will fight with them usingthe basic weapons and try to survive in the training mission. Eachfight with lions and wild animals would be very physical. Mentalstrength is tested at it’s max while training on such terrains andenvironments. You will also be shooting enemies while trying tofind a way out of the survival island that would mark the end ofthe training camp for you. US Army Survival Island provides thelessons to survive and use skills in the battle.This military training course is for you to enhance your skills asa hard fighter and shooter seal team member. Training is essentialfor any soldier to get a perfect grip and understanding of realscenario of battle field and war scenarios. US Army Survival Islandis the game to train you to be the best army seal by fighting withlions, combats with crocodiles and shooting with enemies whilefinding a new way to swim out after completing the training. Incold below zero temperatures, with hard obstacles you will betested to the max physically and mentally.US Army Survival Island has some amazing features:√ Amazing and beautiful 3D environment for the jungle islandtraining camp course√ Great colors, realistic visualization of the surroundingareas√ Best fight sequences with beasts like lions√ Hard and challenging obstacles to keep you hooked√ Thrilling US Army Seal Team Survival Role√ Amazing controls and super smooth fight sequences√ Fight, Shoot, Kill and win the battle of survival is the basicmotto√ Different levels call for different interesting missions√ It’s FREEPlay US Army survival island Now!!
Halloween Criminal Gun Shooter 1.4
Halloween Criminal Gun Shooter follows agangster who is robbing and stealing from the city he lives andeveryone loves. This is Halloween season and everyone is outplaying trick or treat, or dressed as their favorite pumpkincharacter, or just chilling and watching horror movies withfriends. All but this gangster, thief and a robber is carrying outhis own nefarious plan of robbing the bank in Halloween CriminalGun Shooter. Halloween Criminal Gun Shooter is the game that isaddictive and adventurous while stays in line with the horror themeof the season. Halloween Criminal Gun Shooter is a first personshooter, robber, thief game that would make the player roam aroundthe beautiful and festive city celebrating halloween. HalloweenCriminal Gun Shooter would give chills with the characters roamingaround the streets.The season to celebrate Halloween is here, and everyone is busypreparing their favorite witch, dracula, pumpkin carved costumesand planning on playing pranks on their loved ones. Some are tooaddictied to this season that they have elaborate all night plansfrom attending parties drinking pumpkin spiced drinks to going doorto door asking for trick or treat to get as many candies aspossible. Halloween is the season to enjoy and celebrate. Whileeveryone is partying, having fun we have one person who is onlydressed as per the theme of the celebrations but has his ownnefarious, evil agenda of making illegal money. Whatever it takes.May it be shooting, killing, robbing, stealing, or even robbing abank.Each level will have a set objective for the player to perform acertain action and follow the directions. Some levels have just afew pick a tool or gun while some involve shoot and run scenarioswhile the ultimate mischief would be robbing the bank.Halloween Criminal Gun Shooter offers great features like :- Amazing night themed halloween city environment- Great graphics- Realistic Animations- Feels like halloween- Pumpkins are in season- Excellent action and objectives- First person shooter game- It's FREE- Enjoyment at the peakWhat are you waiting for, download Halloween Criminal Gun Shooterand ENJOY!
Underworld Mafia Criminal City 1.3
Underworld mafia criminal city is the gametoplay to reclaim your rule on the criminal capital of the world.Youhave been an underworld mob boss in russian terror citiesduringyour days. You have since then moved to other countries andnow youare in the capital city of the underworld mafia. Here,everyone isnew to you, every gang and every mob boss is new. Youwill have tomake your space in this criminal city, kill each gangmob boss andmake way for your mafia rule. You have been chased bypolice, shootat by the cops but you have always managed to escapefrom the gripof the law. Your first and foremost goal is to setupyour own mafiagang squad, with your trusted comrades who wouldchase your enemiesfor you and go through missions you give them.With Underworldmafia criminal city you would get to fulfil yourdream of rulingthe criminal city completely. Play all games, fairor otherwise,fight all fights, but win the gangwar. Gangwars in thedowntown,subways, dark alleys and hoods are the most fierce. Youmust fightwith your enemies, chase them out of the city or killthem byshooting them right in the head. Underworld mafia criminalcity isthe ultimate way to get back a city under your own rule.Underworldmafia criminal city would get you a city to rule withyour ownsquad and you will be mob boss.While it’s easy to say to control all the crime lords, mobbosses,gangs, squads in a city but its takes alot of planning,killing,shooting, fighting to get to that level. With yourexperience as amob boss in Russia, you can certainly achieve allthis and more.Underworld gangs are your specialty and while this isa new cityfor you, you will be able to control all the criminalactivitiesand the criminals in the city. The police is corrupt inthe city,and almost every cop is on the gangs’ payroll. Your vastwealth andmoney will get most of the corrupt cops in your pocketand theywill use their sniper and sharp shooting skills toeliminate yourenemies. You will get the best hitman from thecorrupt officers whowould kill and shoot on your orders.Underworld mafia criminal city comes loaded withmanyfeatures:√ Awesome and realistic 3D city environment√ Combat Tools to fight enemies√ Great and intuitive user experience for the real don hitman√ High quality graphics and animations√ Great fighting using guns and other arms√ Thrilling missions√ Super fun to play√ Excellent game plot√ Shoot, Kill, Chase, Run and Escape all in one game√ It’s FREE!!What are you waiting for? Download Underworld mafia criminalcityNOW!!
Criminal Sniper City Warrior 1.2
You have long been tasked with missions whereyou had to pull the trigger to save the country from unwantedterrorists and fail their plans of destroying the peace andharmony. Killing civilians and bombing public places is the normfor a terrorist mob boss but your job has always been to eliminatesuch threats as you’re the warrior sniper of this criminal city. InCriminal Sniper City Warrior your job is to eliminate these terrorelements by shooting them with your sniper gun. You are the warriorthe city looks up to to bring and restore peace in Criminal SniperCity Warrior. All missions you would complete would bring you morecloser to your goal of maintaining law & order in CriminalSniper City Warrior. As a champion sniper you will not only shoot& kill terrorists but also prevent them from wreaking havoc andterror in Criminal Sniper City Warrior. Criminal Sniper CityWarrior is the game to show your warrior side to the city where youbecome the champion of their cause.As a lone ranger, secretly working for your law enforcing agency,you are a legend. You have killed hundreds and hundreds ofterrorists, mob bosses, gang bosses, criminals and smugglers, andnow the city you have always loved has fallen prey to theseanimals. Your agency has asked you to step up, and be the lonewarrior in this fight against the terrorists, gang bosses, mobbosses and smugglers. Your orders are to shoot & kill on sight.Each mission requires you to shoot & kill either the criminalsor their bosses. All corruption related to the terrorism has to endand the city must become a peaceful and happy city. The city’slights must come back on, the night life must restart. The air offear and violence must end. You are the person who can make it allhappen. Use your ultimate sniper skills and gun power to eliminatethe terrorists and their cronies from your city.Criminal Sniper City Warrior comes loaded with amazingfeatures:√ Awesome and realistic 3D city environment√ Combat Tools to fight enemies√ Great and intuitive user experience for the real don hitman√ High quality graphics and animations√ Great fighting using guns and other arms√ Thrilling missions√ Super fun to play√ Excellent game plot√ Shoot, Kill, Chase, Run and Escape all in one game√ It’s FREE!!What are you waiting for, download NOW!!
Hoverboard Terrorist Sniper 1.5
Hoverboard Terrorist Sniper is the game thatis set in the futuristic city where transportation by cars is notthe only option. We have flying cars as well as the most popularmeans of hoverboard. Hoverboard Terrorist Sniper game is all aboutmaking this futuristic city free of criminals and gangsters andsmugglers. The corrupt gang of mafia which is ruling thisfuturistic city in Hoverboard Terrorist Sniper must be removed andkilled. You will be tasked to get rid of these mafia gang and theirfriend smugglers and criminals. Using the amazing control of thehoverboard in Hoverboard Terrorist Sniper you will use it to youradvantage and will not hesitate in taking the shot to kill and getrid of these terrorists and gangsters. Hoverboard Terrorist Sniperwould allow a master sniper like yourself to take a shot like a proshooter from the hoverboard and eliminating the terrorists andsmugglers and gangsters. The city has been captured by the sniperassassin and the master shooter who are assassinating everyone whostands in their way. They are trading secrets with corrupt officersand you would be able to kill and shoot these mafia gang smugglersand assassin. Hoverboard Terrorist Sniper would become your legendif you are able to fulfil all missions and get rid of thesecriminal elements and mafia gang boss.Your hoverboard is your ultimate weapon against these criminals andsmugglers. use it to your advantage combined with your pro shootersniper gun skills and all missions will be easy for you. Use yourdecades long sniper gun experience of taking the kill shot toeliminate all enemies of the state. You are a legend pro sniper whois in this field to serve for the best purposes. Take down allmafia gang boss and smugglers and their pet assassin and shooter.Kill all negative and criminal elements of this city and win thisgame of good vs bad. Be the hope of this futuristic city by killingall assassin and shooter and all criminal elements like smugglersand mafia gang boss. By the end of the game Hoverboard TerroristSniper you would have claimed back the futuristic city from thesecriminals and terrorists and mafia boss.Hoverboard Terrorist Sniper game comes loaded with amazingfeatures:√ Awesome and realistic 3D city environment with crazymissions√ Hoverbaord to fight enemies in all missions√ Great and intuitive user experience for the real don hitmanshooter√ High quality graphics and animations√ Great fighting using guns and other arms against mafia gang andtheir criminals and shooter assassin√ Thrilling missions for a shooter like you who can take the finalshot√ Super fun to play and shoot like a pro shooter√ Excellent game plot to get the revenge by taking the deadlyshot√ Shoot, Kill, Chase, Run and Escape all in one game√ It’s FREE!!What are you waiting for, download NOW!!
Counter Terrorist Sniper 1.2
Protect your army base from terrorists in thegame Counter Terrorist Sniper. Your army unit is posted in thistroubled area army base, terrorists are roaming freely around andabout the area destroying the property. Counter Terrorist Sniperwould give you the opportunity to eliminate the terrorists andtheir counter parts smugglers and mafia gangs from your base. Theseculprits are after the life of the unit commanders in CounterTerrorist Sniper. You would be tasked with protecting the lives ofthe army commanders in the game Counter Terrorist Sniper. Use youramazing sniper gun to take the ultimate shot of a terrorist ortheir friend smugglers and mafia gang members. Eliminate the enemyusing your best shot from your beloved sniper gun in CounterTerrorist Sniper. Shooting like a pro shooter is child's play foryou. The ultimate shooting champion that you are, you can killenemy in an instant with the pro shooter like gun shot.You have been posted in this new unit in a challenging area andyour job is to utilise your ultimate sniper gun expertise toprotect the assets and officers on the base. You are a lone rangersniper shooter who has served his country for decades. You have anexpertise to kill your enemy terrorists and their allies smugglersand mafia gang members. You are an assassin par excellence who isnot afraid of taking the shot to kill with a blink of an eye. Youwill protect the base and the assets with your life and completeall your missions with the best kill rate and bullseye shot. Snipergun and you are inseparable since long and the ease with which youtake shot with your sniper gun is excellent. There will be missionswhere you will be challenged beyond your years and taking the finalshot will be important. Terrorists and their allies smugglers andmafia gang members are wreaking terror in the area ad killmercilessly. Break the fear in air by becoming the ultimate counterterrorist sniper and beat the terrorists first. Smugglers and Mafiagang members will stand no chance in front of a mighty sniperassassin like you. Step up and be the mighty counter terroristsniper of all time by protecting the base and the assets andcommanders. While the world will worship the hero you would become,you can take pride in defeating the terrorists and their alliessmugglers and mafia gang members. Be the best assassin in the worldby completing the game and prove you can take the ultimate shot asa pro shooter.Counter Terrorist Sniper game comes loaded with amazingfeatures:√ Awesome and realistic 3D environment with challengingmissions√ Use sniper gun shot to fight enemies in all missions√ Great and intuitive user experience for the real don hitmanshooter√ High quality graphics and animations√ Great fighting using guns and other arms against mafia gang andtheir criminals and shooter assassin√ Thrilling missions for a shooter like you who can take the finalshot√ Super fun to play and shoot like a pro shooter√ Excellent game plot to get the revenge by taking the deadlyshot√ Shoot, Kill, Chase, Run and Escape all in one game√ It’s FREE!!What are you waiting for, download NOW!!
Fatal Ninja Warrior 1.3
Fatal Ninja Warrior is set in the old orientaltown in a remote Japanese village where rebel war fighting ninjawarriors are divided into groups and have marked their territories. Two groups of war fighting ninja warriors have agreements andpacts of peace to avoid any fights and wars among the war fightingninja rebel warriors. You belong the larger clan run my the councilwhich includes 3 masters Gaara, Yoshito and Ryu. You are trained tobe a warrior ninja who acts on every possible injustice he sees andacts to fight and kill the enemies and other criminal war fightingninja warriors. In Fatal Ninja Warrior you are playing the goodwarrior who has a code of ethics. You stand your ground when youknow you have done right in Fatal Ninja Warrior. Killing enemy warfighting ninja warriors and fighting with the kung fu skills youhave learnt will be used extensively in the game Fatal NinjaWarrior. The game Fatal Ninja Warrior will convert you from anordinary kung fu warrior to the level of the master of the art offight. Chang's Ninja warriors have also been to the city foradventure and have killed a killer mafia lord.The store revolves around the criminal ninjas from Chang's areawhich includes Grand Temple, are killing innocent people toterrorise and create fear in everyone living in the villages. Youare informed that those killer war fighting ninja warriors arehiding inside the temple and misusing it for their illegalactivities. These ninja killer have killed a killer mafia lord inthe city when they were just out for adventure. Adventure is themost exciting things for the killer ninjas and city is a greatplace for them to not only find adventure but also kill any killermafia lord to just show they are the good guys. The ethicalteachings of your masters tell you to eliminate and fight off suchmiscreants. As soon as you find out, without thinking twice, youenter the Chang's territory and kill the killer war fighting ninjawarriors who are are killing innocent people. Your attack is theonly thing in your mind, survival is the only option to come out ofthis fight as a hero. This breaks the agreements for peace betweenthe two clans and they come face to face in an upcoming fight ofmartial arts, kung fu and other ancient fight styles and art.Swords and shurikens are skilfully used by ultimate warriors inboth clan. You are held responsible for the attack and hero likewar and you have to prove yourself to your masters and uncover thereal culprit behind such criminal activities. You will fight andattack till your last breath in identifying who is the real culpritbehind maligning your name and destroying your hero like image.Your masters will send you to different missions to step by stepguide you to reclaim your honour and weapons which you don't haveafter you broke the peace agreement. You will be obeying everymaster as a noble hero but you will stand your ground about theattack you did and came out with a hero like survival. You willfight every mission and reach the level of the war fighting ninjawarrior again.Fatal Ninja Warrior comes loaded with amazing features :√ Awesome and realistic 3D environment with crazy missions√ Combat Tools to fight enemies in all missions√ Great and intuitive user experience for the real ninja fightwarrior√ High quality graphics and animations√ Great war fighting using swords and shurikens to right againstother criminal ninja warriors√ Thrilling missions for a warrior like you√ Super fun to play attack and fight like a pro warrior√ Excellent game plot, striving for survival and a hero likeoutcome√ Fight, Kill, Chase, Run and Escape all in one game√ It’s FREE!!
Survival Island Pacific Raft 1.3
Survival Island Pacific Raft game let's youfeel the thrill and adventure of getting stranded in an island. Youwould have to survive and fight the cold weather and rough sea inSurvival Island Pacific Raft. The wild that abounds you now, is themotivation force you need to get past this exam. The biggest hurdleyou have faced so far in the name of survival and adventure. Thefight back begins with the first step of swimming to the shore on araft to get to safety in Survival Island Pacific Raft. You would befaced with tasks to feed yourself, build yourself. While this isnot your home town but you will have to make it cozy enough for youto survive until you are headed back to your world in SurvivalIsland Pacific Raft. Survival Island Pacific Raft would enable youto confidently fight the wild creatures, build stuff and collectand eat food for your own safety.You were on a fishing expedition when you boat got engulfed in asea storm and destroyed it completely. You managed to survive andwhen you gained consciousness you were free drifting on a raft likewood structure. You have to get to the nearby pacific sea island,that looks empty. You must guide the raft to safety and get to thepacific sea island and then look for ways to contact your familyand friends. You will be faced with the wolves, lions and otherwild creature that live on this island. You will fight with them.You will kill the beasts to remain alive. The natives have beenliving here for centuries, now you will be here fighting with thenatives. To survive you will be killing goats to eat, cut trees tomake fire and keep yourself warm. In this open wild environment youwill be building a raft using the woods you cut. The raft you buildwill be your escape vessel. Your escape from the wild island to theland where you live. You will use your resources wisely to makesure you survive the time while you are stranded in this island.Survival Island Pacific Raft is the game to play to learn the artof survival in the pacific sea island. Fight the fear you have,embrace this experience as an adventure and enjoy the time at theisland. Survival Island Pacific Raft is your lesson to escape fromdangerous situations.Survival Island Pacific Raft comes loaded with amazing features:√ Awesome and realistic 3D environment with crazy tasks andlevels√ Combat Tools to fight wild beasts and animals as well asnatives√ Great and intuitive user experience for the real survivor lookingfor escape√ High quality graphics and animations√ Great fighting skills when fighting wolves, natives and otherdangerous creatures√ Thrilling missions for a survivor like you√ Super fun to play attack and fight√ Excellent game plot, striving for survival and a hero likeoutcome√ Fight, Kill, Chase, Run and Escape all in one game√ It’s FREE!!